Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, Carbon Sunday

PM Gillard announces the details of her proposed "carbon" tax

Well that's it, it's happened, Julia and Co. have finally done it..... they have made me speechless. My jaw is still on the ground and I am virtually in a state of shock. To think that this once great country and democracy of ours has elected a government that is quite willing to destroy its own industries, including mining, and lower the standards of living for its people for generations to come, all based on a scientifically unproven theory! Well it has simply sucked the air out of this room and left me speechless. As I watched and listened to the PM along with the gaggle the sycophantic followers in the media and those traitorous "Independents", I thought to myself "This must have been what it was like when Stalin or Hitler made their speeches to the masses!"

Sure, the ALP and the Greens will be removed at the next election and if Abbott is true to his word, then maybe he will be able to unscramble this poisonous egg and put it in the rubbish bin of history, where it belongs..... assuming he has the numbers of course. Until then we will all have to take a big bite of this bullsh*t sandwich called a carbon tax and put up with these strutting pious peacocks of the left.

The real warning here is that the ALP and the Greens, for different reasons, are playing the long game. They know that this will cause their defeat at the next Federal Poll but as long as the mining industry (the major financial supporter of the Coalition Party) is decimated and that they all get their United Nations kudos, then I guess that the damage to our way of life and the economy is to them just collateral damage.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Here we go again, more proof that this country is slipping into a Big Government, high taxing, big spending socialist nightmare. The Carbon tax is coming and it is probably the most unpopular policy any Australian Government has ever forced on it's people. Not even Whitlam was as bad as this mob and this PM, now that is saying something.

As dangerous as this Government is to the economy there is one aligned organisation that wishes it had that much power. Yes, the Karl Marx wannabes over at GET UP are threatening hundreds of major employers around Australia with a business destroying boycott of their goods and services by their half a million faithful activist members, if these companies support or join an anti carbon tax campaign!

Well golly gosh, I am shaking in my boots and I am sure that the CEO's and Managers of these great Aussie employers are just falling about in fear!

Seriously, who is GETUP anyway. A fringe group of Socialists and Marxists and tree huggers that get far too much media exposure and are really known only for their support of everything anti WEST, along with their usual media stunts, like this one.

Put it this way. to become a member of GETUP all you need to do is go to their website and fill in the member form and that's it.

Wow, such dedication does a member need to join this great freedom group of the people. No fees, no qualifications, no endorsements , nothing just an email address and a name (any name!) and you are a member of the activist army. ............

Well not quite. I signed up just to get what I wanted and that was a stream of rubbish emails and propaganda but occasionally the good info would stream through and this information has helped me with my work. You see folks, to beat your enemy, you must know them well. I will tell you this about GETUP, they are a bunch of toothless tigers who believe in free speech ONLY for those who agree with their leftist ideology and worldview.

Great, I am glad such group exists because that means that our democracy and liberty is working and that these extremists do not need to resort to terrorism just to make a point.......

What a shame they don't feel the same way because clearly Mafia style tactics and blackmail is what they use to try and get their agenda sorted. To want to destroy a business because it doesn't want a government policy imposed upon it that will force it out of business, competition and or sack employees, speaks clearly as to just what GETUP means and it means ANTI AUSTRALIA!!!