Monday, November 12, 2012

Time is running out for us all

Every time the PM flies out for a few days , K Rudd immediately starts honouring the many media call requests that he gets (e.g. here).  Seems to think that he is still relevant and talks the PM talk about all issues when his boss is spending our money on another junket.

Rudd shows so much concern for the nation and yet he still thinks that the engaged voter doesn't remember why his party axed him when they did. He shouldn't be too upset about his legacy though because all the white elephants and the 800 pound gorillas in the corners that he created are still there.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Old School Bully

The oxygen was once again sucked out of the room this morning when I saw & heard the Hon. Minister for "SHORT MEMORIES" smugly telling us that he along with the ALP & Facebook will be taking on the cyber bullies and combating this insidious threat to us all !!!!

How will Garrett turn around an issue that was nowhere near as endemic as it now is? ....... He is telling the kids to dob in the bullies.  My God, what are they smoking at his office, this is the best that they can do?

Of course the issue with children being cruel to each other will probably NEVER go away, it is definitely a part of human development. The problem that exists now and didn't when I was a kid is that parents are almost scared to discipline their children, rather than face the wrath of D.O.C.S or worse, the Police.

Teachers, well forget it, their hands have been tied ever since Garrett's do-gooder crowd managed to remove corporal punishment from schools back in the early 80's and even earlier when Comrade Whitlam disbanded the public school cadet corps. This was an establishment where all were made to realise that they were equally weak and strong and that there is no "i" in team. Now everybody has to be a winner and no one is ever wrong, just go along with the consensus of the left.

The PC crowd always tell govt that it is not the child that is at fault but rather society in general is to blame. To a point they are right because of the desensitising masses being bombarded with sex and violence on a daily basis on all communication media along with the fact that the rights of the child to freely express itself in any manner it deems fit, always outweighs the rights of the parent/guardian to raise the child in a manner that they deem correct.

So now we are stuck with a generation of children who not only have no issue with cruelty to each other without consequence but they can do it easily and anonymously via mobile phones and the internet.

Yep , the social engineering has failed and now those who caused it to happen are trying to tell us that they have the answer....... talk about whistling past the cemetery!!!

Nothing in this plan by Garrett discusses what to do with the bullies, how to reform them and how to find out what made them so anti social in the first place. Bloody reactionary policy released by some very reactionary and desperate politicians.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The hate-filled Germaine Greer shows that, in the media, Leftists can do no wrong

if you were unfortunate enough to watch one of the most one sided and non objective screenings of the ABC's Q and A show last night (Downloadable here) then you were also privy to yet another disgusting display of the twisted and bitter mind of Germaine Greer.

That once General of the Sisterhood turned around last night and defamed PM Julia Gillard by telling us all with a grin on her smug face "Face it Julia, you have a fat arse.". Nothing was gained from such a comment except for a quick giggle from the other collection of clowns on the panel.

Can you imagine what the outcry would be like if Abbott or Joyce or really any man had said the same thing? This would be headline news but for some reason this FORMER Feminist (that is what she is now) has managed to get away with this slur with bugger all outrage from the sisterhood and the useful idiots of the left.

I guess when you are that much of a legend in the minds of those who would rather see us all dressed in the same drab green clothes and carrying little red books, then you can just about get away with anything, even if it goes against all that you have claimed to be about for decades.

Seriously speaking though, this proves once again just how irrelevant, self deluded and out of touch Germaine Greer has become and that the Female Eunuch was never about the cause of equal rights for women but more about breaking down the family unit thus weakening the foundation stones of our Western Capitalist society..... MARXISM 101!

Greer is no longer paid to think but rather to cause controversy and to throw a spanner in the works of decent debate when she hasn't appeared in the headlines for a while.

Don't take my word for it, download the episode and see for yourself just what a horrible bitter person Greer really is now -- and for that matter how such a comment can pass unchallenged on this show of "objective debate???" and with this panel "experts???", without a whimper.

Short video excerpt here

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clover NO Moore!!!‏

Green/Left Lord Mayor of Sydney declares war on cars

If you are like me and live in the beautiful vibrant town of Sydney and you do business in or just pass through the city centre from time to time, then no doubt you are experiencing the same constant gridlock that I experience day or night.

Sure the town streets were designed well over a hundred years ago for horse and cart but since then there have been a few innovations, such as the cross city tunnel and the removal of trams, along with several overpasses and some street widening. Sure the city population has grown a bit in the last 20 years and continues to add to traffic congestion.

The point is that these pros and cons make up most central business districts' concerns when it comes to moving vehicles around a busy city centre......

Alas, unlike other major city centres, most do not have to put up with the social engineering and almost Nero like rule of a Lord Mayor and elected MP (there's a conflict of interest if ever I saw one) called Clover Moore.

As you will glean from this article, Lord Mayor Clover "NO" Moore "CARS" wasn't satisfied to stamp her ideological illness on Australia's greatest and most productive city with her 2 kms of bike lanes, oh no no no, NOW she wants to green grass other vehicle and pedestrian areas as well as turn existing street parking areas into BIKE RACKS and SHOWERS for her beloved lefty voters.

Clover has gone too far and if she thinks the people of Sydney are going to sit back and allow her to turn this town into her personal playland and convert it into a Greenie version of Venice Beach, as well as destroying anyone's ability to drive, park and do business in the city without having to take a second mortgage just to cover the parking bill, along with the economic rape to the CBD (more job losses) then I think Clover Moore really is as delusional as she appears to be.

This is not your city to design like a Lego set Clover so bike rack off lady! You've made your mark in history and by God you will be remembered!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Geez, you really do want to believe her this time. I mean there is nothing healthy or good for our democracy to see such factional infighting in any Governing party.

Alas I naively believed her when she said that "there would be No Carbon Tax under a government I lead" because I just thought that once she said it and it was on the public record that she would not be so bold or stupid as to break that pledge.....

Well, as they say, the rest is history and so is she and her party come the next election because you just cannot believe that she will be able to command and control a caucus in which one in three members have lost faith in her leadership, plus the fact that she has lead such a disastrous government so far and that the people have not forgiven her for stabbing their PM in the back.

Rudd may not have been any better a choice to lead this country -- I still remember all of the mistakes that he made -- but one thing is for sure, he was the peoples choice and deserved the chance to fight it out with Abbott..... that is democracy!