Wednesday, November 28, 2018


With only about 5 month to go until the Federal Election, you'd expect the Mainstream Media with the usual Commentariat, to be discussing the prospects of the incumbent Prime Minister and Government against Bill Shorten & the ALP/Greens alliance.
BUT.... What I would never expect this early in the countdown, is for so many of them to be CALLING IT !!!

Since the recent removal of the pseudo Conservative PM Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, via much desired coup that has given Australia a Conservative PM in Scott Morrison, we have already seen a return to an upward direction in the Domestic Economy, Employment and in Policy strengthening overseas and on our Borders.

Obviously this is GOOD NEWS now, but the many years of the previous destruction caused by the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Labor Govt, then followed by the TRAITOROUS OCCUPATION of the the Highest Office in the Land by a bitter Leftist pretender, there is still much to do and even another full term alone will not return Australia to the glory days of the Good Governance of one PM J W Howard OM, AC.

So why is our MSM still hell bent on pushing the point that as a result of the madness that just occurred in Victoria (officially now having the most dangerous Capital City in the Nation) with the return of the Andrew's ALP regime, is this proof positive that a Conservative and unashamed Christian PM and his Government, NATIONALLY "on the nose" ????

It's a fabrication, a LIE that is being propagated over and over again by the crumbling 5TH Estate until enough of the unengaged and already dumbed down masses, turn up on Election Day and Vote ALP who preference the Greens (their Marxist Comrades), becuase that's what the guys and girls in the Media reckon we should do.

Mainstream Media controls our minds if we allow it, which alas is almost the norm in Australia. Therefore they have the POWER to cause significant social and political changes according to their own agenda. As most of the MSM dance in their Consensus Thought Collective, to the Pipes of Pan these days, thanks to the "Long March through the Institutions" by the Marxist Social Engineers, then we can expect Polls to swing towards the Comrades of the Left.

That is why they are calling it now, their BRAVADO is based on years of trial and error and now they believe that they have reached the tipping point, where the vast majority are no longer capable of making an informed choice based on their individual research and understandings. What the ABC, most at SKY NEWS and the usual suspects on the Commercial Media Networks say, is the way we should go.

The true test of whether or not Australia has become the Utopian Marxist Society of SHEEPLE will be be determined at the next Federal Election, when they give the keys to THE LODGE to one of the worst and most untrustworthy Union Driven and Paid for Leaders of the Opposition or remain in safe and confident hands of good fiscal Governance under the current PM, Scott Morrison.... in my humble opinion.

May God SAVE us all from another ALP/Greens Govt.

Monday, November 26, 2018


Greens MP wants kids to skip school for climate rally

You really can't anticipate the lengths of insanity that the Greens and any of the other Marxists out there will go to in their goal to kill our way of life..

I read this one and thought immediately, that this Piped Piper of Madness, needs to be institutionalised and not receiving taxpayer money as a wage, let alone have the ability to cast determining votes in the Parliament of Australia, and then I remember that it's much worse than that as I know that this Watermelon was elected by Everyday Australians.

WELL, there are definitely now two classes on "Everyday Australians", because I and I pray that most of us, wouldn't want to be lumped in with those "punters" anymore.

This insanity only further emphasises my often mentioned public opinion that a responsible and rational thinking parent, needs to Educate themselves about The origin of Marxism and Communism, then find out what exactly what LIES are being poured into their children's impressionable minds at their school (not all schools or teachers of course) and then spend some time explaining to them about modern history the precious hard fought gift of the society that we enjoy now, and read to them from the pages of Antonio Gramsci's , "THE LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS" on Marxism, which steadily and assuredly, generation after generation is reaching its long game objective end of destroying Western Civilisation from within.

The power is actually still in the hands of Australians to stop this Cancer on Society but only this current Generation, otherwise it will be the last !

On that sobering note. Farewell and God bless you.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Lecturers told not to use capital letters to avoid upsetting students

Well in a world of perpetual outrage, ​I'm not surprised and I am sure that many won't be surprised by the story above and the cartoon that I have complemented it with.

You can't make this INSANITY up anymore. Anti PC Satirists all over the world are scratching their heads to try to come up with anything that would sound just that too ridiculous to lampoon, even for the Marxist Social Engineers

Friday, November 2, 2018


Let's say goodbye to October 2018 with some more Leftist insanity. Although it is clearly a strategy for their assured future electoral victories, that is if the Marxist Social Engineering isn't removed from the Public Education System at least!.... don't hold your breath for a few more generations.

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters is holding a Canberra public hearing into the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Lowering Voting Age and Increasing Voter Participation) Bill 2018. The passing of this Bill as proposed by the Greens,of course, would extend the franchise to 16 and 17 year-olds on a voluntary basis, allow enrolment for 14 and 15 year-olds, and permit a provisional vote on election day for unenrolled citizens.

Chair of the Committee, Senator the Hon James McGrath said that he was interested to be hearing from youth organisations whose submissions had been given consideration by the Committee.

The hearing will be held at Parliament House, Canberra, and will include representatives from a number of youth organisations, as well as the usual Useful Idiots of Marxist driven Academia and the "Legal experts".

It is my opinion that almost half of the adult population should abstain from Voting, based purely on the fact that they are not engaged and ignorant of the Politic Monster that lurks around them daily, controlling all that they do, whilst they blissfully hang out at the Pub, The Beach, The Footy or just drone out in front of the Reality TV Shows and Popularity Contests, being fed their daily helping of Fake Media by the overwhelmingly Left Wing Bias Mainstream Media.

Trying to include the more ignorant and manipulable votes of CHILDREN, is obviously a way to maintain Marxist control of our stuffed up version of Democracy, in my humble opinion.

I can see a future Q&A audience that looks like a Preschool crèche, although their is an argument that it's almost there now.

Please note the Toilet direction sign on the School wall. The N/A is inspired by the proposal from Tasmania to not give the sex of the baby on birth certificates