Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Starbucks quits as Rudd opens the gates

With the ever increasing demise of the all powerful yet successful Starbucks empire (a definite pointer to the state of our economy) and now the softly, cuppa tea and a bikkie approach to illegal immigrants (the signal that will do nothing less than embolden people smugglers) is it any wonder that we have a Labor Party running the country.

I'll say one thing for Rudd, he is a man of his word because he did say that he wouldn't rest and would get straight to work. He has wasted no time in getting stuck into destroying what the Howard government had built up over 11 years after the previous ALP government mess.

Seriously, who wants to put up their hand now and say that they voted for these clowns? just like the deafening silence one hears when you ask for a logical and scientific argument over manmade climate change actually being fact and that we can do anything about it -- also lack of people admitting that voting in the NSW ALP State Governmentfor another term was a wise move!

But wait folks, you ain't seen nothing yet! and if Brendan Nelson doesn't grow some balls and fight the left wing faction in the Liberal party and defeat this madness of Emissions Trading then I see nothing but a long dark future for us all...... for all except the wealthy politicians ofcourse, they'll be OK.

(The Leftist Rudd government is reversing the tough conservative measures against illegal immigrants that were instrumental in stopping the flow of illegals into Australia. See here)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arctic oil and alien visits

Looks like "they" are starting to get a little worried that the reality that burns us all -- "Money in our pockets" -- is actually starting people to use their brains and look for answers .

Now that Dr David Evans, former government paid global warning and Kyoto ratifying scientist is now publicly telling everyone that the science behind emissions trading (the great global tax) is actually false, the useful idiots in the media start the distraction machine with stories of recent oil discoveries in Alaska (more crap, they have had that oil up there for decades) and stories about crazy old astronauts who claim to be in on the whole "Alien Conspiracy" (maybe there is some truth to this, I have an open mind on the subject, logically it seems possible but I need physical proof) and segue into a plan to create moon bases.

Let's face it, this is all spin to get the talk around the environmentally friendly water cooler to move away from war, politics, the costs of living, exposing the climate change scam, kids addicted to video games and Internet chat rooms and the basic dumbing down of this generation and the early retirement of said generation through massive death of western youth linked to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Talk about an Inconvenient Truth.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Australia needs its Batman too -- Peter Costello?

Hope you enjoyed the WYD08 event, I know I found the entire vibe more than uplifting and certainly verifying that you don't need drugs and booze to have a good time, will the lesson ever be learnt though?

Another almost but not nearly moving event was the release of the new Batman flick " DARK KNIGHT "and if you haven't seen it yet , then do yourself a favour...Heath should get a posthumous Oscar for his role, brilliant.

Why, oh why are the men at the top of the Liberal Party fighting over this Garnaut Report Scam and the inevitable economic and cultural destruction that this will cause (even the CSIRO are on the payroll now). How is it that a conservative party cannot see the social agenda behind this entire scam and want to "get on board " with the so called popular view that we all want to be poorer and completely price ourselves out of the market? Answer Political Need, Political Greed.

(There is talk that former Treasurer Peter Costello may replace uninspiring Leader of the Opposition Brendan Nelson -- who has gone rather "Green" in response to the climate change "Report" by Ross Garnaut. Malcolm Turnbull is another contender but he too is wishy washy on Green issues)

Airline industry travails

Fuel is again the big ticket issue and once again another Aussie Iconic company has already started to signal the end. The good folk at Qantas are about to experience a taste of what their colleagues at Ansett copped but as the man said " YOU AIN"T SEEN NOTHING YET !!!"

(Airline flights are being scrapped in response to high fuel costs -- and the threat of Rudd's "Green" taxes is not helping. Major airline Qantas has already announced job reductions. Centrelink is Australia's Federal welfare agency)

The only positive that may come of this fracas with Brendan and Malcolm is that it may just be the break that Peter Costello has been so patiently waiting for. By the time the next election comes around we will all be longing for the glory days of the greatest treasurer this country has produced and I believe it will be enough to sink Rudd's ship and put Costello at the helm that he has conspired to take hold of for all these years.

Unexpectedly the ever obedient useful idiots in the media jumped at the chance to report newest and again very questionable poll that Aussies are all for cutting their own throats on the Garnaut Report whilst there is no mention of the last on-line Poll that I saw (NEWS POLL) just the other day, which had the result completely against this socialist scam at 3 to 1.

I also laughed when the same barking media report actually stated that the public supported Carbon Trading but that most had no idea what it actually means ???????? yep that I would believe, the dumbing down is finally showing effect.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Condoms and the Papal visit to Sydney

(Assorted Leftist crapheads have been doing their best to harass the young Catholics gathered in Sydney for World Youth Day and the visit of the Holy Father. We read:
Condoms will be handed out to pilgrims en route to a papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse on World Youth Day as part of a protest against the Catholic Church's attitude to homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

A coalition of religious, atheist, gay and lesbian groups will stage the rally in Taylor Square from midday on Saturday July 19 before marching to the main event of the week-long World Youth Day celebrations.)

Alas, if only the parents of the great unwashed that are now free to throw and wave condoms in the faces of these people (who are after all following their personal beliefs and not imposing them on others) would have actually used a condom or had an abortion then this embarrassment (in the name of freedom of speech, again) would not be happening.

Who are these hypocrites who hide behind a lie that the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa is as a result of a handful of Catholic Missionaries preaching that the use of contraceptives is a sin. I have recently read in several world recognised medical reports that there is unarguable proof that malnutrition is a very large contributor to the disease and its spread and the fact that tribal practices such as incest and the wholesale rape of men, woman and children due to primitive beliefs and WAR are far more likely to be the cause of this national disaster.

Who would ever think that a man who was raised to be a Catholic in an African town or village would consider promiscuous sexual activity resulting in the spread of AIDS?

Well, of course, all those that proclaim to be of any Christian faith have and do practise pre-martial sex. No one is kidding themselves there but I would consider it would be most likely that a man who is ignorant of the teachings of the Lord and the mores and values of Christianity would take and rape a woman due to a primitive belief of ownership or as a spoil of WAR, and that this person would never consider a condom nor would they consider a medical checkup either (even if there was one available).

What we are seeing from the NO POPE mob is just another excuse for the socialists amongst us to have a dig and swipe at organised religion and God knows the Catholics are high on their hit list.

Best wishes and enjoy the vibe. I am not Catholic but I can feel a positiveness in the town that I haven't felt for a while. Maybe it's the Force Luke.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

His holiness

Well with the visit of the Pontiff to our fine country I thought it fitting to include his Holiness in my weekly lampoons. Once again the topics are based on the issues that are at the heart of us all. I hope that the Holy Father prays for the state of NSW in particular and asks for us to be delivered from the pestilence that is the ALP. Hope you find a little enlightenment on this the World Youth Day Week and if you are in Sydney....a parking spot!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Loyal supporters of Kevin

Housing prices and petrol prices are way up but Kevvy just talks about global warming.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Premier still has SOME friends

Background on Morris Iemma's woes here and here

Friday, July 4, 2008

Climate scheme would cost plenty

Fuel prices would skyrocket under new plans to tackle climate change. However, poorer families would be cushioned from the full impact. The government's climate change guru, Professor Ross Garnaut has called for transport to be included in an emissions trading scheme, setting the stage for fuel prices to spiral far beyond those caused by the current oil crunch.

The distinguished economist today released a draft report he prepared for the federal and state Governments on climate change and the introductions of emissions trading. Prof Garnaut said low-income families should be compensated for higher fuel and power costs when the scheme was introduced. He also said the Government should make payments to emissions-intensive industries which could lose jobs overseas if they had to cope with higher costs.

Under emissions trading, a cap will be placed on the amount of carbon which can be emitted into the atmosphere. Companies will be able to purchase and trade permits which allow them to emit carbon gases. Prof Garnaut said as many industries should be included in the scheme as possible, including transport. He said the money the Government earned from the scheme should be spent on compensating low-income households and business.

``The direct price effects of the emissions trading scheme will be regressive,'' Prof Garnaut said. ``The effects will fall heavily on low-income households, so the credibility, stability, efficiency and longevity of the scheme require the correction of these regressive effects by other measures.'' Prof Garnaut said the coal industry should be given support to reduce carbon emissions and to develop technology which buried carbon gasses under ground.

He said international cooperation on fighting climate change was essential. ``The weight of scientific evidence tells us that Australians are facing risks of damaging climate change,'' Prof Garnaut said. ``The risk can be substantially reduced by strong and early action by all major economies. ``Without that action, it is probable that Australians, over the 21st century and beyond, will experience disruption in their prosperity and enjoyment of life, and to long-standing patterns in their lives.''