Friday, February 15, 2019

Shame shame shame, as the boats come in

Derryn Hinch announces support for legislation which will give doctors more power to decide whether asylum seekers should come to Australia for medical treatment

Well done to the new kids on the block. They've manage to frustrate laws that had stopped the Boats and Strengthened our Border Security, because they want to feel good and get backslaps of the their sycophantic leftist friends,

This crazy Senate of doooooo-gooders, high aloft in their ivory towers of self righteousness, passed the nonsensical, Dr K Phelps MP "Refugee" Evacuation Bill and the walking Human Headline, made sure that he was the one with the casting vote in the Senate.

Now is the time for the PM, Scott Morrison to call an Election, becuase this issue alone will go along way to correcting the weird Polls against him and because online Polls (which you can trust imho) are showing on average, 15 for to 85 against, this Legislation.

The PM should not be concerned with the upcoming NSW State Election in a month, as there's little chance of the NSW ALP getting up, in my humble opinion, and I base that assessment on several observations. That most voters in NSW have no idea about the ALP & their policies, they have been a GHOST for a at least a year, and most people not only don't know any thing about him but also who the ALP Leader in NSW actually is.

Also,  The NSW Economy is doing just fine and the Infrastructure is going ahead as promised.

The Polls regarding this Medical evacuation Bill of these uncleared illegal immigrants (not refugees but Country Shoppers, who are not willing to wait in a line like the rest of the World has to that desire settlement in Australia,  & because they are not fleeing Death & Persecution or War, only poverty in their home lands).

 On an Island that has 1 Doctor for every 7 "refugees" ( do you get that type of ratio of medical service in your local suburb?), they are clearly making more of their illnesses than is needed, they are self harming , and doing anything they can to get on Australian soil, so that they can obtain FREE access to the many Immigration Lawyers and The Soft on Border Security Advocates, they can find, who will tie up for months and even years, the needed assessments to be a fit person to live in Australia investigations.

These people are mainly young men, and you've seen the TV pictures, and heard the eye witness testimonies to the good conditions on the Island, that they must remain on until their background credentials are examined in full.

 These are healthy people, all with their own personal agendas for not taking the proper immigration steps to come here and become a legal and fit Citizen, so straight away there is DECEPTION to take into account for their suitability.

 Now, since they found out that the People Smugglers that told them that there was no problem, that the Soft Aussies will let you in and and you can suck off the Taxpayers and do whatever you like, stories are not true!, (thanks to the Abbott and Howard Governments tough stance on Border Security, which protects all Australians, even the legitimate migrants of course, ), they start seeking other ways to get to Australia and that includes wrecking the new facilities and hurting themselves and each other, because they are counting on the soft headed politicians who will be lobbied by the stupid left, to let these people come here, regardless of their threat level assessments.

Let's see where Sen. Derryn Hinch and Dr. Kerryn Phelps MP (could it be the similarities in the names that unites them also?) will be found and have to say for their actions, when a post Terrorism attack that kills people, reveals that the Terrorists where the ones that they helped into the country?

 I don't want to see that happen of course, but you know something is going happen here sooner or later (we have been fortunate and that's because of our tough Border Security Laws) .It's not going to be "New Immigrant that waited in line like the rest of them" that will be responsible, because they were checked out thoroughly by our magnificent Security Agencies, here and overseas, as being of sound mind and body and not aligned to radical Islam or Criminal Orgs.

God save us all, because I have no Faith in the elected Leaders of this country, anymore.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The DEMONcrats of New York, USA

Much more needs to be said about this PURE EVIL legislation that allows the Termination of a healthy child in the womb up to 9 months of age.

This Perverse Political Credo called the Democratic Party of New York, has now set a precedent for all the Pro Choice Baby Killers out there, to now lobby with.

This is, like all this sick legislation, the thin edge of the wedge.  When will it stop and at what age?

Ever seen LOGAN's RUN?, if not Google it because that will be next & as unimaginable as it is, wasn't this Legislation just as unimaginable not that long ago for most of us,........that's next, you'll see! Along with the imprisonment of people like me who stand up against this ABOMINATION in our Lifetime.

What is their true agenda? what are they MURDERING CHILDREN at 9 months now, wasn't it enough for them at 24 weeks?

Why can't the term ABORTION be substituted with the LIFE GIVING term of ADOPTION ???


If the Mother to be is genuinely going to die as a result of a pregnancy, then that is a matter for the Doctors  (I underline that Pronoun,  because you don't need to be a Doctor of Medicine in New York, to kill these children in the womb). The legislation now states that the "procedure of terminating the pregnancy" (we are no longer unborn children, we are now called PREGNANCIES. I guess that makes everyone feel better, eh) will be permitted if it is deemed to have a detrimental HEALTH effect on the life of the Mother.

As we all know that the term "health" refers not on to the physical but also to the emotional and mental state of a person. So if "Dad" takes off and "Mum" can't cope with having their child without him in their life etc, and then she has a breakdown over this and starts crying about how terrible her life will be because of this unborn child, that she never wanted anyway, then she will likely qualify as someone under Emotional and or Mental Health Trauma. This alone will now be the reason to kill this child before it is given a chance to live outside of the womb............ Is it just me or has all the oxygen just left the room at the mere thought of this?

God help them all, this is BLOOD LUST on a scale that we haven't heard of since the Child Sacrifices of the Ancient Times. They are the DEMONcrats in my opinion!

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

Friday, January 25, 2019

Just the usual shift change.

No doubt the now battle weary Anthropological Climate Change Warriors (in their Air-Conditioned Environments) are slamming their clubs on the ground, claiming VICTORY, VILIFICATION, Praise be to the GODS of ACC !!!

This because a few Capital cities are experiencing extreme heat conditions yesterday and today.

Notice I say a few and capital cites (where it is always a bit warmer than the rural populations, due to structures reflecting and containing heat).

Of course they all forget that we live in a land of Drought and Flooding rain, Girt by sea, know the rest, and that this is Summertime in Australia.

If anything it's a little cooler than the summers I recall as a kid but then again it sometimes fluctuates to remind me of those extreme hot January days of my youth.

That's right, Climate FLUCTUATES Globally and the causes are ALWAYS natural, be they Terrestrial or Celestial, it's just not mankind!

The seasonal patterns still remain and since we started recording them, not much has changed at all, and very little since the beginning of the Industrial Age.

If anything is happening Globally, the Boffins will tell you that it's cooling at the Poles, and that is again a cyclical event in the Worlds HISTORY (they conveniently forget)  of climate change, as we believe it to already be.

Enjoy the Beach Weather Adelaide & Melbourne, and remember to slip slop and slap, because Skin Cancer is also a Naturally caused disease.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Confusion and danger in the ranks

Trump has correctly in my opinion, maintained a ban on people identifying as a sex outside of their natural gender from joining the Armed Forces

I agree strongly for this reason. I served in the Army and I can tell you that placing people who don't know if they are Arthur or Martha, WILL and has before, disrupted the Esprit de Corps -- and this type of disunity only goes to weaken any fighting force. All members of a fighting unit must be united as one with one common objective, and that is to win the battle and protect the man next to you whilst doing so. If the link in that armour is weakened because a soldier who would like to see the person next to them, who is suffering from identify issues (mental illness) as dead person, then obviously that is not the best way to run any Armed Defence Force.

I see all of this of course, as just another way that the Marxists social engineers are further emasculating the West and now they will attack the very fighting and protective heart of any Western Nation, by planting this new & "progressive" but VERY destructive cultural seed within. Once it's allowed to grow, it will become uncontrollable, almost impossible to remove, just as they have done in every other institution outside of the Military.

Friday, January 18, 2019

BYE BYE to mother England

Into the EU black hole

I don't about you but I feel like I am sitting in Australia watching my English Mother slowly committing suicide. The majority of POMS rightfully want out of this emerging New World Order called the EU, and yet their elected Representatives think they know better.

So sad to watch and the Markets will certainly respond poorly to the defeat of PM Theresa May's Brexit Plan.

The Kinks wrote what is truly a prophetic song. It's called Living on a Thin Line. Have a listen if you are not familiar. I wonder if they referring to PM May's red strings?

I'm glad that my Mother's parents and my elder Uncles are no longer alive to witness the destruction of their beloved England, especially after the fight they all went through between 1939 and 1945.

I thank God and I thank them, for immigrating to Australia after the War. I was born in the Promised Land. That is why we must continue to fight for it because its the PRIZE of PRIZES that our enemies want so badly.