Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, finally something to celebrate this week. Malcolm Fraser has left the Australian Liberal Party and all I can say is....."when was he a true member anyway ?".

Clearly this terrible politician and failed former Australian Prime Minister was so far to the left that he could have founded the current Greens Party or at least joined the Australian Labor Party to be amongst other leftist softies, with no compromise to his ideology. Malcolm Fraser held no regard for Menzies' conservative values and vision for the Liberal Party. In fact, I am sure that the actual reason Malcolm Fraser joined the Liberal Party was because he thought it started with a small L.

During his term, 1975 to 1983, this man did NOTHING of value for the country, in fact, it is widely recognised that he probably did more damage and wasted more opportunity for economic growth than his predecessor Gough Whitlam. What this snivelling bleeding heart did, was to open our borders to some of the worst type of refugees and embrace such people as the despot and murderer, Robert Mugabe and Pol Pot and even Mao Tse-Tung, a communist Chinese leader who is credited for being directly responsible for the deaths of 20 million people...... but I am sure Malcolm would just call me a racist and tell me that I should always try to see the good in people.

I actually know of diehard Conservative voters who voted in Fraser's successor, Robert Hawke, rather than vote for this leftist stooge again. So, to the crying, pants losing (and we never found out just what that was about, did we?) Goodbye and good riddance and thanks for nothing!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


To think that the answer to reducing the MASSIVE debt that the Rudd Government has delivered to the Australian taxpayer, is to greedily tax the only Australian owned industry that is actually making money for mum and dad investors and just about anyone how has a superannuation scheme, is as mental an idea as raising the price of cigarettes to stop smokers smoking and compensating cigarette manufacturers for defacing their product branding.

This socialist government is definitely clutching at straws now if they think that the Australian public will believe that it is the mining magnates that need to be punished and forced to pay this tax, whilst billions of dollars have and continue to be wasted in nowhere failed schemes like national home insulation, laptops for every student and the building the education revolution scam.

Is it any wonder that Rudd is getting his true reward of disapproval and distrust in the polls, when you consider that self-funded retirees and anyone with blue chip investments will suffer from this money grab on the mining industry. Eventually this will all filter down to every consumer and once again the price of living will rise that much higher, if it wasn't high enough already.

Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is being groomed by the media sycophants as the next to take the top job and sure she's a woman and is very intelligent etc, etc but that is window dressing until we have a good look at her radical and hard left life history and her list of communist/Marxist heroes of the Labor movement. This woman is the Red in "the reds under the bed".

Our bumbling Treasurer, Wayne Swan, is clearly out of his depth in this budget and if he thinks the mining heavies will be pushovers like his State Labor Premier counterparts then he will get a rude awakening -- as Rudd is now finding. Even the Ruddite mates in China are feeling very nervous about this tax as they can see no other way to combat this attempt to burst their blooming fiscal bubble than to pass on the price hike to their customers. Ever check where most of your electronic and clothing items are now coming from, eh?!?

What will it finally take for Australians to wake up and see that their way of life and their children's inheritance, is being sold off for a song to the Communist ideology of a One World Marxist New Order and that the leaders of this movement are not the Labor Party of old but rather the new regime of Rudd, Gillard, Tanner and Swan?

Commentator and 2GB Talk Radio presenter, Alan Jones, has the final word on this issue as far as I am concerned. To listen to to his wise take on the matter and of that of experts in the field just go to this link . Navigate to page 3 (bottom of page) and then click on the story icon listed as "Taxing the mining industry".