Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Lost Photo Op‏

Re: Kevvy's trip to Afghanistan

I admit that this one is a bit out of the 24 hour news cycle but I had to stop half way because I am still looking for a job. I don't know why it has taken 10 weeks when Mr Rudd tells us that unemployment is so low and the economy is just booming along. I wonder if any of the pollies could answer me on that one.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Pot calls the Kettle BLACK???‏

(Former prime minister Julia Gillard says Australians would have been more outraged at her treatment as a woman if she were black)

Well if you think that Australia has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous as far as leadership is concerned then I would give you credit for at least having enough wisdom and intelligence to see that. Rudd in my opinion is a very lose cannon and a cunning megalomaniac who sees the office of PM as nothing more than his God-given right and as a stepping stone to a UN high office.  Clearly I am no fan but that doesn't make me for a minute state that his predecessor was in anyway better. Not with the same motivation as K Rudd but she certainly was motivated....... the question in my mind now was just what was it?

What was she thinking, either then or now to say such a thing? The madness of that ridiculous blue ties speech seems to me to be the marking point of a person breaking under the pressure and these reported comments prove it. No, not because she is a woman, please spare me that insult line, but because she was just a very bad PM and Leader.

Funny, I haven't seen much said on this yet but I guess it will get an airing soon enough........ maybe?

(Nova Peris story here)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rudd's Papua New Guinea "solution"

Well, it is just a short boat trip across the Torres Strait on a crappy fishing boat or a tinny and bang you are strolling down Highway One to freedom...... THAT IS IF THE CROCS DON"T GET YOU!

Does anyone doubt that the people smugglers will move operation to PNG? Fair dinkum, it sure would have to be one hell of a hell hole for me to want to escape to PNG. If the lawlessness and gangs don't get you , then the malaria ridden mozzies will.

 If I had to go there , I'd soon be climbing on a boat to cross the strait and into Australia, where I would, Yes be illegal but it's a big country and plenty of places to hide, at this point it's better than the alternative, and if I get caught then I am sure I will get a government appointed lawyer to defend me....... ohhh that is if the crocs didn't get me earlier!!!

I wonder if the people of PNG have even been advised that there will be a new mix of cultures,  many of whom have come from a lawless, "eye for an eye" society to join their lawless and troubled society? This will be over at their next election and we will be out millions/billions. Meanwhile the trade in human suffering will continue, people will drown and now there's a good chance some will not only have to face sharks but out top end crocs. Bring this bloody election on now, I a have never been more sick of these idiots.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The False Profit (pun intended)‏

My take on this new Rudd "Asylum seeker" Solution. Seems like this twit thinks he is some kind of a diplomatic miracle maker, rather more like the pyromaniac who turns up to fight the fire he started. This might work in stopping arrivals here but it will not stop people drowning at sea as they will still head here or they either take PNG or try for NZ.

I think the UN High Commission might see this differently and no doubt the Greens are on the phone to them. Stupid 1951 convention that related to another world. My solution is quite simple, we rip off our signature, fly 747's to the real refugee camps around the world, process them their and bring them in by the plane load. The UNHCR would love this and it would encourage other first world nations that can help to do the same. It would be great to double our intake, maybe even more. This would stopp the economic migrants from feeding the people smuggling trade, overnight.....IMHO

I'll bet Rudd had a caveat install in the agreement.....that no matter who wins the next election they change the name of one of the PNG islands to RUDDLAND!