Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scott's payback plan

"Ring, ring, ring, ring, click.. Hello,...

G'day, is that the ABC radio station?

Yes sir, how can I help?

Well, you can help by putting back on air the local rural weather
and farmers information programs, instead of this rubbish from
the city that means nothing to us!

I am sorry Sir, this is out of my control. These services were cut due to the Abbott Coalitions draconian budget measures.  The good news is that they will return once a Federal ALP government is reelected.  Have a nice day and thank you for listening to your ABC.  click."

That's his plan and that's why the regional ABC services are copping the major end of budget cuts, imho.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Firebrand Bill‏

What happens when a Leftist sees  his propaganda machine  under pressure -- rage

I am sure that you caught this weekends outrage and fury of the Chardonnay Socialists and assorted useful idiots of the Left because the Abbott Government dare to take away their propaganda toy for the small excuse of budgetary logic.

I will be the first to say that the budget wasn't sold well and it didn't help the governments cause when the incoming PM, in what I can only assume was a moment of hubris, made a quite unnecessary remark, telling everyone that there will be not cuts to the ABC or SBS, just a day before his massive election victory.

I am sure that our great PM will need a bit of an image change to turn around the resent poll results but he does have time.

 No doubt about it, the ALP leader , Bill Shorten is also taking some advice about image and lately he has really started to fire up in his public appearances. Who could forget the hand punching the air rally when addressing the submarine builders union, also his sermon-like rant to the Christian Lobby, when preaching homosexual marriage!

BUT at no other time have I ever seen him so violent and firebrand in his preaching to the converted than at the Save Our ABC rally over this weekend. It was made the local Jihadist preachers look like they should be on PlaySchool.

Truly was a disturbing sight and I am wondering if this video will also be pulled off the ALP website for it oddness just like the ship-builders rant was?

I really don't know why Tony Abbott just doesn't privatise the ABC and be done with it. Then quality will improve, commercial bias can then be tolerated in a commercial marketplace and we save over a billion a year. This way no one can tell the PM that he lied about cost cutting either! hmmmmm?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trickle-down economics

Remember "trickle down economics", that scornful dismissal of any and all who dared to suggest that markets do a better job of promoting prosperity than any number of bureaucrats and regulators? Well it seems there is some truth in it after all.

Enjoy the G20?, hope so, you paid for it and it looks like you will for sometime to come!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


No need to really comment more on this cartoon. It's pretty obvious to me that neither of these Leaders really believe the false scientific consensus on Anthropological Climate Change, nor that even if life giving CO2 levels were the only cause of changing climate, that we are responsible and that we have the power to reverse warming.

Why anyone thinks that food grows better in permafrost is beyond me, other than my strong suspicions that the Green movement hates mankind so much that they will do anything to see  Western prosperity decline and an enforced eugenics agenda would suit their twisted ideology nicely.

At the end of the day, they (The Greens) will blame any deaths caused by any dramatic natural climate change, as the fault of industry and capitalist corporate greed.

Ironically there is much profit to be made from this Global Ponzi Scheme, that many huge multinationals will get fatter and fatter by selling the GREEN LIE to a very dumbed down consumer base.

Yet another cartoon that you won't see in the so called free and balanced mainstream media!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The United Nonsense

Obama's big gas-guzzling helicopter is no problem but Joe average's car is?

Well with the release of more rubbish from the UN's IPCC, it seems to me that this old panic machine of propaganda for the Agenda 21 crowd, is working overtime due to a real feeling of inadequacy & quick abandonment.

Let's face it, this "Great threat to Humanity, that we caused", hasn't been getting the press that it thinks it deserves of late due to little matters such as the Islamic Global Holy War and the threat of a recently new plague that could easily become pandemic.

Plus the fact that all of their soothsaying has been so debunked and degraded, that even the founding head of GREEN PEACE, Patrick Moore has  spat out the red pill with the koolaid the moment he detected the anti human taste that lurks within the entire Anthropological Climate Change SCAM! I have great admiration for the courageous stand of Professor Moore. Every idiot friend that he has now lost is truly his gain!

The report is typically insulting to anyone's intelligence but it is aimed at the lower intellectuals among us, so I guess they still understand their target audience.