Friday, December 19, 2014


Sony cancels 'The Interview' as US links hack to North Korea

I think this is not only the first time a State has threatened a major corporation but it's most likely the first time that a Communist regime has gone after Hollywood!

Of course the strong leaning lefties of Tinsel Town were always considered by the Stalinists as "idiots" (a correct label in my humble opinion) but also considered as very "useful" in the planting of seeds internally to assist the long march and the cause of divide & conquer needed to crumble the values of the West.

As far as the North Korean boy wonder is concerned, he seems not so useful in this case. How did they think that this tyrant would have any kind of a sense of humour or was a Seth Rogen fan?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boys will be girls,......if the GREENS get their way!‏

"The Greens’ push to get parents to stop buying dolls for girls and trucks for boys has  been inundated with such fiery rejection that you’d have to conclude it has incited more anger than empathy"

I suppose if anything tests the old adage that "the road to HELL is paved with gold" then here it is in all of it's glory, courtesy of your local GREEN public servant.

They are fooling nobody with the pretence that this madness, this ban on gender specific children's product advertising, is to help future generations wipe out sexual discrimination and domestic violence....

I think we all know just what powers the mindset of a fully blown Marxist Greenie and that is "SOCIAL ENGINEERING" and "THE NORMALISATION OF THE ABNORMAL".

How these "Watermelons" keep getting elected is a very troubling state of affairs indeed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scott's payback plan

"Ring, ring, ring, ring, click.. Hello,...

G'day, is that the ABC radio station?

Yes sir, how can I help?

Well, you can help by putting back on air the local rural weather
and farmers information programs, instead of this rubbish from
the city that means nothing to us!

I am sorry Sir, this is out of my control. These services were cut due to the Abbott Coalitions draconian budget measures.  The good news is that they will return once a Federal ALP government is reelected.  Have a nice day and thank you for listening to your ABC.  click."

That's his plan and that's why the regional ABC services are copping the major end of budget cuts, imho.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Firebrand Bill‏

What happens when a Leftist sees  his propaganda machine  under pressure -- rage

I am sure that you caught this weekends outrage and fury of the Chardonnay Socialists and assorted useful idiots of the Left because the Abbott Government dare to take away their propaganda toy for the small excuse of budgetary logic.

I will be the first to say that the budget wasn't sold well and it didn't help the governments cause when the incoming PM, in what I can only assume was a moment of hubris, made a quite unnecessary remark, telling everyone that there will be not cuts to the ABC or SBS, just a day before his massive election victory.

I am sure that our great PM will need a bit of an image change to turn around the resent poll results but he does have time.

 No doubt about it, the ALP leader , Bill Shorten is also taking some advice about image and lately he has really started to fire up in his public appearances. Who could forget the hand punching the air rally when addressing the submarine builders union, also his sermon-like rant to the Christian Lobby, when preaching homosexual marriage!

BUT at no other time have I ever seen him so violent and firebrand in his preaching to the converted than at the Save Our ABC rally over this weekend. It was made the local Jihadist preachers look like they should be on PlaySchool.

Truly was a disturbing sight and I am wondering if this video will also be pulled off the ALP website for it oddness just like the ship-builders rant was?

I really don't know why Tony Abbott just doesn't privatise the ABC and be done with it. Then quality will improve, commercial bias can then be tolerated in a commercial marketplace and we save over a billion a year. This way no one can tell the PM that he lied about cost cutting either! hmmmmm?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trickle-down economics

Remember "trickle down economics", that scornful dismissal of any and all who dared to suggest that markets do a better job of promoting prosperity than any number of bureaucrats and regulators? Well it seems there is some truth in it after all.

Enjoy the G20?, hope so, you paid for it and it looks like you will for sometime to come!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


No need to really comment more on this cartoon. It's pretty obvious to me that neither of these Leaders really believe the false scientific consensus on Anthropological Climate Change, nor that even if life giving CO2 levels were the only cause of changing climate, that we are responsible and that we have the power to reverse warming.

Why anyone thinks that food grows better in permafrost is beyond me, other than my strong suspicions that the Green movement hates mankind so much that they will do anything to see  Western prosperity decline and an enforced eugenics agenda would suit their twisted ideology nicely.

At the end of the day, they (The Greens) will blame any deaths caused by any dramatic natural climate change, as the fault of industry and capitalist corporate greed.

Ironically there is much profit to be made from this Global Ponzi Scheme, that many huge multinationals will get fatter and fatter by selling the GREEN LIE to a very dumbed down consumer base.

Yet another cartoon that you won't see in the so called free and balanced mainstream media!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The United Nonsense

Obama's big gas-guzzling helicopter is no problem but Joe average's car is?

Well with the release of more rubbish from the UN's IPCC, it seems to me that this old panic machine of propaganda for the Agenda 21 crowd, is working overtime due to a real feeling of inadequacy & quick abandonment.

Let's face it, this "Great threat to Humanity, that we caused", hasn't been getting the press that it thinks it deserves of late due to little matters such as the Islamic Global Holy War and the threat of a recently new plague that could easily become pandemic.

Plus the fact that all of their soothsaying has been so debunked and degraded, that even the founding head of GREEN PEACE, Patrick Moore has  spat out the red pill with the koolaid the moment he detected the anti human taste that lurks within the entire Anthropological Climate Change SCAM! I have great admiration for the courageous stand of Professor Moore. Every idiot friend that he has now lost is truly his gain!

The report is typically insulting to anyone's intelligence but it is aimed at the lower intellectuals among us, so I guess they still understand their target audience.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Australian public broadcaster, the ABC, censors conservative comments about its programs

I don't know if you put yourselves through the pain of watching Q and A every Monday night but I certainly do. It's important to me to know just what our leftist brothers and sisters are thinking and this forum is one of the best for exposing the enemy within.

 Shame though about the distracting left wing graffiti that fills the bottom of the screen from start to finish -- and how it has become a little competition for the Marxists and alike to try and get their leftard comment or quip up on national television.

I have been trying for years under my twitter handle of @zegcartoonist but no matter how benign or relative, polite, direct or humorous and even brief, I have never been successful. I assume that this is because the twitter feed is moderated by your typical ABC employee/s who have no interest in freedom of speech or democracy but rather use this unbridled power to make sure that only their mates' voices are heard, and no doubt I am not in the clique!

I had to test the theory so I created another twitter account and under this new and unknown name, I tweeted a very lefty style comment. It was up within seconds. The next week using the same twitter account I put up some common sense and witty tweets but this time from a conservative view, no need to tell you but not one posted.

Have been at it now for weeks under the new name and it seems that my new identity has now been labelled "Conservative-NOT FOR BROADCAST". Of course they will tell you that it's all in my head and that all tweets posted on screen are decided on merit and value to the discussion, etc etc. Well, that is true but what they won't admit is that the discussion is always one sided and rarely will a counter political point slip through. Any regular viewer of the weekly show could not doubt this claim.

I've been wanting to do this cartoon for a while now and I hope that it finds its way to Mark Scott, and the Twitter commies at AUNTY that think that they are getting away with their bias on the taxpayers' dollar. Things are going to change at the THEIR ABC soon and we will see objectiveness and balance returned to our public broadcaster before the place is sold.

Please be my guest. Tweet this cartoon, post it, share it, I don't care anymore, I just what balance back at OUR ABC!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

You can't always get what you want!‏

Am I the only one who is just a bit miffed at $450k of SA taxes being used to lure one of the world's RICHEST rock bands to play here? They were touring anyway so why the taxpayer bribe? What is it with ALP leaders and Rock Bands? I think that they are all frustrated rock stars themselves. Had no musical talent so they got into politics instead!

Surely that money would have been better spent on genuine government services such as aged care etc. Okay I get the whole tourism dollar angle but die hard fans will travel anywhere to see the Stones and like I said, THEY WERE COMING ANYWAY!.

This was just another populist move and another shining example of Socialism at work..... SPENDING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY FOR ONES OWN GLORY!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Preaching to the unconvertible.

You got to hand it to Bill Shorten for making political news on a usually slow Saturday. You also have to acknowledge his testicular fortitude by taking his populist stance on the legalisation of Homosexual Marriage to an audience of devoted Christians from the ACL. Firstly sermonising from the lectern like a Church Pastor and then politely telling them that they are wrong and don't understand the values of their own religious dogma!

I mean it was nothing less than a bloke going to a Hell's Angel Rally dressed as Boy George!!!

I know several of my more centre right friends and some of my ALP voting die hard mates (yes I do have them!) would like to see a fair dinkum referendum on the issue and I am sure that it is only a matter of time for this to happen, a reality that Hardcore Conservatives like me will have to accept.

I think a plebiscite on the issue would fail right now and that's why it hasn't happened but as we steadily fall down the "progressive rabbit hole" in this country, it is a sure bet that the next generation will experiment with the idea. I will say that this issue was the one thing that Julia Gillard got right, in my humble opinion.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The HypoGreens

After months of hearing the Greens decrying the Government over  its ever toughening stance against the Islamist Death Cult in the Middle East, and everywhere  taking action against the West, as if Abbott and even the ALP were in some great American driven conspiracy to alienate the Islamic population of Australia & the world.

The Greens openly telling us all not to refer to terrorists and such, as this will only anger them more and that somehow we (the West) have created this cult's Caliphate and determination to wipe out the West and all infidels.

If there was ever a case of "My enemies enemy is my friend" then the  sickening support that the Greens have for these murderous barbarians is such a case.

I do wonder though, that even after an Islamist attack on Ottawa, a centre of democracy that is so very much like ours and in a country who society, values and history we share, such as Canada, that the Greens will finally see the light and understand that their lives and their freedom are as much as being threatened and taken as that brave Canadian soldier who lost his life today?...........

I still wonder what it will take for them to understand that there are only two sides in this War and that the choice to be on the other side is suicide!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Time, Gough.

The Left (and even some on the Right) are crying and mourning the loss of this Great Australian Icon, and applauding his great contribution to the political landscape and the very fabric of Australian society. Indeed Edward Gough Whitlam AC, QC, did make massive changes to the Australian psyche, of this there is no doubt, BUT was it all to the benefit of us all? 

I don't mince words, there is little doubt in my opinion that Gough was a Communist. He had obviously studied the Red Bible and in particular the bit in the Communist Manifesto that talks about the needed Long March through the Institutions and how the minds of the young must be captured and manipulated via the Educational Institutions. 

The problem was of course, "how to get the kids of lower socio-economic means (traditional Labor voters) into these institutions for this social engineering to take place?" MAKE UNIVERSITY FREE!

Of course it is not free as it is the taxpayer who fronts up with the initial contribution and then of course the student must pay it back when he or she is a high flying graduate. After 4-6 years of leftwing propaganda, is it any wonder that the media and the courts are full of little Marxist bastards!

It is needless to say that universal healthcare does appear to be a sign of a society that "cares" for its population. I would be the first to agree that if you cannot afford health care then the state to which you are contributing taxes to should make it affordable for you or your loved ones to stay alive, that's civil,.... 

BUT what about those that can afford health cover and those who have never contributed taxes? These are the ones that must be made to be dependent on the State and thus when the next election comes around, who will they remember as being the benevolent provider of "FREE HEATHCARE"? THE ALP, that's who! Why to this day has no "Conservative" Prime Minister has ever had the GUTS to means test Medicare is beyond me?

The School Cadet Corps was and still is a much needed part of the development of our youth. The skills gained via discipline and individual achievement along with a sense of national pride are something that cannot be exclusively offered in the classroom. This fact is something well known to those in the Private Education Sector, who continue the practice.

ALAS generations have missed out on this valuable learning and growth tool, as it was E G Whitlam that disbanded the Cadet Corps in the Public School System. I guess the logic for doing so would again take us back to the passages in the Communist Manifesto that tells us that "self pride, individualism and the skills needed to possibly form a successful militia are never to be encouraged".

I don't want to bash a dead man, it's not my style and I have written and drawn about just what I think are the Politics and influence of the Whitlam era several times before. I will not be a hypocrite now just because the man has passed away. I did not know him personally and I doubt that I would have liked him anyway with the knowledge of the destructive path that his reforms have taken this country down. Generational destruction that will take generations to repair, Yet I will say, Rest in peace Gough Whitlam and my sincere condolences to his family and loved ones on their loss today. You had a good long life and will never be forgotten and in a way isn't that what we all want? Well, I do but only if I am remembered for doing good!


I had forgotten that Gough withdrew support for the cadets but Zeg has a military background more recent than mine so he obviously felt it.  The Fraser government promptly re-formed the cadets when Whitlam was booted out.  They now have full army support and are even given army camo to wear.
 -- JR

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Girl Talk‏

What ever did happen to the Australian sense of humour?

Liberal Senator and Federal Minister for Finance, Mathias Cormann is quite willing to take the piss out of himself by quoting a famous Californian Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger line that he used when attacking his opposite number on their fiscal credibility, knowing that cartoonists and comedians and media  commentators everywhere in Australia are constantly comparing him with the Austrian actor come Politician because of the similarities in their strong accents.

I have never heard or read that Cormann felt in anyway racially vilified for it and that's because he's more Australian than his Australian born knockers who have forgotten that being Australian is to have a robust (that word again) sense of humour and always being able to laugh at yourself.

Well let's see if Federal ALP Leader Bill Shorten has such a sense of humour also, how Australian is he, hmmmm?


Sunday, October 12, 2014

The true viral threat....for some!‏

Not much needed to be said about this one. As usual the push for democracy against the Communist totalitarian government of China gets pushed back in the news feeds and hardly mentioned at all. Seems that there are more pressing threats facing the West.... really!?!

Anyway, it's but another cartoon that you won't see on their ABC's, The Insiders!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mixed bag of priorities this week!

Quite a mixed bag of priorities and issues, as I have seen them,  this week. Of course it is Mental Health Awareness Week once again and as with very year there is a lot of important and much needed discussion and debate about this growing national epidemic.

Pollies make more promises to do more etc etc and then the week is over and it's time to move on to whatever the next awareness week is. Really quite an insult to this very serious social problem and it is something that should be discussed and dealt with on a daily basis until the situation is under control, in my opinion.

 Those Islamist maddies continuing to dominate our media and the minds of our leaders, and I can't really blame anyone for that other than this death cult. I guess I am suffering from a bit of burn out but hey, I'm lucky, I still have my head so I shouldn't complain.

Of course the issue is totally off the radar for the gangrenous Greens who's continued contribution is to childishly mock the Prime Minister for being a solid and decent citizen.

ALP has nothing to do but look sombre and supportive because even a socialist comrade like Shorten knows and understands evil when he sees it.

Then there's our old mate Clive Palmer who has finally shown all of his cards, only to reveal that his entire reason for wanting to be a MP was to get revenge on Campbell Newman and the QLD LNP for not helping him out with some mining issues a few years ago. I know one thing about Clive, he may have friends but they are all new ones, the man has no old friends!

So why the fighting kangaroos symbolism? Well. just a few day ago a bloke just a few streets from where I live, caught this on video and now it's all over the country and the world. It is a quintessential Aussie moment, that I wanted to mark.  See here

Friday, October 3, 2014

Nothing new!

Just a little comment on all of the madness circling us at the moment. I find it all a bit cliche to be drawing terrorist's and burqua's etc.  After all, just about every other cartoonist in the country is doing that daily. I wanted to focus on the very loud enemy within, the home-grown threat that has been ripping and distorting and terrorising our way of life long before the mad Islamists ever came to our attention. So get in line ISIL, ISIS or IS or whatever we are to call you, because the experts at destroying the West are definitely ahead of your game, the experts...THE LEFT!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Ray Martin's softball interview with La Gillard

Wasn't that just a waste of time. I should have known better that the hype would never have match the actual content. Was there anything that we didn't already know that was said? I guess you can't blame Gillard for being guarded but I can certainly blame Martin for not asking the hard questions, what a soft touch he is. I thought it was an ABC interview for while there.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Thank You Jimmy.‏

Not sure how you felt about the Scottish Independence Referendum result but I was pleased the the UK will remain united with Scotland and that the relative economic stability of both England and Scotland will hold stronger due to the unity.

I think that the Scottish people were facing some serious economic and social issues ( far worse than any present ) just to be trendy and fashionable.

I'm a Monarchist: I don't want to see the UK broken up and I certainly don't want Australia's strong Constitution mucked up either in the name of "Nationalism".

I am at this time a strong believer that a Republican Movement is not thinking about the best interests of Australia and that what we have now works well.

You couldn't find a more patriotic Australian than me, so the argument from the other side that I am not being "progressive" and "proud" is a matter of fact but it's the use of their meaning of the words that I challenge.

Of course I'm proud to be Australian, I know my identity and my history well. Of course I will embrace progress but only when such change is necessary and not change for change's sake.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Comment on the extremists raids news today. See HERE

A shadow of itself

In the wild, wild East

Friday, September 5, 2014

Progressive Suicide‏

Just a little offering regarding the useful idiot & quite insane comments of that Greens Senator, Peter Wishy-Washy; and of course fully supported by his leader today on Skynews.

Troubling times indeed but only made worse when cowards like this tell the enemies of freedom, human decency and justice, that we are soft touches and more worried about hurting their feelings and making them more upset.

An excerpt from a report on the comments of the very privileged unelected senator and wine-maker

GREENS senator Peter Whish-Wilson has been condemned for suggesting Islamic State fighters should not be described as “terrorists” because Australian forces could also be viewed by some as terrorists.

The Tasmanian senator, in a speech to parliament, claimed that describing the militants as terrorists “demonises people” and “implies a very one-sided view of the world”.

“I think we need to find better words than ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ because, to me, this implies a very one-sided view of the world,” Senator Whish-Wilson told the upper house on Monday night.

“Often our forces could be seen by Iraqi civilians as being terrorists.

“Anything that creates terror is, by definition, terrorism. We use that word because it is a very simple word to use and it demonises people.”

The Greens have opposed military intervention against Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq, calling on the government to seek parliamentary consent for any deployment.

Liberal MP Andrew Nikolic, a former commander of Australian forces in southern Iraq, accused Senator Whish-Wilson of “playing ideological, peripheral word games” while civilians face danger.

“While Peter Whish-Wilson is playing word games, thousands of people are dying in Syria at the hands of what should properly be described as a barbaric and evil organisation,” Mr Nikolic told The Australian.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Our real and present danger‏

I just heard that the ALP's, Kim Carr and the Greens leader "what's her name", seem to think that the PM's genuine concern and cautious but considered attention to assisting the US and other countries in a plan to end the mass genocide of people in Syria and Iraq, is some kind of a "distraction from his "unfair" Budget!

That they would use his sincere efforts to involve Australia in the conversation that will hopefully lead to the salvation of the innocent and the destruction of what is universally accepted as one of the most aggressive and destructive Islamist fanatical groups on the planet, as some form of a political football, speaks widely of the shallow nature of these Politicians and of their obvious ignorance of what is an ever growing global threat that must be dealt with NOW!

If either of these two individuals dare to turn up to an ANZAC memorial in the future then they should be publicly shamed for their hypocrisy!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Enlightenment (Sky News)‏

I was watching Sky News (as usual) and on the final word section of PM AGENDA, it was revealed that Prime Minister Abbott is a big fan of this News Network Service and was quoted as taking real notice of the Presenters and Journo's on that show and others. I wonder if the Prime Minister took notice of Editor Paul Kelly or even economist Saul Eslake, when they both correctly commented last week on just why the this Coalition Government's first Budget is just not selling to the Australian people?

 I paraphrase these gents; Clearly the Government has fallen into the trap set by the economic wreckers of the ALP/Greens, that their Budget is simply a matter of Fairness versus Unfairness instead of focusing their message on the fact that the Federal Budget is designed to return the country to surplus, reduce and eventually end the weekly billion dollar interest bill, is designed to reduce the wasted taxpayer funds on populist policy on the run created by the previous Government (without proper funding) and to wean the entitlement dependent capable workers of the massive Welfare Tit!

That the message needs to be clear, reduce taxation and subsidise that lost revenue by spending less on middle class & corporate welfare and mismanaged welfare and socialised programs that currently exist. That the massive debt will only grow as the population does and if not constrained and controlled now, will cost the next generation dearly with a reduction in necessary welfare such as the aged pension and Medicare for those who truly need it.

This cartoon speaks of such an enlightened moment that I for one hope has gotten through to the Treasurer, Finance Minister and the PM whilst on their Winter break. They have the right tools and talent to turn this mess around but no one will employ them to do the job if they don't correctly target and effectively advertise their service and skills plus the need to fix the roof whilst the sun shines.

They must ignore the knockers in opposition and the useful idiots of the left wing media and just explain to the people of Australia that we ALL must tighten our belts, get of our arses, count our blessings and think about the long term future of the country instead of the short term personal gains. This is a duty of all fair dinkum Australians rather than a punishment for the sin of allowing another left wing and socialist aligned political party such as the ALP and Greens to gain power seven years ago.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Talk about INSTANT KARMA!‏

Clive Palmer has suffered another defeat in his legal brawl with Chinese giant Citic Pacific after the Federal Court today threw out his application to become the security operator at a key iron ore port in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

The ruling in Perth is a blow to Mr Palmer’s long-running efforts to wrest control of the port from Citic.

How's that for a bit of INSTANT KARMA!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well, Mr Palmer is just the gift that continues to give. His hypocrisy has no bounds. It was only in 2009 that he was calling the Australian Government racists for not allowing the Chinese to buy a mining site because it was too close to Pine Gap.

Now he calls these same Chinese "Mongrels & Bastards" because they had the nerve to challenge him in court. Could you imagine for just a second if those comments about the Chinese Government (and that is who he was speaking about) were made by Nationals Leader and Deputy PM, Warren Truss, who was the only Conservative on the last night's Q&A panel.

It would be all that the left wing commercial media, the ABC/SBS, the ALP and of course the Greens and most likely Palmer himself, would be rant about for weeks. I am sure that the freedom of speech police would be firing up their 18C weapon and going straight for Warren Truss.

I know it's early but I have been trolling the media sites and a few notable websites, only to find no one calling for this stupid and insidious law to be used against Palmer's comments.

On one hand I am glad that isn't happening, Palmer has the right to say what he wants and it will be the public that will mark him down or up on his choice of words AND YET the hypocrisy of the left that wanted to "protect" people from nasty words, appears to be doing nothing about Clive's anti Chinese brain snap? Seems to me that 18C is only to be used when a Conservative politician or commentator wants to use their freedom of speech!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lapdogs, Parrots and Other Useful Idiots!‏

Funny thing, ain't it, the way so-called progressives have turned out in force to back the Muslim fundamentalists of Hamas.

Institutionalised misogyny, the supremacy of religion, indifference to human life -- they are the bells that usually set the smart set slavering about injustice. But not when the enemy is Israel.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Compare the Pair!‏

With a hell of a week behind us I guess there is not much more to say than bravo PM and shame on you Bill Shorten. Whilst the PM showed true leadership this week, our ALP Opposition Leader, scraps the bottom of the barrel with his address to the party faithful this weekend. With nothing to add, no ideas or plans to improve the fiscal mess that he and his gang of socialist criminals left behind, he turns to that old default position that the Tory Hating Laborites always divert too, CLASS WARFARE!.

I am sure you caught his hollow hatred rant against Abbott & Hockey on one of the many media outlets today and no doubt you will be able to read all about it in a Fairfax publication this morning, only it will be headlined as " THE RISE OF BILL SHORTEN".

This bloke has learnt NOTHING from the last 6 years of chaos and instead of finding ways to assist the government to balance the books again and pay for all the promises made by both sides, he is the new "MR NO" and is clearly living in denial of the massive defeat that his party suffered last September.

Meanwhile as a disturbing side show, the Palmer United Circus just keeps on a rollin' along. Clive is hell-bent on getting back at Qld Premier, Campbell Newman, for not giving him the green light for some of his mining ventures via his pushing for a Senate inquiry into the Newman Govt.

Not realising from the start that corruption is not Premier Newman's bag, thus any financial support that Clive gave to the QLD or National LNP was never an instant stamp of approval for Palmer's plans.

Should I even mention the bogan "Senator" from Tasmania. Jacqui Lambie really has taken out the word "Class" in the phrase "Political Class". I doubt she will ever learn and hopefully the fools that voted for her will wake up to themselves next time around.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Publish or Die!‏

It worked!, the entire world's media are  now focussed again on the Ukraine. I truly believe that there is no way that the operators of the sophisticated targeting and guidance systems of the Surface To Air Missile Launcher that brought down flight MH17 this morning over Ukrainian territory, did not know that it was targeting a civilian aircraft.

This brings me to the question, "Why shoot down a civilian Airliner?". My only conclusion is that this act of terror will bring massive media attention to the continuing fight of Ukraine and Pro-Russian and Russian backed Separatists.

What's happening in the middle east as well as all of the other world news has knocked the disgusting annexing of Ukrainian territory by Vladimir Putin to the back of the newspaper if at all -- and we all know how much terrorists thrive on publicity to even be relevant in their own minds.

Seems almost that the flight targeted was a matter of personal convenience for President Putin? With 100 of it's passengers en-route to Melbourne to attend an International HIV (AIDS) Conference, many of them distinguished in their fields in the fight to destroy HIV, just maybe Putin sees them as the friends of his enemies. After all, we all know what Putin thinks about Homosexuality. I'd say he would like the virus to carry on doing it's good work, in his opinion of course!. Maybe a stretch to far but nothing would surprise me these days.

It will interesting to see if the truth ever does emerge and just how the world will prosecute the case for justice.

Comment from JR:  Best information seems to be that the plane was shot down by pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels -- but the most interesting question for me is what the plane was doing in a declared no-fly zone

A new age of intelligence is dawning

Congrats to PM Abbott and the entire coalition team, special mention to the Nationals Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Senator Barnaby Joyce, who was taking on the madness of a proposed Carbon Tax and Cap 'n' Trade Scheme (ETS) well before any of his Coalition mates. Still, as a team the evil Carbon Tax has been defeated and that team is TEAM AUSTRALIA!!!

Seems that just sometimes democracy can work in the favour of the sensible majority and deliver good outcomes. One thing is for sure in my mind and that is that we will not be leading the world in Carbon Tax madness anymore,  rather we will take the lead in economic common sense, courage & honour and show the other Western countries who have been hoaxed and guilty into submission, that it's okay to say that you made a mistake and reverse the wrong before anymore damage is done.

The world just got a little brighter for logic and reason and the world for the AGW/Climate Change Alarmists just got much more darker and colder.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Pretend Dragon Slayer‏

So, what do reckon, will today finally be the day that the majority of Australia has been waiting for, a day when the Gillard lie is reversed and justice, logic and reason prevail? The day in years to come when we can say to each other,..."HAPPY CARBON TAX REPEAL DAY MATE"?  Who knows hopefully BUT when a populist loose canon called Clive Palmer has the balance of power in the Senate nothing is sure anymore.

I have no doubt that all the frustrations caused by Palmer to block the Coalition's mandate to repeal this stupid economically destructive waste of time, have all been about political posturing for the PUP. The truth is that Palmer wants the tax gone, after all he did campaign for its removal and it doesn't serve his business interests either but that his last minute amendment stunt was just that, A STUNT!

 It had little to do with getting a better deal for consumers, although that's what the average non engaged punter will think was done. No, it was all to do with making Palmer look like Superman to the rescue, that he was the one that called the tune in the end & was the true champion responsible for the end to the madness that was the CO2 Tax. The mainstream media, especially Fairfax, have also gone along for the ride by echoing the lie that Palmer is running the agenda.

Palmer is a clever political animal but he is never to be trusted because at the end of the day if he and his ship of fools don't look good, then no one will, including the future of Australia......, in my humble opinion.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Our Mr Creosote‏

I'm sure you are fans of Monty Python and in particular " The Meaning of Life". If not then please check this classic sketch from that film out.

It appears to me that our Mr Palmer is really our Mr Creosote, and as in the skit, The Waiter (Mr Abbott), keeps his cool under what is nothing less than a very disturbing series of events.

I can't wait for the time when I can draw Abbott handing him that last wafer thin mint!  See:

Warning from JR:  The Mr Creosote sketches are meant to be disgusting and they are.  So discretion is advised.  I have not made the links clickable to guard against their being hastily accessed.  Mr Creosote is a very fat man who vomits a lot.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Show Must Go On!!!‏

Well, now that the initial shock is dying away and like many broken hearted fans of this bloke, yep I really did respect him once upon a time, I was thinking that Rolf Harris was not just another convicted PEDO that got away with his vile acts of betrayal for years and years but like several other recently exposed kiddie fiddlers he was an entertainer!

 Sure, there is no doubt that some religious organisations have protected their pedophiles for years and one can never excuse that and I am not saying that all Clergy are guilty nor am I saying that all in the Entertainment Industry are also guilty or compliant. I believe that the vast majority of people in both practices are normal and just as disgusted as the rest of us.

 You can certainly understand the denial and deceptive reasoning for the protection of these evil clergy and just what a bad look such terrible behaviour would donate to the cause of Christianity, again I say a warped reasoning, BUT what about the industry that has for years gone out of its way to lampoon and mock Christianity, always taking the high moral ground on these issues?

Well, as it occurs to me, their hypocrisy has no bounds as they are just as guilty for protecting their own pedophiles. Harris's ill treatment of little girls has thankfully been exposed and he will spend the rest of his life as a pariah and hated man but what about those who for their own personal reasons are as guilty as the perpetrator by turning a blind eye to what they knew was happening? When does justice find them? ....... I guess God will sort them out!

I just thought it was a side to this whole tragic event that none of my contemporaries were exploring.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Australia's Health Care People?‏

Are basic health checks in supermarkets proper?

Anyone else feel as I do about this one? Does it not smack of total hypocrisy that a major Supermarket Org that sells cigarettes, booze and no end of junk food is now calling itself a Health Care provider?


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Carbon Foot Print That!‏

I gotta hand it to the big boof head from Queensland, because he has really knocked the Greens and the Leftist Media cheer team down a beautiful side step.

Did anyone see a photo of the leader of the Greens, Christine Milne and Former Demoncrat Vic President & Global Warming Alarmist Guru, Al Gore actually together whilst he was here? ......

I didn't!, in fact I doubt they ever met. Think about that if you still believe that Al Gore is on some great environmental crusade to save the planet!

Also what about the eggs on the faces of the Canberra Press Gallery and all of the other "Useful Idiots" in the Media, who have all drunk the "Koolaid", that had a Love/Hate relationship with Palmer from day one? Now that their enemies' enemy is not as they thought and Palmer is actually going help the Carbon & Mining Taxes be sent to the historical trash bin of ALP Crap Policy?

The big cuddly Clive can no longer be seen as a trustworthy friend of the ABC and Co.

I think it's pretty obvious now to understand just what Turnbull had negotiated with Palmer at the infamous Chinese Restuarant meeting. Turnbull and his G&Sachs buddies (including Gore) want an Emissions Trading Scheme badly. It is literally making money out of trading thin air and the greater part of the Ponzi Scheme than a CO2 Tax or any of the other Marxist redistribution of wealth agendas attached to this whole global AGW scam.

The PM doesn't believe in AGW or Man-made Climate Change any more than most sensible people do but his "Direct Action Plan" is a 3 billion dollar political con to win over swinging voters who can't vote for the Left but have swallowed the DR Gore's Magic Mystical Cure All Elixir called "An Inconvieniant Truth" LIE. It's a case of the old political adage of appearing to be doing something is always better than doing nothing, even for this PM.

Turnbull has been Machivellian in the design of this and Palmer is as much a puppet as a player. If the ETS is even on the table as a possible in the near future (regardless of whether or not the world plays), then Turnbull will be vilified.

Remember he lost his leadership because he backed an ETS. This so called "compromise deal" with the PUP to make sure the CO2 Tax is repealed has a lot more to do with Turnbull's future ambitions than getting rid of this insidious tax.

Mark my words, if there is an ETS accepted by the Coalition as a way for the CO2 Tax to go, then not only will this favour the financial interests of the likes of Big Business Traders like Gore, Palmer, Turnbull and Co but it will make Turnbull look a lot more saleable when numbers are counted again for the next leadership spill.

Abbott should tell Palmer to stick his Cap & Trade deal, along with his other stupid ideas and if the Carbon tax repeal is blocked then call another election. I believe that our PM has the balls to run the country and not to make deals with egomaniacs like Palmer and that he would win the another Federal Poll.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Justice De-NILED‏

Well, what a tragic outcome for Mr Peter Greste and his family and freedom in general. Seems to me that if this man was guilty of the charges for which he has been convicted then as hard and as uncomfortable as it is for a person who is a strong advocate for freedom of speech to say, then he has to cop the punishment for the local crime as per the local law.

 I would never hold up Indonesia as a country of freedom & democracy and justice for all but at least the prosecution delivered pretty damning evidence that has sent Schapelle Corby to prison. Of course it is my opinion and that of most people that regardless of her guilt, the sentence certainly doesn't fit the crime.

 The same is certainly my opinion in this case in Egypt but the vast difference between Corby and Greste is a matter of Judicial transparency. Where is the evidence that he deliberately conspired to promote propaganda for an outlawed terrorist group and why was any evidence not available to the world even after the sentence of seven years was announced.

This will be a tough one and I sure as hell hope that the President of Egypt will listen to our Department of Foreign Affairs and the PM and exercise clemency in favour of Peter Grests. If only to save face, they could have just banned him from ever entering the country again. Pretty sure he'd never want to set foot in that place again anyway. If there is any blessing to be had here then it must be that he at least escaped the hangman's noose.


Friday, June 20, 2014

The Epiphany‏

Bad luck comes in threes, they say, and fate's cruel blows cannot have had a greater recent impact than on the sports-minded residents of the Sunshine Coast. Hot on the heels of Queensland's loss to NSW in the State of Origin, the first time that unnatural state of affairs has manifested itself in eight years, the Socceroos went down to defeat in Brazil.

And just to cap off the litany of misery visited upon residents in the seat of Fairfax there can be no consolation off the pitch. After all, having sent the antic Clive Palmer to Canberra last September, every day's headlines are reminder that the ballot box will suffice for a net when voters are determined to kick own goals.

Of course I am counting on the good sense of humour of my many Queensland friends who may just follow Rugby League & International Soccer......... Nothing personal!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mission NOT Accomplished‏

I believe that if the Iraq Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki's Shi'ite-led government had not insisted that the US troops left back in 2011 and that the US President, Barack Obama had not been so compliant with the request, then the current civil war and quite possibly the sectarian implosion of the the Middle East would not be happening today. Nuri al-Maliki's was  still struggling with a delicate power-sharing arrangement between Shi'ite, Kurdish and Sunni parties, leaving Iraq vulnerable to meddling by Sunni Arab nations and Shi'ite Iran and of course the interests of Syria. Sure puts truth to the adage , "Careful what you wish for, for you might just get it."

Seems like a Vietnam all over again but this time, unlike Vietnam the US may just have to go back in and try to sort these warring sides out. Another damn waste of lives of course and I sure as hell hope that our PM stays well and truly out of this mess; we just do not need to be there. We'll no doubt do our best when it comes to humanitarian aid and refugee placement.
I hope I am wrong but I think this is just the beginning and that this conflict will set off a conflict that will engulf us all...... please I hope I am wrong!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blasphemy or just a new religion?‏

I guess it's a toss up of what is acceptable advertising and what is deemed as going too far and just downright offensive. Personally, I think both images in the sky fit the latter!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pauline and the PUPpet Show‏

So nice to be able to draw Pauline again. Nice also to see that she is now being seen as a person that is qualified to media manage & politically mentor the PUP Senators,........ what a strange year this is so far!

See here

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Great Pretender‏

If you missed this mornings important political/radio moment then here it is. Alan Jones talks to Malcolm Turnbull.  Possibly the most downloaded and listened to radio interview of the year.

 2GB Breakfast presenter Alan Jones, clearly has never been a big Turnbull fan but has always shown him due respect ......and yet, all day I hear talk back caller after talk back caller stating that they are in SHOCK that AJ would turn on his own Party and shine a light on a what appears to most interested followers to be a growing split in the Liberal's executive.

Malcolm Turnbull wants proof of such division, well his actions speak louder than his words and I think that he appears now to be no different than a kid who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I have been watching closely and I have noticed many, many times since 2009 that when Minister Turnbull gets an audience of any kind (usually Left leaning), he ever so subtly undermines his Leader.

The love affair he has with the ABC's Tony Jones (of Q&A) & the most dangerous man in Australian Politics, Clive Palmer MP, is a real insight to the left leaning personality of this member for Wentworth.

In my opinion I believe that he doesn't take losing anything very well and that the sour grapes are still brewing in his cauldron of revenge for Tony Abbott taking away his Leadership which was most likely to lead him to the Lodge. It should be remembered that he lost his leadership because he supported an ETS on Carbon and Abbott did not. Of course he would because he is a Banker through and through and it would only be the likes of large traders that would benefit from an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Journo & Presenter Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones are doing a fine job for exposing this underhandedness and suspicious behaviour. Sure it can be argued that this exposure is doing that job of the ALP but wouldn't you think that the ALP would and in fact are doing this anyway. Jones & Bolt and a few other Conservative commentators have noticed these strange machinations of Malcolm Turnbull and are doing the right thing by us all in shining a light on what is clearly the actions of a man who is not a team player.

I love his electorate, I grew up there, I even went to the same school as Malcolm, Vaucluse Public and I have meet him at social events more than a few times. I even drew and framed a caricature for him to put in his office. I liked him back then.  He was a different bloke. Alas since he lost the Leadership of the then opposition party to Tony Abbott, he has definitely changed.

I think now that he would have made a much better Minister in the Labor or even the Greens Parties. My advice, although he would never listen to it, is to simply quote that great old adage, "If you lay down with dogs, then do not be surprised if you get up with a few fleas".

Palmer is a huge mongrel in our political kennel and Turnbull calls him a friend. Alan Jones is doing his job and doing it objectively. For once even the Left can't disagree with that..... of course they will try!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Once bitten, twice shy!‏

Senator Bill Heffernan's security testing stunt today was in my opinion one of the best things he has ever done for the security & reputation of the country. Clearly the budget cuts to security at Parliament House must be reviewed immediately. Bugger the renovations, because when a bomb goes off in that place, new paint and fixtures won't really matter much.

As a bloke who has worked most of his life in many fields of the Security industry, including Airport passenger screening and screening at many major Government establishments, I can surely believe that the Parliamentary Security staff would not be down on the good Senator's unorthodox methods, rather these professionals would be feeling very nervous about letting staffers (disgruntled or radicalised) pass their point unscreened. They will relieved with the hope that they can do the job they are paid to do without corner cutting.

 How would you feel coming off a Security shift at Parliament House, Canberra knowing that a suicide bomber had passed you undetected and not only were Governments employees killed but members of the public, maybe even school children? Can you also imagine the international embarrassment? Heads of State won't be lining up to visit of Nation's Capital Hill.

Good work Bill Heffernan, I hope who ever is in charge of this gets proactive rather than the unthinkable reactive alternative.


Thursday, May 22, 2014


These stooges and set ups are best left alone so as to give them the contempt that they deserve but how could any self respecting cartoonist resist a shot at the so called "Gloria", an average working Aussie?

Unlikely to be her real name but I have great suspicion that she was planted into that line up of callers for the PM yesterday. I'll also bet that like "Vera" she has a long history of leftist political activism etc .

I do believe that she is a phone sex worker though, and that belief comes from hearing what she actually did say. I doubt anyone with a real education would lower themselves to that sort of level.

Then I read today that she was on the Melbourne ABC radio show again (milking their product of course) in response to the "WinkGate" incident and she said that our PM was "sleazy and slimy" ..... this coming from her lips, give me a break!

Note:  "She is known as Gloria, the grandmother telephone sex worker whose talkback call with the Prime Minister, and the wink it evoked, triggered a storm of controversy.  Her real name is Judith Power and she is a long-time feminist activist and anarchist but insists she has never been a member of a political party, even though Liberal Party twitter accounts claim she is an ALP branch secretary."

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Drunken Sailor is Home!‏

It would be like living with a drunken sailor. He comes home after being away for 6 years and all the money he promised to bring back, all the savings have been pissed up against the wall of every town and port he has been in. Not only has he spent all the wages but he borrowed and gambled and borrowed again, putting the whole family in debt. Feeling blameless, Captain Pinkeye just tells his family to borrow some more.

I do believe that we will lose our AAA credit ratings if this 2015-15 Budget is blocked in the Senate, regardless of what the S&P analyst thinks. Immediately no but in a few years, YES!

 Then you can hear ALP Leader Bill Shorten, his cronies and other likeminded fools in both houses, shouting down the Coalition as the Government that "destroyed our great credit rating". If a simple bloke like me can see this then why can't everyone else.

Who is actually being Polled??? ....not me!!

Australia's credit rating under threat?

Friday, May 16, 2014


An extremely sad and tragic subject to try to satire so it is with only little satisfaction that I state that my only real pleasure in producing this cartoon, was the fact that I could draw Kevin Rudd & Peter Garrett again,.......... they really are a cartoonists' gift. Mark Arbib was fun too!

Seems this dreadful can will be kick well down the Public Service road until it stops with some poor bugger who was just doing their job as instructed. Personally I believe the buck stops with Rudd and although the MSM want you to think he is taking the blame, it is clear to me that he thinks he is going to get off this one and let Mark Arbib take the lion's share of fault. No wonder these players all left the field early.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Budget Reply‏

Well, this Budget is in my opinion the turning point that will put us all on track for a more secure fiscal future -- A huge first step to finally killing the entitlement mentality that has infected our Australian psyche since the 60's march through the institutions and in particular since Chairman Whitlam got his red hands on the levers of power.

Talk about political courage. PM Abbott and his budget team have done something that most before them never had the courage to do and that is to think about this countries real long term future rather than their own short term political careers.

 The great thing about us Aussies is that we adapt to change very well and although the "usual suspects" will whinge and moan and continue to rebut the legitimacy of this Conservative Government, with hypocrisy and childish name calling (Did you hear Bill Shorten this morning calling Joe Hockey & Mathias Cormann "Cigar smoking Liberals"?), the vast majority of us will just get the job done.

In a short time the so called freebies will no longer be seen as a great loss but rather a milestone around Australia's neck and something that we should have dropped decades ago. The next and future generations will have a lot to thank this current Government for and above all the removal of dependence on others!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Newton's fLaw.‏

Just a little fun and reality when it comes to this media reporting about a rise in the fuel levy to be announced in the May Budget. So certain they seem.

Amazing just how many leaks there are on this budget. I wonder if they are all really budget leaks thus indicating some real treachery within the Abbott government or it's just the Leftist MSM, hand in hand with the ALP/Greens, just trying to scare us all to get a headline and Poll support?

 I haven't heard anyone from the Coalition deny this fuel increase rumour but then again that may also be a deliberate tactic to make the real cuts and this "political levy" look less scary on the night and to chuck some mud back into the faces of these opposing voices.

I guess we'll know on Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The battle in Bondi between the so called "great mates" Packer & Gyngell, was enough to make me really scratch my head and wonder how anyone who would resort to such basic instinct barbarity, could ever have achieved the power & influence that they currently have. Both men are doing a great job in their businesses in my opinion but I still can't see how enemies of this ilk let alone GOOD FRIENDS? could ever be involve in a public brawl???

The event did hold a resemblance though to two other close friends having a public brawl just a day later. When Peter Costello so publicly stated that this proposed budget levy was nothing more than politics and would raise no real money to deal with the ALP's legacy of debt, well it surprised me again. I would have thought that the country's greatest recent Treasurer would have kept such an opinion to himself considering it was his student, from his team, going in with this plan. I guess the old adage is true, "with friends like this who needs enemies."

I'm not a member of the Libs so I will say this much, I agree entirely with Costello. Regardless of who pays such a tax (it seems likely that it will be geared towards the most wealthy), it just will not raise enough revenue to even barely address the 12 billion dollar annual interest bill, let alone the capital debt,.... SO WHY DO IT?

I will attempt to answer my own question with this point and that is it is better to do something than nothing and as long as it doesn't lower economic confidence of put strain on the low earning Aussies, it is still a revenue stream. Hmmmm, sure but I am anti TAX and all about less spending, smaller Government and just like my opposition to the needless Abbott PPL scheme, saving money and not wasting it. Encouraging consumer spending and job growth is what I voted for.

It's early days still and I am confident that the Budget next week will not be as frightening as those on the Left would have you believe but I do think that this Debt Levy will appear in some form and on it's own it just another useless tax in my humble opinion. The PPL is wasteful welfare (My Mum had three sons with no handouts and she managed to keep her job until retirement, so why now?).

If The PM wants to save money then close down the Department of Climate Change, stop wasting money on such generous foreign aid and make public grants much harder to get. Make the States accountable for their GST spending so that they are building more Hospitals, Roads, Schools etc and not another Art Gallery, Wildlife Reserve or bloody bike lane!!!

Politically speaking I am worried about the lack of trust this levy would result in minds of an already cynical public and not just for the Coalition but for all politicians in general.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

People in Green Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw STONES‏

Another cartoon you won't see in the Fairfax or Guardian press.

This Christine Milne is some work. Implying that all other political parties in Australia and NOT the Greens are guilty of or hiding corruption and political bribes and that a National ICAC enquiry will root out the evil doers. This is a laugh when pretty much commonly agreed that the global Green political movement's funding/lobbying arm, GETUP (masquerading as concerned environmentalists & social justice advocates but are truly Marxist Engineers with an Agenda 21 and One World Government goal) is financially backed by the likes of narcissistic high roller players such as Al Gore, Maurice Strong & George Soros.

I hope that there is a fair dinkum enquiry and that the Greens are throroughly examined by the independent commission. Alas this mob is not local, just the Australian arm of the Green Machine and I actually doubt that ICAC or even INTERPOL would ever get to the bottom of their financial heart or their true agenda. Only time will reveal all but then it will probably be too late!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


This excellent Commission of Audit combined with a determined Coalition Government strategy to finally start the death wheel rolling on this destructive "age of entitlement", that successive a Socialist Governments have engineered in Australia for the last 5 decades, is the best news I have heard in a very long time.

The national & foreign debt is way out of control, Government spending is unsustainable and as we become more & more unable to afford the infrastructure & services that we need for this ever ageing society, then there is certainly no time like the present to kill the virus that is the entitlement mentality.

Thanks to the usual suspects in government, this fiscal challenge must now affect us all, rich, not so rich and the poor. The same arsonists that are now blocking the way of the fire fighters are also the ones who are hypocritically decrying the Coalition for wanting to not only introduce a LML (Labor's Mismanagement Levy) which will result in the bigger end of town paying even more than they do.

Remember that 75% of annual taxation is paid by 10% of the people....THE WEALTHY. I was never employed by a poor man!

I say get in there Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey, get in there and do just what the people voted for you to do. Bring on this much needed tough Budget and destroy Labor/Green's debt, kill the Marxist entitlement mentality, to ensure that our children, grandchildren and their children do not have to financially struggle and accept a lesser standard of life because they have to pay for the one that we take for granted now!