Saturday, December 31, 2016


I'm not sorry to end off this Hellish Year with a hard note, but really there is nothing to celebrate in the New Year whilst we continue to live in a country run by pseudo Conservatives and a disgusting Senate array of one issue bigots and Marxist agenda driven "useful idiots", let alone this 18C abomination. We are a Nation of People that has always represented Freedom of Speech as a Given Right and Privilege. After so much BLOOD has been spilt and so much suffering in the name of Freedom for Australia has occurred, this 18C legislation can't be tolerated another week, let alone another year!

The cartoon is another reality check for the easily distracted celebrity watchers & mourners, as well as a reminder to those few who think that their game to silence the majority of Australians is done and dusted!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Here is my combination Big Political News and Christ is Born cartoon for 2016

Is Cory Bernardi the Messiah?, NO!, of course, this is not what is being implied, the implication should be obvious to anyone.

Simply the hope for a reformed and stronger majority representation in our Government. It appears to be emerging but will it eventuate?

That is the question.

Hope springs Eternal, this is evident in us all

Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Christmas Message for my friends from your friendly neighbourhood Conservative Cartoonist.

As we head into what was "once" one of the most significant dates in this country's short history, I am reminded of the times when I was a kid, just 40 years ago, and Christmas really was about the story of the Birth of Christ and all that it means to be in a Judeo-Christian Society.

I watch and read the media everyday, it's just a rerun of 'Yes Minister', only this time I'm not laughing.

Our Lord rarely gets a mention anywhere, in fact I no longer wonder how long it will be before He is completely phased out, as that is obviously the Plan and it is really working.

The Political and Media class are so afraid of the MONSTER of 18C, that they created in their never ending agenda of staying in power and on top, no matter what the cost. That's right!, Political Correctness is a huge vote winner now as well as a Ratings winner in this pathetic Social Engineering experiment called "Multiculturalism",..... that was inflicted on a proud mix of AUSTRALIANS back in the Seventies, a Policy that no majority Voted for.

Now we are not "ONE" as that song says, but a collective of tribes, fighting for dominance and Power!

So much happening Politically and yet nothing has really changed in the last 2 terms. It's S.N.A.F.U as we willingly slide further into the abyss of Marxist Lies, dragged there by the Useful Idiots of the Left, with their pointless non scientific THEORETICAL argument that Mankind IS AFFECTING and IS ABLE TO CHANGE the Global Climate. Clearly a delusional madness that a pretty lazy and gullible generation X & Y has swallowed.

No one trusts the major Political Parties anymore, the factions run the show, the lines are tooo blurred.

Our PM should be the Leader of the Labor Party and he should take half the Cabinet of Cowards with him! imho.

The Senate is so heavily stacked with small L liberals and single agenda nutjobs, that even if we had an elected PM trying repair the recent years of Labor/Greens Social and Economic Vandalism, he still couldn't get anything passed.

It's not Happy Holidays Australia, It's Merry Christmas!!!
Enjoy this whilst you can, because this Prophet sees only doom ahead, and that is regardless of who sits in the Lodge!

It's time for action, A new Hard Right Conservative Party that knows what it is restore Australia again. If that Party exists now or is in the making, well it can't come soon enough for me!

Godspeed and whether you Believe or not, I pray that He Will Bless Your House always.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

When the Evil Machine Breaks Down.

A quick glance here from the once great UK, will illustrate the dysfunctional future that Australian society faces under the boot of Political Correctness.

If the Marxist Cultural Engineering Machine, that has been plodding on unabated for many decades, isn't bad enough when it is working perfectly for the Puppet masters of Progressiveness", Evil MARXISM, then it's ironically WORSE when some of the cogs in the machine's engine start to conflict.

My cartoon is inspired by one such conflict, a conflict that will definitely occur if this madness of NO TO A PLEBISCITE call on the proposed changes to the Federal Marriage Act, is obeyed. The Plebiscite on this important issue was mandated for in the last election, the People demand satisfaction on Political Soccerball.

Recent Online Independent Polls that I have seen are clearly leaning heavily (around 80 percent) to the "Leave Marriage definition alone" vote , thus if we have a PM, LNP Cabinet and a Senate with enough guts and TRUE CONSERVATIVE & CHRISTIAN values, then we will be spared this madness, for now!

I actually almost have to dip my lid to the Machiavellian long term planning of this all, ....., I did say ALMOST!

 The Masters of the Democratic Evil Within (Marxist Greens, Socialist aligned ALP, several self interested independents and a hand full of Anarchist Libertarians) have thought about these conflicts occurring long ago, because there is no shortage of distractions created over the last 50 years for us to genuinely swallow their RED PILL without questioning or challenging it.

The Leftist Mainstream Media is but one of those distractions, you know what I mean and the bevy of other PC and Whimsical rubbish that keeps us all Zombified and from fighting for our hard earned Liberty and keeping the Moral Compass calibrated to true North, is clearly evident.

Will this madness happen eventually?, I don't know yet, depends largely on the next generation in my opinion as the damage to the our collective psyche is vast.

 I continue to Pray everyday that this Politically Correct LIE about inequality is smashed into oblivion by reason and common decency, that is still strong yet silent in our great Australia.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Here we go again, "officially"

I guess I would be quite accurate in my assessment, that this 2016 Election Campaign did actually start when Turnbull & a Party of Cowards toppled the good man and PM that is Tony Abbott. At least that is what the Leftist Media had convinced me of.

Watching a very openly Leftist TV channel (with a few token Right wing commentators, to appear "objective") as I formulated this cartoon, they are feeding us with the concept of this being a contest based on the ghosts of Gillard v Abbott -- and for some reason, Rudd's never-ending ambition to join his fellow elite  scum at the "United Nations" is really important to all Australians and a matter of national pride?

As if Shorten or Turnbull aren't involved. Probably because you don't need to be a Political Genius to know that this one will go to the Coalition, simply because Shorten is that unelectable. Both have a history of disloyalty but Bill more so, imho.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Time is standing still or is it just an illusion?

My deepest apologies for the lack of contribution this month. Actually I do have a note from my Doctor! (when you see the cartoon attached then that last remark should give you a grin as it just did for me)

Nothing to write to Mother about, just a few issues with the brain function and the medication levels. All is on track now, thanks only to our Good Lord, who I know does have a purpose for me on Earth still.

This cartoon certainly speaks to our generation, that is, haven't we all thought this before, thus it's not exactly a spark of genius to realise that the issues do keep repeating as one Government leaves and another is elected because they "promised" to fix everything that the previous Puppets could not. I guess it was a bit of a lazy effort, but it is still true.

 Literally ALL of the big button policy issue are the same as they were when John Howard was replace by Kevin Rudd (personally speaking, I'm still wondering how that happened?, WORK CHOICES? C'MON!!!)

Note the flag over Parliament House, I slipped that one in as I don't recall it being an issue back then but I'm sure it was boiling?

Can you believe that we are still paying for these fraudsters after all these decades of self interest promotion? Yes I know that there are still many good people on all sides that want to lead us in a manner that we would all approve, the question is why aren't they?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Total Recall

This cartoon was inspired by the story of a close friend, who went out and purchased for her kids a few of these "Hoverboards" now deemed deadly by the ACCC.

Obviously the recall is the right thing to do when dealing with such a proven danger, but you try telling a 10 and an 8 year old that!

Here's my suggestion for where these faulty models should go next.

Also:  I am still looking for a full-time or casual job doing this stuff or the like, please can you keep an ear open and offer me a heads up if you hear of an opportunity coming. Onward and Upward my friends, never abandon your goals!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The fight against or for meaning, it's on!‏

A  quick idea that came to me late last night. I suspect that you may be able to use it, if so then be my guest.

The term "Double Dissolution" is so widely thrown around a bit of late, that I personally wanted to ensure that I knew the true definition of the word within our language, as it always does sound out of context within my politically cynical mind.

I have much to be cynical about of late when it comes to the use of the English language, as it is certain that the meanings of many of our words do stand in the way of the Elitist Cultural Marxist Agenda to destroy the foundation stones of Judeo-Christian Society.

Marriage is of course the word that I refer to at present, thus the hypocrisy of the Leftist Raiders, as they are happy to cherry pick some words from our Constitution to fit their personal ends.

This Electoral Reform is needed but in certain degrees is being abused by the Oligarchy of the Big Two, or is it Three now?, to wipe out the competition. Hardly Democratic or even representative of our frail Liberty, in my humble opinion.

Background on the double dissolution here

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Multi-Culti experiment of disaster marches on here and in Europe!.

Harmony day?

So this is how our inglorious leaders are dealing with disharmony & disunity, by creating a day that promotes these very things? Celebrating, in fact encouraging that we all dance to a different tune, pray to a different God, believe a different history, speak a different language and language over our National Flag and morality.
Does no one in canberra pay any attention to the rest of the world events and history  lessons in general?

Another win as  the Judeo-Christian society destroying Marxists and Multi-Cutli gets another praising.

So when can I mark Politic Correctness Day on my calendar?...... I know, that's every bloody day!

They say:

Harmony Day, 21 March, celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

It is a day for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common.

The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Vale Nancy Reagan‏

It would be remiss of me not to do a tribute cartoon for such a Beautiful Conservative and God Loving Woman as the now late, Nancy Reagan.

I'm sure that she would have loved to have been with her Ronnie much earlier but certainly as her beloved Republican Party falls into the hands of maniacs, who treat debate and the future of the USA as naughty children spitting in a school yard!

Nancy is now certainly at Peace, may the Lord take her in his loving arms, Amen.

Monday, February 29, 2016


I heard that something horrible was happening tomorrow. Please pass me the Stemetil because it's that time of the year again when the Love-In of the Useful Idiots open up their sewer pipe , LIIIIIVE and Direct to us all in HD from their Communist RED Carpet.

Okay, I get that occasionally some movies that come out of the Belly of the Beast actually have some merit and in the future will be seen as an achievement worth applauding, but for a very long time now, in my humble opinion, the mess of nonsensical and even diabolical perversion and deliberately deceitful Celluloid Productions pouring from the Hollywood Sewer, make the Days of Noah look like "The Good Old Days".

To think that these clowns even had to pull out the old racist card again, whilst millions of people are being slaughtered and worse, speaks volumes of the true nature of your average Hollywood Pretender.

This in the year that their guy, their "GREAT NEW HOPE" is finishing his second term of Presidency, with no more Peace or Goodwill in the World, rather the extreme opposite, as well as a Legacy of Policy that will likely ensure not only a new "Cold WAR" but most likely "World War 3" ( Cuba and Iran are just a few of his tragic errors, or deliberate efforts ), and to think that all of this mess will soon be left in the hands of either a Populist Ego Maniac or a pair of Socialist Elitists!

I wonder which lucky fellow will be able to play the role of President Barack Obama in the soon to be made EPIC MOVIE of his life and rise to the White house?

They'd better hurry up and decide whilst they still have a Hollywood to shoot it in!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ohhh the Humanity!!!

I managed to get myself out of bed to offer you this one (Anti-Seizure & Blood Pressure Meds make you very tired, good news it I should be off them in a few months, God willing), I mean I just had to say something.

Weeping as I listen to the Radio and the TV News about this very disturbing Goat Race in the USA, where there isn't a runner on either side that I would give the Nuclear Codes too, let alone intrust the protection of our future freedom or democracy too at a time when the Islamic Caliphate marches along through Europe & the Global Institutions with the LONG TERM Support of the Global Marxists.

 I am not at all sickened to hear nothing more than the whining and white-anting of our very way of life by the Leftist Media and now some in the so called "Conservative" Media, more concerned with the ever more "pressing issues" of Australian Republicanism and some Aussie female basketball playing fan of Kanye West, (another great useful idiot), being torn apart by the oh so over concerned Media , just because she twittered a photo of herself in some deluded black face tribute to that Jackass.

Only God can help us now, because we do seem very, very lost!