Monday, September 29, 2008

Pigs at the trough everywhere

So much going on in the news of the world lately, I have felt like a kid in a Lolly Shop! From media "gotchas" about the pot smoking past of pollies...if that isn't the pot (no pun intended) calling the kettle black ... backfired nicely on the media hypocrites because Malcolm Turnbull came out of it looking like an honest man with guts. He also showed up about a third of the ALP who definitely had a puff or ten in their youth!

The ever moving PM's big moment was at the UN and his meet with Bono (does this useful idiot have a fold out bed in the grand hall?). Anyway, too bad Kev, no one noticed and guess what? no one cares!

The PM will realise very soon that when money is out the door, soft headed ideology such as the Global Warming scam flies straight out of the window. Now that the global fiscal chickens have come home to roost and the "social welfare, credit for all, we shall not discriminate", bullsh*t has been exposed for the road to ruin that is was expected to be, we are now finding out that G W Bush should be in the Democrat Party as he is clearly a fiscal socialist.

Kevin 707, who told everyone that he was a "fiscal conservative" during the last election has once again been shown up as a man of big words and no action by supporting the nationalisation of the US banking and insurance industry. If Hugo Chavez had done it he would have been rightfully labelled a Communist (which he is) but when a capitalist does the same thing they are held up as saving the world...what a very dangerous joke this is !

And what lesson has been learnt by offering social welfare to the Wall street mafia and robbing the US taxpayer by doubling the national debt?..none !

Of course we can all escape for 80 minutes this Saturday due to the upcoming NRL Grand Final, whilst Morris Iemma tries to get a little more than he is entitled to because HE believes that he deserves it!?! HA !

NEWS ITEM: "New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees is under pressure to refuse his predecessor extra perks after Morris Iemma enquired about his entitlements. A spokesman for Mr Rees has refused to confirm newspaper reports that the former premier asked for similar benefits to those of his predecessor, Bob Carr, when he made the enquiries. Mr Carr is entitled to the perks, such as a driver and office assistant, but Mr Iemma did not serve the minimum four years to qualify for them. The Opposition and the Greens say that would be outrageous. Greens MP Lee Rhiannon says Mr Iemma's regular entitlements are more than adequate. "His annual super pay-out is more than $100,000 and he gets free travel for life," she said.

The pigs above are all former Premiers of New South Wales

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whose republic?

News item : "Kevin Rudd has called on newly appointed Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull to throw his support behind the push to make Australia a republic. Mr Rudd said bipartisan support would be needed to create a republic and Mr Turnbull had been a longstanding advocate of the change. "It's a great honour to be elected as a leader of one of Australia's large political parties and therefore I extend my congratulations to Mr Turnbull and his family," Mr Rudd told reporters. “I also say to Mr Turnbull, I look forward to working with him on a bipartisan basis on as many national challenges as possible. “One of those national challenges for the future of Australia will be our move towards a republic.”

I haven't done a cartoon for the new opposition leader of the Federal Liberal Party but I must admit it wasn't hard to come up with something. I am pleased about Malcolm Turnbull's appointment because at last we have a conservative who will actually fight, he has that bulldog about him and I am a little biased as he is an old boy of Vaucluse Public School (best years of my life spent there).

Rudd threw out the Republican olive branch to try and distract us all, again! but to Turnbull's credit he exposed that for the stunt that it was. Clearly the debate about a Republic will be on the table again and with the pull coming from both the left and the right I can see a little trouble ahead for the old Union Jack.

Can they actually offer us a new constitution (and Flag) that will be a lot better than the present? As I always say "If it ain't broke......?

Let's see what they have to offer down the track on that one, I am keeping an open mind about it. Remember if anyone becomes President of this country it will only be with the blessing of the majority and not with the help of the media government complex and the useful idiots in celebridoom.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shuffling the deckchairs in NSW

(The Hon. Morris IEMMA, BEc, LLB MP was Premier of New South Wales from 3 August 2005 until his resignation on 5 September 2008. He is the son of a Calabrian Communist but was a member of the Right wing faction of his Leftist party. He tried to privatize the State-owned power stations but was successfully opposed by unionists in that, ultimately leading to his resignation. He has left a large budget problem for his successors, Left-faction Nathan Rees and deputy Carmel Tebbut. Latest update here )

What a week in NSW politics eh! Talk about a week being a long time in politics.

Sure Morris is gone and good riddance but really the deck chairs are just being rearranged on the Titanic and if there is any way that Ress and Tebutt can get this broken down wreck of a state back on the road and "heading in the right direction "... well... that will be nothing less than a miracle.

The fact that Rees is now shortlisting a multiple disaster case like Tripodi (economic credentials aside ) or the disgraced Della-Bosca to run the NSW Treasury speaks loudly of my previous comment, simply madness.

If the opposition leader Barry O'Farrell doesn't think he is being watched even more closely than ever now by conservatives and the disillusioned, swinging voters alike and start to fight and expose the true underbelly of this insidious snake that the so called majority (?) voted for then he and the Libs can stay in opposition for another term.

What this state and this country needs is a return to true conservative values and a complete rejection of the Marxist/Socialist path that we are running down. The woes that we face now are the direct result of 40 years of a social engineering experiment that has failed to change our society's outlook into anything but the lawless, corrupt and greed-driven ideology that drives ALL Communist countries globally.

The false claims of the have/have not crowd that there is a class war going on simply no longer gel with anything that we see now because -- and I know it's a cliche -- "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

There are a few in the Liberal Party that know this but their left faction is so strong at present that I fear it will take a true Conservative/Nationalist Independent and nothing less than a social revolt before we can eradicate the mental disorder of liberalism that has infected every aspect of our lives.

Anyway , keep laughing at the lampoonery and if you agree with me then keep fighting the radical left before they achieve their ultimate goal in Australia and that is to destroy free speech and democracy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Move On, Nothing to see here !‏

Cowardly Cowdery. The reluctant prosecutor again: "FEDERAL MP Belinda Neal and her husband John Della Bosca have been cleared of any charges over the Iguanas nightclub incident that took place in June. NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery today told police there was no prospect of any charges brought against the power couple being successful. "In relation to Ms Neal, MP, I advise that in my view there is insufficient evidence to support any criminal charge against NSW law," Mr Cowdery said in his brief. "In relation to Mr Della Bosca, MLC, I also advise that in my view there is insufficient evidence to support any criminal charges against NSW law. "In relation to other persons I advise that there is insufficient evidence to support any criminal charges against NSW law. Earlier today, the commonwealth DPP also said there would be no federal charges brought"

I guess it's always easy to use hindsight but I did say in an earlier blog that if anyone thought that either of these ALP pollies were going to be in anyway convicted of a crime that I have a lovely bridge in Sydney that I am sure you would like to buy.

No folks, nothing will ever stick to an ALP politician and this Iguana Joe's scandal will go down in history as a case in point. As far as the media cycle is concerned it's over and I doubt that the Police will ever go against the Federal and State D.P.P decision not to prosecute.

The real shame of it all is that justice has again evaded the high and -- dare I say it -- "naive" expectations of Mr & Mrs Australia.

The Della Boscas would have done far better to have had this case heard in a court of law and then they could hold their heads high win or lose in the knowledge that they defended their strongly held accounts of the incident without fear of failure. But, no, they have been given this get out of jail free card by the D.P.P so they can just keep their heads down for me.

There is no great loss to the public. Belinda will never get pre-selection and sits on no committees any more and the hubby is about to go down with the ship in the next state election. Therefore maybe it's me who is naive in thinking that these two really do care about what the rest of us think.

Also the convenient announcement today of Minister John Watkins retirement (there's another rat leaving the sinking ship) proving that the pollies still know how to use the media machine.

I can only hope that public closure may still be achieved if the Independent Commission Against Corruption (I.C.A.C) can proceed with a public enquiry.....somehow I doubt it, don't you?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Sin of Spin‏

We read: “The New South Wales Health Minister Reba Meagher has justified her decision to talk up the performance of the state's hospitals in the face of being labelled a charlatan by the Opposition. Ms Meagher has been criticised for selectively releasing details of an annual report card to show public hospitals were performing above national benchmarks. She has been forced to concede that some hospitals, such as Gosford, Campbelltown and Canterbury, are not meeting the targets. Gosford Hospital performed below target in all but the most serious emergency cases, with only 40 per cent of triage two category patients being seen within 10 minutes, well underneath the 80 per cent benchmark. But Ms Meagher says the system overall has improved.”

Ahhhh the great sin of spin, they ALL do it so well but no one has truly mastered it like the current New South Wales State Government. I am sure if you live in any other state that you are experiencing similar issues of incompetence and bureaucratic bungling in the public health system. Granted any large publicly run infrastructure will always have it's speed humps and issues -- no system is perfect -- but I am talking about the N.S.W Department of Public Health and in particular the State Government that has allowed what was once a very efficient and first world standard health system slip into something close to third world conditions.

There are a plethora of reported incidents ranging from administration mishaps causing undue waiting of health services up to criminal neglect resulting in death. Not one or two cases but scores and scores every year. For this Minister of Health Reba Meagher to hold up a report that gives support to her outlandish claims that this system and the hospitals in particular have never been better !... well it's just an insult to the intelligence and more proof that politicians really do think that we are ALL stupid. I guess some of us are because we keep voting these spivs in and they keep stuffing it up.

If you can afford it , please get yourself and your family privately covered, whilst the N.S.W Department of Health just keep sweeping it all under the carpet for the next minister or government to discover. Don't blame the nurses or the hospital staff , they do a hell of a job with very little pay and support from above.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flower Power? No just more madness from within

We read: “Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon today defended Australian soldiers accused of mistreating prisoners in Afghanistan by locking them overnight in dog pens. But the incident has angered Muslim leaders and the Australian Greens, who say the troops made a “big mistake”. A defence inquiry report, released on Friday, found there was no evidence four Taliban suspects detained by Australian troops in April had been mistreated.”

When are we Australians going to stop giving a voice to the madness of the Greens and help them on their way to political extinction? Bob Brown must be suffering from the mental disorder that is Liberalism because of his criticism of our soldiers FIGHTING A WAR that is just and in your, yes YOUR, best interests

Hon. Bob Brown M.P is clearly more evidence of the deluded state that the left have found themselves in. They are supporting the Taliban in the name of human rights.

Surely the Greens understand that under Sharia law they will not be allowed to exist. These so called freedom fighters execute homosexuals such as Bob and many those who fall outside of their 9th century world view.

Touchy feely tree huggers would be seen as an anathema to the Jihadist. Just as disturbing as Brown's comments and also not surprising is the leftist Media which salivated over this story giving this madness a platform to be heard over and over again.

Now I am all for freedom of speech and Brown can say what he likes, as ridiculous as it is, because this way the enemy within can be easily identified. Yet still the supportive and UNDERSTANDING comments of the usual useful idiots in the press and on the radio waves -- not to mention the endless supportive blogs -- has yet again illustrated that anyone in this country who still believes in conservative values such as Borders, Language and Culture, had better start taking serious note that the enemy is within the gates and wants to fight you to the death.

This has also been a nice distraction from the buffoonery in Parliament today.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A book is fine but what about some action?

(We read: "Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has used literacy week to belittle former treasurer Peter Costello, who is releasing a book next month. Ms Gillard mocked Mr Costello for appearing indecisive as he has failed to spell out whether he is staying in politics or retiring. She noted the company publishing Mr Costello's book, Melbourne University Press, has the motto "books with spine". "We await this great entry into the literary world - a book with spine from a politician without one," she said in Question Time after a question about literacy week").

Someone is launching his first book soon. Personally I am looking forward to reading it and will reserve my judgement until I have read it

.... unlike Gillard whose incredible foresight has prophesied that it will go straight to paperback and that the spine is sold separately

.... heehaw (TIC) funny stuff Julia but please leave the cheap shot comedy to comedians and get on with the job of smashing the militant teachers' union and making the department of education a public institution that is accountable to the people of Australia. We would all like to see a little less conversation and a little more action please,..... thanks Elvis !

As for the author Peter Costello, good luck to him, I hope he makes millions -- but for Christ's sake if the man still wants the top job then state it loud and clear.

What he and his supporters are doing now is nothing less than political rape of the party. If the Federal Liberal members in the Costello or Turnbull camps do not stop facilitating the left wing media complex with statements of disunity and start standing firmly united behind their leader then they can expect a long time in opposition and it will be no fault of the opposition no matter how much these socialist scum pull this country further down to a third world level. They may sound a little conservative at present but don't be fooled, a leopard never changes it's spots , red or blue.

Just look at the largest capitalist country in the world at present......China . Sure they love to trade with the West but make no mistake, the bear is still a murderous Commie even though it watches the world on a plasma TV.