Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Mad Monk is now our Saviour!‏

To say that the Australian political scene has been one of great interest within the last 72 hours would be as much an understatement as saying that the Emissions Trading Scheme will do nothing less than destroy our nation and the Australian way of life.

I must admit that I was quite down on Liberal "REBEL WITH A CAUSE" Tony Abbot, aka "THE MAD MONK", a very unfair label, I have always thought, following his earlier claim that although he thought that the ETS was bad for the country that he would still toe the party line. I would imagine that following his appearance, with that statement, on Jason Morrison's afternoon show on Sydney's number one talk radio station, 2GB, that he would have been bombarded with emails and calls from the conservative side of the party and its core base voters to tell him that he had just sold the country out for his own political gain.

Whatever it was that motivated Tony Abbott to stand up to his leftist leader, Malcolm Turnbull, he has certainly risen in the ranks of this writer's opinion and along with the other four MPs who resigned their positions in solidarity with Tony and his stance and to save the country and rescue the Liberal party from the evil left. Finally it can be said that people power has risen from its sleep and that this will be remembered as the greatest attempt by so few, urged by so many to save this country from a fate worse than death.

There is no shortage of links to local news coverage about this and I would always recommend all News Limited coverage and in particular the writings of journalists, Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtsen and Piers Akerman. What I have linked to above is a take on this issue from the famed London Telegraph and its notable writer, James Delingpole. They too are starting to wake up to the truth behind the greatest con in human history and this greatest attempt by conjoined socialists to rule the world.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The day of the LONG KNIVES‏

If you are a red card carrying ALP voter then you DO NOT have my sympathy, you called down the thunder and now you will reap the whirlwind.

If, and it's now likely, this E.T.S actually becomes a reality in Australia, then it will probably be the unionists who will be the first to call for a revolution of a different type, not before seen in this country. No work, no members, NO UNION! What part of that maths do they not get!?!

Seems that the Socialist apologists amongst us just enjoying having their heads kicked in by their elected leaders BUT how about the rest of you? The Conservative voters of Australia. For you I have nothing but sympathy, empathy and I share your rage and shock at the TREACHERY performed by your political party as the resulting damage that will occur to your nation and your children's nation for generations to come.

This Liberal Party's support of Rudd's E.T.S legislation and the failed and weak attempt by those in the party who realised all too late that they will lose their seats because of this, will be marked in our political and social history as the darkest day of betrayal in our countries short free and democratic life.

This Rudd/Turnbull ego driven TAX will result in massive unemployment and hardship for all of us and the resulting social unrest and lawlessness will be used as an excuse to introduce a Police State. Throughout modern times, every National Socialist Party in has initially engineered and promoted a sense of anarchy and destabilisation of a society's working structure so that it can become the only options to restore law and order. Yes. the ONE WORLD ORDER, in this case. "The price of liberty is constant vigilance"and if this E.T.S is eventually passed then all those that have died to secure our democracy, freedom and way of life will have be in vain and the Communists will have won the war.

I do not make that point lightly and I will say it loud and clear now because I can see in the near future a time when I would be arrested for saying anything like that... in fact most of us independent voices are probably already on a clean up list now. That all sounds like a bit of a movie fantasy, another "CONSPIRACY"? sure.... then tell that to the people who survived Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong (mentally) Il !!! and please remember that isn't all of them and that they all existed within living memory.

If this was not the time for the National Party of Australia to break away from the sellout Liberals, re name themselves and start putting up candidates all over the country, with immediate removal of the E.T.S as their main policy platform, then there never will be. That third Party option, is in my opinion, the only way that Australia will be saved.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Andrew Bolt said last week: "How bizarre to see so many experienced journalists confront Kevin Rudd’s lies - and yet fail to call them by their name. From yesterday’s Insiders, here’s the panel agreeing that Kevin Rudd is, um, well, just wrong to claim he did not offer a special deal to the Tamils on the Oceanic Viking."

And of course Andrew's point is accurate as usual. Clearly the words LIE and SPIN are now defined as having the EXACT same meaning, thanks to this recent exposure of the Rudd government and in particular the PM's complete lack of diplomacy in the face of adversity. Yes Kevin 07, the Oceanic Viking Disaster is your Tampa! The difference is, that the ALP lapdogs in the mainstream media did not salivate for months over this debacle nor did they point out that although no children were thrown over board, they didn't bother to mention just how Rudd lied to the country by claiming that a deal had been done with the Indonesian government, which they of course denied!

How did he ever hold a job as a diplomat in the first place is beyond me but then again he became Prime Minister of this country so I guess anything really is possible in this great land of opportunity. Now of course a land marked as just that by every people smuggler on the planet.

To say that we have a credible "opposition" party is also a load of spin. Considering Malcolm Turnbull's close alliance with the Rudd government on the Cap and Trade scheme that they both so want Australia to sign up for in Copenhagen, is it any wonder that we could very well be living in a third world country with such standards of living that anywhere in the third world will closely resemble life in Australia, along with levels of foreign debt that would take more than several generations to pay off.

Our very way of living is in its greatest peril and yet the one bastion of balance in our Westminster system of government, is the fact that there is an alternative government to keep in check the despot wannabes, and the one worlders/communists, in order. Well, there was until Malcolm Turnbull came along. Our only hope is that men such as Liberal leader of the Senator, Nick Minchin, and Cory Bernardi along with Liberal Minister Tony Abbot and National Senator Barnaby Joyce will be able to overturn the madness that is planned and this will take nothing less than a change of coalition leadership at the Federal level of the Australian Liberal Party.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Senator Cory Bernardi - A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!‏

Well, to say that South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, is a diamond in the rough, would be as much an understatement as saying that Al Gore isn't evil, he's just wrong. Here we have a man who is going against a party-line, backed by his leader, that supports Rudd's push to join the socialist one worlders in Copenhagen in a few weeks. I would recommend, that any who hasn't had a listen to the brilliant speech given by England's Lord Monckton to do so now and also download a copy of the draft COP15 treaty that Rudd intends to sign thus giving away our sovereignty so that he can take his place at the UN table of power.

Senator Barnaby Joyce of the National Party has also been labelled as a heretic to the new Climate Change religion and now from within the ranks of Turnbull's complicit Liberal Party, comes a man, a man who is destined to lead us all out of this dark place that we are going to. It will be Corey Bernardi's name that Australians will remember when, they have to take another cold shower and walk another 5 kilometres to work, assuming they have a job, due to the third world that we have now inherited -- as our wealth is redistributed to the third world.

Better to have a global second world economy whilst the OVERLORDS in the United Nations, pat each other on the back whilst sipping champagne in their Lear Jets on their way to another execution of a journalist who dared to express his or her views under the now outlawed freedom of speech right.

The so called "Fairness Doctrine" was just the beginning in preparation for the world to come -- with thanks to the agenda of one Kevin Rudd and the support of one Malcolm Turnbull...both millionaires!

The Cap and Trade regime that will be so entrenched in our economy will be the madness to their method. ETS is a tax that we will all have to explain to the next generation as "it seemed like a good idea at the time, I mean he was so nice, he was even on Rove"......... Well, not this black duck folks! My kids will not be hearing that from me.

This is Cory Bernardi's first and I am sure not last video posting. It is called News, Views and Ideas. A good name but I see see it more appropriately title "WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, THIS IS THE ELEVENTH HOUR". Watch, listen and learn, there is still some hope.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Vandalism of our Intelligence‏

I nearly fell over laughing when I read this pile of crap the other day: "CHILDREN carrying spray-paint cans without a legitimate reason could face six months in jail under a revolutionary graffiti crackdown by the State Government."

Who does this bloke, Nathan Rees, think he is kidding. The last time a magistrate had the testicular fortitude to put a graffiti vandal away, the outrage from the bleeding heart liberals, who incidentally ARE responsible for this disgusting social phenomenon, was deafening and the Rees government supported the back-down of the sentence to little more than a smack on the hand. Whilst Rees is basking in the light of his new best friend, Kevin Rudd, who on Saturday gave the Premier the greatest stamp of approval and endorsed him as a man doing a good job, Rees has taken this line from the Federal leader and has gotten all hairy chested by announcing this new policy in law, in an attempt to impress and appear tough on crime.

I for one would love to see these scum bags, who contribute to the many forms of vandalism by our misspent youth, in Long Bay Gaol and doing it tough. I am sure that, after a few very public convictions, most of these stupid kids and adults would really think twice before attempting to express themselves at the taxpayer's expense. Personally, I have had to remove "TAGS" from the front of my property more than once and that has only hardened my wish to see an end to this rubbish that some academic fools and social workers actually call art.

I wonder if the knife and the drugs that the kid is also carrying will add anything to the sentence?....Watch this space folks but I wouldn't hold your breath! When we can't lock the little dears up for stealing cars and running from police, then how will this be any different?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL".... Has Prime Minister Rudd never heard this old and wise quote? Clearly not, because I am sure that all that's holding him back from regaining more voter support (which is currently at an all time low for him) is his pride, The same stubborn pride that is preventing him from admitting, that his policy to remove the successful " Pacific Solution" policy, introduced by the previous Liberal Government, has sent out a strong signal to the people smugglers, that Australia is now a safe and soft target for this illegal trade.

Lives have already been lost.... the latest report is six men and two children, TRAGEDY! And no, I am not saying that Rudd caused the ship to sink or the people to drown or even that he wanted anything like this to occur, he is a decent man after all, but what I am saying is that if the border security had not been lowered by Kevin Rudd, then it is most likely that these people wouldn't have bothered to take such a risk.

The real issue here is that Rudd is now trying to appear "HARD LINE" on illegal immigrants and, is at the same time, trying to satisfy the soft-headed do-gooders, the same people who voted for him because he stood on the platform of introducing a more humane way to deal with alleged alien arrivals.

This is what we have now, a PM that thinks that he can please everyone, all the time! Anyone with any common sense knows that this is a recipe for failure and speaks volumes of the man's weak character. There are no "PUSH" factors that Rudd keeps quoting are the cause of the current influx. The fact is that any person in a second or third world country, would gladly spend their last penny to get to Australia, which now has the reputation, and truthfully so, as being a huge welfare society. These folk are simple economic refugees, looking for a better deal. You can't blame them for that, but there are correct ways to do it and what they are doing is illegal under Australian law.

This policy failure and the current international embarrassment that it is causing Kevin Rudd, will no doubt have to end somehow soon because as we all know , Kevin 07 wants to perform on the international stage and is heading to Copenhagen in a few weeks to audition for the role. How it ends is yet to be seen but I am sure it will not be in the interests of Australian taxpayers and our border security.

Monday, November 2, 2009


if you are a media junkie, like me, and in particular spend hours a day listening to talk radio and the everyday Australians expressing their views on life, politics and the world in general, then you have no doubt notice a definite swing in the thinking of people with regards to the great global warming scam and one of it's greatest proponents, our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

I believe that the cause of this shift in perceptions is quite simple. People are starting to look into the pseudo science of it all, with the help of a few rebel mainstream-media commentators and can see that there is something logically missing, thus coming to a sensible conclusion, that this is a socialist engineered attempt to make us all financial and emotionally dependent on the one government that has imposed the EMISSIONS TRADING TAX.

ONE GOVERNMENT? .....indeed, this phrase is being repeated all over the world and so often now, that it has become standard fill for the political/party speech writers. It is also the tune that non conservative governments are singing the loudest. As U.S. President Obama, P.M. Rudd and a hand full of socialist leaders rush to home of fairy tales, Copenhagen, we are all sitting back, scratching our heads and thinking things like, "did we vote for this?", "do we want to lose our national sovereignty?" and the ever increasing cry, "I wanted to save the planet, not pay a new tax to enlarge a centralised government and make a handful of investors wealthy!"

Yes, the gloves are now off and the the eleventh hour is upon us all. I can only hope that we as a proud individualist, secular, Western democracy will be able to stand up and say NO! and be able to stop this madness and destruction before it can get another foothold.

I draw your attention to the excellent writing on "global warming" and other topics by "Herald Sun" columnist and commentator, Andrew Bolt