Friday, March 27, 2015

Not a good look Luke‏


I have to say that I am quite confident that the better team and the better man will win this weekend.

Notice just how quiet the Left have been since the comments yesterday from the ALP and CFMEU, that the Evil Chinese will "CONTROL" our electricity if the Poles and Wires are SOLD (another lie). Funny isn't it, because I could just imagine the outrage and cries of Xenophobia from the "usual suspects" if such words had come from a Conservative Politicians or Organisation!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Members Only. Goodbye Mal‏

I just can't be one of the hand wringing, navel gazing Conservatives who are joining in with all of this lording praise for our 22nd Prime minister, the now late John Malcolm Fraser.

Many of whom have been constant critics of Fraser's Parliamentary term and his personal condemnation of John Howard and Tony Abbott's political careers.

I didn't do it when Gough left this Earth (no surprise, EGW was the worst of all the Labor PM's imho) and for much the same reasons, I won't do it now.

Sure, Fraser was nowhere near as bad as Whitlam or Rudd or Gillard but it is my strong opinion that a drover's dog could have beaten Whitlam had he been given the chance to contest the next election.  I think that the Dismissal was a dark day in our Democracy and Fraser can take credit for that.

During his term, the list of monstrous bad decisions is quite longer than any achievements in my mind, and that list must be topped with his support of Indonesian annexing of East Timor along with his support of Robert Mugabe -- whom he also helped to lobby a Knighthood for.

Fraser's sins include ignoring of the then Treasurer John Howard's economic reforms, which we now know were ahead of their time. This ignorance of course resulting in massive national unemployment.

Then there was the pandering to the Left and the Multi Culty brigade with the opening of our borders to a stream of non-vetted refugees, along with the establishment of the now Leftist hate media, SBS!

His ripping up of his Liberal membership in 2010 was well overdue in my humble opinion and is it any wonder when the bloke went so far to the Left that he became the poster boy for the Greens and in particular, Sarah Hanson-Young.

Yes, Malcolm Fraser is proof personified that the Leftist mindset is motivated and controlled by unreasonable and unscientific GUILT!

Of course it's a sad moment when anyone passes away, especially for their family and loved ones and my condolences to the Fraser family always.

Malcolm was not an evil or bad person at all, he was just a very poor Conservative Prime minister and I for one will not be swept up in the eulogies of praise for a man that hated his political party of choice and Conservatism in general, along with making so many serious errors of judgement that, generations later, we are still paying for them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

With friends like this eh!‏


I don't need to say that much about this one, other than to remind some that Tony Abbott does a deal with the ALP/Greens to expedite the Metadata legislation through the Lower House and although he says that this issue wasn't of concern to the Government, he is still happy to give "journalists" (whatever an actual journalist is suppose to be these days?) an exemption of warrant only for authorities to obtain their sources identity.

 There was a time not so long ago when I would have screamed to the heavens to protect such a freedom but in this day of an obvious and very deadly threat to our very freedoms and when a "journalist" tag can be seriously granted to an unpaid blogger, then I think he gave too much.

The irony of course is that if he ever thought that the usual suspects would now start to lean back from their constant attack of this Conservative Government because of this little gift, then I strongly suspect that the PM will be greatly disappointed.

Somehow though I also suspect that he knows that and that this was more of a PR stunt for the Gallery and the more hardcore Libertarians such as Senator David Leyonhjelm? Even with ALP support I'm not sure that this Bill will survive the Senate anyway?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Thelma & Louise of Oz‏

Senator Glenn Lazarus resigns from Palmer United Party

Well, all I can say is that "it couldn't have happened to a nicer boofhead".

One of this counties most recent and greatest political errors, The Palmer United Party,will soon only be The Palmer Party and I strongly suspect that no amount of Campaign spending will convince the now very disillusioned PUP supporters that this clown is worth another go.

His "Celeb Factor Senator" has just shown him and all else, like so many others before, that they have NO FAITH in the Member for Fairfax or the obstructionist direction of the PUP. Although I can't stand the Crazy Cat Lady from Tassie, it certainly does appear that both she and now Glenn Lazarus, have worked politics out and will definitely have a chance of keeping their jobs if they continue to be true Independence with a right wing bent and of course nothing to do with the Clive Palmer's political boys adventure tale & ego trip.

I do feel a bit for Dio Wang,the last PUP Senator standing plus the fact that he alone has to now suffer all of big Clive's hugs and salivation when the cameras are on but I also think that he may be just playing a smarter longer game and as he is now on side with Minister for Eduction, Christopher Pyne with regards to supporting the much needed Higher Education reforms, then just maybe we might be looking at a new Liberal Party Senator come the next Fed Poll .............

As the inevitable drive off the cliff "Thelma & Louise" style does take place for Mr Palmer and his political career.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Lifestyle Choices that we make‏


"Lifestyle Choices"!!!  Apparently a dirty racist word when the PM refers to the factual conditions that we all know exist in remote Aboriginal communes and we also know that many indigenous folk do choose this as their lifestyle, generation after generation.

We sure do have a quite a few others in this country who choose to sit down all day and are quite happy to be funded by the taxpayers of Australia to do bugger all, generation after generation.

I wonder if the PM was referring to the rest of the population on sit down money, if he would have been immediately labelled a racist by the useful idiot brigade?,....... well actually no, because these class warfare card would have been drawn from the pack of lies instead!

This cartoon is quite close to the heart and is certainly a reminder to us all of the very real factors that haven't been reversed in decades by any Government and are causing misery for those of us who have landed in some difficulty via business closure and cut backs.

Due to these circumstances, we have fallen straight through the crack of injustice. What injustice am I talking about? Well, the injustice of having paid tax all of ones working life, never applying for welfare at anytime, paying for ones own medical costs, paying for ones children's education and then finding out that you are not eligible for any welfare due to your assets, savings and status.

Not to mention that you are too young for a Pension and that your status doesn't qualify you for Govt/Employee subsidy schemes and the ever increasing ageist discrimination within the existing workforce that clearly states that you are just too old to be employed and retrained.

Time to get online (whilst you still can afford to) and start selling all of those foreign made products that you thought were a great cheap alternative to the home brand (if it did exist at the time of course).... IDIOT!

Yep, these are the Lifestyle Choices that we made and because we believed in and voted for the Leaders that promised job security and prosperity for all, and we continued to buy cheaper imported products, then we must live with our choices as does everyone in this country.

If our PM really is fair dinkum (I believe he is) about beneficial lifestyle change for the Indigenous people of Australia then I applaud him but he will not be getting a full standing ovation from me until he and his Party AND THE OPPOSITION/CROSS BENCHES do something concrete to help those of us who actually did try to help ourselves and not rely on the Welfare State and Charity.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The obnoxious Germaine Greer

Please allow me to preface the below comment with the full understanding that you the reader knows that I am not some neolithic male chauvinist and that I never see a person's character, importance or status though gender coloured glasses.

Women have had a rough deal for many centuries and I applaud those women & men who stood up and challenged the well established patriarchal society of the West to ensure that females not only received the right to vote but also shared in most common rights previously considered men only territory, for which they had so long been denied.

I think that with regards to gender equality in the workplace etc,that there is still some work to do but in all fairness I think that woman and men today should be proud of the progress so far in our society. It's when "Feminists" (and some blokes) use and abuse this equality platform to further other agendas that I call FOUL.

Yes folks, Germaine Greer said that (link above) and true to form is using her over exaggerated position of importance (imho) combined with her enormous ego (that's obvious), to not only embarrass a fellow sister (although Bishop states that she is not a Feminist but I thought all women where suppose to be "Sisters" in the eyes of a true Feminist, Germaine?) but also the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. I actually am now convinced that Greer hates this country.

Well, I guess we can't be surprised that she felt like the King/Queen of the Panel because she wrote "that book" and somehow believes that she is the elder statesman/woman/person? and was there in the trenches from "the beginning". (Hardly, the movement of women's rights was unofficially given birth in the West in the early part of the 19th Century)

Her arrogance and hypocrisy has no bounds. Never forget that she cruelly stated that "The animal world got its revenge" after the tragic death of Steve Irwin, a true Australian Environmentalist/Conservationist and Educator. Then there was the PM Gillard's "FAT ARSE" comment, also on Q&A.

 So again I state that I am not surprised that this Marxist in Feminist clothing, who believes that bad publicity is gold, continues to grab headlines due to her obvious "No one is talking about me deficiency syndrome" from which she has always suffered (imho).

 What truly surprises me is why the "Sisterhood" continue to praise her in any manner after she clearly is not on their side anymore (if she ever was) and is only using the Feminist platform as a way to justify her self-deluded importance and to push her Marxist agenda.

 Then again I also wonder if there is a "Sisterhood" anymore, when we hear nil to bugger all condemnation from them regarding the very real mistreatment of women, not only by extremists like DAESH but in the Islamic world in general?

Seems to me that the modern movement that the likes of Ms Greer championed was a contrived puppet show to mask the true Marxist agenda of breaking down the foundation stones of Western Society, THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY UNIT !!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reform or Perish

Clearly the Federal ALP is a far more democratic a Party now than the Liberals are at this time. I agree strongly with the likes of of former Liberal PM, John Howard and many others within the Party who are calling for immediate reformation regarding just how the Leader is elected.

I am pretty confident that if the Liberal Party membership base were heard on this issue, that the likes of Turnbull and others would never get in.

This spill hype that is going on now is obviously a disastrous look for the party -- and the Opposition and "usual suspects" in the MSM are not only creating the fear but simply just sitting back and watching the train crash, and all because of a handful of disingenuous and frankly political cowards within its ranks.