Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of cats and the Bible

This toon deals with a few funny and also strange issues of the week. You no doubt know of the cat fighting between Julia Gillard and Julie Bishop, well I couldn't let that go without a dig.

Rudd telling us all a few weeks ago how we must all tighten our belts whilst the ministry give themselves another pay rise....

And of course the Hon. ALP Minister James Bidgood is at the fanatical side of things again by talking about his belief in Bible prophecy and in particular how we are now all at the "END OF DAYS" (maybe Rudd believes it too, that's why he hands out 10 billion dollars which will do nothing more than make a third of the population feel good over Christmas and absolutely nothing to stimulate this economy) whilst he takes candid photos of a troubled man attempting suicide and then tries to sell them to newspapers.

Very Strange week indeed? ...naaaah. Just typical of the looney bin that is our Parliament House.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rudd is a spendthrift Leftist after all

What more can I say but "I TOLD YOU SO " The great self proclaimed "fiscal conservative" K Rudd, has not only halved the Howard created surplus in just 12 months but he openly admits that he will need to take it ALL now and put the nation back into a deficit!

Obviously more deception as he tries to spin the line that it's all necessary due to the sub prime collapse and the looming " Global Financial CRISIS". Give me a break !

This country is well insured against the problems facing the U.S.A and Europe. With Asia / sub continent and especially China in such great financial shape (Japan not included) and the massive fiscal strengths of our banks and the low unemployment (by the way that will be the next thing he will blame on the rest of the world if those figures go south to fast, due to the free market) not to mention the strength of our dollar and the massive resources that we still own and have, this Socialist Criminal of a PM wants to use the safety net to bail out his even more economically corrupt brothers and sisters in the state governments (sounds like Wall Street all over again, rewarding failure and greed).

As I have said all along , this ideology is not about improving the lives of "Working Families " (don't hear that one much these days do you?) rather it's about throwing money at failing state infrastructure -- failures largely caused by ALP "spend like a drunken sailor " economic policy. He is trying to bring some sense of normality back to a political party that has for so long been on the nose (especially in New South Wales ) in an attempt to save his political hide in the next federal election. He really is looking and planning for the future.... it's just that it hasn't got anything to do with us.

Comment from the Treasurer (Costello) who created the Future Fund here. He says Rudd is creating unnecessary panic as a cover for his cash grab