Monday, August 31, 2015

The future success of OUR fight starts NOW!‏

This one speaks clearly enough to those who didn't swallow the red pill at birth.

Just for those who haven't been paying attention though. It is vital to recognise the enemies of our basic freedom and democracy -- and I am not talking about the obvious threats, rather the enemy within.

Whether the Left do this subconsciously because the decades of Marxist Social Engineering have been so successful, or because  they are just that stupid, they cannot see that the world, that they so blatantly promote as the ideal, is in fact being betrayed by their naive actions.

I say that the "Useful Idiots" and "Usual Suspects" of the current so called "Progressive generation", are now making it that much easier for ALL OF US to lose our hard earned Liberty/Democracy/Capitalism and to become slaves of both or either a Political and or Theological ideology.

These "New Age" and "Enlightened Progressive" members of Western Society, believe that they have all of the answers to problems of human violence both internationally and domestically.  They claim  that BOYS grow up to be future Dictators, Warmongers and even wife beaters because they were over exposed to such things as Tom & Jerry Cartoons, Power Rangers, Cowboy & Indians, Cops & Robbers and the worst juvenile crime of all,.... PLAYING SOLDIERS. In this commentators opinion they are .....JUST PLAIN WRONG AGAIN!

Child psychological studies world wide have proven that normal boys gravitate naturally to rough play and toy guns and to playing out conflict scenarios, to be the good guy who defeats the bad guy, whilst their sisters go about playing Tea Parties, Nurse and Mummy with their dolls and Barbie Fun Houses.

Still, the Leftist default argument put forward to debunk this science is the standard rebuttal of, "What about the existence of Tomboy girls and those boys that like to play jumprope?"  As if to provide evidence that no difference exist between the minds of a boy and a girl in the formative years.

Alas, in the Left's fairy floss, sugar coated candy apple, rainbow coloured world, boys and girls are the same, "THEY ARE EQUAL" but  in their usual nonsensical hypocrisy, the boys must play like  girls because girls are more mature, nurturing -- and somehow this will rub off on the adolescent Neanderthals in waiting!

To this point they are dangerously correct because it has also been shown in studies addressing this question, that it does rub off and boys who are not allowed to be boys are more likely to be either sexually disturbed as adults or just be more limp wristed members of the male collective, confused about their identity and who are never going to want to follow that natural male instinct to join any National Defence Force, in order to protect their "PERFECT WORLD".

Yet another example of the LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS in action,  as well as the slow but sure, SUICIDE OF THE WEST!

Thursday, August 20, 2015's your responsibility

I couldn't sleep tonight and this idea came to me out of the blue. Probably came to me due to the frustration that is not only building in my life but has come as a result of what I am listening to, watching and reading everyday.

I feel that our freedom is just like an ice block in the Sun and now matter how hard we try to keep it cool and protected from the heat, eventually this generation and the next will just never know how good that ice block was in our time, therefore not being  motivated to fight for something that they have never experienced.

From Union corruption to the ALP Political arm of these Trade Unions, doing all that they can to destroy freedom of speech and justice, to the maddening Greens and their Cultural Marxist dribble about Climate and Equality, when anyone who can read modern history knows that they have a generational mission to destroy the West from within:  Doing it all without a shot being fired. And while we turn our backs on the enemy within the gates,  there is a 9th Century Islamic Death Cult, globally positioned and determined to convert or butcher us all. the hell are we feeling today? Sorry to bring you down but reality will do that sometimes!  What it will also do is make us realise what is at stake  -- and hopefully that realisation should get us up off our lazy "she'll be right,mate" backsides and start to win the fight against the enemies within and without. I am sure that we are the last generation front line in this WAR!  But then again I look at my young adult children and can see that they will carry on the cause. I guess it's not all that bad, eh!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Conspiracy favours the desperate‏

Justice Heydon forced to pull out of Liberal fundraiser as ALP calls for TURC shutdown

Can't you just imagine the ALP caucus room midnight emergency meeting of the executive and what was said?

"We had him on the ropes, Comrades but he's managed to postpone thus dodge the Same Sex Marriage distraction plus we can't rely on Bronwyn anymore...."    (maybe we should've kept her there?, that one is biting us all in hip pocket now) ".... so guess what?, the focus will turn back to this bloody Trade Union Royal Commission and I think we all know what that means..... FOR ALL OF US!"

Then the phone rings.........

"You'll never guess who that was Comrades? but I reckon or troubles are over"    (Was it Malcolm?)

"Let's just say it was a very helpful INSIDER tip about just how we can bring the TURC and Abbott into disrepute"

"Get me the Editor-in Chief at Fairfax"  (Which Paper?)


Okay, you know the story after that. This amateur attempt to discredit a High Court Judge because they assume that he was going to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser, is a clear and obvious indication that the Bill Shorten and many of his mates are seriously in panic mode and it is distorting their judgement.

I will say this though, the boofhead in The Libs that even thought it was a good idea to send such an invite to a Government appointed, INDEPENDENT ROYAL COMMISSION Commissioner, also need to think about their career in the Public Service!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

And the March just keeps going on.

Homosexual "marriage":

Politically speaking  PM, Tony Abbott has been wedged in by this divisive tool of the Left and not so much by the "Useful Idiots", as by his Cabinet colleagues and Conservatives and Liberarians everywhere. He is now committed to making this nonsensical non-issue of SSM, an election issue, which is why I question his leadership sometimes!

If he had publicly stated, when this rubbish reared it's ugly head again, (I say again because Julia Gillard killed it off for her own political purposes just a few years earlier. Funny, no outrage from the Left then!) that this complaint by the Homosexual Lobby has nothing to do with religious convictions or social equality or even legality, but all about the Leftist agenda to divide us, then he could have turned the debate around by identifying this truth.

This sort of acknowledgement would then have assisted a lot of his supporters to find the courage to not take this Marxist bait by engaging in their hyperbole and false emotive claims. I cannot believe the number of my Conservative and Libertarian friends who are just now hearing about Gramsci's "The Long March Through the Institutions", let alone having no real concept that the true objective of Socialism is Communism.

That's actually what concerns me the most, WHY HAVE WE STOPPED FIGHTING THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY? The answer is pretty obvious to me now, WE HAVE SIMPLY BECOME LAZY AND COMPLACENT.

After previous generations did all the heavy lifting, fighting and making the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can have the way of life that we now just take for granted. The recently wounded Left are now using our freedom of speech to destroy freedom itself.

I know that you've heard it before but I must repeat "THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS VIGILANCE". We celebrated when the Soviet Union fell but we also stupidly kept partying on, lowered our guard and ignored the enemy within. Now this ever determined ideology is  forcing us to argue and divide, even within like minded ranks.

In their Long March to destroy the foundation stones of Western Society and actually forcing a Conservative and Catholic Prime Minister to consider the legitimacy of the latest excreta thrown into our dinner as something we should vote about?

Please my friends, stop engaging in the fight under their rules with them and each other and read a bit more about these Communists that you think have left the stage of humanity.

Also NEVER STOP underestimating our enemies' resolve to take generations to take over your freedom. The "Reds under the Bed" cliche has never been more a truth than today.

Our ignorance is no longer an excuse and we do not honour our grandparents and parents' struggle nor do we protect and ensure a free future of our children, by playing their game and/or doing nothing.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Suicide by Trump!..........or is it?‏

Obviously the high polling G.O.P Presidential Candidate hopeful, Donald Trump IS NOT FIT to be the President of the Untied States of America, in my humble opinion.

His outrageous conduct at the recent Republican Candidates Debate, hosted by FOX, along with his subsequent public statements regarding the fair misogynist questioning of FOX Host, Meagan Kelly at said debate, has made even the biggest haters of the Left, CRINGE.

To think that this narcissistic billionaire could actually have access to the "Nuclear Codes" is frightening to say the least. As destructive as Barack Obama's reign has been (whose legacy will be one that the world is still yet to regret, imho), at least he didn't allow his ego to wipe out another country via the Nukes.

Trump would do that if his feelings were hurt enough. Trump is popular due to his anti politician stance as he talks the talk about the destructiveness of Political Correctness etc, but he doesn't tell anyone how he will correct the wrongs of the Marxist Long March through the Institutions, nor is he capable of just being diplomatic when diplomacy is the only responsible course of action.

With saying all of that, I was thinking...."Why does the G.O.P allow this loose cannon to stand up and be counted amongst the Republican Conservative base?" I mean it doesn't make sense from a logical point of view but then I remembered the other Republican Candidate that also has the coin and any real chance of defeating Hillary Clinton (I can't think of anyone else in the Demoncrats that will bother to go up against her and expect to win) at next year's Presidential Election.

Jeb Bush, of course! I am sure that the vast majority of the G.O.P elite want another of the Bush dynasty to sit in the Oval Office again but they understand the legacy that his brother left is still fresh in the minds of the voters and that it would take a hell of a lot more than apologies in hindsight to get the middle of the road American voter to vote Republican.

Time to run an DECOY!

So my theory, Machiavellian as it may seem, is that Trump is deliberately being alowed to run as the Human Headline grabbing buffoon of the GOP, to actually draw attention away from the G W Bush era and assist in highlighting Jeb Bush's clean skin, middle of the road and more female & family loving nature.

Now, whether Trump is in on it or he is just a deluded instrument in this plan, who knows? but it will no doubt come out in years from now when someone, maybe even Trump, writes a book about it.

One thing is for sure, the worse Trump looks the better Bush looks and although there is some damage being done now to the Republican brand by allowing Trump to wear the Red Tie, I think that the moment Donald decides or is "advised" to drop out of the race, the media spotlight will turn back to Hillary and her many dark issues, Jeb will look quite fit for the job and the disgruntled Conservatives will let out a collective sigh of relief, return to the Grand Old Party and rally around the next President of the USA, ..... John Ellis "JEB" Bush!

It's all about THE TIMING!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rules are meant to be RORTED!‏

Bronwyn Bishop had many rivals in luxury travel expenses -- including Leftist Tony Burke

I can't let this hypocrisy from he who called foul and yet is just as guilty, go without a comment.

Finally an issue that the all the Parliamentarians can unite on! "Irony, thy name is Canberra."

As is expected from the "Usual Suspects" in the 4th Estate, SILENCE when it's not a Conservative caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Throw aware this so called rule book on "Parliamentary Entitlements" and lets just start again, written by an independent panel of fair dinkum taxpayers and regulated by Federal Law enforcement...and do it NOW!

 I agree that the "age of entitlement is over" and that the Australian addiction to anything for FREE must be knocked out of our national psyche before it grows and inflicts another generation, but by God our Political Leaders MUST LEAD BY EXAMPLE or this must needed change will never happen.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Intermission is over folks, please take your seats for the main act, part 2, ...WE HOPE?‏

Now that the great Bishop distraction is over! Could the mainstream media please get back to the really important business of investigation and reporting true Political machinations that effect this generation and the next? That is could we please return to the oh so brief focus on the fitness for office of he who would be King, Bill Shorten.

Whilst hypocrisy and stone throwing in glass houses has certainly run its course for the last 3 weeks on our Tellies, Radios and other news sources, Methinks it is time to drop the holiday pantomime show of Goodes boohooism, Gays v Straights in the "Equality for all game" and Renewable Energy Targets announcements that mean nothing,...

with a much needed return to the business of Governance and in particular, the Economy, the Governments attempts to reduce the The ALP/GREENS Debt, despite the ever blocking Senate, PLUS the educational revelations that the Trade Union Royal Commission is FINALLY bringing to light.

If these almost ignored issues are not as important to our "Fourth Estate" representatives as they rightfully are to the everyday punter in Garage Land, then it's time to drop the lame stream media altogether and just listen to the many prophets and sages of wisdom who are now logging the all over the world.

It has certainly become more and more obvious to me that the agenda of our future is set by the media and in particular the Leftist Media, and be it Private or Publicly funded, ..........I'M SICK OF IT!