Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Left-Wing Media Reaction To Mueller Report

The amazing over the top triggered reaction from the Leftist MSM to the long awaited VINDICATION of President Trump, via the Mueller Report, smacks of HYPOCRISY of the highest order, in my humble opinion.

The President's alleged involvement into any possible interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election by Russia, had the Trump Haters in the MSM everywhere, calling for TREASON TRIALS against this President.

The open statements of what he "did" was just such a horrible treachery to the freedom and democracy of the United States of America, it cannot go unpunished, and when found guilty, lock him up and throw away the key !!!!... was the common call.

Now that it has been revealed that The President has NO involvement in this ludicrous allegation, and that THIER President was not a TRAITOR but has and still is the PATRIOT President we see before us, these proclaimers of Freedom and Justice are actually upset about this. They would rather have found a Fox in the Hen house than to have found that everything was okay, it was a false alarm.

Their Evil motives are clear and more proof that these people would be happier if they lived in the countries that promote the lifestyle that they really want for the rest of the Western World to succumb to ... MARXISM & COMMUNISM.

This short video says much.

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