Friday, December 19, 2014


Sony cancels 'The Interview' as US links hack to North Korea

I think this is not only the first time a State has threatened a major corporation but it's most likely the first time that a Communist regime has gone after Hollywood!

Of course the strong leaning lefties of Tinsel Town were always considered by the Stalinists as "idiots" (a correct label in my humble opinion) but also considered as very "useful" in the planting of seeds internally to assist the long march and the cause of divide & conquer needed to crumble the values of the West.

As far as the North Korean boy wonder is concerned, he seems not so useful in this case. How did they think that this tyrant would have any kind of a sense of humour or was a Seth Rogen fan?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boys will be girls,......if the GREENS get their way!‏

"The Greens’ push to get parents to stop buying dolls for girls and trucks for boys has  been inundated with such fiery rejection that you’d have to conclude it has incited more anger than empathy"

I suppose if anything tests the old adage that "the road to HELL is paved with gold" then here it is in all of it's glory, courtesy of your local GREEN public servant.

They are fooling nobody with the pretence that this madness, this ban on gender specific children's product advertising, is to help future generations wipe out sexual discrimination and domestic violence....

I think we all know just what powers the mindset of a fully blown Marxist Greenie and that is "SOCIAL ENGINEERING" and "THE NORMALISATION OF THE ABNORMAL".

How these "Watermelons" keep getting elected is a very troubling state of affairs indeed.