Monday, August 31, 2009

Victims of State "care"


In 2004 there was a senate report in to the "Forgotten Generation", which called for a national fund to be set up for victims of abuse in state care. Bravo, finally!, but that was in 2004, five years ago. So what's happened since then?

How many of people who suffered at the hands of government appointed "carers", have actually received any monetary compensation?(as if that would suffice!) and how many perpetrators of the mental, physical and sexual abuses, have actually been convicted and sentenced for their crimes? ...........

I don't know and it appears no one does. Whilst there has been a lot said and reported about the so called "Stolen Generation" , I ask again, where is the media and public uproar over this and just what has this and previous governments really done the right the wrongs?

Many questions remain and I can only hope that in the near future, whilst there are still victims of this dark period in our history, still with us and able to tell their story, that there will be more than the pitiful $300,000.00 being so graciously donated (TIC) by the current Federal Government to two organisations over the next two years.

That's right and also the Federal Government refuses to really take any responsibility as Family Minister Jenny Macklin says "that compensation was a matter for the states." I guess she must have missed Kevin Rudd's election promise memo about stopping the buck passing !?!

This is, in my opinion, a far more genuine cause than last years symbolic farce and is certainly a reason for the Police, Federal and State to act now, whilst these victims are still alive. It is my opinion that Rudd has set up a new precedent for getting government out of the responsibility of it's errors by simply saying " We're Sorry" a few decades after the event. I wonder what it will be like in twenty years from now when the Prime Minister of Australia stands on a public stage and says SORRY for signing Kyoto or turning this great wealthy nation of ours into a third world sweat shop ? I guess rhetoric will never go out of style as long as we allow the current generation of politicians to rule our lives.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like shooting fish in a barrel

You know it's almost becoming boring to have a shot at this current debacle of a New South Wales State Government. I guess it's a little refreshing to actually hear their own leader state, just six days ago... "To be honest, I've been disappointed with my performance on a number of fronts," Mr Rees said.

But is that really honesty or just a plain stupid and desperate way to avoid any more questions about the continuing incompetency of this Labour State Government?

I'd say it is the latter, and after making such a self deprecating public statement, is it a surprise to anybody that this Premier's job is now coveted by many in his flock. With colleagues like Senator Mark Arbib circling like a vulture over a rotting carcass and the constant speculation of another leadership spill, (almost a monthly event since he started in the job) I am surprised that the Premier hasn't taken a few months off, rather than the week long holiday that he is on now !

Last week Nathan Rees has apparently made comments in a letter to the Australian National Flag Association ahead of anniversary celebrations next month, stating that is is time to dump our beautiful Australian flag for a new design.

Some of the commentariat have said that this was just a another poor subversive tactic to divert attention from the Rees governments current woes.... Maybe?

However I am more inclined to see it as a gaffe from a man who is out of touch with the Australian ethos and clearly is allowing some inner hatred for England or the Monarchy or maybe it's his socialist bent getting the better of him? Is that what Nathan Rees wants to be historically remembered for, the man who changed the Aussie Flag?

Who really knows why he would bring up this old chestnut, that has been
bandied around for years and never gets approval, even from Republicans who have removed the idea of an independent government (which we are anyway) from the notion that we should throw away our national symbol and historic roots.

It is of course my opinion that one of our better Liberal politicians, Dr Brendan Nelson, who has just announced his retirement from political life, is one of the true Conservative men in the Federal Liberal Party.

Who could blame Dr Nelson for wanting to leave a sinking ship anyway, a ship that is listing so far to the left it might as well become apart of the Federal ALP fleet today. True Conservatives are actually looking outside of the current Federal Liberal party, for men and woman who represent their values and beliefs, and with Nelson out of the picture I believe that the pickings are very thin indeed.

In summary we have a Federal opposition with very left leaning ideas, a Federal Government who is pretending to be Conservative but is as Socialist as ever and a failed NSW State Government with severe confidence issues at the level of the Premier's office.

For an editorial cartoonist it's like shooting fish in a barrel..... but where's the fun in that?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was trying to think of a time when Australia and China have ever called themselves great friends and to this day I can't recall or trace that period, even before the rise of Communism. Sure every Labour Prime Minister has a go at getting closer and a few Libs too (Malcolm Fraser comes to mind) . Whether that be for diplomatic reasons relating to trade and commerce or simply that the two ideologies of Socialism (ALP) and Communism (CHINA) are not that far removed, it still cannot be said that our two countries and cultures have ever really mixed in harmony and brotherhood.

How can a country such as Australia, that believes in freedom and democracy and runs it's economy with a capitalist system ever aligned with the what is basically the extreme opposite to all that we are ?

It is purely for security reasons that we maintain the current diplomatic ties. Face it, if the Chinese want to conquer this country, I doubt that ever our kinship with the United States would stop them. The US has it's own interests in Australia but a nuclear exchange or even a conventional war with China wouldn't be worth risking and let's not forget the very important part that the US plays in the economic rise of China also: Put simply, they are China's' biggest customer. The Chinese will eventually take this country and I am sure, that through immigration and the inactions of future PM's, this will be done without a drop of blood being spilt. I don't want to see it and I doubt I will be around when it happens but maybe my great grandchildren will experience such a demographic and social change.

There is nothing you and I can do about it, as it is simply a matter of numbers and military/economic wealth, the two fundamental ingredients for world domination that China has and we do not. The Bamboo curtain has been slightly raised for the last decade or so and that was purely to obtain more trade relations for this Maoist nation with affluent the West> They needed more wealth and by goodness they have it. The country also has a monetary system that can remain independent of the US Dollar, internally speaking, as the Chinese Renminbi is non-exchangeable for any other currency. How's that for smart Commies!

Whilst Rudd panders and pretends to be some great personal friend of the Chinese rulers, all that he continues to do is show himself for the fraud that he is. Unless there is a people's revolution to overturn the communist government of China -- and I wouldn't expect that to happen ever -- then we shall spend our last days selling them our manufacturing industries/jobs and buying back our raw materials in the guise of cheap white goods, electronics and clothing.

The real point of this cartoon and the comments above is to understand that you should never underestimate your government's resolve to sugarcoat the truth. The totalitarian regime of the Socialist Republic of China is and has always been at odds with our view of humanity and its governance. Tourism and trade will never change any of that, and that is all we are prepared to do about it. This country is helping our natural Nemesis to become richer and hence stronger than us and our allies. There goes your inheritance kids !

Friday, August 21, 2009


We read: "Squalid operating theatres and decaying equipment are plaguing doctors and nurses at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital. "

...........OK and that's just one of hundreds of public hospitals in News South Wales that have been allowed to run down, to what is nothing less than another page in the book of disgrace and mismanagement of the Carr/Iemma/Rees period. If there is just one thing that the government of any country has to get right and maintain to the highest standard possible, it's public health!

This is yet another glowing example, as if we need any more, of just why this state ALP government is unelectable in 2011. Although I did hear quite a few people say that back in 2007 so I guess they are still in with a chance?

I also remember not too long ago , our illustrious leader, K. Rudd, waxing lyrical about how the Federal Government was going to take over the responsibility of public health. Funny I can't see or hear him on this now. Too late PM, it will take more than two terms in office to fix the last 13 years of rape and ruin that this state's hospitals are in. Don't get me wrong, it's not the nurses or the doctors to blame here, they are still the best in the world.

I do not envy the task ahead for Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell. I'd bet London to a brick that the health Minister, John Della Bosca and his lovely Belinda wouldn't step into a public hospital anywhere if they needed help. It would be straight to the private hospital and who would blame them. It's enough to make you sick !

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I really don't have a lot to say with regards to this one ......yes you can get off the floor now. The cartoon speaks clearly enough but I will ask you to read the inspiring letter that was recently published in the Australian Financial Review. The response was sent by the good people at AUSBUY. A wonderful organisation that I suggest we should all start to pay serious attention too........ before it's too late! Below is their Media Release:
The decisions, jobs and profits must stay here

(Response to Peter Ruehl’s article “Unions have got their knickers in a
twist, AFR, Thursday 23 July, 2009)

AUSBUY disagrees with recent discussion by Peter Ruehl, an AFR journalist who had some “boxer twisting” comments about his Davenports and the Unions wanting to protect Australian jobs. Citing the textile industry is a limited view. AUSBUY’s concern is that we are losing skilled jobs to foreign imports in strategic industries especially in engineering and food. If the decisions are not made here, the profits do not stay here and the jobs are not assured. If we do not own our businesses, who will pay off our burgeoning

Predatory foreign companies are now buying strategic industries at fire sale prices, creating long term debt for the country. Australians built these businesses and took the risks. Foreign companies will pay home office dividends before tax and ensure they get a healthy return on investment. We think exports are our salvation, but how many of our exports our owned by foreign owned companies because we have sold them the source and the whole supply chain?

We have stopped talking about productivity and value adding yet this is the way we will get out of this mess. We sell our resources and buy them back thousand fold in finished products. We sign Free Trade Agreements which are often to our disadvantage. We are foolish to think we can lead the world in tariff reduction. Anyone who has endeavoured to export knows that it is not a level playing field in anyone’s imagination than ours.

Mr Obama has said he is the President of the USA not president of the world and government money will be spent on USA businesses. Even USA banks are paying back their debt quickly to their government because of the high interest rates. At least the money is staying in their country. Our cash splash was borrowed from the USA wholesale market from whatever source that was. Our payback time will come. And how many new jobs did we create?

AUSBUY are not talking about protectionism. We are simply saying we want a fair go, and need to secure our strategic industries and keep controlling interest. Our unique attributes need to be protected. Our Clean Green agriculture, our innovations in science and medicine are recognised as significant. We have always performed above our weight. It is about time we recognised this ourselves. Short term thinking is limiting our future prosperity. We do not want to become tenants in our own country.

Mr Ruehl’s final spectre of a back lash from our export markets is a fallacy. Our exports are largely traded on the world markets. We have the commodities others want, and the quality and it would hurt their bottom line to shut their doors to us.

AUSBUY is a not-for-profit organisation which represents only Australian owned companies which make and supply goods and services here and overseas. The AUSBUY Guide Version 26 is in stores nationally in August for all Australians to find out how to support our own.

To find our more about Australian owned visit

Thursday, August 6, 2009


No military guards on Australian military bases!

it sounds like a bloody cliche but here it is in all of its truth ...."The Australian Government will not take an Islamist Terrorist attack in Australia seriously until it actually happens and people are killed ". News story here.

All legal points of entry into this country - and as many are now aware, military establishments, - are currently being guarded by civilian security officers. These officers, who are only trained in the basics understanding of their legal obligations under the LEPRA act 2007, are NOT ARMED nor are they generally skilled in unarmed combat.

Just try to get into a European, American or British military based with nothing less than a medicare card or a drivers licence, backed up with some bullshit story about delivering a pizza and you will find yourself answering some very personal questions, physically searched and more than likely arrested as soon as the Military Police or Soldiers or Special Forces Police, armed with sub machine guns, realise that you may be a threat.

Do it here and you will probably get past without a single phone call being made and just a promise that you drop off a few slices of pizza for the security guard on the way out.

Rudd wants us to not panic and he will not raise the threat level above medium (does anyone really know what that means?) in order to keep the public calm. Sorry PM, but it is just more spin and rhetoric from you, and your team of con men, when you try to convince the Australian people that there is no real immediate danger to their lives from a terrorist attack even though ASIO and ASIS and the Federal and State Police have luckily foiled four (that I know of) genuine home land attacks since 11 September, 2001.

If you want Green Jobs(?) and a strong economy, then my suggestion to you, PM, is to give the people of Australia back their sense of security by removing private security from all government and critical infrastructure and replace them with the hardest and toughest and most heavily armed government officers and soldiers that we have.

The spooks are obviously doing a great job but they can and will miss the oddball who one day decides to walk into a domestic airport and start spraying bullets ............hmmmm, I guess not bullets were fired but that was no consolation to the man that was recently bashed to death in full public view at Sydney Airport. Imagine what a religious fanatic with a 7th century warped world view, with a bomb strapped to his body, would do. More food for thought.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Kyle Sandilands sacked from Australian Idol

Kyle Sandilands has been dumped as a judge on Australian Idol, while the future of his radio job remains uncertain after an on-air stunt went wrong.

Network Ten programming boss David Mott announced on Monday that the station had sacked Sandilands as a judge on the TV talent show, which he has been working on since 2005.

It follows outrage over Sandilands' 2Day FM breakfast program last week when a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector and asked on air about her sexual history.

She then revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

Mr Mott said the network made the decision in light of the radio incident.


Really, if you think about it and know anything about the cheap stunts that this show puts to air regularly for it's less than average audience, then it was just a matter of time before they really did let their self delusion get the better of them.

Not being a big FM guy myself I really haven't given much attention to the Kyle and Jackie O Show but I have heard enough about them and seen enough of KyleSandilands' smart arse work to know that there is zero personal appeal for me. Interestingly though the stunt didn't seem to publicly raise much concern with ACMA (the Australian Communications and Broadcasting Authority) although that is not to say that there hasn't been private communication with Austereo (the stations broadcast group)

Kyle and Jackie have demonstrated an enormous amount of bad judgement and taste for agreeing to put a 14 year old on a "Lie Detector" (at all let alone without at least seven seconds of broadcast delay) and being the public faces of the show, they have faced the greatest amount of public outrage but it should really be said that the show's producers are the real instigators of this shameful segment -- and the number one villain in this sordid affair was and will always be the (step) mother of the poor girl in question. I am sure the Pink concert will now not hold such a prized expectation as she so obviously thought they would but I bet London to a Brick that this child (the mother) will still go to it.

Sandilands has through his management stated that he was "not fit to broadcast at this time" (cowardly ? maybe) and the station has of course canned the show indefinitely along with the announcement today that Kyle's position as a co-host on Australian Idol is no longer his.....hmmmmmm !?!

Call me cynical , and most do, but I believe there could be a little Machiavellian play at hand here and that this sudden fall from grace could actually be a lot more about raising a sympathy vote, which I am sure that the show and its presenters already have from their strong audience of pre-teens and morons who still find the whole thing a bit of a joke.

There is also a deeper lesson that can be learnt with a simple look at history, say the fall of the decadent Roman and French empires, when societies moral compass spun so out of control that eventually a return to a more civil and -- yes I'll say it -- "conservative" set of values and mores would return to readjust the balance of things.

What I think we are witnessing is that very swing back of the standards pendulum to the right and thus a push away from the mental disorder that is unchecked liberalism. Still we do have a lot of mess to fix up since the sixties and the progressives will not give up with out a fight.


(Fred Nile is a prominent Christian critic of homosexual behaviour)

Maybe if you were siting in the audience of the Labor party conference, held last Friday, then you may have wanted to be spared the tedious back slapping and boring party speeches by actually stepping outside and becoming an audience to another ridiculous yet far more interesting show.

The Gay Marriage lobby ("gay marriage" is an oxymoron by the way as the true definition of the word "Marriage" means a union between man and woman) put on a large and very loud protest, calling on the Prime Minister to change laws to allow homosexual men and woman to be married and your Mum and Dad were.

Thankfully Rudd didn't believe the very questionable poll that claims that 60 percent of Australians support gay marriage (they must have taken the poll in Oxford Street, Sydney) and has for the first time in my understanding of the man and his politics actually supported the more truthful public belief that very few would support the watering down of the sanctity of marriage, regardless of one's religious convictions. Report of his stance here

In fact religion has very little to do with the whole issue. What is consistent though is that Rudd has once again disappointed a huge part of his traditional voter base by flatly refusing to adjust these age old laws. And although he is to the centre left of his political party, I believe that even the far left of the ALP would never commit to such a fundamental change in our societiy's basic foundation stones of civilisation.

I have now and never have had an issue with gay partnerships or unions being recognised in law and giving same sex couples all of the the same common law rights of ownership, etc that all married and de facto heterosexual couples experience today and to the PM's credit so does he.

My strong conservative compass will never change on this point and I doubt that any Australian political party member, with the exception of a few Greens, would ever cross the floor on this issue.