Monday, August 23, 2010


These are interesting times to say the least but still it is very healthy and good for democracy and a reminder to all why we must be vigilant to protect it at all costs.

I am sure you feel like I did on Saturday night, it was like watching the grand final, your team was playing and there was a tied result with the decision as to the winning score remaining on the shoulders of a faceless video referee to get around to making his mind up. In our case the video ref will be a handful of ex-Nat Independents and a Green (the Green who will side with the Labor party of course).

It won't be good for business confidence, though, and with the Greens now set to cause policy paralysis in the Parliament I believe we can expect to see the value of our dollar start to fall very soon.

The good news is the national swing against Labor and the strong message that this sends to all. This swing wasn't all due to incompetent ALP state governments and the political execution of Kevin Rudd but I believe was in part to the last 3 years of waste and mismanagement -- not to mention the massive debt and deficit that we all face now -- and also in part due to Gillard's abandoning her party's leftist support base regarding climate change and the ETS back flip and her anti gay marriage stance (I applaud her there) thus resulting the huge Green vote.

One thing is for sure, that from now on the pollies will learn a lesson by this and be more careful about taking us all for granted in the future.

I do think that the remaining independents will do a deal with Abbott as they are former Nats and probably still hold to a conservative ideology. This will depend a lot on just how accommodating Abbott will be though, so it is not a lay down misere and certainly it would only be wise to keep the Nationals out of the negotiations.

This is a great result for rural Australia as the independents in questions do hold constituencies in the much neglected regional areas of Australia.

Parliamentary reform may be on the cards and a few bills that Abbott hadn't considered may be passed without too much opposition as a result of any deal with the Indies -- but then again the Greens will have some real power in the Senate now and this will paralyse any real Conservative protection bills for the next 3 years but should nullify the madness and chaos that the Greens are no doubt determined to unleash on us all.

Seems to me that regardless of the leadership outcome, assuming also that we do not get called to hold another election by the Governor General, that things will remain at the status quo and hopefully the blockage to the ETS and the reintroduction of the "Pacific Solution" will still make it through.

We are on hold to the rest of the world and this hasn't happened in 70 years and I am sure your call is actually important to the Canberra Cronies this time around. I would like to state that the Canberra press gallery really do have some real egg on their face and the media cheer squad is very quiet in its Gillard support since Saturday's historic election outcome.

Can I draw your attention to a new political magazine that has hit the national scene in the last week. It is the Next Strategy and although I am a regular contributor and obviously biased in my praise, I would ask you to check it and consider making it a part of your monthly news read. This magazine along with The Spectator Australia (weekly) are about the only non-left alternatives when it come to the freedom of speech choice in the Australian press.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Strewth, can we be original..... just once!

A 'psychic' crocodile has predicted a Gillard victory

Didn't a flamin European Octopus do all this stuff before and it ended up as an entrée?

I think the truth behind the Paul the Octopus phenomenon, had a lot to do with an attractant chemical that was used to lure the creature to the correct team. I could be even more cynical and say that this would have helped the bookies and those with vested gambling interests in the results of the 2010 World Cup, thus was used to set the odds.

There is no doubt that there are a few bucks on this political race and maybe someone wanted to improve the odds for a Gillard win. hmmmmm?

Anyway, all of that is pure hearsay and of course I do not have a shred of proof, but I can bet that one day, Dirty Harry the Croc, will end up in a museum, probably stuffed and propped up in the back of a famous ute or end up as a lovely bag, belt and shoe ensemble for Julia to wear when she looks for another job..... Ohhh, now PETA will be after me too.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to catch a sloth

Tony Abbott wants to reward people for getting off the dole

Well I guess it's time to show you all that I am not that biased that I can't see an error in judgement when it faces me -- and in this case that error is coming from the Conservative side of politics. Conservative? well not this policy anyway. Abbott's welfare reform plan stinks of socialism in my book.

I understand his desire to get the capable person who has chosen to be unemployed as a career choice, off the dole and who wouldn't agree with that but really is this the way to do it.

I really do not think that he has thought about this one at all. Firstly, if a person is happy to remain on dole payments for 6 - 12 to even 24 months then I dare say that a few thousand dollars at the end of 12 - 24 months of work, will never be enough incentive for them to change their lazy ways. Think about it....., these bludgers are not interested in working for anyone at any price if it involves a commitment to responsible behaviour that most of us except and obey everyday of our lives.

Many of them live at the family home and many of those live in a house full of terminally unemployed. A lot have worked out a way to pool their welfare payments to cover the cheap rent (And in the case of the housing commission: Well, that's nothing is it?) and a lot do legal and probably illegal tasks part time for cash money.

No Tony, a good intention but a bad plan. It is not my way to see anyone rewarded for living on welfare and in fact if you want a policy that works then the answer is obvious to me. If you are genuinely unemployed for six months and can prove active searching for work, then your dole should continue for another 6 months, with regular fortnightly checks to ensure that you are applying for work, and if you fail then you are taken off the payments. If at the one year mark you are still unemployed and can show no real reason why you can not get a job, then the payments stop and you will be required to work in a job that the government puts you in, say cleaning streets, or graffiti removal or some kind of work that no one wants to do but must be done. This work will be paid of course but still at the dole rate.

I am sure that after a few weeks of that work you will find a better job or you will choose the fools way out and join the criminal world or the street. If either of those become your choice then we have a little system called the Police Force to deal with the criminally minded and the charities can carry the rest and I am sure that if someone is that deranged then they probably had a mental issue to start with and really that is a system that must also be heavily addressed for its deficiencies.

Possibly the reason why someone isn't looking for work is due to a minor mental issue and that during the checking process, if this can be somehow tested for, then a treatment program to build confidence and skills could be undertaken as well. I am sure there are quite a few long-term unemployed that have lost confidence in themselves after a few rejections in the job hunt and this can manifest into a vicious cycle that makes the next job interviewer not see the potential of the candidate before them.

There is also the social engineering issue, that if you want to be a Rock Star, a Super Model or a Movie Director or some glamorous dream career then you can do that, no worries at all. This idea and the idea that everyone's a winner all the time, has been placed in our kids heads for many years and thus has set them up as young adults who cannot deal with the realities of the real world. So I guess the problem with long term unemployed can stem from the school and home life and the values taught within. It is not wrong to want to prescribe a cure for the cause rather than the symptom but the social engineers (the Marxists) will shout you down as an old school flat-earther if your dare to let your kid lose a race and not let them feel as if they won it and not reward every little mediocrity.

It has been a generational problem in this country since the sixties and especially since the Whitlam days, that the Australian psyche has become one of a welfare dependence and this is all a part of the socialist dream and plan to ensure that the public is always dependant on the state. This is what needs to be reversed now if we are ever to truly progress.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The ALP offers medical diagnosis from afar. Dealing with real live human beings face to face is icky to them. Sweeping generalizations about people are all they are good for. The Leftist motto: "I love humanity. It's just people I can't stand"

There is no doubt anymore good reader, these ALP fraudsters and spivs are running scared from Tony Abbott, and the proof has to be in the announcement of rubbish policy like this.

Apart from the physical impossibilities of performing an accurate "physical examination" via a two dimensional medium such as the Internet and the obvious disadvantage this service would be to anyone who does not have such technology at home, what about the costs to the practitioner and then the patient?

Yes, just imagine your next medical bill tripling in cost, because now the medical insurance premiums that your good doctor has to pay to ensure against a malpractice litigation are sure to go through the roof (as if they weren't through the roof already!) due to the HIGH RISK nature of providing accurate human diagnosis via a computer screen.

No folks, this election is a no-brainer and hopefully the faster they run the more they will trip over and fall. I just hope that Tony Abbott and his conservatives will pick up on this fact soon and get an anti ad out about this fraud today!

After 3 years in government we are still dealing with amateurs, come on Tony, save us all please!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pork Barreling 101‏

Yet another glaring example of just how much contempt the Australian Labor Party has for the basic intelligence of the Australian and in this case, New South Wales voter.

On August 1st, in a letter from NSW Transport Minister John Robertson to Parramatta councillor Chiang Lim, Mr Robertson says the“Parramatta-Epping rail link is not a project in the 10-year horizon of the Metropolitan Transport Plan.”

Then just a few days later Premier Kristina Keneally along with her Federal counterpart, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces that this much promised and much lied about piece of vital infrastructure, will go ahead because of a $2.6 billion dollar pledge by the federal government (borrowed money) to make it happen if the Gillard regime is returned in the coming federal election. See here.

A multibillion dollar bribe and a classic case of pork barreling to win over the affected marginal Labor seats that this rail corridor runs through. Give me a break please! This bloody political football has been kicked around by both sides since the late seventies and all of a sudden if we vote Labor this miracle will finally appear, this time!

Sorry but I don't need to be cynical, just possess a fully functioning brain, to realise that this is another electoral LIE. Clearly the state ALP government was told much earlier that they would get this funding from the feds but had to wait until the last weeks of the election campaign before it would be announced.

If Gillard and the state Alp Government really think that the NSW voters will fall for this rubbish just one more time then I am sure that if either government is re-elected, that the public truly do deserve the government that they get.

Friday, August 13, 2010

THAT meeting

Julia gave her pet journalists only a brief and stage-managed look at the meeting between her and Kevvy

It seems that the Prime Minister would have been better off leaving her campaign in the hands of those who put her in the job in the first place rather than claiming that the real Julia will now be running the show from now on because if the last week is any example of just who effective a campaign manager Julia Gillard is, then who could honestly concede that she will be a good Prime Minister for this country?

Her approval rating is low and this last week has shown her up on several levels of incompetency again especially in her decision to convince the still very angry Kevin Rudd into joining her camp.

Rudd is clearly not a well man and this will only go to fuel his disdain for the very person that he felt he could trust to be at his side during this election. Every time we see Rudd on the TV and especially at Julia's side (if he actually does do that, I doubt it!), will so many people simply be reminded of the recent assassination of his place in office and will be reading the body language that even the clever Rudd can not seem to hide.

The other question is just why she would want a failed PM/politician, that the party was forced to remove, at her side let alone the front bench. Reminding the voters of the very disastrous policies that lead to the internal blood bath in the first place? Talk about allowing the enemy within, to attend your garden party! MADNESS!!!

I mean, just who is running the federal Labor Party of Australia? and more importantly, who will be running the party after the election? Is the new Julia or the new Kevin or the faceless king makers in the party room? Too many question marks!

I have been watching the new 24hour NEWS channel that was launched only a few weeks ago on the ABC. That in itself is no coincidence in my opinion. Even the true sceptic or lefty would not deny that the ABC has been for many decades the media cheer squad of the Australian Labor Party and I believe quite unashamedly has co-ordinated the new 24 hour news channel to offer that much more support for Julia or Kevin during this campaign.

If the Abbott Coalition Government is elected then the new 24 hour government support channel may just have to watch itself very carefully because if Abbott is true to his word of cutting public money waste, then I am sure that the channel may be amongst the first of the Rudd/Gillard Big Government bodies to get the axe.

Like they say, a week is a long time in politics and this week has been the longest in Julia Gillard's political life, I wish her many more.


Revenge is sweet! well it would certainly appear so in the case of previously deposed ALP leader Mark Latham. It's no secret that Latham has a huge disdain for the Australian Labor and his 2005 book "the Latham Diaries",which slams his former colleagues and party was no doubt a masterpiece of vengeful sour grapes.

He did also slam the media in the book, so it seem a little weird that he has now become a member of the main "Lame" stream media as a journalist for Channel Nine.

I recently heard that polling had labelled him as a hated figure by the general public, but I can't really believe that. He brings back to the boring political scene a touch of Keating antics and hard hitting that we all needed to spice things up a bit.

His recent doorstop approach on PM, Julia Gillard..... was a spectacular return to "that handshake" moment that he will always be remembered for during the 2004 Federal election when he virtually manhandled former Liberal PM, John Howard.

I think it stands to reason that Latham would choose the media that he has so publicly berated in the past, as his missile launching platform for the "get even bomb" and really it is the best way to expose both sides of government for all of their failings.

I am glad he can't draw, he would certainly put a few editorial cartoonists out of work with his dry humour and cynical nature. For all of his ideological failings, in my opinion, he is one of the more intelligent writers on the current scene and this is evident in his regular column in the Australian Financial Review, simply brilliant writing and a true insightful understanding of the machinations of politics and in particular, the Labor Party machine.

You would think that a conservative like myself would have no praise for this left wing Whitlam worshipper but it seems to me that he has seen the light on a few levels and let's face it , although he will continue to attack the Liberals on policy, at least he is doing just as good a job on the other side, his former side and all for the right reasons, "Sweet Revenge". I think deep down the man's heart is still breaking, but I won't lose any sleep over it, how about you!?!