Monday, October 19, 2015

Not another Lazarus rising story

It sure must be eating the hell out of the Peanut Gallery and especially the likes of Mark Kelly. Just look at the sorrow in his eyes in this SMH link.

There will be no "Lazarus Rising" story for this Opposition Leader. He should have known when he was on to a good thing and have been aware of the power that the Leftist Media does have over all the punters, even Laborites.

Since Turncoats assassination of PM, Tony Abbott, the media have certainly been courting this Usurper and 'Socially progressive' liberal. They only really backed Shortens plays, even as shallow as most were, because he was facing Abbott, the "dreaded Right Wing Social Conservative"!

 Now the cast has changed, Turnbull get's the LMSM LOVE, which is of course feeding the ridiculously high polls.

It will drop off as the election nears but I doubt Albo or Plibersek think for a moment that the King Maker Bill, will recover enough to make it happen again for the ALP/Greens.

Hard to get rid of him now, Rudd saw to that, but he will certainly deposed after the Fed Poll.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Desertio Libertatis‏

Zeg must have had a Catholic education years ago.  He seems keen on Latin.  I take the title above to mean the "desertion of liberty" -- JR

In my opinion as always, the hypocrisy is staggering with regards to the recent MSM coverage of the violent "EXTREME RIGHT, THE ANTI ISLAM FRINGE" & the always " PRO DIVERSITY, ANTI RACIST PROTESTORS"!

It's not bad enough that the labelling is so skewed and distorted to openly favour the Leftist "Usual Suspect" of the Socialist Resistance Rent-A-Crowd (who are never mentioned, although their flags fly high), but when every hand-wringing lefty reporter just couldn't help to point out estimated attendance figures as if they were fact, and always as if the "sensible and kind hearted diversity lovers of freedom" far our numbered the rat wing racist rabble of the right MINORITY!

I thought that they embraced all minorities?

I've been witness to clearly edited vision of an anti-mosque protest organiser on his megaphone, appearing exceedingly vocal who is then shown up against the selected muted footage of the flower and (aboriginal?) flag waving kiddies of tolerance and kum-ba-ya!

The danger of extreme Islamic terrorist attacks is obviously very real in Australia. Let's face the facts, they have happened and will happen again, even after the brilliant work of our Police and Security agencies, who have most certainly curtailed many other murderous acts of the Aussie Infidels (another thing that the Leftard Media don't want you to know. I know because I was a part of that world and still am connected). Thank God that we don't rely on the appeasing, always careful of offending the Muslim vote Politicians, to be running the raids and the taking care of the electronic intercepts, surveillance and analysis!

Back to the point of this cartoon. For our ideologically driven mainstream media not to do their job and to just report the facts but to create a false image and narrative of these events, is a disgraceful treachery to say the least. An actual desertion of the Liberty that they would have you believe that they are protecting.

So do I have this right, let's fall over with gratitude when a Muslim Imam says that he told his flock "If you don't like Australia, Leave" and yet almost a year ago to the day, Woolworths Supermarket brings out a singlet with the same wording on it and they are decried by this same Media as promoting Racism and Division?

Of course Islamist Extremists Like Australia, they loooove it, they waaaant.... derrrrr! Problem is that they just don't like the Australians already in it. Our Culture and our very way of life, offends Sharia. We have a Grand Mufti of Australia (a pretty impressive title) calling for a start to an open dialogue and yet after 18 years of being here, he can't speak English. The first two opening words of the Mufti's media release calling for the Media Conference were, DEAR SIRS.....

Just think about that all you liberated woman out there and especially the appeasers in the Media.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A bit after the event but I was waiting for more to happen on this Islamist Public Execution of an employee of the NSW Police Force. Certainly not leaving the opinion pages or Talk Radio chat in a hurry.

You'd expect the "Usual Suspects" of the Leftist MSM to whitewash the fact that this was a murder based on a religious belief, by calling it a "POLITICALLY motivated crime" but when our "Conservative Government" Leaders such as the Usurper PM Turnbull, also refers to the incident as a Politically motivated incident, as well as the NSW Liberal Premier, Mike Baird, then excuse me for thinking that I now live in an alternative universe.

These Pollies of all colours just can't say the the "I" word , which must be due to some politically correct based fear of a backlash from Muslim voters and the Left, who will immediately play the bigot card!

 Immediately after the killing, Turnbull stresses that the Muslim Community will be "Especially" grieved by this murder!.....

Really, Chairman Mal? ESPECIALLY distressed, more distressed than the Mr Cheng's family and friends, more distressed than the rest of the Australian society of "Infidels" who were fortunate enough to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time when this radicalised Iranian/Kurdish 15 year old Muslim refugee, decided to senselessly kill an infidel and then Martyr himself in the name of the Islamic Caliphate?

How about more disturbed than the horrific effect on the lives and the families of the 3 NSWPF Special Constables that had to no choice but to engage in a gun battle that resulted in a life being taken? (incidentally, 3 personal friends and ex colleagues of mine)

Meanwhile across town, American Pro-Life Activist, a CHRISTIAN MAN, who is doing all that he can to stop the murder of unborn children, is RED FLAGGED as some kind of "UNDESIRABLE" visitor, due to baseless claims that he, a man who opposes the death penalty, a man who believes that all life is valuable, is suppose to have called for the execution of Doctors who perform abortions! A statement that he has denied, many times over.

NO!!!!, the objection to Troy Newman  entering Australia and joining the Right For Life public speeches, is just another attack on the Church of Christ by the Left. His visa issue could have easily been fixed up alas this man was not on the side that now runs this country.

This Conservative Liberal Government is infested with Leftists and we can already see just how dramatically the tone of the Media has softened right down since PM, Tony Abbott's disgraceful knifing as well as the Govt. actions such as the APPEASEMENT of Islamists continues.

Hizbut Tahrir, an ISLAMIST HATE GROUP, BANNED ALL OVER THE WORLD, is free to speak anywhere in Australia but Troy Newman, a White, Christian Pro Life Activist, BANNED!

Sucks the air right of the room. I have no idea where this country is heading but it does seem that it will only get worse before a huge event of some kind causes a Conservative Revolution to correct this societal suicide.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


With all of the Grand Final action around, I thought that this was a good theme to jump onto.

 It certainly seems to me and most Conservatives that believe as I do, that there is very little light shining between Turnbull and Shorten, as far as their Leftist policy agendas are concerned. I'm not too sure that we can even trust him with the economy, as it is my opinion that he's probably a closet Socialist. I mean, why would a fiscal Conservative or a Social Conservative ever consider joining the ALP?

We all know where the Greens stand, Marxists at heart, and again closer to the opposition and this illegitimate PM (imho).

I was thinking about a cheer squad to put in the background and was going with the Leftist MSM and then remembered that the PUP was definitely a one man show at the moment, with little chance of doing anything in the next election, I doubt that Clive will bother running, thus a more entertaining and yet visually disturbing aspect to the cartoon. I don't want to lose sight of one of the most entertaining Parliamentary members in years...... I'll miss him.

Sure, there are still some excellent top shelf players in the Coalition line up and some are on the field, alas many are also on the bench and just wasting their talent as the watch their team team fall down the ladder. I'll not change my team colours so easily because Coaches come and go, and that's just the nature of the game that we love so much.

Still, without a true Conservative alternative Party, the game looks like it will be a pretty boring one, as the teams all pretend to battle on Policy but really it's just another personality competition as they try to score in the same end of the field......THE LEFT END!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Pope that the Left adores?‏

This Pope is very concerning to me and I wonder how you feel about my perception of his mindset? He is clearly different from the previous Popes and that is evident in his attacks on Capitalism and his systematic ticking of the boxes that the UN Elitists are striving to achieve everyday.

He embraces all religions as one and none more than that which is the absolute enemy of liberty and Christianity.

The US Democratic Party has increasingly attempted to claim Pope Francis as their policy champion over the past few months. The White House put out a memo months ago outlining the topics of shared interest that President Obama would discuss with the Pope, including immigration and climate change. This is clearly a  liberal agenda that I have never seen from the Papal Office before.

I mean the September 23rd visit has had some attention, and it perhaps may come and go like any other day, but we certainly have to consider its significance.

Hints and actual reports have been given of the topics that would be considered a priority. Both Obama and the Pope have made references to the need to address poverty and the economy. I can't argue with any of that and of course Crony Capitalism is rife in many countries including the country of the Pope's birth. In my opinion, that is the likely reason for his confusion about just how true and properly regulated Capitalism operates and how it  has reduced poverty and despair in the world.

The Pope’s left-wing ideology certainly has met its equal with Obama’s Communist ideas. Apart from the mutual push on the whole Anthropological Climate Change Lie, The Pope has been the world’s proponent for a religious unity amongst Protestants, Evangelicals, Catholics, and even Muslims. An ecumenical harmony. True liberty (Individualism) would prevent such a unity (a Cabal) thus there must be a Centralist controlling entity to enforce such an ideal. Are you seeing my concern?

The Popes have met with U.S. Presidents before, so what makes this unusual?

Well,  this meeting falls on Yom Kippur and I wonder if it has any significance, as this is the Jewish Day of Atonement and call for repentance.

This Pope has called for the New World Order pushing for attention to this agenda. Which has led to my suspicions that the meetings over the last few days might try to close the deal in cooperation with the United Nations.

A One World Government has been the secret agenda of Elitists for eons as the ancient hope and has been the course of action for Global Elitists in all legislation, every economic and banking decision and every move behind the course of directions for the nations of the world.

What I have have also realised, is that September the 23rd is the 266th day of the year, the day of birth after the gestation cycle. Could September 23rd mark a spiritual birth for the New World Order? Yes, the New World Order has been an agenda for a while, and probably a silent reality for some time already, especially after George H.W. Bush’s announcement on Sept 11th 1990.  It has gone public and is more of an open statement. However, has it ever officially been celebrated? I wonder if this is a spiritual coronation of the birth of the agenda.

The Antichrist is predicted to come as a leader to seemingly unite the world in peace. He will first be hated, but the uniting in peace will flatter the nations. They will look fondly upon him, until he turns on the world to demand worship unto himself as God.

You're probably thinking that I'm currently wearing an tinfoil hat and many years ago I would have agreed with that perception, but what I have read from the only book that has ever made any true sense to me and from what we are witnessing now in the world, then all I can say is that I hope to God I am wrong regarding these suspicions!

Please, my devoted Catholic friends, who are many, please do not see this critique or suspicion of the current Pope's perceived taking of the Church to the far Left as an attack on your fine religious faith. I have long admired the tenets of the Church of Rome and several of my life partners, including my current one, are devoted Catholics. No parochial religious bias here, just a genuine concern on a separation of Church and State stance, as well as the preservation always of Democracy, Liberty and Capitalism.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Remuneration for a job well done‏

I actually started this cartoon about 4 days ago but due to health issues I wasn't able to finish it until now.

Today's news of Hockey leaving the SS Small L liberal sinking ship was enough for me and yes, I have added him to the cartoon, you can see him walking away next to the tree that I am sure that most Real Conservatives would like The Judas of Wentworth to end up on, in accordance to the obvious biblical reference here.

If one thing is for sure, the Leftist Media is now firmly in charge of the body politic. Sparsely unchallenged hateful reporting of Tony Abbott's few flaws and yet no highlighting of the many excellent things that the man had achieved in his two year Prime Ministership. This bombardment of negative spin and Leftist Propaganda obviously fed into the minds of the less engaged "we hate all politicians" mob, the "sensible centre" fence sitters and of course the "swinging voters" who generally decide this countries future based on the "what's in it for me?" ethic!

The Pollsters using their less than representative science to convince the plebs who is winning the footy game of life, which in turn frightens the hell out of the self serving Public Servants of the Party to believe the lies and rush to the support of Big Brother/Social Media favourite within.

It's enough to make you sick (and it literally did me) and now to feel so torn about a Political Party that was led by a man who shared your ideological and moral views of the world, only to find yourself now looking for a real Conservative alternative and then realising that there just isn't one. Many good people are still inside the Liberal Compound, alas they obviously are outnumbered by cowards and left leaning Conservatives ( which is in my book, an oxymoron, just like Gay Marriage)

Anyway, the music plays and the show goes rolling along!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

REVENGE, Such a sweeet song,...........for the LEFT‏

The Turnbull ascendancy

A disturbing set back for Conservative Australians everywhere. It felt like watching the Twin Towers being hit live. The revolt from the Liberal Party rank and file will be huge. I would now like to see a new Party started. Lead by the likes of Cory Bernardi and George Christensen. Call it The Australian Conservative Party and watch the membership hit a million overnight.

Turncoat will not be able to mend these bridges and put out some kind of Olive Branch, because there will be bugger all there to take it. If the Turncoat camp think that they will be forgotten, then they are bigger fools that I give them credit for.

The Late Great Sir Robert Menzies, is likely rolling in his grave to know that a Liberal PM once again sits in the Lodge and is a man who wants nothing more than to further the "Progressive Agenda" of the Left. Republic, ETS, Gay Marriage, Soft approach to Islamic Terrorism and Border Security etc etc, the list is long and disturbing!

This darling of the Left Wing Media, and really a creation of the that same media, which has created the fear within the COWARDS of the Party as well as the country, not only did what comes naturally to a small L liberal but was primarily motivated by REVENGE as well as his bloated EGO and desire to be called Prime Minister.  Judas Iscariot would be proud of Malcolm.

Thanks to this media and the self serving and delusional Politicians that we have put our "trust" into, our Politic and the Liberal Party is damaged beyond repair for at least a generation. What we have now sown, we will reap as Europe implodes and America declines.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lucky Winston‏

Just listening to the Greens Leader, Di Natale and his constant hand wringing and opposition to actually fighting this War with Islamic extremists, with more than words and gutless platitudes and motherhood statements about collateral damage, an unfortunate reality of any conflict where the enemy uses civilians as shields and civilian premises/vicinities to store weapons caches, manufacture arms and train more combatants.

It got me thinking of just how history would have played out if his Greens were in existence and in a position of political power when hard but very necessary decisions had to be made! I wonder in any of us would have been born?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Zeg knows Vaucluse well

Interesting observation of mine, maybe you agree? I see that those most vocal about opening our borders and bringing in more of the cultural mismatch, economic bourbon, health and security threats on a massive scale, seem to be those who live in the more affluent suburbs that DON'T have a train station.

I have been advised by an experienced Realtor, that the reason for NO TRAIN STATIONS, isn't a lack of foresight, funding or local Government planning, rather simply, they don't want the low socio-economic people to easily access their streets.

 "No ghettos in my area stuff! as we must protect the property value at all costs."

I agree with the ethos, if they want their suburbs to be devoid of the convenience of basic public transport such as a connection to the rest of the rail network, and prefer to be insulated against the "lower classes". THEN LET THEM, that's their choice! They pay for their expensive slice of city real estate and should be able to enjoy a "higher standard" for that expenditure. After all, you don't go to BILSON'S and expect a Big Mac and Fries for the money paid!

 It seems to actually work when you look at the average house price in such areas, compared to those on train lines. My point here is that once again it is another example of "not in my backyard" and "YOU people deal with those people, you have our blessing" .

Their hypocrisy has no bounds

Monday, August 31, 2015

The future success of OUR fight starts NOW!‏

This one speaks clearly enough to those who didn't swallow the red pill at birth.

Just for those who haven't been paying attention though. It is vital to recognise the enemies of our basic freedom and democracy -- and I am not talking about the obvious threats, rather the enemy within.

Whether the Left do this subconsciously because the decades of Marxist Social Engineering have been so successful, or because  they are just that stupid, they cannot see that the world, that they so blatantly promote as the ideal, is in fact being betrayed by their naive actions.

I say that the "Useful Idiots" and "Usual Suspects" of the current so called "Progressive generation", are now making it that much easier for ALL OF US to lose our hard earned Liberty/Democracy/Capitalism and to become slaves of both or either a Political and or Theological ideology.

These "New Age" and "Enlightened Progressive" members of Western Society, believe that they have all of the answers to problems of human violence both internationally and domestically.  They claim  that BOYS grow up to be future Dictators, Warmongers and even wife beaters because they were over exposed to such things as Tom & Jerry Cartoons, Power Rangers, Cowboy & Indians, Cops & Robbers and the worst juvenile crime of all,.... PLAYING SOLDIERS. In this commentators opinion they are .....JUST PLAIN WRONG AGAIN!

Child psychological studies world wide have proven that normal boys gravitate naturally to rough play and toy guns and to playing out conflict scenarios, to be the good guy who defeats the bad guy, whilst their sisters go about playing Tea Parties, Nurse and Mummy with their dolls and Barbie Fun Houses.

Still, the Leftist default argument put forward to debunk this science is the standard rebuttal of, "What about the existence of Tomboy girls and those boys that like to play jumprope?"  As if to provide evidence that no difference exist between the minds of a boy and a girl in the formative years.

Alas, in the Left's fairy floss, sugar coated candy apple, rainbow coloured world, boys and girls are the same, "THEY ARE EQUAL" but  in their usual nonsensical hypocrisy, the boys must play like  girls because girls are more mature, nurturing -- and somehow this will rub off on the adolescent Neanderthals in waiting!

To this point they are dangerously correct because it has also been shown in studies addressing this question, that it does rub off and boys who are not allowed to be boys are more likely to be either sexually disturbed as adults or just be more limp wristed members of the male collective, confused about their identity and who are never going to want to follow that natural male instinct to join any National Defence Force, in order to protect their "PERFECT WORLD".

Yet another example of the LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS in action,  as well as the slow but sure, SUICIDE OF THE WEST!

Thursday, August 20, 2015's your responsibility

I couldn't sleep tonight and this idea came to me out of the blue. Probably came to me due to the frustration that is not only building in my life but has come as a result of what I am listening to, watching and reading everyday.

I feel that our freedom is just like an ice block in the Sun and now matter how hard we try to keep it cool and protected from the heat, eventually this generation and the next will just never know how good that ice block was in our time, therefore not being  motivated to fight for something that they have never experienced.

From Union corruption to the ALP Political arm of these Trade Unions, doing all that they can to destroy freedom of speech and justice, to the maddening Greens and their Cultural Marxist dribble about Climate and Equality, when anyone who can read modern history knows that they have a generational mission to destroy the West from within:  Doing it all without a shot being fired. And while we turn our backs on the enemy within the gates,  there is a 9th Century Islamic Death Cult, globally positioned and determined to convert or butcher us all. the hell are we feeling today? Sorry to bring you down but reality will do that sometimes!  What it will also do is make us realise what is at stake  -- and hopefully that realisation should get us up off our lazy "she'll be right,mate" backsides and start to win the fight against the enemies within and without. I am sure that we are the last generation front line in this WAR!  But then again I look at my young adult children and can see that they will carry on the cause. I guess it's not all that bad, eh!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Conspiracy favours the desperate‏

Justice Heydon forced to pull out of Liberal fundraiser as ALP calls for TURC shutdown

Can't you just imagine the ALP caucus room midnight emergency meeting of the executive and what was said?

"We had him on the ropes, Comrades but he's managed to postpone thus dodge the Same Sex Marriage distraction plus we can't rely on Bronwyn anymore...."    (maybe we should've kept her there?, that one is biting us all in hip pocket now) ".... so guess what?, the focus will turn back to this bloody Trade Union Royal Commission and I think we all know what that means..... FOR ALL OF US!"

Then the phone rings.........

"You'll never guess who that was Comrades? but I reckon or troubles are over"    (Was it Malcolm?)

"Let's just say it was a very helpful INSIDER tip about just how we can bring the TURC and Abbott into disrepute"

"Get me the Editor-in Chief at Fairfax"  (Which Paper?)


Okay, you know the story after that. This amateur attempt to discredit a High Court Judge because they assume that he was going to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser, is a clear and obvious indication that the Bill Shorten and many of his mates are seriously in panic mode and it is distorting their judgement.

I will say this though, the boofhead in The Libs that even thought it was a good idea to send such an invite to a Government appointed, INDEPENDENT ROYAL COMMISSION Commissioner, also need to think about their career in the Public Service!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

And the March just keeps going on.

Homosexual "marriage":

Politically speaking  PM, Tony Abbott has been wedged in by this divisive tool of the Left and not so much by the "Useful Idiots", as by his Cabinet colleagues and Conservatives and Liberarians everywhere. He is now committed to making this nonsensical non-issue of SSM, an election issue, which is why I question his leadership sometimes!

If he had publicly stated, when this rubbish reared it's ugly head again, (I say again because Julia Gillard killed it off for her own political purposes just a few years earlier. Funny, no outrage from the Left then!) that this complaint by the Homosexual Lobby has nothing to do with religious convictions or social equality or even legality, but all about the Leftist agenda to divide us, then he could have turned the debate around by identifying this truth.

This sort of acknowledgement would then have assisted a lot of his supporters to find the courage to not take this Marxist bait by engaging in their hyperbole and false emotive claims. I cannot believe the number of my Conservative and Libertarian friends who are just now hearing about Gramsci's "The Long March Through the Institutions", let alone having no real concept that the true objective of Socialism is Communism.

That's actually what concerns me the most, WHY HAVE WE STOPPED FIGHTING THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY? The answer is pretty obvious to me now, WE HAVE SIMPLY BECOME LAZY AND COMPLACENT.

After previous generations did all the heavy lifting, fighting and making the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can have the way of life that we now just take for granted. The recently wounded Left are now using our freedom of speech to destroy freedom itself.

I know that you've heard it before but I must repeat "THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS VIGILANCE". We celebrated when the Soviet Union fell but we also stupidly kept partying on, lowered our guard and ignored the enemy within. Now this ever determined ideology is  forcing us to argue and divide, even within like minded ranks.

In their Long March to destroy the foundation stones of Western Society and actually forcing a Conservative and Catholic Prime Minister to consider the legitimacy of the latest excreta thrown into our dinner as something we should vote about?

Please my friends, stop engaging in the fight under their rules with them and each other and read a bit more about these Communists that you think have left the stage of humanity.

Also NEVER STOP underestimating our enemies' resolve to take generations to take over your freedom. The "Reds under the Bed" cliche has never been more a truth than today.

Our ignorance is no longer an excuse and we do not honour our grandparents and parents' struggle nor do we protect and ensure a free future of our children, by playing their game and/or doing nothing.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Suicide by Trump!..........or is it?‏

Obviously the high polling G.O.P Presidential Candidate hopeful, Donald Trump IS NOT FIT to be the President of the Untied States of America, in my humble opinion.

His outrageous conduct at the recent Republican Candidates Debate, hosted by FOX, along with his subsequent public statements regarding the fair misogynist questioning of FOX Host, Meagan Kelly at said debate, has made even the biggest haters of the Left, CRINGE.

To think that this narcissistic billionaire could actually have access to the "Nuclear Codes" is frightening to say the least. As destructive as Barack Obama's reign has been (whose legacy will be one that the world is still yet to regret, imho), at least he didn't allow his ego to wipe out another country via the Nukes.

Trump would do that if his feelings were hurt enough. Trump is popular due to his anti politician stance as he talks the talk about the destructiveness of Political Correctness etc, but he doesn't tell anyone how he will correct the wrongs of the Marxist Long March through the Institutions, nor is he capable of just being diplomatic when diplomacy is the only responsible course of action.

With saying all of that, I was thinking...."Why does the G.O.P allow this loose cannon to stand up and be counted amongst the Republican Conservative base?" I mean it doesn't make sense from a logical point of view but then I remembered the other Republican Candidate that also has the coin and any real chance of defeating Hillary Clinton (I can't think of anyone else in the Demoncrats that will bother to go up against her and expect to win) at next year's Presidential Election.

Jeb Bush, of course! I am sure that the vast majority of the G.O.P elite want another of the Bush dynasty to sit in the Oval Office again but they understand the legacy that his brother left is still fresh in the minds of the voters and that it would take a hell of a lot more than apologies in hindsight to get the middle of the road American voter to vote Republican.

Time to run an DECOY!

So my theory, Machiavellian as it may seem, is that Trump is deliberately being alowed to run as the Human Headline grabbing buffoon of the GOP, to actually draw attention away from the G W Bush era and assist in highlighting Jeb Bush's clean skin, middle of the road and more female & family loving nature.

Now, whether Trump is in on it or he is just a deluded instrument in this plan, who knows? but it will no doubt come out in years from now when someone, maybe even Trump, writes a book about it.

One thing is for sure, the worse Trump looks the better Bush looks and although there is some damage being done now to the Republican brand by allowing Trump to wear the Red Tie, I think that the moment Donald decides or is "advised" to drop out of the race, the media spotlight will turn back to Hillary and her many dark issues, Jeb will look quite fit for the job and the disgruntled Conservatives will let out a collective sigh of relief, return to the Grand Old Party and rally around the next President of the USA, ..... John Ellis "JEB" Bush!

It's all about THE TIMING!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rules are meant to be RORTED!‏

Bronwyn Bishop had many rivals in luxury travel expenses -- including Leftist Tony Burke

I can't let this hypocrisy from he who called foul and yet is just as guilty, go without a comment.

Finally an issue that the all the Parliamentarians can unite on! "Irony, thy name is Canberra."

As is expected from the "Usual Suspects" in the 4th Estate, SILENCE when it's not a Conservative caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Throw aware this so called rule book on "Parliamentary Entitlements" and lets just start again, written by an independent panel of fair dinkum taxpayers and regulated by Federal Law enforcement...and do it NOW!

 I agree that the "age of entitlement is over" and that the Australian addiction to anything for FREE must be knocked out of our national psyche before it grows and inflicts another generation, but by God our Political Leaders MUST LEAD BY EXAMPLE or this must needed change will never happen.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Intermission is over folks, please take your seats for the main act, part 2, ...WE HOPE?‏

Now that the great Bishop distraction is over! Could the mainstream media please get back to the really important business of investigation and reporting true Political machinations that effect this generation and the next? That is could we please return to the oh so brief focus on the fitness for office of he who would be King, Bill Shorten.

Whilst hypocrisy and stone throwing in glass houses has certainly run its course for the last 3 weeks on our Tellies, Radios and other news sources, Methinks it is time to drop the holiday pantomime show of Goodes boohooism, Gays v Straights in the "Equality for all game" and Renewable Energy Targets announcements that mean nothing,...

with a much needed return to the business of Governance and in particular, the Economy, the Governments attempts to reduce the The ALP/GREENS Debt, despite the ever blocking Senate, PLUS the educational revelations that the Trade Union Royal Commission is FINALLY bringing to light.

If these almost ignored issues are not as important to our "Fourth Estate" representatives as they rightfully are to the everyday punter in Garage Land, then it's time to drop the lame stream media altogether and just listen to the many prophets and sages of wisdom who are now logging the all over the world.

It has certainly become more and more obvious to me that the agenda of our future is set by the media and in particular the Leftist Media, and be it Private or Publicly funded, ..........I'M SICK OF IT!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Australian SOOK of the Year‏

Background on the Damaged Goodes affair

Well, whilst the Leftist media have "puppies' over the so called "Choppergate" debacle, three weeks on and counting, those who have actually started to grow bored after Bronwyn Bishop's apology, have now jumped on to the bandwagon to offer their support and crocodile tears for the latest "VICTIM" of the evil White Australian RACISTS hordes among us.

Now I am aware that many of the viewers of my cartoons and comments may have actually jumped onto this bandwagon but please understand that my approach to this issue is not about division but rather addressing the very issue that continues to divide  Whites & Blacks in this country.

I am as far from being a racist as you will ever find and anyone who knows the ethnic make up of my immediate family would agree that our family get togethers look like a United Nations meeting, with Australian Indigenous members there also.

So please put away any repressed bias or knee jerk emotionally driven reactions to those of us who actually think that this issue isn't about one bloke getting his feelings hurt but rather another symptom of a massive disease that has inflicted this great melting pot of free people since the days of Governor Macquarie.

Im my humble opinion, the word "racist" is the last refuge of the scoundrel. It's another way for the left to strut their moral vanity.

 Did you know these factoids regarding Adam Goodes, the current "STAR" of this show?'........................

Goodes, has been playing in the AFL for 16 years. For 14 of those years he wasn't ever booed. All of this started because of Goodes' own actions.

Goodes also admits that he didn't experience racism at all of the 10 years prior to the 13-year-old girl incident (which wasn't racism IMHO). He admitted this in an interview with the BBC last year.

 In January 2014, this "Australian of the Year" admits that he doesn't celebrate Australia Day! So who the hell is handing out these Gongs? They are as credible now as the Nobel Peace Prize is after it was given to US President Barack Obama just for getting elected!!!

In a left wing propaganda film in March 2014, Goodes states that Australia was founded on Rape, Murder and Theft [sic]. The next myth from his lips is that our Constitution is "Very Racist"! This latest comment is actually the straw that broke the camels back and responsible for the oh so horrible Booooing from a football crowd

Then there's the latest icing on the cake, when he provokes the football crowd by charging at them in a mock spear attack.

Honestly, hand on heart, if there are the odd individual that genuinely hates Adam Goodes just because of his Indigenous heritage, then I say loud and clear "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU, GROW UP YOU BIGGOT!"...

BUT I also honestly believe that the people showing their disapproval by booing at Goodes's ANTI-WHITE AUSTRALIA comments of late, have the right to express their disgust in the recent behaviour of a man of high profile who is actually blessed with great talents and kudos enough and suppose to be helping to "close the gap" and to bring us ALL together as one.

The fact is this.... whilst there is an Australian Aboriginal INDUSTRY, hell bent on keeping the chip on the shoulders and the guilt in the minds of both white and black generation after generation, then they will do what the Marxists want, and continue to keep us divided instead of united and standing under two different flags. Turning our united strength into a country of tribes.

The "Useful Idiots" of the Media and the "Usual Suspects" of the Social Commentariat, who naively think that they are standing up for some kind of racially based injustice are definitely living in an alternative universe, because if they think that this latest event in Leftist Hypocrisy and Reverse Discrimination will help their cause of "Recognition" (whatever that actually means, they don't even know", then can I quote a fellow member of the usual suspect flag waving mob,..... "Tell em he's dreamin"

It's this constant attention only to the colour of one's skin, or their racial or sexual differences, that will continue to keep the Leftist Marxist dream alive as well as making quite a few of them very wealthy in the process.

If anyone, black, white, yellow, red, brindle or just bloody transparent, starts using their colour and or difference of theirs as an excuse to keep us divided rather than to unit us as a proud nation of Australian free individuals and if they generalise and condemn nations past, present and future, when it is not deserved, then they are walking on a different side of the street to me and I reserve the right to boo them also.

If you want to boo me, then be my guest but at least have the human and intellectual decency & courage to explain the reason for why you are booing me, please.


Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hasn't the opening days of the 2015 ALP Conference been a joy! So full of surprises and innovative policy, "MOVING FORWARD".......  I think I'm going to be SICK! , ......Urrrrrggghhh.

Surely this man called Bill Shorten, who is apparently an expert at counting numbers and reading the mood of the plebs and of course is a master of KNIFING PMs for his own goals, MUST KNOW that his return to the most disastrous political policy issue in our recent history, The CARBON DIOXIDE TAX (for nothing), or has he likes to so softly refer to it as , "The Emissions Trading Scheme",  will make him UNELECTABLE!!!

 All of the other Social Engineering bulla such as the Constitution buggering up , i.e. this Indigenous People's Recognition and the fashionable falsehood of "Gay Marriage" that is masking itself as "Equality", to the ultimate joke of Republicanism is to be expected from this unholy alliance of these Socialist Criminals and the far left Marxist Greens.

BUT...  To not even refer to the a massive issue (of his party's making), our ever rising DEFICIT is truly "Ignoring the 800 pound Gorilla in the room"!!!

Sniff again Bill, employment and our country's prosperity is at the top of our concerns and the sooner you realise that the sooner you can claim your place on the Leader Board.

Monday, July 20, 2015


I'm no hypocrite when it comes to the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. All Politicians and Public Servants MUST follow the rules & be accountable for their actions. The Speaker,  Bronwyn Bishop appears to have certainly made an error of judgement, regardless of whether or not she has paid for the helicopter flight in question (which she has) and regardless of whether or not she has apologised for the breach (which I believe she has yet to do?).

 It seems to me though that there is a massive section of the Mainstream Media that is truly hypocritical with regards to this issue and the fact remains that the incredibly massive media attention to this breach over the last 5 days has once again shown up the Pro-Left Media for just who they are and what they aren't.What they aren't is certainly not objective!

Should Bronwyn Bishop stand down or be sacked? I don't know if this mistake holds enough mens rea to exempt her from protection of the Parliament and her Party or even the forgiveness of taxpayers, but I don't think that the salivating Leftist cheer squad, especially those at Fairfax and The ABC, know this also. Mind you, if you follow there "objective" reporting of this, then you would imagine that Bronwyn should not only be sacked immediately but also be burned as a witch!

I don't recall this much coverage and hounding from the "Useful Idiots" of the so called "Four Estate" when we heard briefly of such breaches of public trust from the Red Team!

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Bill Shorten and a new carbon tax

Clearly this man who calls himself the "Leader of the ALP" and is somehow hopeful of becoming the next Prime Minister of Australia, is not only delusional regarding his past Union dealings, as the Royal Commission is finally showing even to the rusted on mob, but it appears that this assassin of two sitting PM's is now really facing a Brutus or two of his own camp. Talk about Karma!

The very deliberate leaking to NewsCorp of the ALP discussion paper into the reintroduction of a double edged sword type of Carbon Dioxide Tax, has Bill Shorten's SHATTERED credibility looking as worthwhile as a Bible reading in an ISIS recruitment rally!

I hope he's still there come the next Federal Poll because the LNP won't have to spend a cent on campaigning, they'll just read back the court transcripts, Judicial findings and the "Back to the Failure" policies of his and his Socialist Criminal Party of boof heads.

Monday, July 13, 2015

We are already in the PROMISED LAND, PM!‏

Did I miss the meeting when it was decided that Australians MUST be DIVIDED by RACE?

It's bad enough that Australians of indigenous heritage are told that they are different to the rest by a succession of Governments and encouraged to be herded into "Reservations" of "race only" populations, let alone the BLACK ARMBAND version of Colonial history which is crammed into the minds of every child by the Social Engineers since the 1950's, but now they want to put this policy of APARTHEID into the fabric of our great Constitution. If anything must be changed it's  only to ensure that ALL Australian citizens are to be recognised and treated equally by the laws of the country and never is the colour of their skin or their racial heritage to be a consideration or a reason for special favours!

You can practically expect this type of "divide and conquer" from the "Useful Idiots" of the Marxist Left BUT to see our very own "Conservative" Prime Minister, actually engaging in this "Recognition" and Preamble rubbish, has frankly just blown me away!

Tony Abbott is one of the very few Federal Parliamentarians who has actually taken the time to live with and get to understand these Australians of indigenous ancestry and yet he still thinks that this racially based amendment of the Constitution will do something to assist the generations of indigenous Aussies --  who have been allowed to live in dysfunction, violence and abuse with the blessing of previous Governments?

I would never deny my children from expressing pride in their Serbian, English, Irish & Scottish heritage but I would never see them nor would I encourage them to ever see themselves, as anything other than decent human beings first and then as proud freedom-loving Australians. What is being proposed now -- and is actually being seriously considered by all of the current Parties -- is more than just political symbolism, as the stupid delusional guilt ridden "Apology" stunt that Kevin Rudd pulled, but rather a very dangerous and divisive piece of constitutional legislation that will practically seal the fate of us all as a nation of tribes.

One flag, one Sovereignty, one language, one law for all and one predominant culture is the only way that we will build more pride in all of our lives, in my humble opinion. It is time that we shut down this self serving Aboriginal Industry and knock this 200 year old chip of victimhood off the shoulders of dark and light skinned Aussies before more Australians die here at home!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Social Engineering 101

Granville Boys High School:  Teachers threatened with violence by students

I was instantly taken back to my old Primary School & High School days and it is pretty obvious to my memory that this unacceptable behaviour would not only have not been tolerated but it just wouldn't have happened. So you have to examine just what has changed in our society to make it this bad?

I'd say that there is definitely an element of incompatible immigration but that would be more parochial to this case in question. Broadly speaking most European and Asian cultures have fitted in well and have added to the countries unique blend and prosperity.

The real cause is simply in my mind.... MARXIST SOCIAL ENGINEERING!

When the values that we have inherited from our parents and Church are no longer the norm but rather something to be ridiculed for and when such simple disciplines as Corporal Punishment are removed from all Schools, then the structure of respectful and descent behaviour will naturally corrode to the level that it is now.

Gramsci's "Long March Through The Institutions" distorting history and enforcing group-think rather than encouraging individualism has corrupted the minds of many educators today.

Throw massive Welfare dependency, the breakdown of the family unit and the promotion of the abnormal, throw other Socialist policies into the mix along with a healthy dose of Gangster American culture, with a dash of life-destroying drug addiction and you have the recipe for the disaster we see before us.

NOTE from JR:  What Zeg has missed is that  Ninety-nine per cent of students are from a non-English speaking background.  To be blunt, it is just Muslims being Muslims and showing their usual contempt for the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The NEW Mad Men of Rome

Background on the Pope's latest moves

I am not having a go at the Catholic Church. Half of the people I hold dear to my heart, including my wife, are devoted Catholics and I believe that the Church is certainly good in many ways. But all Leaders, be they Leaders in Politics, Religion, Military, Business & Community should never be above critique.

What I am saying here, and it should be obvious enough, is that I do not approve of the Head of the Catholic Church or any Church, getting involved in the Anthropological Climate Change (or Global Warming) debate by giving the scammers that push this "false science" theory, a Papal Endorsement. This is Papal Fallibility in my opinion.

I was thinking, "why would the Pope of Rome suddenly back this Left Wing LIE, especially when most of those who dance to the Marxist Piper's tune, would like to see the Church that he heads fall into ruin?" Jumping onto this bandwagon makes no sense at all!

Then I thought, it has to be a PR stunt. A way to use an issue that doesn't contradict the Scriptures and will draw the Christ haters back. Then I thought, how far can this go?

Typical of the ingrained hypocrisy of the Left to start praising The Pope when he follows one of their lines, whether or not he actually believes in any of it?

The cartoon explains all.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Old Karl is still ticking those boxes!‏

Marx:  "the earthly family ... must then itself be annihilated in theory and in practice".  From Thesen ├╝ber Feuerbach, 1845

I'm still not in Hospital yet, the waiting is very frustrating. At least I still have the ability to think and to draw. I pray that the surgery will never effect that.

I'm not sure how you guys feel about this issue but my feelings are quite clear. I have over a thousand Facebook friends and based on the "Rainbow colouring" of their profile pics, I was able to deduce that just 0.06 percent of my connections support "Gay Marriage", of course it's probably more. I have had a few chats with some of them and thankfully we are all still friends. Yes, I was surprised of how many Conservatives have actually fallen for this Marxist game, I will explain....

It is my educated opinion that the underlying reason why the Marxist social engineers  have used the Gays to attack the JUDEO-CHRISTIAN faith and traditional values is  because remember, "Religion is the Opiate of the masses" Destroy this connection thus making the State the highest faith, power and importance in their lives.

Of course I have  no issues with homosexuals, I am not a bigot. I have many good friends who are gay,  female and male and what they do in their private lives concerns me not.

The issue that I  oppose here is no different to my fight against Political Correctness and other tools used  by the Communist/Socialists to change our way of life as we know it, to distort the norm  and the constant attempts to divide us. The changing of the definition of marriage is what I protest against, but I have no problem with homosexuals being legally bound under common law and getting the same rights when it comes to inheritance (which is really  just what the Gay loby should have been arguing for).

 The legal union should just be called another name because it is but another way that the "Useful Idiots" of the Left are being used by the enemies of the West to divide and conquer us. This is nothing more than Political Correctness on steroids, imho!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let the Devil have his say.‏


If you didn't watch the regular Monday night taxpayer funded Lefty echo chamber show, also known as Q and A, then you will most likely have heard all about it by now.

The show was it's usual leftist biased self from the start but no one could have thought that even these Leftard Producers would wheel out a convicted criminal and well known Jihadist/ISIS supporter to ask the panel a question.

To even have him in the same room with decent Australians of all types was bad enough but to actually allow Zaky Mallah to express his twisted and evil point of view to anyone on that panel & the viewers, should be a crime in itself!

I hope that the person/s responsible soon join the line of the unemployed.

I think that even if Lucifer was invited on to pose a question, that even he would have been bumped to make way for this bastard just so that he could promote himself, his Death Cult Caliphate and intimidate Liberal MP, Steve Coibo.

Minister Coibo did himself and us all proud when he look Mallah in the eyes and told this wannabe terrorist celeb, that "he would be proud to be a part of a Government that would ensure that he couldn't live in this country" {sic} and by God I applauded this because I am sure the Minister echoes the mind of every decent Australian, everywhere.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crash & Burn Bill‏

28 percent and falling! .... Well, is anyone really surprised?, even Fairfax is turning on Bill Shorten now. Although the "useful idiots" in the leftist media will continue to feed the "RED PILL" of negativity to the punters when it comes to the PM and the rest of the Coalition (except for Turnbull of course), now even they can't ignore the damage that the nose mining, snot goblin chewing, Leader of the Opposition is doing to their beloved Socialist Party.

Tayna Plibersek is the one to watch for succession but it is my opinion that things are going to get very dirty very quick and that the great back stabber will soon feel the knives in an almost karmic return.

Anthony Albanese is definitely starting to make his profile far more public and today he was one the very few ALP Federal front benchers to have the grapes to appear on The Bolt Report. He certainly wasn't there to put out any flames on Shorten's burning political career, in fact I am sure his timing was perfectly planned and that he certainly didn't do himself any wrong by going on Andrew Bolt's brilliant show, in what I believe is the beginning of his campaign to get the top job.

I am sure that this left winger was appealing to many of the fence sitters and ALP voters who just couldn't give them another chance in 2013. Of course he will have to do something about Tanya as gender politics and her strong stance on leftist progressive policies will hold her in favour of the centre to the extreme left.

Oh and by the way, I have watched the nose picking and eating video a few times now and I am convinced that this man who wants to be the Leader of this Country has one hell of a disgusting habit.

As the Union man's work experience past is catching up with him (the bloke has more skeletons in his closet than an out of work taxidermist), we are seeing more and more revelations about the juvenile and sneaky character of this bloke (in my opinion) and when someone can make Kevin "EarWax Feasting" Rudd look not too bad, then I can feel an election coming on.

I hope the PM doesn't pull that trigger yet as I am sure he also realises that the best friend in Parliament that he now has in Mr Bill Shorten and he would be the better opponent at the next poll. Shorten is simply unelectable!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Good Advice?‏

I wonder if the good people of the United States of America are stupid enough to actually put Donald Trump into The White House?

Well, they did vote for Obama and, like them, we did allow Palmer and the Greens into both Houses of Parliament, so I guess anything is possible these days. As long as it's NOT Hillary!!!

I guess Donald would be the lesser of the two evils, in my humble opinion.

It would be kinda satisfying to see Donald Trump tell Barack Obama.."YOU'RE FIRED!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oooohhh,.......THAT DEAL!‏

Union sells out its members

It's a bit old now but still a revelation that should have Shorten and anyone else involved, run out of town on a rail. I don't think it will go away soon and I also hope that we don't see Shorten and the his gang be allowed to get away with this disgusting "deal"!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


World football corruption under investigation

This fish has been rotting for some time now. I'm glad that the law is finally investigating the corruption suspicions of so many for so many years.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Progressive Backwardness‏

Should Australia accept back into the country, Muslims who have gone to the Middle East and joined ISIS?  What if they are now disillusioned with ISIS?  If re-admitted might they carry out terrorist attacks here?  Abbott has said they will go to jail if they come back but some Leftists argue that they should be used to help de-program Jihad sympathizers here.

Can anyone please tell me why we are even discussing this? Why are we entertaining the thought of bringing home traitors to all that we are, Australian citizens who have knowingly broken our laws and have fought and most likely murdered innocent people in the name of some Death Cult Jihad to be anything other than tried, convicted and imprisoned forever????

As if you could de-radicalise someone who has not only had their heads filled with pure evil hatred for the West and anyone else who doesn't follow their version of a throwback barbaric ideology, but has already taken part in a disgusting murderous rampage through Syria and Iraq for the the last two years!

Would we have tried to "DE-RADICALISE" any of the NAZIS?,... Of course not!!!, because like this group of psychopaths, they would have gone along for the ride, pretended to be magically cured of the evil within and literally had gotten away with murder.

How many more videos and news reports from the the living hell that is the Middle East and the clear evidence of just what ISIS is doing and doing well in Syria and Iraq, do Australians need to see before they start to see the real and present danger of this Global Caliphate against us all!?!?!?!

Bring the traitors home and put them in a Special Gaol for TRAITORS!...... and chuck a few of these Academic Leftards that came up with this idea, in with them!!!

What's really at the end of this rainbow?‏

Ireland is now the first nation to pass a referendum on same sex marriage. All I can say is that I hope it never happens here.

I may consider myself a Libertarian but as you know just like Socialism, there are differing levels of Libertarianism and I am certainly not of the anarchical view of the spectrum. Sure I believe in freedom of expression, the press, capitalism, democracy and small government but I am above all else a Conservative and a Christian who believes that there must be rules and laws that help to guide us and check us when we as human beings can and do abuse our hard fought for freedom.

Society cannot exist in a civilised manner without such guidelines and as far as I am concerned the sanctity of the definition of marriage is such a guideline and must never be diluted or perverted.

I am not homophobic in any way, I believe that if a man or woman wants to love another of the same sex then they should be able to do that without prejudice or shame.

Under the law in this country same sex couples have all of the same legal rights as any heterosexual couple and that is just fine with me.

I have no issue with a same sex couple enjoying a wedding ceremony and I believe that these ceremonies should be legally sanctioned but not at the expense of any Faiths doctrine or the Constitutional Marriage act itself. Call them Civil Unions or whatever works for those who want them but just do not pervert more of the basic fundamental meanings of society by calling them a marriage.

The word "Equality" has been hijacked in this debate and is another victim of distortion by the Left. If this is about equality then what about those who will fight for their equality to be married to a sibling or to more than one consenting partner and so on. I am sure that most homosexual folk would think that these examples are sick extremes and they are right but do they not see the hypocrisy of the "equality" argument when it only applies to them.

The true madness is that whilst we continue to fight each other over this so called "progressive" movement to change the meaning of the word Marriage, all over the world Gays, Christians, Atheists, and even Muslims are being slaughtered in horrible ways by a "Global" Caliphate that has been inflicted on us all.

Celebrate all you like Ireland, enjoy your feel-good moment but if you don't join the rest of the world in the true fight against Islamic State then a true inequality of life, that many in the West continue to ignore, will put a shocking end to your party!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Holding the Fiscal Higher Ground???‏

Did you see and or hear or have your read the transcript yet, of Chris Bowen's 2015 Budget reply ?

If you thought he'd be humble after such a popular Budget, and if you thought he'd not be hypocritical and if you thought that he had learned anything from the his Governments failure at the last Federal Election ........ well then you'd be disappointed.

He actually is trying to claim that he and the ALP "now hold the fiscal higher ground" [sic] !!!

He wants to fight the next election on a battle over Superannuation AND to top it all he actually thinks that he has a mandate to return a CARBON TAX, even though he doesn't really know why he believes in the reason for one.

I guess he just likes being in Opposition!

Report here

Saturday, May 16, 2015

When Reality Hits Johnny‏

Johnny Depp and his dogs:

A bit of a laugh, a bit embarrassing and really a blip in the media cycle compared to the big issues of Budget control and Terrorism BUT I say NO!

 This is not a small issue because our protection of our livestock and animals is vital plus the fact that it just further illustrates the real gap between reality and the rose coloured, self centred world that the "Useful Idiots" and Hollywood Crusaders of all causes on the Left.

These same people whom our kids and many adults flock to see, listen to and believe every word they say as they continue to idolise them as if they were sent from another world with a gift of wisdom and knowledge not yet obtained by us mere mortals.

To think that this bloke, Johnny Depp and or his entourage had no idea that there was a quarantine requirement for animals to enter this country, is simply unbelievable. Of course they knew, thus leading to my point of the very arrogance and disregard these people have for others outside of their world.

Bravo to the Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, for personally taking up this issue and showing no favour or exception to Johnny Depp just because this bloke was a famous Hollywood actor. Though somehow I suspect that if the ALP was in Government that the whole thing would have been swept under the rug and none of us would have know about the violation.

Although we do need to maintain our rigorous customs and border protection process when it comes to animal imports, I wish we were just a little tougher when it comes to some of the humans that we allow into this country!

Welcome to Australia Johnny, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Worse than Russell Brand!‏

I can't believe that this ALP and this Leader of the Opposition can not only be this hypocritical but have learnt nothing from the failures of the past. I am talking about Bill Shorten's Budget reply speech.

Instead of doing anything to address the budget deficit (that his ALP gave us), he instead launched into some kind of a pre election campaign speech, delivering more of the same old ALP policy without substance and motherhood statements about everything from education to health to the climate and welfare, without pointing to one single economic policy that will actually fund this "Magic Pudding" to provide his bribe to Uni students and old age pensioners, just to name a few.

The Coalition has to be laughing loud as Shorten not only had nothing negative say about the fiscal sense that the 2nd Abbott/Hockey Budget has laid out, but rather he has tried to one up the Government by using shallow and quite childish rhetoric to the applause of an obviously stacked rent-a-crowd of Laborites in the Public gallery.

I thought to myself that not even that "useful idiot" of the Left, Russell Brand the self proclaim Messiah of the People and political mover and shaker, could do a worse job than the Budget reply that Bill Shorten has delivered tonight. Long may he reign as Leader of the Federal Labor Party, because as long as he is there, I am pretty sure that the fair dinkum voters of Australia will not allow these Socialist criminals back into the Lodge.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Real Struggle Street‏

Now that my week in Hospital is over and I'm back home (Had a nasty Staph infection in the leg), I have hopefully caught up on what was a great week for most editorial cartoonists.

Taking the oh so "controversial" theme of the SBS reality drama of bogan life on the fringes of Western Sydney, and applying it to the Cashed Up Bogans and near do wells of the leftist fringes of Canberra. I have managed to include all of the new players and some older ones and the usual expected reply from this hostile and obstructionist Opposition and collection of Senate minor parties misfits, to the Coalition attempts to get this Budget back on track..

The newly found division within the ideologues of the Greens. The clashing of minds within the Leadership of the ALP, Palmer slipping further into irrelevance and of course there's the crazy cat woman from Tasmania.

If ever there was a "Struggle Street Show" it is the dysfunctional mob in Canberra that also enjoy our taxpayer dollars for doing  BUGGER ALL!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tweet and be DAMNED!‏

Publish and be damned or in this case, Tweet and be damned, and damned he was. SBS Football presenter and journalist Scott McIntyre, has just been fired by the Managing Director of SBS for his poorly considered Twitter comments on what was the most historical of all ANZAC Days ever in Australia and New Zealand.

Granted that what he said were thoughts based on his obvious leftist bias  and historically distorted views of Australian patriotism and the sacrifices made that have built and protected the very Freedom that we all cherish, I am sure that if he could do it again that he would have done it from either a fake twitter account or at least one that did not link him with the taxpayer funded broadcaster.

He was rightfully been dismissed for breaking the SBS Charter and I would hope that in the future the many others that do step over the line and sail so close to the wind on this question of objective commentary at the ABC & SBS, will look at this example to see that the wind of change has come and that Australians are sick of being forced to pay for views that favour any side of the political and ideological spectrum.

If Scott had worked for News Corp, Foxtel, Fairfax or any of the many independent publications and broadcasters at the time these unfortunate comments were publicly posted, and was fired, then I would be the first to say that his freedom of speech has been denied, even though I strongly disagree with that speech!

The fact remains that he didn't and now he will have to find work in the private sector of the media industry and I would imagine that will be even harder for this bloke to do as commercial interests will also come into play.

Unless he can convince a prospective Editor or Program Director that he is perfect for the job then he would most likely be published under a pseudonym -- and if he wants to get in front of a camera then maybe a beard and a new hair colour would work.

I would say let him have his say and be condemned or lauded for his thoughts at this time as long as he is not doing it on the public purse. I hated his comments and the mindset behind these thoughts but he should be allowed to speak his mind in the private sector.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Well, that was one hell of a few days in the great state of NSW. I hope you and yours got through that cyclonic drenching fairly well. My power up here on the Central Coast is still out (49 hours and counting), thank God for natural gas and for the power outlet courtesy of the good folk at my local Macca's store.

Water, water everywhere and yes there is plenty to drink. The dams are full, especially Sydney's Warragamba  which is current at 87 percent BUT please don't tell the Australian of Year 2007 , the eminent Professor Tim Flannery because this will embarrass him to no end as this fact will not fit with his 100 percent certain prediction that the drought (caused by Anthropological Climate Change) will never break and that if we don't start living like our stone age ancestors and stop emitting that evil CO2 gas now,  the dams will dry up FOREVER and the only hope for mankind will be to build massively expensive desalination plants in all of the coastal regions.

Flannery's credibility on Global Climate Change and its causes make the likes of Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong look like misunderstood and still very trustworthy fellows indeed. If they can't strip him of the Australian of the Year gong then they should just stop giving them out because like Flannery's reputation, IT IS SEVERELY TARNISHED NOW.

Monday, April 20, 2015

"No taxation without Representation"‏

Is it just me or do you think that the WA Premier, Colin Barnett would be much happier if his State secedes from the Commonwealth of Australia. You could could really get that sense of agenda behind his recent attitude at COAG. Paul Revere's ride came to mind. Hmmmm?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Real Catastrophic Climate Change‏

This one doesn't need much comment other than it's good to see a Federal Government finally talking about and hopefully doing something positive to slow down (doubt you could ever stop it) the increasing use of ICE in our country.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Bogan Power‏

There are quite a few things that I cannot forgive Clive Palmer and his expediently failing Palmer United Party for, regarding his contribution to the Australian political landscape BUT NOTHING is higher on my list of Palmer's major mistakes than when he helped to get this now cashed up BOGAN, Senator Jacqui Lambie, into the Upper House of the Federal Government.

To think that my taxpayer dollars contribute to her lifestyle is as comparable to the rage that I feel when I recently watched an episode of "Housos" and realised that these actors are portraying reality and we have to pay for their irresponsible lifestyle also.

To think that our elected Government has to negotiate for at least another four years with this deluded Senatorial blocker and frankly uneducated wannabe is madness. I pray that the good people of Tasmania come to their senses by making sure that the plug is well and truly pulled on the "Jaqui Lambie Nework"!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Not a good look Luke‏


I have to say that I am quite confident that the better team and the better man will win this weekend.

Notice just how quiet the Left have been since the comments yesterday from the ALP and CFMEU, that the Evil Chinese will "CONTROL" our electricity if the Poles and Wires are SOLD (another lie). Funny isn't it, because I could just imagine the outrage and cries of Xenophobia from the "usual suspects" if such words had come from a Conservative Politicians or Organisation!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Members Only. Goodbye Mal‏

I just can't be one of the hand wringing, navel gazing Conservatives who are joining in with all of this lording praise for our 22nd Prime minister, the now late John Malcolm Fraser.

Many of whom have been constant critics of Fraser's Parliamentary term and his personal condemnation of John Howard and Tony Abbott's political careers.

I didn't do it when Gough left this Earth (no surprise, EGW was the worst of all the Labor PM's imho) and for much the same reasons, I won't do it now.

Sure, Fraser was nowhere near as bad as Whitlam or Rudd or Gillard but it is my strong opinion that a drover's dog could have beaten Whitlam had he been given the chance to contest the next election.  I think that the Dismissal was a dark day in our Democracy and Fraser can take credit for that.

During his term, the list of monstrous bad decisions is quite longer than any achievements in my mind, and that list must be topped with his support of Indonesian annexing of East Timor along with his support of Robert Mugabe -- whom he also helped to lobby a Knighthood for.

Fraser's sins include ignoring of the then Treasurer John Howard's economic reforms, which we now know were ahead of their time. This ignorance of course resulting in massive national unemployment.

Then there was the pandering to the Left and the Multi Culty brigade with the opening of our borders to a stream of non-vetted refugees, along with the establishment of the now Leftist hate media, SBS!

His ripping up of his Liberal membership in 2010 was well overdue in my humble opinion and is it any wonder when the bloke went so far to the Left that he became the poster boy for the Greens and in particular, Sarah Hanson-Young.

Yes, Malcolm Fraser is proof personified that the Leftist mindset is motivated and controlled by unreasonable and unscientific GUILT!

Of course it's a sad moment when anyone passes away, especially for their family and loved ones and my condolences to the Fraser family always.

Malcolm was not an evil or bad person at all, he was just a very poor Conservative Prime minister and I for one will not be swept up in the eulogies of praise for a man that hated his political party of choice and Conservatism in general, along with making so many serious errors of judgement that, generations later, we are still paying for them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

With friends like this eh!‏


I don't need to say that much about this one, other than to remind some that Tony Abbott does a deal with the ALP/Greens to expedite the Metadata legislation through the Lower House and although he says that this issue wasn't of concern to the Government, he is still happy to give "journalists" (whatever an actual journalist is suppose to be these days?) an exemption of warrant only for authorities to obtain their sources identity.

 There was a time not so long ago when I would have screamed to the heavens to protect such a freedom but in this day of an obvious and very deadly threat to our very freedoms and when a "journalist" tag can be seriously granted to an unpaid blogger, then I think he gave too much.

The irony of course is that if he ever thought that the usual suspects would now start to lean back from their constant attack of this Conservative Government because of this little gift, then I strongly suspect that the PM will be greatly disappointed.

Somehow though I also suspect that he knows that and that this was more of a PR stunt for the Gallery and the more hardcore Libertarians such as Senator David Leyonhjelm? Even with ALP support I'm not sure that this Bill will survive the Senate anyway?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Thelma & Louise of Oz‏

Senator Glenn Lazarus resigns from Palmer United Party

Well, all I can say is that "it couldn't have happened to a nicer boofhead".

One of this counties most recent and greatest political errors, The Palmer United Party,will soon only be The Palmer Party and I strongly suspect that no amount of Campaign spending will convince the now very disillusioned PUP supporters that this clown is worth another go.

His "Celeb Factor Senator" has just shown him and all else, like so many others before, that they have NO FAITH in the Member for Fairfax or the obstructionist direction of the PUP. Although I can't stand the Crazy Cat Lady from Tassie, it certainly does appear that both she and now Glenn Lazarus, have worked politics out and will definitely have a chance of keeping their jobs if they continue to be true Independence with a right wing bent and of course nothing to do with the Clive Palmer's political boys adventure tale & ego trip.

I do feel a bit for Dio Wang,the last PUP Senator standing plus the fact that he alone has to now suffer all of big Clive's hugs and salivation when the cameras are on but I also think that he may be just playing a smarter longer game and as he is now on side with Minister for Eduction, Christopher Pyne with regards to supporting the much needed Higher Education reforms, then just maybe we might be looking at a new Liberal Party Senator come the next Fed Poll .............

As the inevitable drive off the cliff "Thelma & Louise" style does take place for Mr Palmer and his political career.