Friday, July 13, 2018


News story:

CHANNEL 7 has responded to criticism of a story on African gangs in Victoria that caused outrage and was labelled “racist bulls**t”.

The story appeared on the network’s Sunday Night program last weekend, promising to shine a light on “African gangs running riot, terrorising, robbing, wreaking havoc”.

Community leaders from South Sudan were quick to claim their countrymen and women were being treated like “criminals”.

Melbourne-based lawyer Maker Mayek, who is originally from South Sudan, urged viewers to boycott the program rather than watch the “bogus story”. “Africans love this country as much as any other Australian and have no interest to harm others,” he wrote on Twitter.

In a statement to, a spokeswoman for Sunday Night doubled down and defended the story. “Sunday Night stands by every element of the report broadcast last week,” she said.

“It was a fair and factual report that gave context to an ongoing and important issue in Melbourne. “Sunday Night spent many months talking to and working with both the Victorian Police and members of the South Sudanese community in preparation of the report.”

It's hard to know where to start on a comment to this mentally disordered version of reality in Australia today.

My favourite quote of wisdom sums it all up perfectly: "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." -- Voltaire.

Actually, he said 'Certainement qui est en droit de vous rendre absurde est en droit de vous rendre injuste.', which is not quite the same thing, but the above version is the better known.

Political Correctness once again doing what it was designed to do, divide us all up into tribal & socioeconomic groups that are not permitted to truly unite under one Flag and One Goal, rather to spend the rest of our lives fighting with each other until an unstoppable BIG New World Police comes in & takes away all of our Sovereignty, Liberty and way of life ,in order to maintain civil society and the set Global Agenda of NWO Control.

My Anti-PC Badge of Bravery is awarded once again to Network Seven, for once again proving to be the only free to air TV Network with the courage to ignore the PC BEASTS lurking in the corners of our rooms, by exposing the true issues that underly our Nations internal Harmony & future prosperity. Now I need to find a Mainstream Media Network that will have the courage to publish my cartoons. Of course it is with the Grace of God that we all have The Quadrant Online and for that I am eternally grateful indeed.

I can see Bill Shorten and his Union mates down there chanting with the rest of the rabble with no clue.

I wonder if they & the other Marxist Scum such as the Greens, would still be so supportive if it was one of their daughters or grand daughters that was dragged off into the bushes and pack raped at the local park, for daring to walk by it!

May God help us all, because as sure as Hell, most of our "Political Leaders" aren't !!!

COMMENT from a Melbourne correspondent to JR:

There have been numerous car jackings, home invasions and savage attacks on pedestrians and public transport users by Melbourne's African gangs, and of course the Africans protest against the media reporting on their crimes.

But the media is mostly leftist and does tend to minimise African and other ethnic crime. So what do the African protesters want? I suspect a blanket ban on reporting of African crime would be their only satisfaction.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Well, 7 Billion Dollars for the latest Drones to patrol our vulnerable Coastlines. Good idea, but why didn't we get them 3 years ago for 3 Billion dollars when PM Abbott was all for them????

I do hope that they fly at least one of them inland from time to time, to oooooooh say around the Canberra region, as there is certainly a "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER" to our National Culture, Sovereignty and Prosperity, lurking around in that place.

Shame they haven't got weapons on them, like this one here, which will be able to take out a TAX Drunk Socialist and Marxist Leader or two, before they can move into THE LODGE.

An ALP/GREENS Government is likely to not only remove the the small to medium business tax breaks but will also take the Drones out of the sky, so as to pay for a more Frog Crossings and Family Planning Clinics etc etc

The Drones we be removed because they will seen as TOO Provocative to their Commie Comrades in the North... all in my humble opinion.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Will Australia's "Pravda" soon be toast? Will the ABC be hived off?

At the recent NSW Liberal Party Federal Council team forum, following a most energetic passionate speech by PM Malcolm Turnbull - "...that our values are based on freedom. Those values are timeless and more timely than ever"...

Well hear bloody hear PM, so let's remove these long run Marxist Taxpayer Funded Broadcasters and let us see if they can swim in the Ocean of Market Approval. If they are the High Ground Majority Opinion Leaders on every issue, as they would have us believe, then surely they should have zero problems with gathering up enough Commercial sponsorship money, to keep THEIR ABC and SBS afloat!

In my opinion they will find themselves in quite a spot of bother as they soon hit that Ocean of Reality and are praying for LAND before they go DOWN. Just as their Commercial Cousins at Fairfax and the Guardian are now doing..... God willing they sink like a rock and that will help to turn Australia around from this endless Leftist Spiral into Oblivion.


Liberal Party council votes to sell off the ABC and move Australian embassy to Jerusalem

The Liberal Party’s peak council voted overwhelmingly in favour of privatising the public broadcaster with backing of a conservative think-tank.


I am also very happy about the Vote to move the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem. It is the Capital of Israel therefore where our Embassy should be.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

If it doesn't bleed then it doesn't lead......... BUGGER!

Here's my take on this historical day of East meeting West, .....but do we really believe in this 21 Century call of "Peace in our time" nonsense?

Alas I don't and if the Mainstream Leftist Media could bring on WW3, then I am sure they would as they sell as much air time and copy with the usual Trump caricature wearing a Dunce Hat whilst trying to disarm a Nuke.

Well be that is may be or not, I am pretty sure that the I know who will not be happy until Trump is playing Tweet Wars again with The Rocket man.

Talk about being OFF SCRIPT for them both. I can see the "Usual Suspects" mouths hit the floor as they try to think of a way to spin this back into a media friendly conflict.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The GREEN OUTRAGE of a Reply to the question of do we STOP THIS MURDER in Syria

Australia backs airstrikes on Syria, but Greens oppose use of missiles

This work pretty much covers all of the main players involved in this Syrian Chemical Warfare response of the West.

I've added the Australian prospective of course , as the GREENS Leader flies across this tragedy in Damascus with his usual "SNOWFLAKE" approach the bigger problems that plague this Fallen World.

Once again this "Chook with no head on" is screaming down Trump and the UK and France direct involvement and the Australian Turnbull Govt. support, for this needed action imho, yet he and no one on the Left, has ever has and likely never will be able to offer any type of best tactical solution that will rein in this Asaad MADMAN DICTATOR and his backers in Russia and Iran.

Surely, this "ARAB SPRING" experiment is now reaping the harvest that it was designed to create, a start to a Nuclear and perhaps Global exchange of ICBM's.

It was only a matter time,  be it President Trump or any other POTUS who had to say enough is enough. We do remember Obama and his "Thin Red Line" Policy of cowardice and look at what that gave us... THIS!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I know that the usual crowd of bed wetters will be all over this cartoon and the headline, as a xenophobic reaction to this outbreak of Buruli ulcer in Victoria.  I quote:

"Flesh-eating ulcer spreading rapidly in Australia.  Buruli ulcer cases surging and now at epidemic proportions in parts of Victoria, researchers say"


Clearly there has been an edit of this by their PC Police, and an admission at the bottom of the piece, that the Headline has been amended today. I am amazed that it was even published, because I would have thought that any one working at the Guardian would instinctively not thought to have even mentioned the word AFRICA, in the first place. I fail to see also the name of the Journalist or any source. Maybe that's the story here.

I now imagine that the writer responsible, if it was written by a Guardian reporter, is either now looking for another job or is going through an intense re education program.

 Of course I don't care if they do or don't call me a bigot as all I am concerned with is exposing not only the dangers involved to the public at large by exposing us all to these foreign viruses but also the Policies and the Players responsible and the true agenda the madness.

We all know is that it is spread by Mosquitoes, that is a fact even though there is this question mark in the WHO literature that they don't know how it is spread. I find that incredible hard to swallow as I do the WHO in general, due to its connection with the UN and thus its involvement in the NWO Agenda. Pandemic attacks and fear-mongering by the W.H.O is a very effective way to redistribute people and resources on the Global Chess Board. Mosquitoes transfer infected blood from people to people and animals to animals, that is a fact.

It is anecdotal to say but the influx of the African refugees in the colder climatic regions of Australia , such as is Victoria ....

(Buruli ulcers occur most commonly in rural sub-Saharan Africa especially Cote d'Ivoire, but can also occur in Asia, the Western Pacific and the Americas countries. The disease also occurs in a number of animals other than humans - WIKI)

If it isn't a blood spread bacterial infection, then we'd all better start boiling our drinking water as well as covering ourselves and our loved ones in Aeroguard . By the way, where is the Our Public Health Announcements to do so or to at least be aware? Could this all be another beat up by the MARXIST THINK TANK being run out of the Guardian Rag?

I'll tell you where and why I think that they are being Mum on this. They are "Too concerned" to upset any non whites in this country as they will feel "TARGETED AGAIN" because this will all be worked up into another "Hanson/Bernardi" BRING BACK THE WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY hidden agenda by the Leftist MSM.

Actually that is probably why it hasn't been widely know to the broader public yet, because not enough people have been infected for the "Divide and Conquer" Strategy to be effective enough. We should be watching this space closely.

What do you think, is there a connection, or am I out on  floating door on this one, just way too many questions hanging over what should be a simple case of make aware and take precautions, to what is obviously a very serious epidemic arising in Australia?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Left Lunatic of the Week: Spicy Tracey

Tracey Spicer to bring sexual predators to justice

Spicer is doing a "Jumping the Shark" stunt of hunting down all the terrible blokes in Australia that MIGHT have upset a few girls in the industry or maybe they slept with them? Who knows it's mostly hearsay, but apparently Tracey has been compiling some Black list for some time, waiting for the right moment in her dwindling career, to let rip!

Of course if these men are proven to be innocent, then they will of course just return back to their daily family lives and no one will ever look at them differently or whisper behind the back of their wives "that poor woman", nor will their children suffer in anyway from the Trial by Media and the Frenzy of DOOOOOGOODERS that just want to be "there for them, because Daddy is a SICKO, now!".

If just one of these blokes turns out to have done harm to a woman under his employ, then throw the book at him and to hell with the fact that his and his families lives will never be the same BUT what of those who the MUD of accusations and innuendo does not stick to Tracey.

I guess it won't matter in the end because as long as you get that Golden Walkley Award and an extension on your contract, I mean you have to be 50 now, so that means the end of the Anchor jobs and close ups, then all was worth it!

Whatever you have Tracey, I hope that you have enough to convict without a doubt, otherwise you are about to destroy families and generations of people.