Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unprincipled conservatives in NSW

Power FROM the People

Well, if you live in New South Wales then this cartoon speaks loudly for itself, no need to explain the nitty gritty behind it and if you don't live in New South Wales then you probably couldn't care less.

However if you don't care less then you are more than likely the type of person who allows socialist criminals such as the NSW ALP to become elected. Talk about a blurring of the political ideological lines. Here you have a socialist government in a constant fight with the Unions and wants to sell off control of traditionally state run utilities and on the other hand the more conservative and capitalist party is opposed to the sale of the power grid!!!

Ahhhhhhh, when the Libs get in, they will most likely try to sell it off as well. The current opposition coming from opposition leader Barry O'Farrell is simply to assist Morris Iemma in his slow self destruction as leader.

Sit back Barry -- because the hard left of his party and party faithful will see to that happening. Personally I want Iemma to be leading the ALP to the next election because then the job for the Libs will be that much easier.

For readers outside NSW, the fence-sitter is the leader of the NSW "conservative" opposition, Barry O'Farrell and the whistler is the NSW Labor Party Premier Morris Iemma. The stickers on the car read: "Kevin 07", "I heart whales" and "unions".

Read more here about the disgraceful betrayal of conservative principles by the NSW "conservative" parties. Conservatives who don't believe in privatization? Only in NSW!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kevvy: Between a rock and a hard place

Or is it the ham in the sandwich?

Who voted for this guy? really! Can anyone out there tell me how KRudd must be feeling now?

Because here is what I believe: Not only are more and more ACTUAL REAL scientists coming out with the truth about the great global warming scam but now our great PM of Rhetoric who was so quick to use the media-brainwashed public's belief in this rubbish is now thinking about how heavily he is going to have to apply his great plan to save the world.... from nothing.

Of course he must appeal to the enviro-Nazis' deluded urgency and hit the road hard and fast on emissions trading. I mean a deal is a deal and it was the Green preferences that got this mob over the line -- and whatever you do, do not believe it was a "RUDD-SLIDE" election. Check the numbers. In November "07 the country was split almost 50/50 according to the publicly accessible figures from the AEC!

However, I digress. My point is that although the radical left will demand nothing less than full speed ahead on the E.T.S., the other more relevant player in the game, the business sector (and even the self confessed fiscal conservative KRudd knows this) wants a more careful and slower approach to the scheme so the economy will not take such an immediate and most likely fatal jolt.

So who is this man's master after all? only time will tell! Is it any wonder this PM spends more time overseas than he does in his own country? Just maybe he's really in the job for the frequent flyer points because after 10 months of federal ALP I still cannot see anything produced that comes close to representing the interests of this generation of Australians, let alone the next.

A recent editorial setting out the limits of Kevvy's options here

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A whale of a story

Once again we see the power that the liberal M.S.M has over the hearts and minds of the general public. I live in a time when Politicians (and some corrupt scientists) are telling us that they can predict the weather in 20 to 50 years and that it's all our doing thus we have to pay for a solution that any logically thinking person knows will do nothing but fund a global tax system.

And now they move to whales doing what whales have done for millions of years. Thus we spend day after day, and loads of tax payers money, wasting time and effort talking about an issue that is again nothing more than nature at work.

Again this is more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder and that the political spivs such as the ones running the state of New South Wales are truly NOT servants of the public.

Whilst thousands of mentally disturbed and physically afflicted men, woman and children sleep on the cold streets of Australia tonight I wonder if the doooogooders will sleep well knowing that a bl**dy abandoned calf humpback whale is now higher on the priority list than their fellow Australians!

The story about the stranded whale calf in Sydney has gone worldwide -- e.g. here. And we read here: "NSW Premier Morris Iemma today agreed the outlook for the 4.5m humpback was "bleak". "Our hearts are breaking with what's happening with baby Colin," Mr Iemma said."

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bank interest rates not falling

This cartoon speaks clearly for itself. Unless you are living the life of a Packer (with apologies to the late Kerry Packer, a man I admire greatly) and money is not a concern then you certainly can relate to it.

What bothers me the most about this cartoon and in particular this current Federal Government is the way that Australians, in a time when ignorance of news, current events and a lack of access to information are no longer a valid excuse, are still being treated as boofheads.

Sure the ALP faithful voted this man Rudd and his crew in but those who crossed the political divide for change sake only are more than likely wishing now that they had actually voted from the head rather than the heart.

Clearly the Federal Government can not change the way the Banks do their business and I actually support that due to my conservative views but what is happening here, with thanks to former PM Paul Keating (how quickly we forget), is nothing more than the ugly side of any ism and that side is GREED.

The other ugly side shining brightly -- and all parties are equally guilty -- is the pretence given to the people that the great public servants can actually do something about this, that watching the train crash will somehow prevent it.

The distraction of the Olympics will soon be over and it will be back to REAL business. I guess there will be a few sickies following the closing ceremony when the punters of this great sports loving nation realise the undeniable truth of "All that glitters is not GOLD ".

News report here. The commercial banks want to build up their reserves to compensate for their recent losses from substandard home loans. So they may not pass on central bank rate cuts to the ordinary borrower. So the ordinary borrower will pay the price for past foolish bank policies.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ludicrous legal lunacy

This is about a shocking recent story......... A seven-year-old boy who stabbed a teenager in an unprovoked attack has been set free, because of his young age. The little boy from Raymond Terrace had been with two others aged about 10, when they walked up to a 14-year-old girl yesterday afternoon and insisted she follow them.

When the teenager refused, the seven-year-old stabbed her in the hand. Police caught the boy, but after questioning him, say they weren't able to lay charges or order counselling, because the minimum age of criminal intent in NSW is 10.

Well there you have it, cause, effect and result. What more proof do you need to realise that the hands on the clock of society have moved so far to the left now , that the great social engineering plan that has been slowly unravelling since the 60's HAS FAILED.

These kids were caught and let go because of the civil libertarians push to destroy the establishment and in particular law and order. Socialists and Anarchists all over the country will be celebrating this victory. However I suspect that the majority of decent Australians are just as appalled by this outcome as am I.

I pray to God that this kid and his mates get the mental help and discipline and guidance that they need to turn their lives around or is it too late? Will this kid grow up to be just another statistic in our over crowded gaol system, or maybe even another Matt Bryant, Ivan Milat or Charles Manson?

Have I gone to far? ...of course not. Because all of the above scum were ignored and abused as kids and used their rights to get around the law and stay on the obvious course to Hell that they were on. I bet all these MURDERERS as kids enjoyed pulling the wings of flies too.

Watch this space and let's see if this goes any further although I sadly doubt it. The next we will hear of this lad and his pals is when they are over 10 and have actually murdered. I don't want to be right about this but if we don't start thinking and claiming back what has been lost then I can see no other future.

Bleak? sure but only if we ignore this as yesterday's news and someone else's problem.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Memories of a SCUMBAG‏

(Former Labor party Prime Minister Paul Keating often used the term "scumbag" to abuse his political opponents)

Have you ever been to Comedy Show only to be disappointed by the Comedian because they used only the old material ? No of course not, because you liked those gags then and they still make you laugh now. The difference here is that this "SCUMBAG" is not a Comedian and in my opinion not a Prime Minister who should be running around gloating.

(News item: "Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has called Peter Costello a "slow acting dope", and has slammed the Liberal Party for reconsidering him as leader")

Wanna buy a watch?

Grocery Watch ??? WATCH OUT ! because here is MORE spin, MORE rhetoric . MORE unworkable plans, MORE government spending and MORE lies. To think, only a few MORE years to go until the next federal election Mr Rudd and if this is the best you can do after 9 months then it is you who will need to watch out ! What MORE can I say ?

(News item: "The federal government will launch a website to allow shoppers to compare grocery prices, in a bid to ease the pressure on family budgets"

The previous "Fuel Watch" idea seems to have imploded

The blinkers on the lady above say "Gossip Mags")

Monday, August 4, 2008

Australia's political Olympics good for Rudd

Let the games begin ! Games indeed. If there is anything like a gift from God to a political party in power at a time of rising inflation, housing crisis, skills shortages, superannuation slumps, petrol and cost of living biting hard on us all then it's a major distraction.

And in this case it's a double bonus. An Olympic Games and an opposition party with leadership battles and disunity , kept ablaze by a media that loves nothing more than conflict. PM Rudd must be rubbing his hands and shouting OI, OI, OI, or is our Sinophile leader shouting Mao, Mao, Mao ?

(For readers who don't follow Australian politics regularly, the runners above are (from Left to right) Peter Costello, Malcolm Turnbull and Brendan Nelson, the principal figues in the conservative opposition. Costello is tipped to take over from Nelson as leader soon. In the corner are Labor party figures Garrett, Rudd and Gillard)

Friday, August 1, 2008

China's Olympic censorship

Unless you understand the deluded confusion of the mentally disordered mind of the liberal , only then will you understand the outcry of disbelief from such organisations as CNN,NBC,BBC, Reuters, and other useful idiots when a hard line COMMUNIST regime such as China decides to renege on allowing free and easy communications and Internet traffic to the International Media covering the Olympic Games.

Until the Iron Curtain of China falls, then make no mistake folks, Western Democracies will always have a very real and present danger and no amount of Olympic Games or smiling children holding hands in Tiananmen Square will ever change that reality. Just because they trade with us means nothing than that the sleeping bear is getting bigger and bigger every day. At the risk of saying I told you so...well!

Latest update on Chinese Olympic censorship here. They seem to have bent a little in response to pressure from the Olympic organizers