Thursday, September 13, 2018

The PC Sword IS MIGHTIER than the Pen !!!

This cartoon is in support of the brilliant Cartoonist, Mark Knight. Take a bow mate, it was a beautiful toon!

How many more of my colleges, be they of the left lean or Conservative or sitting somewhere in the safe centre, need to fall foul of the nonsensical outrage by the Marxist Political Correctness BEAST that the liberal mindset has taken on as their Sword against the rest of the sane World ?

The battle cry from the keyboard Justice Warriors is ,"TRIGGER TRIGGER, TRIGGER, let's pull the Trigger, regardless of the weight of our argument , lets fire and see what we hit!"

The Left are now blaming President Trump for the current HURRICANE disaster hitting the US East Coast as I type. Somehow this Magical President of the United States of America, has the POWER to conjure up the very winds to punish the States that didn't vote for him. I hate to think of what WRATH he has install for California and New York and Washington DC.

Glad these TRIGGER HAPPY LIBTARDS weren't in the Armed Forces during WW2, or we'd all be wearing Jackboots and saluting a GIANT EAGLE in the corner of the room of our Government assigned homes.

Brilliantly though, without firing a shot, the EVIL MADNESS has almost consumed the Western World via the silent infiltration of the Institutions that they once hated. As it is written it will be done, so I am not surprised.

See Mark Knight's toon here

Saturday, September 8, 2018

OUR THELMA AND ............

What the hell is she doing now?

Let's just throw in a little more public disapproval before the soon to be election. It's bad enough that Turnbull's offspring are agreeing with her and his Son is running in Wentworth for Labor in the upcoming by election!..... he couldn't wait until May the backstabber!!!

This must be a long game tactic of Julie Bishop's. She must think that the ALP has it sewn up and in a short time after the defeat, that Scott Morrison's loss (he's now the Party Scapegoat) to one of the country's most unpopular Labor Opposition Leaders since Latham, that she will be the seen by the fence sitters and the Left as he only way out of another Shorten Reign.

Take a bow Tony Abbott. Nice guys always come last and your loyalty has not only cost you your Prime Ministership but now the after a near full term of the Turnbull leftist lunacy, we have another Liberal Party that will make the RUDD/GILLARD/RUDD Dynasty look lie a stable alternative memory.

Friday, August 24, 2018

It's just another jump to the Left

That's it, game over! The Left has successfully infiltrated and is cemented now as the core base of the Federal Liberal Party.

the vote of 45 to 40 in favourite of the progressive Scott Morrison, is a clear enough indication now to Australia that the Party is ideologically split, therefore how can a left of centre Liberal Voter or even a hard right Voter, trust the Party?  They can not!

This is why we see the rise in the popularity of anti Marxist and anti PC Political Parties such as One Nation, Bob Katter and The Australian Conservatives. Senator Cory Bernardi saw this a mile off and was smart enough to get off the sinking ship and form a SAVING Political Party for the Conservative Australian to support.

Mission accomplished Karl Marx, you have killed Sir Robert Menzies vision from the grave.

Friday, August 17, 2018


I could not let this one go without a comment. There sure have been a few bridges falling this week.

FINALLY IT HAS HAPPENED, "THE DIE IS CAST" to quote Julius Caesar. Bob Katter will now be inundated with pleas from the Hard Left (not the Social "Lillypad" Left but the 'Old School" ALP Voters of (our grandparents generation) & Hard Right Conservatives, to not just run the Katter Party in the Senate but also in the House of Representatives, and himself as Leader for the seat of Prime Minister. Would you Vote for that?

Based on what he has said, Yes I would but we are still being manipulated by the Socialist/Marxist social engineers, who long ago formulated a strategy to infiltrate all established Western institutions, from the Government and Educational Institutions to all places in the Public and Private Sectors to the Churches, Mosques and Synagogues of Australia (in our case).

So what happens when Australia is attacked by an Alien ideology such as Islam? Attacking the fundamental Judeo-Christian established society of this Nation?

This is what happens. We are not united as one but a squabbling gaggle of children arguing over misquoted and out of context phrases as we tear each other apart whist the ENEMY slips in the back gate called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS !!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Truly this week sums up in just in 2 ways why the fall of our Australian Way of Life and the victory of the Marxist Social Engineers is all but complete.

When a brave Conservative Libertarian Woman such Lauren Southern comes to our country and is harassed physically and verbally by not only the Usual Suspects of the Great Unwashed and inner city Latte sipping naval gazers, but also by our totally Politically Correct indoctrinated, NSW Police Service (no longer a Force), more concerned with having to arrest rioting and violent criminals who would literally take this woman apart limb by limb, for daring to come to this country and voicing not FOISTING her views on the many enemies of the Western World, the you know that the good fight which must never cease is one of great difficulty .

When an Inspector of Police threatens to arrest and charge Lauren Southern for wanting to walk down a street in Lakemba  NSW, and ask questions of anyone who wants to talk with her (she's not forcing anyone to answer her questions), then a POLICE STATE WE NOW HAVE !!!

She broke no laws but the Marxist Godless Golden Rule, "Don't drift from the Politically Correct Script and always SUBMIT to the minorities."

Meanwhile over in "ever balanced" looney world of the Leftist Mainstream Media, Lauren Southerns human rights and unAustralian treatment is not being covered or discussed because, ............

The current Australian High Commissioner to the UK the Hon. Alexander Downer, was caught on video DOUBLE DIPPING his Spring Roll at a function gathering!!!....OMG !!!, what an OUTRAGE, yes let us all focus on that most horrible of unAustralian acts of a Conservative Australian Double Dipping at a Party, whilst completely distracting Australian from the very UnAustralian treatment of the now GAGGED Lauren Southern.

We treat Communists and Nazis with more freedom of movement, respect and right to speech than this woman, and they were 2 ideological movements responsible for the death of millions of people during and after World Wars and Conflicts, that we all sent our finest men and women to fight against and be killed. Can you imagine the screams from the graves of those Souls, for an explanation and for justice!

Stop the boat because I have to get off now and vomit. And won't I be hungry and cranky when I get back onboard !!!

Video of Downer misusing his spring roll here

Thursday, July 26, 2018


The Labor party is expected to lose seats at the by-election this weekend.  If that happens, Labor leader Shorten is expected to be replaced by Anthony Albanese



Tuesday, July 17, 2018



"The ACTU, Australia's largest collection of powerful unions representing workers, has brought in its own 'Lethal Weapon' in its fight for better pay and increased job security.  Danny Glover is the headline act for the ACTU Congress which is being held in Brisbane from tomorrow. The Hollywood actor and director flew in to Australia last week and has spent days meeting with union members. He even hit the by-election campaign trail in the Queensland seat of Longman, door-knocking with candidate Susan Lamb."

I guess when Chuck Norris runs out of money and his acting career is completely over, then he would jump at the chance to come on Downunder and do a Media Campaign for the Australian Business Council, for example.

The only difference is that no Union fees will pay for this Hollywood celebs holiday to Australia.

In the TV industry this is what is called "Jumping the Shark Tank", because just like that famous HAPPY DAYS scene when the writers of the show were bereft of anything new to save the dwindling show, they had The Fonz, jump a Shark Tank on his Motorcycle and yes he crashes and yes they dragged that recovery series out for a week before retiring the show for good.

Danny Glover is another similar transparent Media stunt to try to get the now more sensible workers in Australia switch off their brains and their memories and join the collective, before they hand over their hard earned to an organisational movement that is plagued with corruption and is very happy to use members funds for just such crazy unimaginative stunts like this.