Thursday, October 27, 2016

When the Evil Machine Breaks Down.

A quick glance here from the once great UK, will illustrate the dysfunctional future that Australian society faces under the boot of Political Correctness.

If the Marxist Cultural Engineering Machine, that has been plodding on unabated for many decades, isn't bad enough when it is working perfectly for the Puppet masters of Progressiveness", Evil MARXISM, then it's ironically WORSE when some of the cogs in the machine's engine start to conflict.

My cartoon is inspired by one such conflict, a conflict that will definitely occur if this madness of NO TO A PLEBISCITE call on the proposed changes to the Federal Marriage Act, is obeyed. The Plebiscite on this important issue was mandated for in the last election, the People demand satisfaction on Political Soccerball.

Recent Online Independent Polls that I have seen are clearly leaning heavily (around 80 percent) to the "Leave Marriage definition alone" vote , thus if we have a PM, LNP Cabinet and a Senate with enough guts and TRUE CONSERVATIVE & CHRISTIAN values, then we will be spared this madness, for now!

I actually almost have to dip my lid to the Machiavellian long term planning of this all, ....., I did say ALMOST!

 The Masters of the Democratic Evil Within (Marxist Greens, Socialist aligned ALP, several self interested independents and a hand full of Anarchist Libertarians) have thought about these conflicts occurring long ago, because there is no shortage of distractions created over the last 50 years for us to genuinely swallow their RED PILL without questioning or challenging it.

The Leftist Mainstream Media is but one of those distractions, you know what I mean and the bevy of other PC and Whimsical rubbish that keeps us all Zombified and from fighting for our hard earned Liberty and keeping the Moral Compass calibrated to true North, is clearly evident.

Will this madness happen eventually?, I don't know yet, depends largely on the next generation in my opinion as the damage to the our collective psyche is vast.

 I continue to Pray everyday that this Politically Correct LIE about inequality is smashed into oblivion by reason and common decency, that is still strong yet silent in our great Australia.