Friday, August 29, 2014

Our real and present danger‏

I just heard that the ALP's, Kim Carr and the Greens leader "what's her name", seem to think that the PM's genuine concern and cautious but considered attention to assisting the US and other countries in a plan to end the mass genocide of people in Syria and Iraq, is some kind of a "distraction from his "unfair" Budget!

That they would use his sincere efforts to involve Australia in the conversation that will hopefully lead to the salvation of the innocent and the destruction of what is universally accepted as one of the most aggressive and destructive Islamist fanatical groups on the planet, as some form of a political football, speaks widely of the shallow nature of these Politicians and of their obvious ignorance of what is an ever growing global threat that must be dealt with NOW!

If either of these two individuals dare to turn up to an ANZAC memorial in the future then they should be publicly shamed for their hypocrisy!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Enlightenment (Sky News)‏

I was watching Sky News (as usual) and on the final word section of PM AGENDA, it was revealed that Prime Minister Abbott is a big fan of this News Network Service and was quoted as taking real notice of the Presenters and Journo's on that show and others. I wonder if the Prime Minister took notice of Editor Paul Kelly or even economist Saul Eslake, when they both correctly commented last week on just why the this Coalition Government's first Budget is just not selling to the Australian people?

 I paraphrase these gents; Clearly the Government has fallen into the trap set by the economic wreckers of the ALP/Greens, that their Budget is simply a matter of Fairness versus Unfairness instead of focusing their message on the fact that the Federal Budget is designed to return the country to surplus, reduce and eventually end the weekly billion dollar interest bill, is designed to reduce the wasted taxpayer funds on populist policy on the run created by the previous Government (without proper funding) and to wean the entitlement dependent capable workers of the massive Welfare Tit!

That the message needs to be clear, reduce taxation and subsidise that lost revenue by spending less on middle class & corporate welfare and mismanaged welfare and socialised programs that currently exist. That the massive debt will only grow as the population does and if not constrained and controlled now, will cost the next generation dearly with a reduction in necessary welfare such as the aged pension and Medicare for those who truly need it.

This cartoon speaks of such an enlightened moment that I for one hope has gotten through to the Treasurer, Finance Minister and the PM whilst on their Winter break. They have the right tools and talent to turn this mess around but no one will employ them to do the job if they don't correctly target and effectively advertise their service and skills plus the need to fix the roof whilst the sun shines.

They must ignore the knockers in opposition and the useful idiots of the left wing media and just explain to the people of Australia that we ALL must tighten our belts, get of our arses, count our blessings and think about the long term future of the country instead of the short term personal gains. This is a duty of all fair dinkum Australians rather than a punishment for the sin of allowing another left wing and socialist aligned political party such as the ALP and Greens to gain power seven years ago.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Talk about INSTANT KARMA!‏

Clive Palmer has suffered another defeat in his legal brawl with Chinese giant Citic Pacific after the Federal Court today threw out his application to become the security operator at a key iron ore port in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

The ruling in Perth is a blow to Mr Palmer’s long-running efforts to wrest control of the port from Citic.

How's that for a bit of INSTANT KARMA!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well, Mr Palmer is just the gift that continues to give. His hypocrisy has no bounds. It was only in 2009 that he was calling the Australian Government racists for not allowing the Chinese to buy a mining site because it was too close to Pine Gap.

Now he calls these same Chinese "Mongrels & Bastards" because they had the nerve to challenge him in court. Could you imagine for just a second if those comments about the Chinese Government (and that is who he was speaking about) were made by Nationals Leader and Deputy PM, Warren Truss, who was the only Conservative on the last night's Q&A panel.

It would be all that the left wing commercial media, the ABC/SBS, the ALP and of course the Greens and most likely Palmer himself, would be rant about for weeks. I am sure that the freedom of speech police would be firing up their 18C weapon and going straight for Warren Truss.

I know it's early but I have been trolling the media sites and a few notable websites, only to find no one calling for this stupid and insidious law to be used against Palmer's comments.

On one hand I am glad that isn't happening, Palmer has the right to say what he wants and it will be the public that will mark him down or up on his choice of words AND YET the hypocrisy of the left that wanted to "protect" people from nasty words, appears to be doing nothing about Clive's anti Chinese brain snap? Seems to me that 18C is only to be used when a Conservative politician or commentator wants to use their freedom of speech!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lapdogs, Parrots and Other Useful Idiots!‏

Funny thing, ain't it, the way so-called progressives have turned out in force to back the Muslim fundamentalists of Hamas.

Institutionalised misogyny, the supremacy of religion, indifference to human life -- they are the bells that usually set the smart set slavering about injustice. But not when the enemy is Israel.