Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dubious defence expenditure

And the cartoon of the week goes to the Minister Marise Payne, in charge of the Australian Department of Defence -- for awarding $1,052,330, to the 17 "blokes" that want to be woman, and have breast enhancement surgery and go the full chop

These are "Soldiers" that currently serve in our ADF. Geez that will really help the esprit-de-corps of the fighting men, as they look over at their mate who is now a sheila, as the bullets go flying by their heads, and as the enemy realise that they have nothing to really fear because they are fighting a bunch of transexuals and not men.

NO,  at this time of pending War in our region and during our Budget and Energy Crisis, we need to be wasting taxpayer money on making some sick people feel better about their bodies , as much as we need a Nuclear War!

As this trend continues, you'll have those that want to be gender reassigned, signing up for the free operation and treatment, then use that as a reason to get out before their indenture period is over.

What the hell is going on with country? Don't answer , I know, Cultural Marxism and Satan laughing his ass off.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The climate scam

I have never been and certainly will never be a "Convert" to the Anthropological Climate Change/Global Warming Scam, nor do I believe that Mankind could do a damn thing to change the NATURAL & The COSMIC causes of Global cyclical temps, even if we wanted to.

The whole thing is a SCAM, a PHONZI SCHEME, cooked up by Marxist many years ago to redistribute Western Wealth.

Now its a massive Political Football and a NEW RELIGION and Huge Business for the unscrupulous Global Elites, that claim to justify their cash grab by claiming to be "Saving the Planet"..... GREEN LIARS!!!

And of course our current batch of Political Leaders have all gone along for the ride and to date, with the exception of the Heretical Former PM Hon.Tony Abbott and SA Sen Cory Bernardi and some others who prefer to cowardly remain quiet on the issue, we have this rush to destroy the source of Australian prosperity, clean and efficient, abundant and CHEAP fossil fuels like Coal and Gas.

With billions of tonnes of Uranium in the ground, the ever more efficient and less polluting way to power the Nation is Nuclear Power but we dare not speak its name because we will certainly all die in some massive Nuclear Power Plant accident. Where do I start on the statistics of that redudant argument?

So here's PM Chairman Mal (The member for Goldman Sachs and the most Leftist Constituency in the NSW) and he who everyday looks like being the PM in waiting, The ALP's Bill Shorton Integrity, both aware that populist political strategy is all they have and need in a country that is stacked with enough stupid and brain drained morons, that they will continue to play each other off in the Carbon Dioxide Reduction race to the bottom, and get away with it. May they dig their Political Graves straight through to China, and let them be Beijing's problem.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Las Vegas shootings

I have drawn a poignant reminder of what I believe is the root of all evil when it is borne by these terrible mass shooting events, in the USA or anywhere.

I don't think that legal gun ownership is the problem, not the American Constitutional right to bear arms. I think we should have that right also. The cartoon says it all for me.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shorten puffing himself up

Shorten's trip to Korea

Here is Bill Shorten on his JUNKET to Korea and other parts, as he poses as the Australian Prime Minister in waiting. Mind you, looking at 20 bad Polls in a row for Turnbull, this clown could actually fall over the line. I just don't understand Australian Voters anymore. Turnbull is bad but Shorten is clearly worse.This is the bloke that said that he will ignore THE WILL of the majority of peoples wishes, if the SSM vote returns as a NO ....... and yet he is still preferred as PM.

Friday, September 22, 2017

A violently intolerant seeker after tolerance

Tony Abbott was assaulted in Tasmania yesterday by an individual with strawberry-coloured hair and facial piercings -- as his way of promoting homosexual marriage, apparently

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Gender fluidity"

Mental illness goes mainstream

On this BIG TICKET issue that was at first a storm in a Tea Cup for a minority section of society, but has now become a major Political issue, as the Leftist MSM salivate at the prospect of the egg that will soon be on The PM's face YES or NO ,as they continue to build the momentum and try to sway support for the Yes CAMP (pun not intended) riding this wave of confusion and insanity.

That is why I have been inspired to have a more general look at the whole thing via the gender fluidity chart that I stumbled across recently. I'm sure that if an alien race did discover an empty planet in the future , then this chart will be their "Rosetta Stone" when trying to work out where everyone went.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee

It is my opinion that ideological space between PM Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, is as wide as a TALLY-HO cigarette paper. This will no doubt be of great comfort to our Independent and Minor Parties, who will no doubt pick up the the dismayed and disgusted votes that were held by the 2 majors.

As always the popularity contest rages on and the fodder for the ethically and intellectually bereft MSM, keeps on following, as the POLLs just continue to feed Preference in the disengaged dumbed down minds of the mob.

Then we have the 2 sides of the same coin, pretending to look different over Energy Security & Supply.

The aptly named "Black-Out Bill", happy to side with the Marxist Greens for that inner city chardonnay sipping  Socialist nod of approval, whilst Chairman Mal, pretends to be inspired and is reinventing the Great Snowy Mountain Power Scheme, as he flies over it in his now trade mark leather jacket (isn't so hip and cool folks), only to land on the corporate helipad of the AGL bosses to do deals and poor honey into their ears, the same Fat Cats who are selling out their customers for a new core business in the renewable energy fantasy.

Now PM Turncoat can be the Socialist that he wants to be, by bailing out an ageing Coal Fired Plant, to look like the guy who kept the lights on, whilst Black-Out Bill Shorten puts up the out of business sign on the economy and standard of living for another generation ?????