Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs‏

"Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to science", well isn't that a bit rich coming from this source: An ABC report.

After all, it's the same organisation that is completely leading the cheer squad of some of the most ignorant science-talking people in the world. Yes I am talking about the mad AGW mob.

Nevertheless the results from this study/poll that was done by the Australian Scientific and Technological Societies, as amusing as they may seem to some, are to me very concerning indeed.

I am in my early 40's and I never forgot the lesson that put the myth of cavemen and dinosaurs living on the same plain back in the bull dust box. I think I was about 9 when they taught us that. So you really have to ask, what the hell has gone wrong with the education system?

Is it all going to be blamed on Jurassic Park and video games and vivid imaginations? I hope not. I recall having a just as vivid an imagination as a kid as my children now and I certainly can remember TV movies that had stone age people being chased by Tyrannosaurus Rex etc. Is it the the food kids are eating, is it the lack of traditional family environments? What is it that has made so many Australian so bloody ignorant of basic science and history?

You know the answer don't you? Yep, it's the selective teaching of history and science that has been the silent methodical plan of social editing for the last 30 years. Now as we can see the result of this head messing in basic studies like this.

It's commonly known as "dumbing down" because folks, that's how the Marxists want you and I and most importantly our children to be, thus making us easier to con and be controlled.

There is however one thing that the Marxists of the 60's didn't count on! Thank god for a free and uncensored, unmonitored Internet, is all I can say. At the end of the day, as long as we have it as it is now, they cannot completely program us all.

As for the cartoon, well, there is an example of real dinosaurs walking among us as the Sussex Street Mafia [NSW Labor Party] go about their business of undermining and controlling just what is to be known and what is not to be known about our new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

If any more leaks keep flowing as they are from the ALP, then Julia will drown and hopefully Abbott will be victorious so I guess I am on the side of the left for once. If she does drown the Greens will blame it on Global Warming and rising seas. Yep, everyone is happy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Clunker of an Idea

And yet another CLUNKER of an idea from this idea-bereft ALP Government. The Cash for Clunkers scheme is not only another example of a socialist big government nanny telling you what to drive and using your tax dollars to instigate the regulation but also is an obvious way to appease the extreme left arm of the Labor Party, the Greens.

Clearly not convinced by the recent wishy washy Gillard "climate change" policy that was spouted out just a day earlier to this announcement, the Greens and in particular Senator Christine Milne who very vocally upset with Julia about that lack of commitment, will no doubt be slightly amused by the thought of more hybrid cars on the road.

Anyone (and many motoring experts agree) who have looked at this expensive and unproven technology already knows that the hybrid car solution is a complete waste of time and has no real effect on carbon emissions. As if that is a problem anyway!

I agreed, when unleaded fuel was introduced, that removing lead from the air around us is obviously a wise thing to do but to think that the few major cities in Australia are now living under clouds of smog, aka LA or Beijing, is a fanciful thought -- and let's never forget that Julia Gillard has promised us all that she doesn't want a "BIG AUSTRALIA" thus the population in our cites will never reach the levels they are in America, China or Europe.

Apart from the fact that the current city infrastructures could never cope with such an increase in vehicle numbers it seem quite academic to assume that by removing only 200,000 pre 1995 model cars from our nations roads will make a damn bit of difference to any pollution levels at all.

Why is it also assumed that if a car is 15 years old, or older, that it is emitting more pollution than a car that is younger? Is it also not a fact that if a car owner takes personal responsibility for their vehicle and makes sure that servicing and maintenance is regular, then that vehicle should emit no less smoke than it did when new?

This is the nanny state that they want us to accept, to believe that we are not capable of personal responsibility and that the state will run all matters of our life, including in this case, the car that we drive and its age. What next, no more cars for the general population, pushbikes and rickshaws for all?

There is something also incredibly obvious to me and I am sure to you also, and that is that the car dealers will certainly see an opportunity here to capitalise on this rebate by upping the price of these so-called Eco compliant models, when the scheme is introduced.

So if you are looking for one of these Eco buzz boxes and you want to feel warm and fuzzy about your great contribution to mankind by falling for this bit of pork barrelling then you will have to pay extra for it. Come to think of it, if Gillard is reinstated as the Prime Minister, then we will all have to pay for this one in the end.

At this rate many of us won't be able to afford the new car or the E10 petrol that we put in our dirty old one and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore's destructive 200 kilometres of bike lanes won't look that bad.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rudd's Big Reward

Well I was far from knocked down with a feather when I heard this not so unexpected news............. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is considering creating a role for Mr Rudd as a top-level adviser on climate change, according to a diplomatic source with knowledge of the plan. In fact it was confirmed that Rudd will take the appointment.

As Gomer Pyle would say " Surprise, surprise". Hasn't this always been this man's true agenda? Why was he spending more time overseas, courting the internationals rather than dealing with domestic issues? Was it because of security issues? clearly not, he often missed National Security meetings.

No Kevin was just networking. That is why Kevin Rudd wanted the platform of PM. Sure, it suited his ego but as a true one-worlder and visionary (for himself ) the office of Prime Minister of Australia would never be enough. K. Rudd's only desire was to end up at the UN table -- and where better to put him but as a top end advisor for climate change. A fictional product made up by himself and many other one-worlders in order to introduce massive Marxist social change and as a way to fund the entire operation with this great taxing false economy.

Sure he looks peed off at the moment, and why wouldn't he be! -- watching his trusted apprentice do a Brutus on her Caesar, and now running naked in his palace. He may even be ready to plan her execution somewhere down the track, just as a get even (which he could very well do). I mean he's playing in the big school now and one day Julie Rulia will have to ask him for a favour (assuming she wins government that is).

Mr Rudd spent several days in New York last week meeting UN officials and in true Ruddy form, wasting tax payer funds on his own personal goals. Not in the best interests of the country or the ALP.

I guess Gillard now, at least has a great excuse for not appointing him to a ministerial portfolio if she is elected PM soon. She can just say, that his UN gig is far too important and he would not have the time to be a Minister..... and that is not only true for Kevin Rudd but also a good thing.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reds under, in and above the bed!

The Labor Party will be given Greens' preferences in most lower house seats, in exchange for Labor giving its preferences to the Greens in the Senate

Clearly Senator Bob Brown was not that sincere with his previous statements about just how much he hated preferential voting deals because now he has grasped this opportunity with both hands because he thinks that he and his loony Green Party are on a winner with the Gillard Government retaining power.

The pay off for him and his party of left wing maniacs is ofcourse nothing more than power in the Senate to get through laws that will legitimise the continuing madness of anthropogenic climate change and the cure to this lie being an Emissions Trading Scheme, that will tax us all back to the stone age.

"This Greens preference deal is probably one of the sleaziest and shonkiest deals," Mr Abbott told Macquarie Radio today. And he is correct. The combined ideology of Bob Brown and Julia Gillard is very sinister indeed and will result in far left, anti christian, anti family and anti Australian sentiment in everything that their government will consider.

The back room deal down between the Reds and the Watermelons needs to be transparent to all voters and the fact that it is not will be warning enough to all voters that this is a very important election and dangerous time in our history.

Seems that the old Richo line of " Whatever it takes" applies to not just the ALP anymore, eh Bob!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The National IQ Test is on again!

Australians will go to the polls on August 21, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced
"This election, I believe, presents Australians with a very clear choice," Ms Gillard told reporters in Canberra on Saturday. "This election is about the choice as to whether we move Australia forward or go back."

"Moving Forward"..... so this is the best catch cry/slogan that the incumbent government of Australia could come up with?

I read not so long ago, that the phrase "Moving Forward" was one of the top hated business cliches ever trotted out. So what more does this tell us as voters? It tells me that not only has this government run out of good governance planning and money but that it has also run out of imagination and is trying to sell their Gillard magic elixir and cure-all by spinning the most shallow of phrases -- even worse than "Working Families" -- on the public that they feel will fall for it all again.

She says... "I believe in hard work. I believe in the benefits and dignity of work. I believe in what comes as an individual when you do your best and you earn your keep."

OK then, so what is your policy on generational welfare? you know the social engineering that your old comrade in socialist/marxist revolution, Gough Whitlam, imposed on us all? Will you be tough on the ever growing bludger drain on the economy? of course not! these are the people who always vote ALP and she knows it as we all do.

She continues with... "So in this, the forthcoming election campaign, I'll be asking the Australian people for their trust," she said, "I'll be asking Australians for their trust so that we can move forward together."

Trust, what is the PM talking about? Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have had our trust since 2007 and look at what they have done with that trust. Literally selling the future prosperity of Australia away, Big Government, higher taxes, failed policy after policy, lies, spin, symbolic rhetoric, a 90 billion dollar deficit and counting!....

Please don't talk to us about trust Julia or a fair go because you and your government have had that from Australia for too long and now "it's time" (There's a slogan I thought she may have recycled) for a change back to true fiscal conservatism, true education and tax reform, true health services and border protection, all of which will only come again from a Coalition Conservative Party.

It's an national IQ test folks, and I believe that the people of Australia no matter their station in life, will pass this time.

Friday, July 16, 2010


New speed cameras to be a bonanza for both the NSW government and the private operators of them?

I was thinking the other week, when I heard about the move to re-establish mobile speed camera traps on New South Wales roads, that just maybe there was some merit in this move and that quite possibly this lame duck ALP government was attempting to at least leave us with one achievement to be proud of and wouldn't saving lives be that! Well that delusion moment was soon crushed when I read this.

Yes, our old mates, those good old clever boys and girls of the capitalist oligarchy, those who will never own or have enough money, had their fingers in this pie too.

What is it with failing Premiers and this group? As soon as there was a sniff that former Premier Bob Carr was on the way out, BANG! The BIG MAC comes to the rescue for Bob. Cynical as I am, I assume there is more to the history of that than we will ever know. Now it appears that business is rushing in for their HUGE slice of this HUGE REVENUE RAISING CASH COW that these mobile cameras will become and again this at the end of another Premier's term.

With all of that said, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but then the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Did you hear hear an interview (14/07/10) between 2GB's Alan Jones and the NSW opposition leader, and let's face it, most likely the next NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell? He was asked by Mr Jones if he would abandon this useless concept if he becomes Premier next year. I'll be b*ggered, he didn't commit to it! In fact he said that he will be keeping them and he will use them as the Police see fit.

I know it's a lay down misère that the Liberal Party will win this next NSW state election but surely if you wanted to secure, without doubt, absolute victory, would you not be be dropping this most unpopular policy like a bad joke? Of course you would, so why isn't he?

Has the deal already been done between Government and the Private interested parties, and will committing to breaking such a deal be an enormous litigation risk? Or is it that Barry sees this, as do so many in the private sector and the ALP, as a major provider for the NSW Treasury and a virtual river of gold. Either way, it appears that money in NSW is that addictive, no matter how good a chance you have of winning all in the end anyway.

It wouldn't change my vote but it will be a thorn in the next Premier's side that will eventually have to go.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


With the election call at any moment now ....

.... PM Gillard's support base is still quite strong and she is still a force for opposition leader, Tony Abbott, to contend with. Although she has a popular appeal to the less politically engaged punters, it wouldn't be too big a stretch that say that her media honeymoon is on the wane, considering recent events.

With the incalculable and inconclusive deal done with the mining magnates on the super profits tax and her so-called answer to the disastrous Rudd border security policy, now dubbed the "Dili Solution" set to be the failure and back flip that it started out as, the shine on this clever politician is fading fast.

Next she promises to attend to the "greatest moral problem of our time", anthropological climate change (non existent, in my humble opinion), that she is convinced is a reality, and she has given us all her rock-solid determination to set a carbon trade price (that's the Emissions Trading Tax again) if elected.

Hmmmmm, if elected? let's see, if we vote for Julia Gillard we will get a mining tax that will go nowhere to settling the massive billions of dollar debt that Kevvie set up for our children, along with a loss of jobs and industry.

We will also get another failed border security policy or the same one that worked when John Howard was PM (as long as it doesn't look the same and doesn't involve the introduction of temporary visa)

And we can also expect a massive rise in the costs of living due to the feel-good tax (ETS) that will be imposed on us all so as not to upset those good folk in the Green Party (who are providing preference votes to the ALP at the election). Seems like a no brainer to me then.......

Hand me the how to vote Liberal Party card please.

Monday, July 5, 2010

More of the Same

in April this year I was reading a piece in the Oz by Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan entitled "Tough stance on boat people all talk" ......

........and it was interesting at the time to think that in November 2007 the clear rhetoric that was coming from the mouth of the then opposition leader, Kevin Rudd, was that he would be tough and that there was no room for unfair and inhumane treatment of these arrivals but that he would continue (in the tradition of John Howard, my words) to send a strong message to the people smugglers that Australia's border are not a soft touch.

Fast forward to today and 4000 asylum seekers and 143 boat arrivals later and we are still hearing the same spin.

PM, Julia Gillard, has jumped from what she believes is a face saving and election winning back flip with regards to the massive new tax on mining (watch that space folks, this is not over yet) to all of a sudden having a solution to the problem that we have faced as a result of her governments border and immigration policies over the last 3 years.

Ms Gillard advises us all now that she will turn back the new arrivals from Afghanistan and prove that she has the balls and the brains that her predecessor obviously lacked. Although up to 60 per cent of Afghan asylum-seekers have had their claims rejected, only two have been returned home since the surge in boat people started in late 2008. More of the same, just more spin over substance,

John Howard's "Pacific Solution", the introduction of exclusion zones and the introduction of temporary protection visas, was a master stoke of border protection and still allowed us to comply with the agreed United Nations Refugee Charter. What it did was simple, if these were genuine refugees and they were suitable to live within our society then they would be accepted (within the UN quota also agreed) and if not then they would be deported without delay.

Now what we have is what Rudd and Gillard introduce to pacify the bleeding heart liberals and doooo gooders, of whom he promised, for a vote, a more human and compassionate approach.

How compassionate is it to send hundreds of men, woman and children to a watery death somewhere in the oceans around Australia after they had just paid some people-trading scum more money than their family earns in a decade (in most cases) for a chance to get to this great Southern Land of Welfare. Where, in this land of second chances, they will, thanks to Rudd and Gillard, be allowed the opportunity to appeal the governments recommendation to deport them (right up to the High Court of Australia), whilst siting back in well maintained, 3 meals a day accommodation, with free Internet and phone along with all the medical benefits bestowed on any Australian citizen and all paid for by you and me.

Meanwhile the legitimate place that should have been for a more suitable and productive immigrant, someone who has worked hard and waited in line, has now gone to that so-called refugee

If the PM was fair dinkum about reversing the disastrous Rudd policy that she so supported, then the first thing she would do is bring back the system that actually worked, and bring it back now before the election, not make it another ALP promise that will be broken.

I cannot see how the PM can kick these people out of the country whilst they still have access to so many avenues of appeal and free legal services. This would require an act of Parliament legislation, which will get passed and although appearing as a back flip, will actually start to send the correct message to the smugglers and their customers.

Alas this will not happen as they are just too proud and too bloody pig headed on staying in power for another 3 years. The song and dance show that Gillard puts on now is just that and haven't we all seen this show before!

Friday, July 2, 2010

No religion please, we're Communist

For anyone who is interested in just what our new government (or is it still the old one?) believes in, one only has to look at the teachings of Marx and Engels. Communism 101 does not support the belief in any religious dogma, God, Allah or whatever you address your spiritual superior by. Rather the STATE is now your main object of worship and obedience.

I thought that all the political pundits were correct when they say that Julia Gillard is a very smart person and never gaffed, ever? Well, I am not so sure about that anymore. The smart thing to have done when the Radio Kremlin (ABC) presenter asked her about her religious beliefs was simply to say "that such issues are of a private nature and I will be keeping to myself my beliefs, agnostic, atheist or otherwise!" And you know, who would have questioned or berated her for saying that? Because that is the right thing to say and Australians in general do like to keep to themselves when it comes to such private matters.

I for one really do not care what beliefs our PM's have outside of their belief in this country and its prosperous future. As long as the present Australian culture, language and borders are protected as well as our constitution and basic freedoms and democracy, then who am I to tell the PM what I think she should do on a Sunday morning?

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a strong faith in the Christian Lord God but I am not the PM. The Prime Minister should have known that this is a question that they shouldn't answer as it creates political fodder and a cause for division in her support base.

So really when we get down to brass tacks, is this a smarter person to be running our country than the previous K Rudd? or is it simply a case of out with the Maoist and in with the Marxist?Either way I still see RED!!!