Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is.........‏

My take today segues conveniently into the fact that the 83rd Academy Awards are being held -- and, like most Australians, I wish the Aussie actors who have been nominated all the best of luck and congratulations.

There is of course one Australian actor who has not been nominated but continues to take the world political stage in varied roles, depending on her direction of course. We heard prior to the 2010 Federal election only too clearly that the direction Julia Gillard wanted to take Australia was FORWARD. Now we hear that the direction that she wants to take us all in is BACKWARD!!!

Yes, thanks to her new role as the puppet Prime Minister of the Greens Party, Senator Bob Brown has directed his leading lady to introduce a carbon tax that will in a short time send many jobs offshore, raise the price of living, thus lowering the standards of living that we here in the "LUCKY" country have taken for granted for too long -- and, it must be said, have fought and died for. Yes backwards to the a pre-industrial age lifestyle and a third wold economy is the script Brown and his human-hating Greens wish all to accept as the movie genre of the year.

Dear Julia, obsessed with the office of Prime Minister and keeping the Labor Party in power has agreed to this pact with the far left socialists of the Greens. Is there anything or anyone who can stop this disaster from occurring?

Yes there is, YOU! When next you find yourself in a voting booth trying to decide who is best to run the country and protect our children's inheritance, then simply remember all that the Rudd/Gillard government have wasted your money on and the promises broken and all that the Godless Greens want done to our economy and our way of life. I think the choice for any thinking person is obvious enough.

It's true that life does imitate art from time to time and that's fine for Hollywood but in this case if we allow our life to be directed by the those who truly do live in a fantasy world then do not be surprised if you wake up one morning and find yourself living in that world.

In the next month or so there is going to be a massive rally in Canberra to show the real Julia or whoever this actress is on that day, that we the Australian people have beenTaxed Enough Already and that until the science regarding the question of anthropogenic climate change is thoroughly debated by those who do understand such science then Julia Gillard can take her great conviction that she bases this tax on, as her mandate to the next election and lets see if the people really do want this BIG NEW TAX!!!

I recommend that if you feel as passionately opposed to this tax as I do then write to your local federal member expressing this and sign the petition at this link .

Friday, February 25, 2011


Who the hell would be surprised at this backflip? This PM and her government haven't kept one pre-election promise and I guess we are all cynical enough and apathy-affected never to put any credence in a pre-election pledge of any politician. But with that said, if any promise had to be broken then this is the one I was hoping she would keep. Julia wants a "great big new tax"

Clearly the deal done with the Greens and the Independents,(Oakeshott and Windsor ) by the ALP for the numbers needed to maintain government is now in play. Disgustingly this PM of ours has put her Labor Party's needs above that of the people by introducing a carbon TAX and with no real concern for those without, she is effectively destroying her party's chances of winning the next election......irony, I love it!

Most people are not sold on the false science of anthropogenic climate change (polls are bogus at best) and the rest are either so wedded to the religious ideology of Gaia, the mythological goddess personifying the earth, or are just too apathetic and ignorant to care or understand just what is happening and why. This is what Gillard and the Greens have been counting on to introduce two taxes ( the flood levy also pushed though on the same day ) whilst all of Australia is transfixed on the recent Earthquake disaster in New Zealand.

The fact is that she is on record as stating that no carbon tax will be introduced by a government that she leads........... well, clearly she is not running the government , Brown Milne, Oakshott and Windsor are and that is a travesty of our democracy. This minority government arrangement is unfair and unbalanced and needs to go. I am not sure if the politics of this will make it possible for Tony Abbott and the Coalition to stop this economic rape but I am sure if there was an election tomorrow, Gillard and her socialist criminals would be tossed out on their so called " feel good asses".

Everything will rise in price, from petrol to all goods and service and it will certainly be the elderly and the disabled and sick and those on minimum wage or welfare that will feel the effects of this tax more than ever. Hopefully this large segment of the Australian public will hold this government to account on the next election day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Grubs of Canberra

I guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the range of events that cause absolute hardship and ruin to an Australian Farmer. Drought, Flood, Cyclone, Disease, Insect Plagues, of course, but now there is a new threat, a more insidious and viral destructiveness, that I have never seen before...... THE AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER!

Yes folks this Marxist loving red headed woman that we call Jooolia has taken it on herself to contribute to the already destructive market forces of cheap imported food goods. If it wasn't enough that our Apple farmers have to compete with the POLISHED COMPOST BIN of apples from China (I call them that because there is a great deal of evidence that the Chinese farmer uses HUMAN FECES to fertilise their crops), our glorious leader has historically stood before the New Zealand Parliament and thought to herself.... " How can I make these Kiwis like me?", .... and within seconds she was declaring the Australian Apple Market fair game and hoped that our brothers and sisters across the ditch can grow rich from the fruit loving Aussies. She was applauded loudly and the grin on her face said it all......."TAKE THAT AUSSIE FARMERS". See here

Well, really I can't state that I know exactly what was going on in her mind but really can anyone come close to understanding the method in the madness so openly displayed here!?!

I cannot see a good side to this decision, on the other hand is this not more evidence of the continuing ideology of the Marxist Left, to destroy the backbone and foundation stone of any independent western nations and that being, it's own food security. Clearly she wants us to continue to be dependant on overseas sources for our very survival. If this isn't treason by stealth then I don't know what it is.

There is still a solution to this woman's crime and any other political "leaders" act of bastardy forced upon our nations food growers..... DON"T BUY THE BLOODY FOREIGN FOOD!..... Like I said, it's not rocket science!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well we are all voters at sometime but if you are living life in the beautiful state of New South Wales then you are likely to be looking forward to casting a vote in a few weeks time that will hopefully remove 13 years of incompetence, corruption, nepotism, waste and scandal from your life.......... I know I am!

Speaking of scandal and according to the brilliant News Limited journo, Joe Hildebrand, this NSW ALP Government has actually achieved something of note during its long reign, well a new record in fact, for SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOUR.

Yep, the brand ALP is really on the nose at present and nowhere more than within the party itself. Truly it is hard to find the ALP logo on anything to do with its members these days.

Boy, Barry O'Farrell is really going to need a big mop and bucket!