Friday, October 21, 2011

Much More Work To Be Done‏

Now that the 40 year reign of terror has apparently ended with the death of the despotic Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the hope of the world is for a fair and democratically led free Libya for these long suffering people, one can only dream that such a fate is soon visited on another well known leader of death,..... Sir Robert Mugabe. That the long suffering people of Zimbabwe will soon be able to overthrow this megalomaniac and return their country to what was long considered the "breadbasket of Africa".

Hopefully the likes of the United Nations to the Royal Family of Great Britain and even our disgraced former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, will think twice before ever endorsing such evil again and referring to these tyrants as statesmen?

Godspeed and let's all remember (in prayer if you like) the many thousands of freedom loving Libyans and Zimbabweans who have made and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, democracy and justice in their lands and never take for granted what we have inherited here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The most ludicrous thing (apart from the attack on free speech) about this very wrong judgement against Andrew Bolt was that Bolt was never talking about racism nor was he promoting it in the first place. See here

The fact is that he was promoting the opposite of racism, "UNITY" and exposing what many Australians already are aware of and that is the fact that people who do not deserve to call themselves Aboriginal are doing so even though they are several generations removed from the Original Australian Aboriginal DNA line.

That is like me claiming Scottish or Irish or Welsh or German or French or English entitlement just because there is a mix of all these ethnic origins circulating in my bloodstream. I mean, I claim to be an Australian as this is where I was born and hold my loyalty too.

My mother cannot help but claim her English heritage as she was born there but she can also legally say that she is an Australian because she was naturalised after she choose to emigrate here ... but if my great grandmother had sexual relations with an Aboriginal Australian and a child came of that union and that child turned out to become my grandfather then Australian law says I can claim Aboriginality and all of the social welfare schemes attached to that claim as much as a true Aboriginal who was born here or parents were born here and the blood line of their family is purely Aboriginal ....WHAT THE?

What a deluded mess this has become and clearly many who do not deserve the tax payer funded breaks that they claim are simply ripping us ALL off. As Bolt said in front of the court after the verdict was announced "We should be focusing on the things that UNITE us and not those that divide".

Well Andrew, we need that message to go back in time to at least several decades of political stooges form both major parties who used this form of apartheid (separating the internal population based on racial difference) as nothing more than a vote generator.

See how they have created a nation within a nation, with it's own laws, racial based freedoms and benefits and even a flag. How is that promoting a united nation.... What does the song say? ..."WE ARE ONE BUT WE ARE MANY...." Sure we are many but thanks to the abuse of welfare and the creation of the "ABORIGINAL INDUSTRY" we are and will never be one. Mr Abbott TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!!...... with apologies to the late Ronald Reagan.

Incidentally, my brother is married to an Aboriginal woman thus my niece's are both eligible to the claim..... they don't do it, they work hard and claim nothing. That is being Australian in my book.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The NON Family Courts

The toon above was first published to accompany an article in last weeks Spectator by John Hirst, The article is quite a timely and poignant piece considering current and recent events. Please remember to pick up your copy of The SPECTATOR Australia magazine, out every Friday.

The article concerns a quite disgraceful but little-heeded policy change so is reproduced below:

The Federal Labor government appears bent on making it easier for mothers in Family Court proceedings to make false accusations about fathers being violent and abusing their children.

Making such accusations are a routine part of custody battles. The Howard government made some effort to deter them; these sanctions are to be lifted in an amending Bill now before the parliament.

The declared aim of the amendments is to protect children better from abuse and violence. The Bill reaffirms that the best interests of the child must be the paramount consideration in the arrangements that follow separation of their parents. That always sounds reassuring. It is the mantra under which the Family Court operates. But when one principle, however worthy, is made pre-eminent, to be pursued whatever the consequences, terrible harm may be done.

Consider. A mother makes a false accusation of abuse against a father; she may believe it to be true or it may be concocted. Either way the father is immediately made into a pariah. After the case is examined, the Court may decide that the father cannot see his children, not because it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that he has abused his children, not because on the balance of probabilities he has abused his children, but because in the mind of a judge he presents an unacceptable risk to his children. Well, you might think, with children you can’t be too careful. But consider what this carefulness is doing. Innocent fathers are branded as child abusers by an instrument of the state, a body going under the name of a court of law, which then rules that they are not to see their children again. Just how many fathers will you torture in this way to protect one child?

The Family Court was pushed into operating on ‘unacceptable risk’ by the High Court in the case M v M. The consequence is that the Court seeks absolute security for the children in its purview. Meanwhile in the administration of child welfare by the states great risks are run because the policy here is to keep children in the care of parents if at all possible. I think too many risks are run. Children are reported as being at risk, social workers examine the case, they give advice and warnings to the parents, and leave the children in their care. All too frequently the parents do not improve; they remain alcoholics or drug addicts and their children die from abuse or neglect. In New South Wales in the years 2008-2009, 57 children died from abuse or neglect. Of these 30 were known to be at risk by Community Services, which had left them with their parents.

Everyone wants the child welfare system to be better. But no-one says that no risks should be taken. If the Family Law practice were followed in child protection, on the first report of abuse, children would be removed from their parents. One reason why children are not more readily removed is that the cost of maintaining them then falls on the government through payments to foster parents or the support of institutions which care for them. These considerations do not operate in Family Law cases. If the Court rules that a father can no longer see his children, he is still required by the Child Support Agency to make payments to support them.

The Family Court should not deny a parent access to a child unless they can be shown to be a danger to the child. The ‘unacceptable risk’ policy should be over-ruled and so free the Court from perpetrating gross injustices. Fathers are citizens who should not be deprived of their children without a case being proved against them. But even on the test of the best interests of the child, consider what damage the Court is doing to the children of the innocent fathers: they are deprived of a father and later they will find out that this was because of the falsehood of their mother.

The amendments made to the Family Law Act by the Howard government did not go as far as I am proposing here. They aimed to reduce the evil by providing that a parent knowingly making false accusations would have to bear the costs of the other party and a parent who made false accusations could be declared to be an ‘unfriendly parent’ in the matter of determining custody, where the aim is to keep both parents in a relationship with their children. Both these provisions are now to be removed because it is claimed they inhibit women from revealing violence.

The government’s rationale for the change about costs reads:

‘Vulnerable parents may choose to not raise legitimate safety concerns for themselves and their children due to a fear they will be subject to a costs order if they cannot substantiate the claims.’

So in this court allegations without evidence are to be encouraged!

Under the proposed amendments, the Court is also to abandon proceeding by evidence in determining whether family violence has occurred between the mother and father. If one party declares that the behaviour of the other caused them to be fearful, then violence has occurred.

The government’s Bill has been examined by a committee of the Senate. Its Coalition members have recommended that the changes discussed here be not made. But the Greens are happy with them so unless the government has a change of heart, they will pass into law.

Whatever the intent of its promoters, one sure effect of the Bill is that more false allegations will be made and with greater chance of success. More children will be needlessly deprived of contact with their fathers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Growing Old Disgracefully

If like me, you are a political tragic and are addicted to the weekly Monday night ABC Colosseum like show, Q and A, where Conservatives are thrown to the Leftist Lions in what is nothing more than a bloodsport, applauded by the majority left audience (do not believe the opening audience stats) AND If you are like me and you are of the more conservative mindset, then you probably felt like you had just walked into a sleazy bar and there you saw your favourite school teacher stripping to "You can leave your hat on"!!!

You see, Noni Hazlehurst, Australian actor (I loved her in her role as Nancy Wake in the 1987 film, The White Mouse) and probably best remembered as the lovable, caring presenter of the long running children's TV show, Play School, from 1978 to 2001, was rightfully lauded and questioned for her role in a less than ethical book reading satirical piece called "Go the f@#K to sleep". If you don't know what I am talking about then just watch this.

To think that she unshamadly did this, the same woman that we entrusted to entertain, inform and let's face it, babysit our kids for many years, is in my opinion and slap in face and a betrayal of trust. When asked about her role in this controversial piece, she basically deferred the whole thing as harmless fun that actually helps adults deal with the drama of getting small children to sleep and then she defaulted to the fact that the real lowering of standards are all about us, on billboards and bus shelter everywhere. I agree that the way women in particular are betrayed in such advertising is sending the wrong messages but what kind of message does this attempt at humour send?

When my former wife and I had our first child, we sought ans received advice on the issue of getting the baby to sleep from family, friends, books on the subject and even the Tresillion Nurses Organisation BUT if someone had handed us this book, then I would have handed it back with the comment "How the hell does a book about swearing at and even threatening a child who won't go to sleep help us at this time of need?"

What is it with the left and their brand of humour? They get greatly offended when Alan Jones calls PM Julia Gillard, JULIAR and say that people on the right are disrespecting the office of the Prime Minister by referring to her as just Julia or Gillard and then go on to say that it's only because she is a woman that she is being disrespected and yet they hypocritically have no issue with referring to former PM, John Howard, as "Little Lying Johnny" or leftist cartoonists drawing the foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, in a pair of fish net stocking and comedians constantly ridiculing the current Federal opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, about the fact that he wears speedos because he just happens to want to swim or run on the beach in them. For heaven's sakes, they are politicians and are open to such lampooning but just don't critique our politicians, that right Noni!?!

Seems to me that the hypocrisy of the left has no bounds and there is no measure or line of decency when it does come to satire. This book and the reading of it by Noni Hazlehurst, actually did offend me and as a father and hopefully grandfather, I see this as nothing more than either a desperate act by a left over, left out lefty such as Hazlehurst (probably pissed off because they used Michael I'll sell my soul for money" Caton and Cate Blank-Cheque, instead of her to push the Carbon Tax scam) or just another wink and nod at the anti family movement that we know these Marxist loving "Useful Idiots" so openly mock at their Northern Beaches Cocktail parties!

Sorry Noni, but you are growing old disgracefully and I am sure Big Ted is not impressed either.... in my opinion

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stealing Our Super

Your superannuation might not be as safe as you think. Desperate governments could "raid" it.

Story here

Monday, August 1, 2011

Where's the outrage?

Where's the outrage? The left-wing critics who fretted and wailed over Howard's policies have lost their voice


It ought be nearly impossible to move through the streets of any Australian capital at the moment, what with them all jammed to the shopfronts by furious leftist protesters. Anyone in charge of a large-scale papier mache operation – no leftist protest is complete without a big giant puppet head – might expect to be running triple shifts.

After all, we’re presently overrun with the sort of issues that previously drove the left into a frenzy of indignant street chanting. The federal government has just signed a deal to send asylum seekers to Malaysia, a nation that is not a signatory to the United Nations’ refugee convention. The government’s planet-rescuing carbon tax excludes agriculture and petrol, which renders it a token measure capable only of damaging the local economy while doing nothing about alleged global warming. The government is cosying up to Big Coal, promising that this demonized industry has a viable future.

And, by the way, we still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Labor Prime Minister is such a fan of the US that she almost cries just talking about it. Yet the protests that were so much a part of John Howard’s reign as Prime Minister are barely visible under the reign of Julia Gillard (who, despite being the second individual to sack a Labor Prime Minister since Sir John Kerr ousted Gough Whitlam in 1975, never suffered even a fraction of Kerr’s vilification).

It’s almost as though those street-stomping activists of the Howard era were more motivated by a loathing of the former Liberal PM than they were over any matters of principle. Consider, for only a second, how the bearded-and-shouty wing of Australia’s left would have responded if it had been former Liberal immigration minister Philip Ruddock instead of Labor’s Chris Bowen announcing a human being swap with Malaysia.

Just a guess, but it might have seen a larger number than the 200 or so holdouts who staged a mini-protest in Sydney last weekend. “We're here to say no to the Malaysia solution," longtime refugee
advocate Ian Rintoul said to basically nobody. He was slightly more aggressive during the Howard years. In 2004, Rintoul – preparing for a Kirribilli House vigil – made this vow: “We plan to lock up Howard this Easter unless he frees the innocent asylum seekers that languish in his political prisons."

There are more “innocent asylum seekers” than ever presently languishing in Gillard’s “political prisons”, but to this point the current Prime Minister remains at liberty. Don’t let down your guard, Ms Gillard. Rintoul’s Easter bunny justice brigade is merely biding its time, presumably waiting for the right moment to pounce.

To its shame, the previous Liberal-led government made all the correct soothing noises about addressing climate change, particularly as it became electorally vulnerable. None on the left were buying it, however, and probably for good reason. They might have assumed that a conservative carbon pricing policy would cynically let major carbon emitters off the hook.

Which is almost precisely what Julia Gillard’s carbon tax will do, seeing agriculture and petrol aren’t included. The former gets a free pass because the government claims it simply can’t work out a way to accurately gauge agricultural carbon dioxide emissions. (Puzzlingly, the same government is endlessly trusting of emissions figures supplied by the dodgy likes of China. Perhaps Labor should invite Beijing’s best bovine carbon calculators out to Australia for a conclusive cow count.)

Petrol is cut from carbon tax considerations because the government prefers to keep its approval ratings above single figures. There’s no other possible explanation. Besides being a Mr Big of carbon output, petrol consumption is accurately measured every day by millions of individuals at petrol pumps. The whole deal is primed, as it were, for a carbon tax.

Again, ponder the likely response of local sandal-and-Crikey enthusiasts if the previous Coalition government had proposed such a scheme. The oil company conspiracy theories would be screaming across the internet like so many YouTube cat videos, and workers at Shell and BP headquarters would have to gain access to their blockaded offices via teleporting.

But thus far the only significant protests – at least numerically – from the left regarding the carbon tax are in favour of it, petrol exclusion and all. These smotheringly pious gatherings are led by GetUp!, an unexpectedly elderly activist group whose members, according to GetUp! leader Simon Sheikh, have an average age of 55. When the more senior members GetUp, it’s usually with the electronic assistance of a Smokey Dawson chair.

So they’ll protest for a carbon tax – when you think about it, it’s more an affirmation than a protest – but GetUp! bravely decided to StandDown! over the Malaysian solution. Sheikh’s explanation for this in June was interesting. Essentially, he didn’t want GetUp! to inadvertently promote the Malaysian plan by looking like a bunch of idiots who opposed it. “The government would love to see groups like us marching against this plan because that's their strategy,” he told The Australian. “They would think it would shore them up as the conservative force they would hope to be on this issue.”

Like most other Howard-era agitators, then, GetUp! is now an inactivist movement. Staying at home and doing nothing is an official tactic, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the financial future of these groups; why pay for membership (if, indeed, membership requires payment) when the big protest march of the day is from your front door to the letterbox to see if the latest issue of Caravan & Motorhome has arrived?

Still, leftist rage must always find a target. If it isn’t the treatment of claimed refugees or a carbon tax that absolves Big Oil, it’ll be something more convenient and less likely to offend the untouchable Gillard government. A few weeks ago, 18 demonstrators were arrested in Melbourne following a protest against the Max Brenner store chain. The previous month, two demonstrators were charged after a raucous protest outside a Max Brenner shop in Sydney.

The Brenner chain sells chocolate. It happens to be owned by an Israeli company, hence the outrage. That’s where the heat is protest-wise in 2011. The left is angry about Jewish sweets.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, Carbon Sunday

PM Gillard announces the details of her proposed "carbon" tax

Well that's it, it's happened, Julia and Co. have finally done it..... they have made me speechless. My jaw is still on the ground and I am virtually in a state of shock. To think that this once great country and democracy of ours has elected a government that is quite willing to destroy its own industries, including mining, and lower the standards of living for its people for generations to come, all based on a scientifically unproven theory! Well it has simply sucked the air out of this room and left me speechless. As I watched and listened to the PM along with the gaggle the sycophantic followers in the media and those traitorous "Independents", I thought to myself "This must have been what it was like when Stalin or Hitler made their speeches to the masses!"

Sure, the ALP and the Greens will be removed at the next election and if Abbott is true to his word, then maybe he will be able to unscramble this poisonous egg and put it in the rubbish bin of history, where it belongs..... assuming he has the numbers of course. Until then we will all have to take a big bite of this bullsh*t sandwich called a carbon tax and put up with these strutting pious peacocks of the left.

The real warning here is that the ALP and the Greens, for different reasons, are playing the long game. They know that this will cause their defeat at the next Federal Poll but as long as the mining industry (the major financial supporter of the Coalition Party) is decimated and that they all get their United Nations kudos, then I guess that the damage to our way of life and the economy is to them just collateral damage.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Here we go again, more proof that this country is slipping into a Big Government, high taxing, big spending socialist nightmare. The Carbon tax is coming and it is probably the most unpopular policy any Australian Government has ever forced on it's people. Not even Whitlam was as bad as this mob and this PM, now that is saying something.

As dangerous as this Government is to the economy there is one aligned organisation that wishes it had that much power. Yes, the Karl Marx wannabes over at GET UP are threatening hundreds of major employers around Australia with a business destroying boycott of their goods and services by their half a million faithful activist members, if these companies support or join an anti carbon tax campaign!

Well golly gosh, I am shaking in my boots and I am sure that the CEO's and Managers of these great Aussie employers are just falling about in fear!

Seriously, who is GETUP anyway. A fringe group of Socialists and Marxists and tree huggers that get far too much media exposure and are really known only for their support of everything anti WEST, along with their usual media stunts, like this one.

Put it this way. to become a member of GETUP all you need to do is go to their website and fill in the member form and that's it.

Wow, such dedication does a member need to join this great freedom group of the people. No fees, no qualifications, no endorsements , nothing just an email address and a name (any name!) and you are a member of the activist army. ............

Well not quite. I signed up just to get what I wanted and that was a stream of rubbish emails and propaganda but occasionally the good info would stream through and this information has helped me with my work. You see folks, to beat your enemy, you must know them well. I will tell you this about GETUP, they are a bunch of toothless tigers who believe in free speech ONLY for those who agree with their leftist ideology and worldview.

Great, I am glad such group exists because that means that our democracy and liberty is working and that these extremists do not need to resort to terrorism just to make a point.......

What a shame they don't feel the same way because clearly Mafia style tactics and blackmail is what they use to try and get their agenda sorted. To want to destroy a business because it doesn't want a government policy imposed upon it that will force it out of business, competition and or sack employees, speaks clearly as to just what GETUP means and it means ANTI AUSTRALIA!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Worrying about the wrong anniversary‏

What is all the hoo-haa about? Julia Gillard would consider the day she took over leadership of the country and by default became Australia's first female PM as a GOOD DAY to remember. The MSM is getting just a little bit too excited about this date.

The date that should be the one that Julia Gillard truly regrets is the day that she lost her leadership, that day was the 21st of August, 2010, the Federal Election. True it took a bit more time to get to the final numbers but it was certainly the day that she made a deal with the devil and sold her soul and her leadership to the Greens Party and a handful of self deluded Independents.

Gillard, is in my opinion, reflecting in the Polls just what she actually projects and that is simply "DEPRESSION". The woman is in an arranged marriage and this loveless union has born no fruit that is worth eating. The bitter taste in Julia's mouth everyday is that she has to go back on a primary election promise to satisfy those that gave her preferences thus enabling her and her party to take power. A huge cost and in the end very little power at all.

Whether or not you favour the usual ideology of the Australian Labor Party (Socialism) is beside the point. All previous ALP PMs had agendas and followed their own reforms and ideology to make their mark in Australian political history. This poor woman cannot do that because she is being forced to follow the ideologies of the far left Greens and the pampering of some former conservative Independents. When you think of her as a woman who struggled through the "glass ceiling" and did her time in the back rooms to finally obtain the top prize in Australian politics, only to be told that you do not really own your own title and we will blackmail you out of favour with the punters if you do not do as we say, then you can actually feel very sad for her ................ well you can if you want!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Happy Bob‏

Well then, as we head into the predicted rapture and end of the world as we know it, you would have to be a little glad that at least Bob Brown and his mad left Greens, in conjunction with the party of "WHATEVER IT TAKES" will not be the ones to return us to the stone age and basically end our world as we know it today.

Hmmmmm, well of course the end of the world according to some zealot nutjobs is not going to happen this weekend but I am damn sure that if the Greens/ALP coalition is allowed to get away with this insidious carbon tax, that we will certainly long for the days before it and will be remember those days as "the golden age" of Western civilisation.

Did you see the "Glass Jawed" Senator Brown yesterday being questioned by journalists? Brown called yet another media conference to cry like a baby that the Murdoch Press (who he casually refers to as, the HATE PRESS) is not being fair to him and his delusional ambitions to save the world from dangerous climate change.

When the reporters asked him to actually give them something more than the usual conservative bashing rhetoric and pointed out the fact that it is not just the conservative media that is against his Carbon dioxide tax but that most media outlets were rightfully reporting and reflecting the massive disapproval of this tax within the general public, then Brown went very strange in his manner, like a creature cornered.

What was Bob Brown's reply to that? Did he give the media any figures and facts that would unquestionably support his and Gillard's claim that taxing carbon producing industry was going to change natural climate change?...... NO!, all he said was that he was HAPPY and that the reporters should be happy also and then he made another unproven claim that the membership of the Greens party was growing faster than the circulation of the Murdoch Press!?!?!?! See the video here

Brown talks of a need for heat on those of the media trying to bring his argument down. The problem with Bob Brown now is that he doesn't realise that he is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and now that he can no longer use the media to his advantage and that the same media is starting to scrutinise him and his political party, which now has more power than ever before. The fact is that Senator Bob Brown cannot handle the heat and is resorting to that default defence of the left, attacking the man and in this case the media and the vast opposition to the Carbon tax. It is very telling about his true self as a professional politician. What I saw at that press gathering was a frightened bunny rabbit with nowhere to hide and not the leader of a fast growing political party.

Even the old fan club for the left, The ABC is now starting to ask the hard questions and you can see from this video, where Bob Brown is being interviewed by The 7:30 Report's Chris Uhlmann, that the Senator was not prepared for the scrutinising from his favourite media outlet at all.

There is one ally that Bob Brown should consider that he does have in Conservative political circles and that is the former leader of the conservative coalition, Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull stated publicly that he believes that the Abbott climate change policy will blow out the budget. Brown said of Turnbull's comments that he believes that "Malcolm is showing a wider loyalty to the country".

Turnbull the turncoat is clearly the enemy within Abbott's cabinet and simply is too ambitious and obviously has never gotten over his defeat by Tony Abbott back in 2009. It is reported that many Liberal members want him removed from the front bench as soon as possible and I for one say hear, hear to that!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ostrich For Immigration

This cartoon is inspired by just one comment made by 2UE's David Oldfield and I think illustrates clearly the lack of control and vision that not only the Minister, Chris Bowen, has for our border security but the entire Federal Labor government.

You can see clearly that John Howard's Pacific Solution was the only policy needed to control the people smuggling trade and all of the evils and expenses that naturally follow the current open borders policy of the left. Just as we can see that the reversal of the policy by the Rudd Government in 2008 is the cause of all the problems we face now with regards to this issue.

What is also clear to see, is that the Pacific Solution was removed to pander to the Greens preference deal and the usual useful idiots of the left, who lobbied hard for it's removal prior to the 2007 Federal Election.

Clearly the result is now seen by the current Gillard government as a true voter issue and as hard as it has been for her to swallow her pride and accept that the policy change was an error, it seems that the PM may just have to reintroduce the Pacific Solution to lift her ever plummeting poll figures.

I can see, as most of you can, that policy and reform is not the driving force behind the Gillard governments political philosophy but rather it is all about staying in power and doing "whatever it takes" to make that so!

As a student of history, I see that this type of governance always leads to defeat and long periods in opposition so I say "keep it up Juliar"

It does seem to me also that the only one who cannot see clearly any of these issues is the Minister concerned: "The Hon. Chris Bowen". But you can't blame him for that because he is obviously happy to keep his head buried in the dirt. If he thinks that this will help him in removing Gillard as the leader and opening the spot up to himself then I would also say that he should take another look at Australian political history of the last decade and in particular the Abbott/Turnbull situation.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Catch of the Day

Fair dinkum, what is going on in the heads of some people? From stupid and moralistic pious dribble from the usual useful idiots of the left, about how Bin Laden should have been captured and convicted of a crime via trial, like the MASS MURDERER had stolen someones bike to the extreme hard headed rock apes of the far right who are calling conspiracy and hatred of the President because he won't parade the dead body of Bin Laden like a trophy cup.

STOP! ........ and think about it. If Bin Laden was alive then would the US government tells us he wasn't and that they were responsible for his demise? Of course not, because Old Osama would just pop up on a video again and make the entire administration look like fools.

What if the man was captured and put on trial? .... clearly he would be guilty before any trial, the evidence is overwhelming and Bin Laden would only use the trial to make more points and anti West propaganda. In goal he would be the excuse for hundreds of acts of terror with the demand always being " Release Osama or we will......."

If you saw his body in the flesh or even just pictures of it, the conspiracy nuts would still not be convinced because these things can be faked easily enough by any kid with Photoshop or they will say they just dressed up some homeless waif who had died in an alley.

It's logical and logic will put you out of your suffering. Believe that the most evil terrorist of our times is no longer on the planet and get on with your life. It doesn't matter how or when he died, it only matters that he is dead and can inspire no more. Although he will probably inspire many more of his twisted kind and will be held up as a hero poster boy in death as he did in life but who could have ever changed that eventuality?

I'd much rather see a photo of Muslims and Christians and Jews etc just getting on and enjoying life together, and if you think about it wouldn't you!?!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evil has a very BAD day

Obama kills Osama. Wow you couldn't invent a better bumper sticker for this lame duck US President and although the current conspiracy theory that Barry Obama held off on the assassination of Bin Laden until his polls dropped below a certain number holds no water with me, it is true that this wonderful event will lift his personal popularity indeed.

"Mission Accomplished" certainly did that for G W Bush when Saddam Hussein was arrested but again this took many years and lives to do and I believe that either President would have gotten the job done at the very moment they could have. War casualties never help an incumbent government no matter how just the cause.

As wonderful as it is that one of the most hated figures in the history of the world has met his just end, there is no doubt that this will have no effect on the War against the Jihadist Caliphate but rather it will embolden the distorter's of Islam to avenge their spiritual leader and this will also help with recruitment to their warped cause.

The battle that the West has against any form of terrorism will simply never end. In a hundred or even five hundred years there will still be terrorist's bent on destroying freedom and democracy wherever it exists.

From religious fanatics to bent government ideologies such as Communism, the fight for true freedom and democracy is never ending and the price to pay is constant vigilance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The dangerous Leftist Media

Well the obvious result has occurred and yes I could have drawn a cartoon with all the usual cliches in it but the fact remains that the NSW ALP should have been dispatched several elections ago and why they were not is a matter of further debate. But certainly one of the main strong arms that have kept them in power for so long is the incredibly powerful influence and growing arrogance that is the "progressive" and dominant leftist media in this country.

The battle lines have been drawn and we are entering a new phase of the culture wars that I never thought I would see in this country. Sure the war between the conservative right and the socialist left has and will always be present in any free thinking liberal democracy, and that's actually healthy, but now even those who have claimed for decades to be objective and open to both sides of the argument, even though we knew they leant to one side of the political fence, have now shown their rusted-on alliance to one side and are making no bones about it anymore.

The more I witness the pugnacious attitude of the likes of Insiders host, Barry Cassidy, as he and his selected two leftist journos attack the token conservative voice of reason on that show and the disgusting and very obvious bias of Tony Jones and his hand picked audience on the Q and A show week after week, the more I am reminded that these faces and the many faceless accomplices within the leftist press and the national broadcaster, have now formed an enemies list as they declare the likes of Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Pier Akerman, Jason Morrison, David Oldfield, Mike Smith, Dennis Shanahan, Miranda Devine, Janet Albrechtsen and even yours truly just to name a few, as enemies of the state and extremists of the far right. Yes because we do not agree with their ideological wet dream, we are the extremist scum and wreckers of the world.

This is very dangerous and very chilling when you think of it because Hitler used this same rehtoric when he drew up the laws of the draconian Nazi state.

I would like to draw your attention to the following quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero, (Ancient Roman Lawyer, Writer, Scholar, Orator and Statesman, 106BC - 46BC)

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious (RUDD/ CARR). But it cannot survive treason from within (Leftist Media). An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

It's worth thinking about carefully because it is your tax dollars that are funding and supporting the rise of National Socialism in this country and just like in Germany, when the populus woke up one day the charismatic leader (just like ours) had led their country into an historical disaster that they are still living with today.

This time it's not a war of guns and bombs, it's a war based with false consensus and false science, spin and the constant telling of untruths that will lead us so far down a path to lost economic, sovereignty and cultural destruction that this time there will be no reliance on the USA military or even a Marshall plan to get us back.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour 2011‏

Earth Hour again? Well I guess if you know my work then you would know well my thoughts on the rubbish that is anthropological climate change thus you will understand when I refer to Earth Hour as STUPID HOUR!

It amuses still that this purely symbolic gesture in paganism and the far Left's agenda to redistribute the wealth of the first world in such a way that we all will return to the dark ages, both metaphorically and literally speaking, is still in practice. Last year it was seen as a virtual failure as progressively every year less and less people follow the instructions of the Gaia Zealots to turn off their power.

Two ironic points that can not be understated are that: Al Gore, the high priest of this stupid religion uses 20 more times the average household power daily and he has not one solar panel on the roof of his mansion and the other is that these useful idiots that fill the harbourside parks and venues when this self-deluded, self-praising and extremely pious act occurs, are the same soft headed twits that scream for development in the third world. Can you imagine the head-shaking -- of those in places where electricity is but a dream -- seeing these fat first worlders turning off their lights and popping champagne in the candle light!

Apart from the actual futility of turning off your lights in order to save electrical generation and thus reduce carbon emissions, because any thinking person knows that this doesn't work, the power generators are still running at the same rate, these Greenies still think that we all should feel a real sense of self shame just because we were fortunate enough to be born in this time and live in this place.

If they love the simple native dark life soooo much then why the hell don't they all just swap their lifestyle and homes for those in other parts of the world who would actually value progress.

Kinda sucks the air out of the room and that's probably a good thing as we are about to be taxed for using it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The "No Carbon Tax" protester critique‏

Report of the rally here

The Left are upset because of a few banners that called Juliar Gillard a witch or a bitch or something along those lines. It doesn't matter; it was a free and democratically protected protest. What does matter here is not only the hypocrisy of the Left in this country, which clearly has no bounds, but that these outraged Gillard and Brown supporters who are in favour of a economy destroying carbon tax, are now calling for an end to freedom of speech unless of course you agree with their rose-coloured and distorted ideological wet dream view of the world.

Those who used a few expletives to express their justified outrage against an elected Prime Minister (tic) who stated clearly that she would not introduce a carbon tax and who now unapologetically reverses her pledge, are now being demonised as extremist of the far Right? And even called crazy and members of the KKK by actual ALP parliamentarians......WHAT THE....????!!!

It's as if the collective memory of the collective socialist left (and that's the Labour Party and the Greens dear reader) has suddenly and conveniently disappeared. I mean, this critique is coming from people who are famous for so called outrageous stunts and protest banners: Nazi symbols painted on images of our former PM John Howard and an effigy of John Howard kissing the rear end of the former US President G.W. Bush immediately spring to mind. I didn't say anything when I saw that because I thought, that's typical and the insult holds no ground in changing my views and my critique of it will not change theirs, so what's the point?

To say that a few defamatory slogans about their preferred PM should justify this name calling, horror and disgust is, as I have said early, hypocrisy of the highest order.

Seems the Left in this country and particularly the Leftist media need a history lesson and this cartoon should educate a few of them. Alas, most will continue to live in denial regardless of the facts; and that includes science.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The No Carbon Tax Rally

You would honestly think that if the PM really had the courage of her convictions regarding anthropological climate change (and that her Carbon Taxing system will reverse the effects of natural climate change and that there will be enough "TAX CUTS" to compensate the entire nation who will be affected by it), then you would have to expect that she would face the thousand or more rightfully concerned Australians rallying against this tax at Parliament House Canberra.

There would be a mix of voters and ages attending the protest but I believe that many are of a conservative mindset and more than most are of the older generation. You see with age comes wisdom and these Australians are speaking out not only for their own concerns relating to the ever rising costs and the impost of a tax that will have no real effect on climate but they are there representing those of us who couldn't get the day off work or the day away from study to be there ourselves.

When you have people who have NEVER protested about anything in their lives, massing in front of our Parliament House, holding NON CARBON TAX banners high, then one can only assume that if you as the PM really thought that you were imposing policy that is truly popular thing then you would face these people and answer their genuine concerns. You would also think that if you believed that you were on the side of what is correct for the economy and the future of the environment, as you continue to claim, then you would silence your critics with a referendum on the tax. You would expect that of a true Leader!

Juliar Gillard didn't claw her way to the top because she lacked intelligence, rather the opposite, she is very intelligent and it is clear that she is using her intelligence to avoid a fight that she cannot win based on truth and logic and a referendum defeat over her and the Greens Socialist Agenda to tax us all back to the stone age and redistribute the wealth just like the good little communist she is. She is smart alright but she has made one major error in her hubris claim..... she has underestimated the intelligence and selfless spirit of the very Australian people that she claims to represent and lead.

Thank you to all those that attended the Canberra rally and all those that will attend the many more rallies to stop this insidious and dangerous tax.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barry O'Farrell's contract with the people of NSW

Barry O'Farrell is handing out contracts to the people whilst Kristina Keneally has her staff working overtime at the G.M.T, to make sure that all possible incriminating evidence of the last decade and more of ALP rule, is shredded and cannot be used against her government, which she clearly knows has Buckley's of winning this race.

What amazes even me, is that no matter what she shreds, this "lame duck" Premier could never hide all of the lies, waste, incompetence and just downright bad governance -- and even if she set the Governor Macquarie Tower on fire and reduced it to ashes, everything that matters is on the political record, media record and on the net!

If there are any outside of government personalities who were doing any business deals with the Government, then I am sure the new Government will be receiving phone calls from them also.

I just hope that this time this government will take these names and numbers, see what they want, find out how it was done in the ALP days and if any of it seems a little shady, then call in the authorities to deal with them. Then notify the media and expose and remind us all again just why in four years from now we should not forget the dark ages of the NSW ALP. Remember it's going to take a hell of a long time to clean up the mess in Japan but even longer to fix the mess left by the ALP in N.S.W.!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This cartoon is a direct response to the unsurprising leftist bias and dribble of the ABC and its unbalanced Monday night panel show called Q and A! featuring our illustrious leader Juliar Gillard.

If you missed it or want to see it all again then go to this link for episode #6:

Q stands for questions and as always most of the questions seemed almost as scripted as the hand picked leftist audience was. Laurie Oakes (a journalist of some note) even twittered in with a comment "Agree or disagree with her, she did an impressive job" I am paraphrasing but it was something like that.

A is for answers and as usual and as Laurie implied, she did an impressive job of NOT answering the questions directly but did admit to lying to the public pre-election, but that's okay because Juliar has redefined the word LIE to now being a misunderstanding between the definitions of an Emissions Trading Scheme, which she promised the voters apparently, and a Carbon Tax that the Greens deal was all about.

She and Tony Jones managed to get a nice dig into Talk Radio and all the shock jocks making us idiot puppet like people angry.

Well, what do I have to say about that? You know it's rubbish, as does any thinking person. We must really have them worried now. Can I suggest you get down to the local newsagents and pick up the latest copy of the Spectator Magazine, not just for the great cover art but for the brilliant and incisive piece on your Talk Radio and the attack on this bastion of free speech.

I guess the TEA Party movement must be starting to concern her a bit also, because she mentioned them a few times, unflatteringly of course and, like Joe Hockey, was in denial that they really do exist in Australia, WRONG AGAIN JULIAR.

This episode will come back to haunt Juliar in years to come as even she can see that the people are not as dumbed down as she and her party of social engineers think and that when you tell a LIE it will always come back to bite you on the bum.

As for the ominous warning, "Beware the Ides of March," it originated with the Roman ruler, Julius Caesar, who was assassinated on the Ides of March - March 15, 44 B.C.E.

In the ancient Roman calendar, each of the 12 months of the year had what was called an "ides." In March, May, July and October, the "ides" fell on the 15th day. In every other month, the "ides" fell on the 13th. The word "ides" is derived from the Latin: "to divide."

The "ides" were originally meant to mark the full moon - but since solar based calendar months and lunar based months are of different lengths, the "ides" quickly lost their original intent and purpose.

History lesson over, just download it, listen carefully to her and I am sure you will see what I am on about.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quaking up to reality

What a weekend of disaster to fall upon the Japanese people! Subsequently the world will also be affected via the markets. You just have to thank your God or whoever you talk to in the quiet of your mind, for the great fortune of being here in Australia.

As we witnessed on our tellies walls of water literally washing away entire lives, no such tragedy has been visited on the good folk of the "lucky country" -- though we still have own special natural traumas, in the form of fire, drought and flooding rain, to deal with.

Well, our own PM, fresh from her historic and let's face it, patronising tour of the USA, has had to face her very own personal disaster and is now, I hope, "QUAKING UP TO REALITY" (pun intended).

Can you believe that according to the latest Herald-Neilsen poll, Julia Gillard is now facing a 34 percent preference as PM behind the man that she deposed as PM, the now Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, who is holding a lead over Gillard at 39 percent.

Polls, polls, polls I hear you say and yes the result is often about perception rather than reality and if this poll suits your bias then you would assume it accurate and true but I am sure the Gillard supporters don't agree.

With that said I do believe this poll is spot on because it is a tested theory and basically history repeating itself. Rudd was very unpopular when introducing his version of a Carbon Tax and as a result was opposed by the party because of his back flip on the ETS shortly after the then leader of the Federal Liberal Coalition, Malcolm Turnbull, was removed by his party for backing the extremely unpopular carbon trading scheme.

Therefore one would have to expect that if you lied about bringing in another version of the ETS prior to the election, the carbon tax, and then expect a different result to that of your predecessor, you must truly be either very stupid, deluded or trusting greatly in the advice of others. So which is it Prime Minister, are you making your own mistakes or is someone else helping you to lose your job?

Is Bob Brown and his Watermelon Party destroying the ALP from within, by forcing such destructive policy or is it Kevin who is the real mastermind of this Shakespearean plot to assassinate Juliar?

I am sure there will be book made in due time but then again the winners are the ones who write the history books. I guess the most obvious take here would be to remember the wise words of that great Spanish American philosopher, George Santayana.... "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it".

Friday, March 11, 2011

The new feminist push for quotas

There are not enough women in Corporate Australia's big board offices? RUBBISH! One such recent claim here.

This is the cry of women who either haven't got what it takes to break through the so called "glass ceiling" or have tried and just can't get there yet: You poor dears. I wonder if Julia Gillard, Julie Bishop, Kristina Keneally, Quentin Bryce, Gale Kelly, just to name a few Australian woman in the big world of Politics and Business, would be where they are now if it wasn't for their determination, courage, intelligence and talent? Of course not and they are not in these roles because they are simply female!

To say that there is a male conspiracy to keep the ladies down and back in the secretarial pool or behind the sink is just insulting to women in general. The sexual revolution of the fifties, sixties and seventies was certainly needed to iron out the many cases of unfair work and pay conditions for women in general.

I am sure there are presently enough anti discrimination laws in this country to protect a woman's wage rates and conditions if she feels that her sex is the cause of her not getting the same as the boys. In fact when it comes to industrial relations, women have it far better than men, especially when it comes to work status --- i.e. part time when looking after kids or the arrangements with maternity leave etc as opposed to paternal leave which is rarely offered to new fathers or even taken up. I bet there are many men out there who do not even know that they have such legal rights under this act.

International Women's Day is used as the catalyst for this annual debate but really it is just more of the same socialist agenda and now the talk is leading to the usual socialist need for more regulation of your life. To actually make it law (which is being proposed by the ACTU) to have a certain percentage of females in the corporate boardrooms, is not only more BIG BROTHER (or is it SISTER? No it's COMRADE) but to regulate the sexes of your employees is truly patronising women and insulting their ability to earn any position in any occupation via their own merit, which incidentally is the ONLY reason why anyone should be in any position of employment in the first place.

Tell the Marxist Germaine Greer's of this world that their bra burning days are well and truly over and that normal people in our society do not and should never see ones sex as a reason to employ or not employ a person. The job is sometime sexually orientated of course. Female fashion models need to be female, Ruby players in the NRL need to be male, some jobs are just done better by men and or by women but that doesn't mean that there are no male fashion models and no female rugby players, just not at certain levels yet and that can always change too. God knows so many so called "norms" in our society are under attack and sometimes this is for the better and sometimes for the worse but what is definitely for the worse is to legislate laws that say you must employ or appoint people based on sexual orientation. This is a slippery road into the dark if you ask me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The return of Pauline Hanson‏

Pauline is back! You beauty. I applaud this gutsy and patriotic Australian. She is not a racist because she sees the many failing factors of multiculturalism and our current immigration policy, as many of us do! She isn't a hypocrite because she is the child of immigrants, married a European man, employed an Asian woman to run her business and rented her home to an Aboriginal family. Does that sound like a racist to you?

She is only guilty of rejecting the fear that comes with political correctness and is saying just what many, many are to afraid to in public and boy doesn't that rattle the left and the major parties! Oakeshott and Windsor should take a good look at this lady and learn just what it is to be a true independent.

What I like about this politician is that she really isn't one. She is on a crusade to return Australia to the great and multiracial nation that it once was and is certainly not short of the support of many Australians who believe in what she stands for. The leftist media are salivating at her reappearance because now they have a new football to kick around and chase all over. They will try to test her but clearly they have learnt nothing. The questions will always be about her time with One Nation and never about her policies on health, transport, law and order etc, which I have heard today and agree wholeheartedly.

Any independent person who scares the major and minor parties so much must be on a good thing. The writing was on the wall for the Libs in Queensland back in the early noughties and in 2003 she was seen as such a threat that she was unjustly imprisoned for fraud. She is in fact our first and let's hope only political prisoner ( Bronwyn Bishop said that) and it is with a bowed head of shame that I cannot deny the involvement or the Liberal Coalition in the crime to have her gaoled. Of course she was acquitted of the crime after doing some time and as far as I know has never seen a penny of compensation for being wrongfully imprisoned.

The ALP are not off the hook either as they were just as damning of her then and now the lame duck Premier Kristina Keneally, has immediately used her application to run in the next State Election for the NSW Upper House as an excuse to distance her party from the false allegations of her racism and undesirable policies.

Unlike the Keneally Governments many undesirable policies at least Pauline stands for honestly, integrity, courage and national pride. What does Kristina stand for other than waste and staying in power. The Greens have accused Pauline Hanson of having decisive policies! which is just about the most stupid thing I have ever heard because I doubt there is any one policy on the platform of any political party that can not be seen as decisive or controversial to someone. Must I remind the Greens of their long list of wacky minority policies, legalising some illicit drugs comes to mind!!!

So , GO PAULINE GO, get in there and speak up for the silent majority and try to keep the bastards honest..... if that is possible?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Independent Free Speech - WINDSOR STYLE‏

I as a political cartoonist have certainly had my share of threatening and insulting emails concerning my take on political and social issues. So what! I choose to stand up and have my say both with the written word and with my cartoons and as a result I have naturally received constructive and very nonconstructive critique for my efforts. Great I say, bring it on because that is the beauty of living in a country where freedom of speech is the foundation stone of our democracy. If Independent MP, Tony Windsor, thinks that he can please all the people all the time then he should get out of politics today!!!

His claim that talk show hosts are being used in a contrived attempt to bring down the Gillard/Brown government via public on air debate over the proposed Carbon Tax is beyond ridiculous and is a slap in the face of our democratic right to have our say. Surely as a politician, Tony Windsor would appreciate that he may have to make unpopular choices to further what he believes is in the best interests of the country. The Carbon tax is obviously one of those choices that he is backing -- and I am sorry to tell you this Tony, but you are most probably in the minority as to the ultimate value that this tax will have on the Australian economy and way of life. PM Gillard never had a mandate to introduce this Carbon Tax and neither do you. If thousands of Australians choose to write to newspapers and or ring up Talk Back radio stations to air their grievance about this policy then who are you to say that they can not? and just who do you think you are to create a conspiracy theory because a few hot heads have left a few nasty voice messages on your message service.

I don't agree with the tone or the words of these voice mailers and really if they have threatened you then clearly the Police will investigate that crime. In the meantime suck it up mate, stand up for what you believe in and stop comparing the act of one lone nut job in the USA with our public debate about a very public issue. If you can't stand the heat mate, get out of the kitchen!

Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is.........‏

My take today segues conveniently into the fact that the 83rd Academy Awards are being held -- and, like most Australians, I wish the Aussie actors who have been nominated all the best of luck and congratulations.

There is of course one Australian actor who has not been nominated but continues to take the world political stage in varied roles, depending on her direction of course. We heard prior to the 2010 Federal election only too clearly that the direction Julia Gillard wanted to take Australia was FORWARD. Now we hear that the direction that she wants to take us all in is BACKWARD!!!

Yes, thanks to her new role as the puppet Prime Minister of the Greens Party, Senator Bob Brown has directed his leading lady to introduce a carbon tax that will in a short time send many jobs offshore, raise the price of living, thus lowering the standards of living that we here in the "LUCKY" country have taken for granted for too long -- and, it must be said, have fought and died for. Yes backwards to the a pre-industrial age lifestyle and a third wold economy is the script Brown and his human-hating Greens wish all to accept as the movie genre of the year.

Dear Julia, obsessed with the office of Prime Minister and keeping the Labor Party in power has agreed to this pact with the far left socialists of the Greens. Is there anything or anyone who can stop this disaster from occurring?

Yes there is, YOU! When next you find yourself in a voting booth trying to decide who is best to run the country and protect our children's inheritance, then simply remember all that the Rudd/Gillard government have wasted your money on and the promises broken and all that the Godless Greens want done to our economy and our way of life. I think the choice for any thinking person is obvious enough.

It's true that life does imitate art from time to time and that's fine for Hollywood but in this case if we allow our life to be directed by the those who truly do live in a fantasy world then do not be surprised if you wake up one morning and find yourself living in that world.

In the next month or so there is going to be a massive rally in Canberra to show the real Julia or whoever this actress is on that day, that we the Australian people have beenTaxed Enough Already and that until the science regarding the question of anthropogenic climate change is thoroughly debated by those who do understand such science then Julia Gillard can take her great conviction that she bases this tax on, as her mandate to the next election and lets see if the people really do want this BIG NEW TAX!!!

I recommend that if you feel as passionately opposed to this tax as I do then write to your local federal member expressing this and sign the petition at this link .

Friday, February 25, 2011


Who the hell would be surprised at this backflip? This PM and her government haven't kept one pre-election promise and I guess we are all cynical enough and apathy-affected never to put any credence in a pre-election pledge of any politician. But with that said, if any promise had to be broken then this is the one I was hoping she would keep. Julia wants a "great big new tax"

Clearly the deal done with the Greens and the Independents,(Oakeshott and Windsor ) by the ALP for the numbers needed to maintain government is now in play. Disgustingly this PM of ours has put her Labor Party's needs above that of the people by introducing a carbon TAX and with no real concern for those without, she is effectively destroying her party's chances of winning the next election......irony, I love it!

Most people are not sold on the false science of anthropogenic climate change (polls are bogus at best) and the rest are either so wedded to the religious ideology of Gaia, the mythological goddess personifying the earth, or are just too apathetic and ignorant to care or understand just what is happening and why. This is what Gillard and the Greens have been counting on to introduce two taxes ( the flood levy also pushed though on the same day ) whilst all of Australia is transfixed on the recent Earthquake disaster in New Zealand.

The fact is that she is on record as stating that no carbon tax will be introduced by a government that she leads........... well, clearly she is not running the government , Brown Milne, Oakshott and Windsor are and that is a travesty of our democracy. This minority government arrangement is unfair and unbalanced and needs to go. I am not sure if the politics of this will make it possible for Tony Abbott and the Coalition to stop this economic rape but I am sure if there was an election tomorrow, Gillard and her socialist criminals would be tossed out on their so called " feel good asses".

Everything will rise in price, from petrol to all goods and service and it will certainly be the elderly and the disabled and sick and those on minimum wage or welfare that will feel the effects of this tax more than ever. Hopefully this large segment of the Australian public will hold this government to account on the next election day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Grubs of Canberra

I guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the range of events that cause absolute hardship and ruin to an Australian Farmer. Drought, Flood, Cyclone, Disease, Insect Plagues, of course, but now there is a new threat, a more insidious and viral destructiveness, that I have never seen before...... THE AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER!

Yes folks this Marxist loving red headed woman that we call Jooolia has taken it on herself to contribute to the already destructive market forces of cheap imported food goods. If it wasn't enough that our Apple farmers have to compete with the POLISHED COMPOST BIN of apples from China (I call them that because there is a great deal of evidence that the Chinese farmer uses HUMAN FECES to fertilise their crops), our glorious leader has historically stood before the New Zealand Parliament and thought to herself.... " How can I make these Kiwis like me?", .... and within seconds she was declaring the Australian Apple Market fair game and hoped that our brothers and sisters across the ditch can grow rich from the fruit loving Aussies. She was applauded loudly and the grin on her face said it all......."TAKE THAT AUSSIE FARMERS". See here

Well, really I can't state that I know exactly what was going on in her mind but really can anyone come close to understanding the method in the madness so openly displayed here!?!

I cannot see a good side to this decision, on the other hand is this not more evidence of the continuing ideology of the Marxist Left, to destroy the backbone and foundation stone of any independent western nations and that being, it's own food security. Clearly she wants us to continue to be dependant on overseas sources for our very survival. If this isn't treason by stealth then I don't know what it is.

There is still a solution to this woman's crime and any other political "leaders" act of bastardy forced upon our nations food growers..... DON"T BUY THE BLOODY FOREIGN FOOD!..... Like I said, it's not rocket science!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well we are all voters at sometime but if you are living life in the beautiful state of New South Wales then you are likely to be looking forward to casting a vote in a few weeks time that will hopefully remove 13 years of incompetence, corruption, nepotism, waste and scandal from your life.......... I know I am!

Speaking of scandal and according to the brilliant News Limited journo, Joe Hildebrand, this NSW ALP Government has actually achieved something of note during its long reign, well a new record in fact, for SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOUR.

Yep, the brand ALP is really on the nose at present and nowhere more than within the party itself. Truly it is hard to find the ALP logo on anything to do with its members these days.

Boy, Barry O'Farrell is really going to need a big mop and bucket!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Speak No Dribble, Hear No Dribble!

I refer you to an insightful piece by the brilliant News Limited columnist, Piers Akerman.

I was relieved to read this because I was starting to think that I was the only one who noticed the massive gap in crisis leadership skills that has been displayed in the last few days between Queensland's Premier, Anna Bligh and the PM, Julia Gillard. Fortunately Piers and a few other brilliant members of the commentariat (independent Talk Back presenters I mean) have also commented today on this glaring personality flaw displayed by our PM.

I am not a fan of Bligh or her Government, in fact it is likely that she we receive the same voter "get out of town" card at her next election as most certainly the New South Wales ALP government will also receive. BUT, during this tough time for this proud Queensland woman, we have seen her provide just the sort of leadership that you would expect from a PM.

Constant updates, in the middle of the fight always and showing a real and human side of her nature whilst co-ordinating a brilliant recovery plan. Only the opposite can be said for PM Gillard.

At best this was just another photo opportunity and her media tone and poor commitment to charity at home was enough to make this little cynical black duck wince. Wayne Swan, Peter Garret, Penny Wong and Bob Brown especially are as usual missing in action and not available for comment. "Still handing out the NO DAMS stickers Bob?"

I do think that the PM deliberately stood back from the issue so as to give Premier Bligh the chance to lift her personal poll ratings (and it will) and as far as the Labor Party line is concerned I can see why she would do that -- but still this would have been a great opportunity for her also to lift her approval figures.

Alas it appears that Miss Gillard has not learnt the lesson that former PM Rudd had to learn and that is to never take the Australian people for granted or for mugs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laughing in the face of Death

The Queensland floods: I am not making fun of this tragedy, let's get that straight. This natural disaster is a major concern for all Australians and any of us who are not directly effected by these floods should get down on our knees and thank the Lord above for such mercy as well as pray for those affected. Whether it is this terrible event in Queensland and Northern New South Wales or the Victorian Bush Fires or Cyclone Tracey or any one of the many, many ways that nature has shown us just how small we really are and remind us that we can not control the weather or prevent such fury from being unleashed on the land, we will prevail in the end.

After saying that and feeling most humble I am will now pump out my chest and state that in all of the above mentioned human disasters there has always been one thing that mother nature can not take from us, no matter how hard she tries and that is our spirit of human survival: That in-built human desire to overcome adversity and to help our fellow man and woman and child to find their feet again and get back to the job of living.

One way that Aussies do that very well is via their sense of humour. Be it war or acts of God, our ability to laugh in the face of a fight has always been a huge part of out human soul and the Australian psyche and that is what makes us different from all other living beings on this great planet.

We can ague until the cows come home about how many political leaders throughout our short history have neglected to look far enough into the future to prevent this regular event in Queensland from touching so many lives and we can hope that just maybe this time one of them will be motivated enough to put into place infrastructural designs that will protect human lives and property in the future? but until then we do what we do best, we survive and just get on with living.