Friday, June 24, 2011

Worrying about the wrong anniversary‏

What is all the hoo-haa about? Julia Gillard would consider the day she took over leadership of the country and by default became Australia's first female PM as a GOOD DAY to remember. The MSM is getting just a little bit too excited about this date.

The date that should be the one that Julia Gillard truly regrets is the day that she lost her leadership, that day was the 21st of August, 2010, the Federal Election. True it took a bit more time to get to the final numbers but it was certainly the day that she made a deal with the devil and sold her soul and her leadership to the Greens Party and a handful of self deluded Independents.

Gillard, is in my opinion, reflecting in the Polls just what she actually projects and that is simply "DEPRESSION". The woman is in an arranged marriage and this loveless union has born no fruit that is worth eating. The bitter taste in Julia's mouth everyday is that she has to go back on a primary election promise to satisfy those that gave her preferences thus enabling her and her party to take power. A huge cost and in the end very little power at all.

Whether or not you favour the usual ideology of the Australian Labor Party (Socialism) is beside the point. All previous ALP PMs had agendas and followed their own reforms and ideology to make their mark in Australian political history. This poor woman cannot do that because she is being forced to follow the ideologies of the far left Greens and the pampering of some former conservative Independents. When you think of her as a woman who struggled through the "glass ceiling" and did her time in the back rooms to finally obtain the top prize in Australian politics, only to be told that you do not really own your own title and we will blackmail you out of favour with the punters if you do not do as we say, then you can actually feel very sad for her ................ well you can if you want!