Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Left-Wing Media Reaction To Mueller Report

The amazing over the top triggered reaction from the Leftist MSM to the long awaited VINDICATION of President Trump, via the Mueller Report, smacks of HYPOCRISY of the highest order, in my humble opinion.

The President's alleged involvement into any possible interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election by Russia, had the Trump Haters in the MSM everywhere, calling for TREASON TRIALS against this President.

The open statements of what he "did" was just such a horrible treachery to the freedom and democracy of the United States of America, it cannot go unpunished, and when found guilty, lock him up and throw away the key !!!!... was the common call.

Now that it has been revealed that The President has NO involvement in this ludicrous allegation, and that THIER President was not a TRAITOR but has and still is the PATRIOT President we see before us, these proclaimers of Freedom and Justice are actually upset about this. They would rather have found a Fox in the Hen house than to have found that everything was okay, it was a false alarm.

Their Evil motives are clear and more proof that these people would be happier if they lived in the countries that promote the lifestyle that they really want for the rest of the Western World to succumb to ... MARXISM & COMMUNISM.

This short video says much.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Congratulations to the Victors, and to them go the spoils of War

Historic Election in NSW Political History. Our first Female Premier in NSW who was elected in her own right, in the 100 years since women could enter the Political race.

So the Left can shut up now with their virtue signalling  "Liberals have a Women in Politics problem" chestnut, and stuff that nonsense where the SUN DON"T SHINE !!!

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, won this Election and the Labor Opposition Leader, Michael Daley, truly lost it as well.

It is my opinion that this Daley bloke should be fair to his Party and resign immediately, and "that you for your service" . Alas, instead in his conceding speech tonight, he boldly and arrogantly states that he will continue to lead the NSW Labor Party & even alluded to the fact that he hadn't been in the job that long, as if that was the reason for the loss. As to how long you are the Leader, well methinks that will be up to the NSW Labor Party, Mike!

We, in this wonderful State of NSW, sure did dodge a bullet today, so I say congratulations to OUR GLADYATOR VICTOR , Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and to the entire NSW Liberal Party Campaign teams and to the respective Candidates alike.

And to heck with these tedious Pollsters and so called "experts", who had the Losers as Favourites, and this contest was supposed to go down to the wire, yet Alan Jones, and Graham Richardson, two of the most respected Political Commentators in Australia, both called it a NSW Liberal Party win and could even predict a majority win, after only 3 percent of the votes were counted. So much for the great "CLIFF HANGER" we were told it would be for weeks prior to the Poll, by the Leftist MSM.

If this Election was an IQ test, then NSW passed and get an A.

I would give the State that I love an A+ though, if I see Australian Conservative Party candidates in the Senate.

Just have to wait a bit more.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Policy on the run, I WISH !!!

Another State, another Election, another sausage sizzle, zzzzzzzz

Excuse me, I nodded off there. Well, that's how apathetic even the most engaged Voters are now becoming.

With the Media Blackout (why not Social Media, I ask?) underway, Candidates may actually bother to door knock for those last VITAL votes needed.

I think it would be wonderful if a few on all sides came in direct contact with the fraud that THEY have allowed to perpetuate for many decades !!!

You gotta seriously now ask yourself, why isn't one of them taking Electoral Reform to the People now?

And if just one was, then our "Objective" Mainstream Media is not allowing it to be heard, and we know why that is, don't we!

"Vote Early, Vote Often", is no longer an old joke saying, it really is a promotion of the criminal perversion of our Democracy as we speak

In my opinion THAT is more important than anything that we consider of value in Australia. I call that HATE SPEECH IN ACTION !!!

Kiss GOODBYE to the Good times Straaaaya, Keep voting these in MARXIST, self-interested devils, and when it's all gone, our Liberty, Democracy, Sovereignty, Prosperity and the Australian way of life, you can all sign my SORRY BOOK.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


This week I understand, via the great good work BINARY Spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, that a Bill is soon to be debated in the Tasmanian Upper House.

This bill seeks to legislate genderless birth certificates and gender reassignment via stat dec.

This Bill if passed, means a baby's sex won't be recorded on their Birth Certificate, or on the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Anyone 16+ will be able to change their Gender and Name just by signing a Sat Dec (no Parental Consent required)

And any individual can be fined up to $3000 for using the non preferred Gender Pronoun of that other

Like all fines, if unpaid, can lead a person to higher punishments, even incarceration.

The unintended consequences of such a law would be countless. Most importantly, woman and children will be made vulnerable.

Birth certificates are official documents and should reflect scientific fact.

Gender cannot be changed by signing a piece of paper.

Government should not be promoting trans rights over the rights of others.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spare the Rod, and create the EGG BOYS & GIRLS of the future.

Conservative Senator hit with egg

You know it really only seems like a few years ago, it's that fresh in my mind, when in 1982, I told my Grandfather, a former Regimental Sargeant Major in the British 8th Army, a genuine "RAT OF TOBRUK", that the Cane had been removed form our school and they were even talking of getting rid of after school detention.

My grandfather crossed his arms and lowered his wise head and close his eyes, then prophetically proclaimed, "Son, because of that one act of this Government, your generation and those that follow, will suffer greatly!!!"

How true that was. If the likes of the egg boy now "hero of the DERANGED  LEFT" had grown up to respect their elders and to know that there are serious consequences to acts of violence, instead  of peaceful protest, then EGG BOY would probably be studying in Uni, or working a good job. Instead he has chosen to be a puppet of the Social Engineers and seek instant fame.

What a precedent this sets now, although many Politicians have been egged over the years, this type of attack has more to offer. The egg was slammed onto the Senator's head. Had there been anything else or his hand had been empty, that is a physical assault, and must be punished and not treated as some form of "free speech". I have never slammed any of my cartoons into the face of any of my targets of criticism, and that's because it is against the law and I have a more intelligent way to express my opinion.

 I do look forward to seeing how our Justice System deals with this ASSAULT on another persons body. I'm sure that the Defence Lawyers are coming up with all sorts of crap to try and get this stupid kid off the punishment he deserves.

They'll probably come up with the defence that a parent left him when he was boy, and or he didn't get enough hugs or a new bike when he turned 10.

I do hope that they are more original than that, those excuses have been rolled out for decades, and although they have worked, this time they'll need to come up with something better, or perhaps this person could become a young man and repent for his  stupidity and cop the punishment. I guess that depends on the Magistrate that hears this case. How ever that is he had better realise that the eyes of the World are on him also, and that includes the silent Conservative majority.

UPDATE:  It appears that the teenager will not be charged

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Roots of all Evil

A terrible day for many as our Peace far away from the Middle east and Europe, is shattered with reality.

My take on this Breaking Tragic attack in NZ now.

I'm watching the coverage on SkyNews Australia, and I gotta say this, the multiple reference to these Criminals as being of the extreme RIGHT WING, has been over the top.

This is the Left Wing Media, using this horrible incident by mentally deranged individuals, as a way to further demonise anyone who identifies as being right of the Political centre.

These criminals are neither right nor left in my opinion, they are simply insane, and to place their insanity on the Political Spectrum to subtly include anyone who is not on the Left of centre, is deliberately dishonest and the typical low rent tactics of the Leftist MSM.

On a curious point of interest to us all, as we wait to find out the truth regarding the identity of these perpetrators, I heard Tom on the Sky News desk, say that from the Audio Video helmet-cam recording, that a killer has released on Social Media a recording of the pre and post Mosque attack.  And during further shootings as he drove away from the scene, that his voice can be heard and it is the opinion that the man is Australian.

Of course  he is possibly from Australia but  after a listen to this audio, in my opinion the accent had a touch of Dutch or maybe South African? It will be interesting to see what is uncovered and most interesting to what the fallout from the hateful and compliant MSM will be.

Please, if you are of Faith, pray for all involved.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Shame shame shame, as the boats come in

Derryn Hinch announces support for legislation which will give doctors more power to decide whether asylum seekers should come to Australia for medical treatment

Well done to the new kids on the block. They've manage to frustrate laws that had stopped the Boats and Strengthened our Border Security, because they want to feel good and get backslaps of the their sycophantic leftist friends,

This crazy Senate of doooooo-gooders, high aloft in their ivory towers of self righteousness, passed the nonsensical, Dr K Phelps MP "Refugee" Evacuation Bill and the walking Human Headline, made sure that he was the one with the casting vote in the Senate.

Now is the time for the PM, Scott Morrison to call an Election, becuase this issue alone will go along way to correcting the weird Polls against him and because online Polls (which you can trust imho) are showing on average, 15 for to 85 against, this Legislation.

The PM should not be concerned with the upcoming NSW State Election in a month, as there's little chance of the NSW ALP getting up, in my humble opinion, and I base that assessment on several observations. That most voters in NSW have no idea about the ALP & their policies, they have been a GHOST for a at least a year, and most people not only don't know any thing about him but also who the ALP Leader in NSW actually is.

Also,  The NSW Economy is doing just fine and the Infrastructure is going ahead as promised.

The Polls regarding this Medical evacuation Bill of these uncleared illegal immigrants (not refugees but Country Shoppers, who are not willing to wait in a line like the rest of the World has to that desire settlement in Australia,  & because they are not fleeing Death & Persecution or War, only poverty in their home lands).

 On an Island that has 1 Doctor for every 7 "refugees" ( do you get that type of ratio of medical service in your local suburb?), they are clearly making more of their illnesses than is needed, they are self harming , and doing anything they can to get on Australian soil, so that they can obtain FREE access to the many Immigration Lawyers and The Soft on Border Security Advocates, they can find, who will tie up for months and even years, the needed assessments to be a fit person to live in Australia investigations.

These people are mainly young men, and you've seen the TV pictures, and heard the eye witness testimonies to the good conditions on the Island, that they must remain on until their background credentials are examined in full.

 These are healthy people, all with their own personal agendas for not taking the proper immigration steps to come here and become a legal and fit Citizen, so straight away there is DECEPTION to take into account for their suitability.

 Now, since they found out that the People Smugglers that told them that there was no problem, that the Soft Aussies will let you in and and you can suck off the Taxpayers and do whatever you like, stories are not true!, (thanks to the Abbott and Howard Governments tough stance on Border Security, which protects all Australians, even the legitimate migrants of course, ), they start seeking other ways to get to Australia and that includes wrecking the new facilities and hurting themselves and each other, because they are counting on the soft headed politicians who will be lobbied by the stupid left, to let these people come here, regardless of their threat level assessments.

Let's see where Sen. Derryn Hinch and Dr. Kerryn Phelps MP (could it be the similarities in the names that unites them also?) will be found and have to say for their actions, when a post Terrorism attack that kills people, reveals that the Terrorists where the ones that they helped into the country?

 I don't want to see that happen of course, but you know something is going happen here sooner or later (we have been fortunate and that's because of our tough Border Security Laws) .It's not going to be "New Immigrant that waited in line like the rest of them" that will be responsible, because they were checked out thoroughly by our magnificent Security Agencies, here and overseas, as being of sound mind and body and not aligned to radical Islam or Criminal Orgs.

God save us all, because I have no Faith in the elected Leaders of this country, anymore.