Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In Harmony They Fall

Prime Minister Turnbull commits to 18C race-hate law reform

I started this toon just before the LNP announcement on 18C/D. Seems not much will change anyway, Wouldn't Bill be shaking his head now.The Senate is still as hostile to this much needed amendment, Xeno, Greens and ALP will block it.

It took the PREMATURE DEATH of our dearest friend Bill, to create enough Political Tension with the Coalition ranks to actually act, which speaks volumes of their House of Representation.

A POX ON THEM BOTH, and although PM Turnbull is now talking the talk, he is clearly only talking, in my opinion.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Vale Bill Leak

I'm in Qld at present, it's 5:30 am here. I drove up alone last Friday and it was as I was approaching Harrington, that an old friend and fellow brother in ink called me to tell me that Bill had passed.

Here I was all full of joy and bounce, excited about attending the Marriage of one of my two younger brothers (I never thought that I would see this day ) and then that tragic news.

Bill Leak and I have been friends for over 25 years. He was one of the first professionals in this game that I had ever met and his encouragement and inspiration back then and everyday since, has truly helped to mould me as an editorial artist.

He wasn't sick nor did I know of any heart condition, he led quite a health lifestyle. He had just launched his new book last week and just last year had Married his long time partner Goong. He is a father of two, Johannes and Jasper.

The Australian cartooning profession has lost an immense treasure and one of it's more illustrious sons in Bill Leak.

As most of us know in recent years, Bill's cartoons attracted much controversy and polarized public opinion, but he proved to be resolute and fearless in the application of his craft. A true warrior for Free Speech and against Political Correctness and the Evil that currently permeates and pollutes this World, in the form of Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Between 1987 and 1998, Bill amassed 20 Stanley Awards to his credit, eight of those for Cartoonist of the Year and they remain the benchmark for those who follow in his wake.

So my brother married yesterday and is now on his honeymoon and  I have remained awake and working all night to complete this honourable piece for an already much missed mate, a Brother in INK!

God must have given me a tip, because I had no plan on taking any of my drawing equipment with me, not even a laptop BUT as I was just about to leave home, I had an irresistible urge to gather all of my studio needs, just in case an important news event occurred and I need to get a piece done!

Gotta trust that gut feeling, always!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Male and female figures in traffic lights being trialled in Victoria

Sometimes we New South Welsh Men do take our reasonable State Politics for granted. I say this because as we blissfully go about our lives here on the east coast of God's Green Garden that we call Australia, MORE INSANITY keeps on rolling on in poor old Victoria.

This new attack on our Nations' intelligence and eventually its Liberty, via that old weapon of disgust and madness, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, is not even laughable anymore, because it is actually going into its first week of trials. Aaaaaaaand as usual, The Australian Labor and Greens (THE LEFT) are holding it's reigns!

Next there will be a lobby from the "People Front for the Colour Purple", who are "equally" concerned by the lack of the use of their colour preference on city streets.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Clearly The LNP's "House of Cards" is falling and it is certainly happening as a result of the irresponsible left leaning, soft and dithering Leadership style of Malcolm Turnbull, in my humble opinion.

Clearly I am not alone in this view, as is evident in the recent rise of the Hard Right Conservative Movement that has lost faith is the Conservatism that the LNP has traditionally held as it's Party ideology that has maintained a loyal Support Base for generations.

The silent majority is moving to the likes of PHON and very soon the new Leader of the Australian Conservative Party, Cory Bernardi, will be praised for his courageous stance and hopefully his wise Leadership, a Leadership that the Liberals are no longer offering to the that base.

It is my strong held opinion that National MP's will soon defect to the ACP and other Liberal MP's also, who are not hiding behind a damaged brand that the LNP/Nats represent currently to their Constituencies.

Of course as far as the Leftist Mainstream Media are concerned, this is the MAIN STORY, as they continue to ignore the hypocrisy and low rent standard of the man who would be King, Bill Shorten MP, and who probably will be PM if the peoples first choice, Tony Abbott MP, cannot regain control of this drifting vessel called the LNP, very very soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Violence against women is Islamic

I couldn't put my pens away when I heard about this one today.

The cartoon is not as much a shot at this so called "Religion of Peace" -- as most switched on observers of the World already know enough about the Doctrine of the Quran to understand the sura being referred to -- but rather it is a direct critique of the supporters of it, our enemy within the gates, our Mainstream Leftist Media and the "Anti-Islamophobia" Crowd. The Usual Suspects, The Rabble without a Clue.

Did you know that Islam is the only religion that has its own phobia?

Let's wait to hear to deafening silence of the Left and in particular, THE SISTERHOOD , as they let this one pass.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


 My support for the Australian Conservative Party will be more than just as a member. THE LNP can thank themselves for losing this Christian Conservative long time voter. Malcolm Turnbull was the straw that broke this camels back.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I was drowning in the usual mainstream media mediocracy again today and then President Trump came to my rescue.

Finally a World Leader who will not sell the American Economy and the Peoples' Prosperity out to appear popular and all for this ideological Ponzi Scheme called "Anthropological Climate Change."

The cartoon speaks for itself, I think.

In hindsight I should have had a shot about our Governments for not adopting Trumps' bravery and common sense on this annoying bit of Social Engineering. Ahhh, there will always be more time for that, as the HMAS STUPID keeps sailing on!