Monday, May 26, 2014

Once bitten, twice shy!‏

Senator Bill Heffernan's security testing stunt today was in my opinion one of the best things he has ever done for the security & reputation of the country. Clearly the budget cuts to security at Parliament House must be reviewed immediately. Bugger the renovations, because when a bomb goes off in that place, new paint and fixtures won't really matter much.

As a bloke who has worked most of his life in many fields of the Security industry, including Airport passenger screening and screening at many major Government establishments, I can surely believe that the Parliamentary Security staff would not be down on the good Senator's unorthodox methods, rather these professionals would be feeling very nervous about letting staffers (disgruntled or radicalised) pass their point unscreened. They will relieved with the hope that they can do the job they are paid to do without corner cutting.

 How would you feel coming off a Security shift at Parliament House, Canberra knowing that a suicide bomber had passed you undetected and not only were Governments employees killed but members of the public, maybe even school children? Can you also imagine the international embarrassment? Heads of State won't be lining up to visit of Nation's Capital Hill.

Good work Bill Heffernan, I hope who ever is in charge of this gets proactive rather than the unthinkable reactive alternative.


Thursday, May 22, 2014


These stooges and set ups are best left alone so as to give them the contempt that they deserve but how could any self respecting cartoonist resist a shot at the so called "Gloria", an average working Aussie?

Unlikely to be her real name but I have great suspicion that she was planted into that line up of callers for the PM yesterday. I'll also bet that like "Vera" she has a long history of leftist political activism etc .

I do believe that she is a phone sex worker though, and that belief comes from hearing what she actually did say. I doubt anyone with a real education would lower themselves to that sort of level.

Then I read today that she was on the Melbourne ABC radio show again (milking their product of course) in response to the "WinkGate" incident and she said that our PM was "sleazy and slimy" ..... this coming from her lips, give me a break!

Note:  "She is known as Gloria, the grandmother telephone sex worker whose talkback call with the Prime Minister, and the wink it evoked, triggered a storm of controversy.  Her real name is Judith Power and she is a long-time feminist activist and anarchist but insists she has never been a member of a political party, even though Liberal Party twitter accounts claim she is an ALP branch secretary."

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Drunken Sailor is Home!‏

It would be like living with a drunken sailor. He comes home after being away for 6 years and all the money he promised to bring back, all the savings have been pissed up against the wall of every town and port he has been in. Not only has he spent all the wages but he borrowed and gambled and borrowed again, putting the whole family in debt. Feeling blameless, Captain Pinkeye just tells his family to borrow some more.

I do believe that we will lose our AAA credit ratings if this 2015-15 Budget is blocked in the Senate, regardless of what the S&P analyst thinks. Immediately no but in a few years, YES!

 Then you can hear ALP Leader Bill Shorten, his cronies and other likeminded fools in both houses, shouting down the Coalition as the Government that "destroyed our great credit rating". If a simple bloke like me can see this then why can't everyone else.

Who is actually being Polled??? ....not me!!

Australia's credit rating under threat?

Friday, May 16, 2014


An extremely sad and tragic subject to try to satire so it is with only little satisfaction that I state that my only real pleasure in producing this cartoon, was the fact that I could draw Kevin Rudd & Peter Garrett again,.......... they really are a cartoonists' gift. Mark Arbib was fun too!

Seems this dreadful can will be kick well down the Public Service road until it stops with some poor bugger who was just doing their job as instructed. Personally I believe the buck stops with Rudd and although the MSM want you to think he is taking the blame, it is clear to me that he thinks he is going to get off this one and let Mark Arbib take the lion's share of fault. No wonder these players all left the field early.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Budget Reply‏

Well, this Budget is in my opinion the turning point that will put us all on track for a more secure fiscal future -- A huge first step to finally killing the entitlement mentality that has infected our Australian psyche since the 60's march through the institutions and in particular since Chairman Whitlam got his red hands on the levers of power.

Talk about political courage. PM Abbott and his budget team have done something that most before them never had the courage to do and that is to think about this countries real long term future rather than their own short term political careers.

 The great thing about us Aussies is that we adapt to change very well and although the "usual suspects" will whinge and moan and continue to rebut the legitimacy of this Conservative Government, with hypocrisy and childish name calling (Did you hear Bill Shorten this morning calling Joe Hockey & Mathias Cormann "Cigar smoking Liberals"?), the vast majority of us will just get the job done.

In a short time the so called freebies will no longer be seen as a great loss but rather a milestone around Australia's neck and something that we should have dropped decades ago. The next and future generations will have a lot to thank this current Government for and above all the removal of dependence on others!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Newton's fLaw.‏

Just a little fun and reality when it comes to this media reporting about a rise in the fuel levy to be announced in the May Budget. So certain they seem.

Amazing just how many leaks there are on this budget. I wonder if they are all really budget leaks thus indicating some real treachery within the Abbott government or it's just the Leftist MSM, hand in hand with the ALP/Greens, just trying to scare us all to get a headline and Poll support?

 I haven't heard anyone from the Coalition deny this fuel increase rumour but then again that may also be a deliberate tactic to make the real cuts and this "political levy" look less scary on the night and to chuck some mud back into the faces of these opposing voices.

I guess we'll know on Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The battle in Bondi between the so called "great mates" Packer & Gyngell, was enough to make me really scratch my head and wonder how anyone who would resort to such basic instinct barbarity, could ever have achieved the power & influence that they currently have. Both men are doing a great job in their businesses in my opinion but I still can't see how enemies of this ilk let alone GOOD FRIENDS? could ever be involve in a public brawl???

The event did hold a resemblance though to two other close friends having a public brawl just a day later. When Peter Costello so publicly stated that this proposed budget levy was nothing more than politics and would raise no real money to deal with the ALP's legacy of debt, well it surprised me again. I would have thought that the country's greatest recent Treasurer would have kept such an opinion to himself considering it was his student, from his team, going in with this plan. I guess the old adage is true, "with friends like this who needs enemies."

I'm not a member of the Libs so I will say this much, I agree entirely with Costello. Regardless of who pays such a tax (it seems likely that it will be geared towards the most wealthy), it just will not raise enough revenue to even barely address the 12 billion dollar annual interest bill, let alone the capital debt,.... SO WHY DO IT?

I will attempt to answer my own question with this point and that is it is better to do something than nothing and as long as it doesn't lower economic confidence of put strain on the low earning Aussies, it is still a revenue stream. Hmmmm, sure but I am anti TAX and all about less spending, smaller Government and just like my opposition to the needless Abbott PPL scheme, saving money and not wasting it. Encouraging consumer spending and job growth is what I voted for.

It's early days still and I am confident that the Budget next week will not be as frightening as those on the Left would have you believe but I do think that this Debt Levy will appear in some form and on it's own it just another useless tax in my humble opinion. The PPL is wasteful welfare (My Mum had three sons with no handouts and she managed to keep her job until retirement, so why now?).

If The PM wants to save money then close down the Department of Climate Change, stop wasting money on such generous foreign aid and make public grants much harder to get. Make the States accountable for their GST spending so that they are building more Hospitals, Roads, Schools etc and not another Art Gallery, Wildlife Reserve or bloody bike lane!!!

Politically speaking I am worried about the lack of trust this levy would result in minds of an already cynical public and not just for the Coalition but for all politicians in general.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

People in Green Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw STONES‏

Another cartoon you won't see in the Fairfax or Guardian press.

This Christine Milne is some work. Implying that all other political parties in Australia and NOT the Greens are guilty of or hiding corruption and political bribes and that a National ICAC enquiry will root out the evil doers. This is a laugh when pretty much commonly agreed that the global Green political movement's funding/lobbying arm, GETUP (masquerading as concerned environmentalists & social justice advocates but are truly Marxist Engineers with an Agenda 21 and One World Government goal) is financially backed by the likes of narcissistic high roller players such as Al Gore, Maurice Strong & George Soros.

I hope that there is a fair dinkum enquiry and that the Greens are throroughly examined by the independent commission. Alas this mob is not local, just the Australian arm of the Green Machine and I actually doubt that ICAC or even INTERPOL would ever get to the bottom of their financial heart or their true agenda. Only time will reveal all but then it will probably be too late!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


This excellent Commission of Audit combined with a determined Coalition Government strategy to finally start the death wheel rolling on this destructive "age of entitlement", that successive a Socialist Governments have engineered in Australia for the last 5 decades, is the best news I have heard in a very long time.

The national & foreign debt is way out of control, Government spending is unsustainable and as we become more & more unable to afford the infrastructure & services that we need for this ever ageing society, then there is certainly no time like the present to kill the virus that is the entitlement mentality.

Thanks to the usual suspects in government, this fiscal challenge must now affect us all, rich, not so rich and the poor. The same arsonists that are now blocking the way of the fire fighters are also the ones who are hypocritically decrying the Coalition for wanting to not only introduce a LML (Labor's Mismanagement Levy) which will result in the bigger end of town paying even more than they do.

Remember that 75% of annual taxation is paid by 10% of the people....THE WEALTHY. I was never employed by a poor man!

I say get in there Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey, get in there and do just what the people voted for you to do. Bring on this much needed tough Budget and destroy Labor/Green's debt, kill the Marxist entitlement mentality, to ensure that our children, grandchildren and their children do not have to financially struggle and accept a lesser standard of life because they have to pay for the one that we take for granted now!