Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Time, Gough.

The Left (and even some on the Right) are crying and mourning the loss of this Great Australian Icon, and applauding his great contribution to the political landscape and the very fabric of Australian society. Indeed Edward Gough Whitlam AC, QC, did make massive changes to the Australian psyche, of this there is no doubt, BUT was it all to the benefit of us all? 

I don't mince words, there is little doubt in my opinion that Gough was a Communist. He had obviously studied the Red Bible and in particular the bit in the Communist Manifesto that talks about the needed Long March through the Institutions and how the minds of the young must be captured and manipulated via the Educational Institutions. 

The problem was of course, "how to get the kids of lower socio-economic means (traditional Labor voters) into these institutions for this social engineering to take place?" MAKE UNIVERSITY FREE!

Of course it is not free as it is the taxpayer who fronts up with the initial contribution and then of course the student must pay it back when he or she is a high flying graduate. After 4-6 years of leftwing propaganda, is it any wonder that the media and the courts are full of little Marxist bastards!

It is needless to say that universal healthcare does appear to be a sign of a society that "cares" for its population. I would be the first to agree that if you cannot afford health care then the state to which you are contributing taxes to should make it affordable for you or your loved ones to stay alive, that's civil,.... 

BUT what about those that can afford health cover and those who have never contributed taxes? These are the ones that must be made to be dependent on the State and thus when the next election comes around, who will they remember as being the benevolent provider of "FREE HEATHCARE"? THE ALP, that's who! Why to this day has no "Conservative" Prime Minister has ever had the GUTS to means test Medicare is beyond me?

The School Cadet Corps was and still is a much needed part of the development of our youth. The skills gained via discipline and individual achievement along with a sense of national pride are something that cannot be exclusively offered in the classroom. This fact is something well known to those in the Private Education Sector, who continue the practice.

ALAS generations have missed out on this valuable learning and growth tool, as it was E G Whitlam that disbanded the Cadet Corps in the Public School System. I guess the logic for doing so would again take us back to the passages in the Communist Manifesto that tells us that "self pride, individualism and the skills needed to possibly form a successful militia are never to be encouraged".

I don't want to bash a dead man, it's not my style and I have written and drawn about just what I think are the Politics and influence of the Whitlam era several times before. I will not be a hypocrite now just because the man has passed away. I did not know him personally and I doubt that I would have liked him anyway with the knowledge of the destructive path that his reforms have taken this country down. Generational destruction that will take generations to repair, Yet I will say, Rest in peace Gough Whitlam and my sincere condolences to his family and loved ones on their loss today. You had a good long life and will never be forgotten and in a way isn't that what we all want? Well, I do but only if I am remembered for doing good!


I had forgotten that Gough withdrew support for the cadets but Zeg has a military background more recent than mine so he obviously felt it.  The Fraser government promptly re-formed the cadets when Whitlam was booted out.  They now have full army support and are even given army camo to wear.
 -- JR

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Girl Talk‏

What ever did happen to the Australian sense of humour?

Liberal Senator and Federal Minister for Finance, Mathias Cormann is quite willing to take the piss out of himself by quoting a famous Californian Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger line that he used when attacking his opposite number on their fiscal credibility, knowing that cartoonists and comedians and media  commentators everywhere in Australia are constantly comparing him with the Austrian actor come Politician because of the similarities in their strong accents.

I have never heard or read that Cormann felt in anyway racially vilified for it and that's because he's more Australian than his Australian born knockers who have forgotten that being Australian is to have a robust (that word again) sense of humour and always being able to laugh at yourself.

Well let's see if Federal ALP Leader Bill Shorten has such a sense of humour also, how Australian is he, hmmmm?


Sunday, October 12, 2014

The true viral threat....for some!‏

Not much needed to be said about this one. As usual the push for democracy against the Communist totalitarian government of China gets pushed back in the news feeds and hardly mentioned at all. Seems that there are more pressing threats facing the West.... really!?!

Anyway, it's but another cartoon that you won't see on their ABC's, The Insiders!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mixed bag of priorities this week!

Quite a mixed bag of priorities and issues, as I have seen them,  this week. Of course it is Mental Health Awareness Week once again and as with very year there is a lot of important and much needed discussion and debate about this growing national epidemic.

Pollies make more promises to do more etc etc and then the week is over and it's time to move on to whatever the next awareness week is. Really quite an insult to this very serious social problem and it is something that should be discussed and dealt with on a daily basis until the situation is under control, in my opinion.

 Those Islamist maddies continuing to dominate our media and the minds of our leaders, and I can't really blame anyone for that other than this death cult. I guess I am suffering from a bit of burn out but hey, I'm lucky, I still have my head so I shouldn't complain.

Of course the issue is totally off the radar for the gangrenous Greens who's continued contribution is to childishly mock the Prime Minister for being a solid and decent citizen.

ALP has nothing to do but look sombre and supportive because even a socialist comrade like Shorten knows and understands evil when he sees it.

Then there's our old mate Clive Palmer who has finally shown all of his cards, only to reveal that his entire reason for wanting to be a MP was to get revenge on Campbell Newman and the QLD LNP for not helping him out with some mining issues a few years ago. I know one thing about Clive, he may have friends but they are all new ones, the man has no old friends!

So why the fighting kangaroos symbolism? Well. just a few day ago a bloke just a few streets from where I live, caught this on video and now it's all over the country and the world. It is a quintessential Aussie moment, that I wanted to mark.  See here

Friday, October 3, 2014

Nothing new!

Just a little comment on all of the madness circling us at the moment. I find it all a bit cliche to be drawing terrorist's and burqua's etc.  After all, just about every other cartoonist in the country is doing that daily. I wanted to focus on the very loud enemy within, the home-grown threat that has been ripping and distorting and terrorising our way of life long before the mad Islamists ever came to our attention. So get in line ISIL, ISIS or IS or whatever we are to call you, because the experts at destroying the West are definitely ahead of your game, the experts...THE LEFT!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Ray Martin's softball interview with La Gillard

Wasn't that just a waste of time. I should have known better that the hype would never have match the actual content. Was there anything that we didn't already know that was said? I guess you can't blame Gillard for being guarded but I can certainly blame Martin for not asking the hard questions, what a soft touch he is. I thought it was an ABC interview for while there.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Thank You Jimmy.‏

Not sure how you felt about the Scottish Independence Referendum result but I was pleased the the UK will remain united with Scotland and that the relative economic stability of both England and Scotland will hold stronger due to the unity.

I think that the Scottish people were facing some serious economic and social issues ( far worse than any present ) just to be trendy and fashionable.

I'm a Monarchist: I don't want to see the UK broken up and I certainly don't want Australia's strong Constitution mucked up either in the name of "Nationalism".

I am at this time a strong believer that a Republican Movement is not thinking about the best interests of Australia and that what we have now works well.

You couldn't find a more patriotic Australian than me, so the argument from the other side that I am not being "progressive" and "proud" is a matter of fact but it's the use of their meaning of the words that I challenge.

Of course I'm proud to be Australian, I know my identity and my history well. Of course I will embrace progress but only when such change is necessary and not change for change's sake.