Friday, April 30, 2010

Yet another shallow SMOKE screen

As we sit here on the eve of what we all know will be new set of higher taxes in the form of something called the HENRY REVIEW, then who would be surprised to find out that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants to save all the smokers lives by pricing this addictive LEGAL product out of their reach.

Yesterday in yet another lame attempt to divert public attention from his very embarrassing back flip on his all important Emissions Trading Scheme, Rudd has given the green light to tobacco retailers to put up the average price of a pack of smokes by as much as twenty five percent.

Not to mention the ever growing booze tax hikes, yet another success story in the battle to stop people from drinking to excess!?!

To add insult to injury he, Rudd, then has the gall to state that this tax hike is to provide for the 5 billion dollar BRIBE that he needs for the states to roll over and allow the federal overlords to take not only control of the health system but also swipe a third of the GST revenue that the states need to make any improvements possible.

Granted the current state governments couldn't before and cannot now fix this basket case of a public health service, which leads to another question for the delusional PM: "How the hell does Rudd plan to make such miraculous reforms work?" I have yet to see any actual working plan.

Cynically, and I believe justifiably, Rudd is bluffing and pandering and showboating again and once again is displaying that he has so much contempt for the Australian public that he believes that we will continue to follow his Pied Piper's attempt to lead us over the cliff of a socialist new order.

All that this empty-suited socialist has done in the last 24 hours is to force millions of smokers to go out last night and stockpile as many smokes as they could afford to buy. One in a thousand may use the price rise as a leverage to quit but the reality is that this will do nothing more than further alienate Rudd from his traditional base, the working class family. And if the memories are strong and long enough to last until the next federal election, which I predict will be sometime around late June early July, then Rudd may have just done the Conservative opposition the biggest favour this country could ever ask.

Still it is tough if you smoke, because now the extra money that you needed for your private health care or your kids' education or just the basics of life is no longer there because the addiction to nicotine is comparable to an addiction to heroin: thus the smokes will always take priority. How can this man get dressed in the morning? He truly hasn't thought about any of this!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Being interviewed while wearing a hard had seems to be the latest Leftist idea. They seem to think it makes them look more active or something. As even a Leftist commentator said recently: "Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Kristina Keneally are also serial hard-hat offenders"

I would say that you would be hard up to find any sensible adult in this country, who would not agree that health reform is certainly now an issue worth discussing and worth investing in. What the general public do know about our failing health system, would fill a library but what the answers are to creating a successful and efficient national health system are as varied as the the problem itself. At least this issue is now at the surface of discussion and is apparently at the top of our Prime Ministers list of priorities ............. THIS WEEK !

Just like the many election promises that K Rudd made in 2007, this too is but another grab for the popular spotlight that got this empty suited man of charisma elected and a way to divert our attention from the seamless line of policy disasters since he moved into the Lodge.

Just like Benito Mussolini in 1939, Kevin Rudd is all about talk and hairy chested rhetoric yet can not back up anything that he says with actually accountable figures or even a clear and decisive plan.

Just to remind you of some the many failures of the Rudd regime, I will start with the pathetic "SORRY" statement and the so called reconciliation that was to heal all the pain and inequality suffered by the original inhabitants of this prehistoric land, right up the the "stolen generations" and the cruel white mans way of assimilating these godless children into white man's Australia.......

Yet, it is clear that nothing but left wing bleeding hearts and soft headed dreamers were the only ones who were truly appeased by that stunt. Really I don't know why he bothered as these naval gazing, hanky wringers always vote Labor anyway.

Then we move to "the greatest moral challenge of our time", (Rudd's words not mine),Global Warming/Anthropogenic climate change. Well, where do you start? Nowhere, because the lie that is the greatest hoax and mass global scam perpetrated on the West ever, still leads us to Kevin Rudd once again jumping up and down saying "look at me. look at me, I'm the Piped Piper from Queensland" to all of his fellow one worlder socialist mates in the UN; I'm taking Australia to Copenhagen and I will be the one to leads us out of global disaster............

Yeah Kev!?!, that was another enormous load of crap that resulted and would always have resulted in nothing less that an expensive junket for you and your sycophants.

Now that his credibility was even more on the line and even ALP voters were starting to look skyward when they heard "Who voted for this clown?", Kevin needed to get back into favour with the punters and start to address some of those policy on the run promises that he made back in 2007.

The "working families" need help now and what better way but to introduce , "Fuel watch" and "Grocery watch" and announce that his government will build hundreds of child care centres to take pressure of struggling the Howard battlers. Yet again more failed policy that resulted in nothing and about a dozen child care centres actually built. This was again another waste of our money.

Still Kevin just cannot stop (I kind of admire that in him) so it's on to the great Home Insulation Scheme, this will employ thousands and ensure a better quality of home comfort as well as reducing energy use so as to stop those evil black clouds of carbon dioxide from killing us all and to keep the Green support alive and well, aka giving the dog a bone.

Of course Kevin 07 is too busy to actually nut out the details of this one himself, after all he has a reputation of being the most travelled Aussie PM ever and he wouldn't want to waste a frequent flyer point, so he passes it to his parachuted rock star, sell-out minister, Peter Garrett, who completely ignores the industry's expert advice and as a result causes death and destruction and causing him to lose his job.

Rudd then cancels the scheme and still has the bottle to offer the Australian taxpayer a multi-million dollar bill to fix up the dangerous insulation's caused by the rorters that he created along with the damaged reputations and lost income for hundreds of reputable insulation installers.

Ooooppps Kevin, quickly, roll out Julia Gillard and lets start spruiking the great Building the Education Revolution. Lets get those laptops on every kid's desk and spend millions fixing up the run-down schools. Alas and yet again not a laptop to be seen and a festival of rorts and errors that has turned this B.E.R into the Big Education RIP OFF.

Oh no Kevin, Rove doesn't want you on his show anymore and now your falling in popularity polls, what will you do to save your skin?..............

I've got it!, let's take away all the GST money that we give the states (after all we need some money to pay back our 300 billion dollar debt to China after giving everyone a $900 bribe) to run the stuffed up public health systems and blame the states (doesn't matter if they are ALP, they are unelectable anyway, and then it will look like you have kept one election promise.

Remember, cut the emergency waiting time down to 4 hours. Then every one will say, "hey I don't need to pay for my own health care , I'll just go onto the public system and I will be happy to wait only 4 hours."

Until of course it is realised that everyone will do that thus tripling demand for public health overnight and turning a basket case of bureaucratic heavy incompetence into a third world system that any one from Afghanistan or Sri Lanka will be happy to use, after all, with the borders now open to one and all, these folk will need to feel right at home.

But seriously folks.......that was serious by the way. Health reform is not about money, health reform is about changing the habits of people who seem to think that they can do what ever they like to their bodies because the government will always look after them. At the moment that is why we cannot offer a decent and effective health system.

Not a word from Kevin Rudd about mental health (a much larger issue I am sure) or even dental health and just teaching folk the importance of maintaining wellness.

As long as the PM has a camera in his face and a sympathetic and supportive media to help spin his pandering and misguided untruths, then you can always expect to see a little man in a hard hat and a reflective vest sitting at the end of your hospital bed, promising the world ......... if you get a bed that is!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Gough Whitlam (Still alive in his 90s) was a Labor Party Prime Minister of Australia in the '70s who knew lots about most things -- but (by his own admission) nothing about economics. His chief achievement was to overspend on madcap schemes to the point of giving Australia 19% inflation.

With all the issues at hand and in this, an election year, one would think that the Federal Coalition Party would have little to do but sit back and wait.

With Rudd's GST blackmail of the states and his complete unabashed bribery of the voter, with borrowed CHINESE money! On top of all of the broken promises, untruths, pandering, rhetoric and just downright irresponsibility when it comes to border protection and the economy, how then can this man, Rudd, and his government expect to maintain their place in power?

Once again we seem to witness history repeating itself -- and who would have thought that the 1972 Whitlam Government could have ever have been surpassed for socialist big government policy and incompetence and yet still hold such high popularity with the average punter?

Today, Gough Whitlam is being referred to as a living legend, even after he was rightly dismissed by the Governor General, Sir John Kerr, back in 1975. The first and, to date, only Australian Prime Minister to be FIRED!!!

Alas, I can foresee that this present PM will also be held in high regard in years to come. Like Ned Kelly and Chopper Read, we Aussies seem to love our villains.

This is in my mind the most troubling symptom of a populace that has become disillusioned by a string of corrupt and inept state and federal politicians and made brain dead by an over sycophantic leftist media -- along with decades of Socialist/Marxist engineering by those who would have you believe that what is happening in the Big Brother House and on the footy field is FAR more important and relevant to you and your children's lives than the high-taxing big government and the slow decay of your culture.

The very freedom and democracy and culture for which your grandparents and generations before, spilt blood, sweat and tears to build and maintain will be nothing less than a notation of events in the rewritten history books of our great grand children.

This is just what the one-worlders have been planning for ages -- and with the tool of "Political Correctness" we have given Rudd and his minions the green light to piss away our children's rightful inheritance whilst he and his ilk will sit high at the table of true power, THE NEW UNITED NATIONS!

Below is a link to one of the most important interviews and social and political comments of this Federal election year. I would like to think that every Australian could listen to and absorb the wise observations of two of this country's most aware commentators and patriotic Australians that I have ever had the honour of knowing, Alan Jones and Piers Akerman.

Podcast here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bursting the Multi-Culti bubble of Leftist Delusion‏

Above is a cartoon drawn to accompany an article appearing in the next edition of The Spectator Australia magazine. This piece is a great observation of the narrow-minded and delusional state of the progressive liberal mindset and examines just how truly superficial and dangerous that wet-dream multi-culti bubble is, as well as how easily it can be popped when they to have to confront actual reality.

The article relates how a Lefty became a racist -- even in her own eyes -- when she had to live among people from cultures rather different from her own. Her tolerance was an academic theory that did not stand up to reality

The article is a revised version of one that appeared in "The Punch" last January but please pick up a copy of The Spectator Australia, which is available this Friday to get the latest take on the matter.