Monday, March 30, 2009

Darkness hour

Al Gore left his lights ON

Well this cartoon is starting to become a real annual event. Now I am not going to go into all the physical facts on just how pointless this act of symbolism is, you know all that. If fact from the readers comments in 3 national papers over the weekend clearly the vast majority of people are simply laughing and ignoring this stunt for what it is.

Well they can laugh but laugh and ignore this at your peril folks ! What is still very alarming to me is the determination and outright gall of these Green Zealots and Socialist Engineers to keep ramming this fiction down our throats. Like the Spam Scammers they won't get the switched-on to take the bait but there are plenty of dumbed-down people out there both young and old who will. It's the young minds that they really want !

Clearly the more mature and thinking of us will never be affected by this scam but I can only assume that a great deal of our youth are still and will be guilted into swallowing this lie, hook, line and sinker. A sweeping statement but I actually went down to the harbour side to see just the type of people who actually swallowed this crap. I have to say that the average age would have been approximately 18-28.

A similarity of this kind of brainwashing was seen only 60 odd years ago when a megalomaniac called Adolf Hitler managed to convince millions that he was the new saviour and that the Jews were the anti-Christ. Along with the spin and lies came the devotion of the Hitler Youth.

Considering this came at a time of world wide recession and the defeated egos of World War One Germany, well I guess you can also now see the connection of this event and the real agenda of those how continue to push it.... and no I don't mean a return to Nazism but rather a more refined and subtle version of this kind of Global Socialist Revolution.

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