Friday, October 30, 2009


Paedophile "rights" could be of some use after all

Now that Dennis Ferguson, with the assistance of his liberal minded mate and advocate, Brett Collins, and the world wide web, is the most famous paedophile of current times, then why not use this sick and staged image of Ferguson and Collins enjoying a Sydney beach full of children, as a real deterrent to the families who are risking all to get to Australia?


After all, I am sure that the economic basket-cases countries that these families flee are not as palatable as Australia financially, but, as far as the policy on just how we seem to value the lives and the "rights" of the most sick and criminally depraved minds in our midst, then maybe they might think again about just where their children may have a better chance.

I doubt there are too many countries in the world that even allow their child rapists to exist, let alone leave prison and then be allowed public funded welfare, housing and front page pleas for forgiveness and understanding.

I will say it again for those who have forgotten....the road the HELL is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS and never forget that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Make a Deal‏

Kevvy is trying to pass the buck on illegal immigrants

Say what you want about any previous ALP Prime Ministers but at least they had some substance, some backbone. This train-wreck of a leader that we have now has displayed once again just how distant he really is from the true Australian ethos.

Not only is he not demanding that the Indonesians should sign the UN Refugee Convention of 1951 -- thus actually dealing with these country shoppers before they sail (or fly) off to the great southern land of liberal softies and no border security -- but now he is doing a deal by asking the Indonesians to do the right thing in controlling the disgusting trade of people-smuggling before it becomes our issue. He is even asking if we catch them first, can we can send them back to Indonesia and the Australian taxpayer will foot the bill for the costs incurred by the Indonesian Government?!? How can this be true?

Media comment here

Who voted for this criminal? Really! put your hands up now, you are under arrest for treason!

Assuming that the Indonesians keep end of the bargain and don't fall prey to the corruption that we know exists in Kalathumpia, then just how are we going to pay for it?

We are facing no less than 300 billion dollars of debt thanks to Rudd's allegedly "Fiscal Conservative" economics and with the great global warming swindle about to play out off in Copenhagen, that will ensure that we have a negative credit rating for a hundred years. Would it be stupid of me to hope that Rudd might take a leaf out of the book of his Indonesian counterpart and actually start looking after the people who pay his wages? ........ yeah, pretty stupid!


I guess it runs in the family because the parochial offspring who have been running our states (into the ground for decades), in particular New South Wales, have once again shown their true lack of vision by not ensuring that there is a place for us to bury our dead. Instead you can bury them, if you have thousands of dollars to spend, on some private plot or you can just pop your loved one in the backyard. See here.

Come to think of it, I would rather be cremated and scattered, what's the point of a burial and tombstone that will be remembered for at least one generation and then slowly turn into a massively expensive home for weeds and mould? The point is, that the Leftist politicians are ALL thinking just three or fours years ahead and when they reach the magic number of "serving years", then it's the gravy train all the way to the their graves. Where's a man like Bradfield when we really need one?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vale Don Lane (1993-2009)‏

Well it's not such a good day is it really, but at least this great man of entertainment is finally at rest. A very unfitting demise for a man who came to this country and became an Australian in more ways than most and certainly has left us with a legacy of laughs and memories of great entertainment. I believe that the appeal that Don Lane had with his audience went beyond that of an entertainer. Yes, he was known affectionately as the "Lanky Yank" but it was his genuine love for the Australian public and its unique culture that made him as Aussie as you and I.

I am not a name-dropper but I am proud to tell you that I had the pleasure and the honour of meeting this man three times in my life. As a young student in the early 80's studying Television and Film production, Don lane would come to one of my classes and VOLUNTEERED his time to assist the class in studio work by allowing us to interview him.

In 1986 I was the concierge at the TV Logie Awards held at the State Theatre in Sydney. I managed to have another chat with Don there and he actually remembered me from the TV school.

In 2005, when Grahame Kennedy left us, I was so moved by Don's public eulogy, that it inspired a caricature which I did of him and sent to him. Not only did he reply but he personally phoned me and thanked me. He again remembered me and said that it was a good job that I didn't get into TV production as it would have been a waste of my talent. He told me that the caricature had pride of place in his home. I only wish that I had a copy of it.

As a kid in the 70's I was very unlike many of my peers because I would never miss the Don Lane Show. I enjoyed the variety and comedy as much as my grandparents, who would also have enjoyed the great talent of this man with me. Great memories indeed.

God bless Don lane, Rest in Peace and thank you so very much. I am sure there will be one hell of a show to see in heaven tonight.

Tribute from Bert Newton here. Highlights of Don Lane's life and career here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Cop, No good Cop

Both the Left and the Right of Australian politics are prepared to pass Warmist laws -- the ETS -- but most of the media coverage is focusing on what the conservative parties are going to do. Liberal Party leader, Malcolm Turnbull, is particularly in the spotlight

If you think that just maybe you have woken up in some alternative universe and that all those episodes of the Twilight Zone were actually based on fact!, then I wouldn't blame you.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of our way of life in the Western democratic world, with this madness that is the Emissions Trading Scheme (Really a TAX scheme). It is being used as the earthmoving shovel that will distribute wealth from the successful countries of the world to those that do not deserve it -- and the social changes will be heavily regulated under one world governance (oh, if you think I am raving, and going off on a conspiracy theory again, all I can say is, I hope I am truly wrong, otherwise, you ain't seen nothing yet). So try to comprehend just why an opposition party, that really does little opposing, is currently under scrutiny by the mainstream media and by the incumbent government as if they were actually implementing policy? Policy that will be the greatest change to the economic landscape since the introduction of the G.S.T. and the free trade market.

Unlike the G.S.T, which has gone a long way to keeping this country out of the red, this E.T.S will do the exact opposite. Get ready for the cold showers, endless blackouts, unaffordable living expenses etc etc and a return to the horse and buggy under a the new Communist style regime. As angry as I am towards the lack of conservative opposition being displayed by Malcolm Turnbull, that is nothing compared to the rage that I have towards the mainstream media -- which is doing its usual best to subjectively interrogate the right-wing establishment, even though they are not going to be the ones that will be signing the death warrant for Australia. Rudd and Wong's hand will be used for that purpose at the Climate Crap talks in Copenhagen in just a few weeks time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How much longer are we going to continue to close the gate after the horse has bolted?‏

Illegal immigrants are now flooding in

The Rudd Train of Hubris and Hypocrisy just seems to be able to go anywhere, regardless of tracks being laid or not. How can a man who once used opposition to the successful anti-people smuggling policies of the Howard government, as a way of siding with the soft headed lefties who were calling John Howard and the policies "inhumane" and "barbaric", to mention a just a few ridiculous claims, as well using the uproar of the "children overboard" crap and the Pacific Solution "outrage", have the grapes to stand before the world and proclaim from his high horse, that as PM he must now take a hardline against illegal immigrants (Oh and now it's fine to call them just what we weren't allowed to call them before).

See here for the latest policy brainwave

These economically-driven country shoppers, and that's all they are! are using every page in the book to play a game that was not even possible to play during the last administration. Rudd's abolition of Howard's Pacific Solution and obvious softening of the laws, that were sending a loud and clear message to these pirates trading in human flesh, may have seemed like the perfect pay off to the sick liberals who voted for it but obviously it has backfired in his face now.

An Op Ed about future directions here

Now he calls his policy the "Indonesian Solution" and in a way that is all he is doing. Rudd is dropping the hot potato, that he has cooked, into the lap of our nearest neighbour....WOW, WHAT A DIPLOMAT! No points for seeing how that will play out in the near future as far as our already tenuous relations are with that country.

I do wish that the left wing mafia of the Australian media would relax a little from the constant bashing the ashamedly disjointed Liberal Coalition and start to focus a little more on the BIGGER and more IMPORTANT issues/disasters that this current Labor Government are creating and or, are not dealing with. What is happening now was clearly predicted, when Rudd started changing policy, by the few level headed commentators about the press and the air waves but were only again shouted down as right wing sour grapes......Hmmmmmm!!!

More opinion here

Friday, October 9, 2009


Harry Connick Jr. objects to the use of blackface makeup on Australian TV

(Vegemite is a black sandwich spread much-loved in Australia. Children often get it in their lunches)

Will someone please put this wannabe Frank Sinatra back on a plane to his wonderful Dixie Land/New Orleans. Here is a guy who tells us that he loves Australia and it people....BULLSHIT! He is this out of time crooner, like all overseas acts talking about Australia as if we were nothing until he graced us with his presence and that he loves and respects the people (except maybe be for Hank from the Shadows and Leo Sayer) all the guy is here to do is to make money! If he truly loved the Aussie people then he should show that by understanding our unique sense of humour, yes Harry we like to take the piss. What he did the other night on Hey hey it's Saturday was nothing less than a little publicity stunt for himself, that he knew would help to push his personal agenda and promotion of his new album into the international media.

Media report here. Grab of the show below:

The skit itself was pure comic crap as a piece of good humour ticked no boxes, in fact that is the only real crime here. Now the claim is that a mix of ethnic subcontinental, European and Middle Eastern Australian Medical professionals were trying to express a racist view is one of the longest stretches I have ever seen. The only humour that I saw in this piss-take was the ironic fact that the Indian/Australian who played the part of the late Michael Jackson is in fact a plastic surgeon!

Get a life Harry Connick Junior and start taking some omega three fish oil because your memory is fading, mate. It was only a decade ago that you dressed up as a black minister and performed a parody based on a stereotypical understanding of the character for your buddies at MAD TV.......... busted badly you liberal fool.

Go home Harry, your music is crap and as far as I am concerned, I am surprised that you are still able to afford to tour.

Here is a link on the Connick double standard.

Note for the benighted: In Australian and Cockney slang, septic = septic tank = Yank

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fancy football footwork

Credit for this cartoon is certainly due to the great work and in particular, inspiring point, that was made just last night on Radio 2GB, by one of this countries most independent and impartial broadcasters, Brian Wilshire and his Producer/Broadcaster, Michael Mclaren. You see, whilst many were transfixed by the entertainment of the NRL Grand Final between the Melbourne Storm and the Parramatta Eels, on Sunday evening, few would have noticed yet another sign of the ever-creeping manipulation of the masses, that was so cleverly staged in the opening ceremony of the game by the propaganda machine of the Rudd Labour Government and helped along by the Main Stream LEFTIST Media.

What a wonder of a spectacle it was to introduce one of the Australian Army's Black Hawk helicopters as a part of the opening entertainment. Surely no one would have been looking at the Prime Minister whilst this beautiful machine was entering and departing the stadium. However, what no one (except for Brian and Michael) seemed to realise was that this was really just another way to exaggerate the already HYPED public opinion, that our Prime Minister is still the most loved man in the country.

What Michael and Brian pointed out was, that never before had a Prime Minister been able to appear at such a large sporting event without appearing on the big screen, thus avoiding the tradition boos and hisses that they normally would expect to get regardless of their so called popularity. Therefore in order for this not to occur, Team Rudd needed to create a diversion, thus the Black Hawk stunt was perfect. After all, no one would boo a Black Hawk Helicopter crew.

Earlier this week, the Chinese Government put on one of the biggest shows of military might and precision, in the now infamous Tienanmen Square, as a part of their celebration of 60 years of Communist rule. During such Stalinist events, the parading tanks would raise their canons as they past the leaders podium as a sign of respect and recognition. How ironic that our Chinaphile Prime Minister thought it fitting to have one of the latest symbols of our military might bow (salute) in mid flight towards his direction. Not only was it an act of pure hubris but as planned, a way for Rudd to get the recognition that he was there, without having his face appear on the big screen thus not suffering any negative publicity, as is usually the case at these large public events.

I am unable to provide a link source for this information because, put quite simply, there is nothing about it in any of the press or electronic media. Like their US counterparts with regards to the ever failing Messiah, President Obama, our media (generally speaking) is in love with this current Prime Minister and is also playing his fiddle with regards to his public relations game.

I really didn't care who won the game in the end (my team came in as wooden spooners this year) but I certainly do not think that the Australian people are on any winning side, when such symbolic and gutless attempts are made to protect, distort and hide the way that many democratically thinking people in this country really do feel about our leader. I mean really, a poll is as trustworthy as the local car salesman. I have never been politically polled and I don't know anyone who has been. I am sure there is some polling done but just how representative they are is ambiguous at best. However to be fair to any current polling I wouldn't be surprised if Rudd was in front by a fair margin, as the present conservative alternative government is imploding every time you pick up a newspaper or watch the TV news. I guess there is no surprise in the amount of coverage that this gets!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gotta have a Plan‏

Even if it is pure expediency

What can I say but that we have finally crossed the line from the sublime to the ridiculous. PM Rudd is pandering and snuggling up to his new mates in the United Nations, whilst beating his chest on just how HIS Government will lead the way in the crusade to save Mother Earth from the sceptics and the carbon emitting scum of the world.

And in unison, the "never will I back down" leader of the opposition, the CONSERVATIVE opposition, has decided to chat with his English counterpart on ways to beat the Labour Party, globally, at their own game. See here.

Talk about being a girl fought over by all the boys, I mean that is how Bob Brown and his Greens must feel these days. All of a sudden everyone wants to be Green.......WHY?

The answer is simple. There is money and power in it! The climate change debate that mankind's evil ways are causing a shift in global temperature (or is it global warming this week, I always forget?) that never was, has now overnight been signed, sealed and agreed upon as the gospel truth. Not only by all of the idiots who rushed to sign Kyoto (well what would you expect them to say) but also by those who haven't!

You see the one thing that they can all see, that all of the punters refuse to acknowledge, is that this is a global taxation system set up to get more money out of the workers in the first world countries to pay for whatever the "New World" order wants it for. The dumbed down public have swallowed this pseudo-science of this Ponzi scheme because they fell for the oldest trick in the book of governance ........FEAR and GUILT!

Meanwhile, now back in Australia, as Malcolm Turnbull steps off the plane, he is confronted once again with a rather large number of his Coalition back benchers, Senators and a few front bench comrades and told once more that they will not agree to another unfair tax based on a lie. Seems that some politicians do actually have a conscience, who would have thunk it!?! All the while Turnbull plays the " No. no team, our system is better than theirs and ours is all in the name of protecting Aussie jobs". Sure it is Malcolm, fancy explaining just how you will do that?

Even if he can save more jobs than Rudd and his band of crooks, the fact is that life for all of us is about to get very expensive indeed and for no real gain to any human, plant, animal or river system. The only bebeneficiaries will be those collecting the tax.

Malcolm Turnbull is quoted as saying "I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am." However he is also quoted as saying that he will not quit?????

Fine, then join the Labour Party Mr Turnbull and when KRudd is sitting in the U.N you can have a crack at running that mob whilst single handedly turning your beloved Wentworth into a Red or Green seat. God knows there are enough lefty voters in Wentworth now to make that a possibility. This is the only real motivation that I see for Turnbull to not heed the warning of his conservative brethren and continue to pander to the ever so sensitive masses in his federal seat. I dare say that he has seen the writing on the wall and as leader his name was not there. Got to have a fallback position, that is a standard business practice after all.