Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mind games and Torture, Australia 2018 (YOUTHFUL COMMITMENT)

Students strike for Climate change action, a day after teachers

Tell a kid, any age to take the day off school and hang out with your mates in the City, waving banners and pretending to understand any of the Science and Political machinations, shout and scream and abuse the Government, and then tell them that not only will their parents and teachers be proud of them, but so will the whole country because they are "saving the planet".

How many children do you think will opt out of that excursion? ...... if you said NONE, then you get an A PLUS in logical thought.

But of course a kid didn't come up with the idea of this. Another bright adult did and they are the ones who we must identify (as they hide behind the children) and root out for the evil brainwashing that they perpetrated on these impressionable minds.

If you were in support of this disgraceful act of child abuse, then unfriend me or block now, if that makes you feel better, I don't want to know if you can't debate this with civility anyway!
I will forgive you if you confess and repent of this stupid act though, but somehow I doubt that you will.

Oh and by the way, at the birth place of Vlad Lenin, the Russian Motherland of Marxism, (which is the driving force behind all of this Evil Insanity), called off it's Children's Protest against "Global Warming" the other day. The reason being to the high risk of Frost Bite and Hypothermia, as temps dropped below -40 degrees Celsius. I guess the The Russians do love their children too.