Tuesday, March 31, 2009


SPIN, SPIN, SPIN, RHETORIC, RHETORIC, RHETORIC. Talk about a classic case of "I TOLD YOU SO ".

Police have been warning of Criminal Biker Wars for years and years. Obviously we've learnt nothing from the Milperra Massacre.

The consorting laws that this boofheaded New South Wales ALP wants to introduce will do nothing (as in the past) but make criminals of those who just do it for the bikes and the mates, meanwhile the real members of the criminal organisations will simply go further underground and become more sophisticated in their dealings and communication. This is a big money operation and these crims will protect their lifestyle at all costs.

As I see, it couldn't be simpler. The laws are there to arrest any person who commits any indictable offence. These organised crims are well known to the Police and can be infiltrated by under cover cops and informants can be well paid to grass on them.

The problem is that the Police Force (I mean "Service") is falling apart. In connection with the constant frustration of arresting and charging crims and then seeing them stick up the two fingers as they dance out of court with a slap on the wrist or at worst go away for a taxpayer-funded holiday and reunion in the the big house that lasts a few months, and the lack of hardened front line cops (who weren't trained in the skills of empathy and tolerance) among the dwindling numbers of skilled and experienced detectives to make a strong case based on the evidence, what else could be the result but of what we are seeing now.

Tough Cops who can go in boots and all and raid the club houses at will and "Hanging Judges " that will not bow down to the intimidation of political correctness or the offender themselves, that is what the public are screaming for, and that is not a "Police State" as the snivel libertarians would have you believe.

Two blokes have a chat in bar and they just happen to be wearing bikie gear or ride bikes on the weekend (that's their escape) are now considered public enemy number one with out any evidence or proof of criminal activity, well...there's your POLICE STATE !

They are getting more like their Communist Comrades everyday and again are using the tool of fear to convince the sheeple that it must be done to protect them. I wonder if the NSW Left will ever start wearing BROWN SHIRTS again and just be a little more honest about the plan?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Darkness hour

Al Gore left his lights ON

Well this cartoon is starting to become a real annual event. Now I am not going to go into all the physical facts on just how pointless this act of symbolism is, you know all that. If fact from the readers comments in 3 national papers over the weekend clearly the vast majority of people are simply laughing and ignoring this stunt for what it is.

Well they can laugh but laugh and ignore this at your peril folks ! What is still very alarming to me is the determination and outright gall of these Green Zealots and Socialist Engineers to keep ramming this fiction down our throats. Like the Spam Scammers they won't get the switched-on to take the bait but there are plenty of dumbed-down people out there both young and old who will. It's the young minds that they really want !

Clearly the more mature and thinking of us will never be affected by this scam but I can only assume that a great deal of our youth are still and will be guilted into swallowing this lie, hook, line and sinker. A sweeping statement but I actually went down to the harbour side to see just the type of people who actually swallowed this crap. I have to say that the average age would have been approximately 18-28.

A similarity of this kind of brainwashing was seen only 60 odd years ago when a megalomaniac called Adolf Hitler managed to convince millions that he was the new saviour and that the Jews were the anti-Christ. Along with the spin and lies came the devotion of the Hitler Youth.

Considering this came at a time of world wide recession and the defeated egos of World War One Germany, well I guess you can also now see the connection of this event and the real agenda of those how continue to push it.... and no I don't mean a return to Nazism but rather a more refined and subtle version of this kind of Global Socialist Revolution.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Biker brawls in Sydney airport terminal

"This is your Cartoonist speaking and welcome to another Sunny Sunday Arvo in good old Sydney Town. Please be sure to remove all items when departing and make sure to collect your duty free items also. I will leave you with my thanks for being such great passengers and wish you well as you make your way through the brawling and bashing outlaw biker gangs in the terminal on your way to your loving family and friends. Thank you for flying ZEG AIR and for voting Labour in the last state election."

If this media report isn't the last straw that breaks the camel's back then we are OFFICIALLY under the control of criminals and gangs in this city and this state. This disgraceful lack of public protection, especially at a place that most consider the safest place to be, has been a long time coming and really I am surprised it hasn't happened earlier.

It's easy to gloat and point the finger but really what else is left to do but hold your head in your hands and say this can't be happening in my country.

I am sure we will get the usual "get tough" rhetoric from the usual political suspects and commentators, even a new TASK FORCE to deal with this scourge. If only I could be so assured that these "OUT LAWED" "ORGANISED" CRIMINALS will actually be hunted down, one by one and taken of the streets for good, then there is hope..........

Now who has their head in the clouds? I guess Osama Bin Laden is looking at this on CNN and thinking "boy that was easy, I must get there one day "

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our binge culture

BINGE! Once a word that was rarely used and then only associated with a minority in our society, with a meaning of a short period devoted to indulging in an activity, esp. drinking alcohol, to excess.

Now thanks to the socialist engineers of the 60's and 70's the word Binge can easily be used today as an accepted almost normal state of being in this once great Australian land of hardworking , fair dinkum, fair-go people.

The Binges of the youth who have lost all self respect due to the removal of discipline and authority from our institutions of learning along with the elimination of the rights of parents to guide their offspring as they were, to the big end of town, who have been allowed to run their empires of oligarchy, and right up to the steps of Parliament House where Big Government is the only game in play and the masses who put them there will gladly roll over and tune into Foxtel as long as they get their TAX PAYER funded handout.

Islamo-fascists don't really need to do much to take over the West because we clearly seem to be committing suicide of our values and our Judeo-Christian beliefs right before their eyes.

What is the real future for our children going to hold?.... War! Revolution! or just more of this decay ?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The perils of Pauline

A media report here says that nude pictures of independent conservative politician Pauline Hanson have been found -- a claim that now seems to be false

It was the 16th century French author and philosopher Francois Marie Arouet (pen name Voltaire) who allegedly said.... "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Doesn't that statement support the foundation stones of our very way of life? The way of life that we have been taking for granted and slowly allowing others to dismantle and erode.

Love or hate Pauline Hanson, agree or disagree with her opinions on protecting our borders, language and above all our unique Australian culture, you must still allow her to stand up for what she believes and be allowed to say it, express it and even run for a place in our Government.

What has happened here is nothing less than a vindictive and deliberate attack on this woman's character and reputation just a week out from an election that she is running in. How can it be seen as honest reporting by those who apparently believe in such freedom of speech to publish such smut and what is now clearly a mish-mash of untruths without first asking Pauline Hanson if these were actually photos of her and if this Jack Johnson was a boyfriend and did actually do this?

Pauline Hanson will be vilified, I am sure, but what damage has again been done to our freedoms and fairness and to our respect for honest journalism? (I do know that there are many in this industry who are just as disgusted as I am).

This isn't about politics or even newspaper sales. It is about the sustained and never-ending war between the right and the left. It is a well known fact that the mainstream media does hold a very leftist view and that's fine but they cross the line when they disregard the feelings and disallow the future of those who are on the right to express their fundamental rights to be FREE AUSTRALIANS.

Make no mistake Pauline is the victim here, of a very unfair media assault. Here is something else that Voltaire wrote and I truly think it is worth considering everyday.......

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”.......

For example just think about man made climate change!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shark Costello endangering Liberal leader Turnbull while Rudd makes hay

Prime Minister Rudd used a naughty word recently but Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull may have more use for it

Whether or not the PM's swear word gaffe was an accident or some kind of Machiavellian way to appear like the common man or as a distraction is neither important nor relevant.

What is important in my opinion is that this self confessed fiscal conservative is again throwing away our money to save the only job that is above all other jobs ...his!

What is also just as disturbing, is that so many out there are so conditioned to government handouts (thanks Gough!) that it will actually work at raising K Rudd's appeal to the punters.

$900 will do nothing to stimulate the economy to a point that we are actually shielded in any way from this "SHIT CYCLONE".

I imagine most people will use the money to wipe out a bit of credit card debt (with the institutions' criminal interest rates) or pay the car rego (a major Rip off by the overlords at the R.T.A) / repair suspensions (destroyed by our crumbling roads) or even fix their teeth (if you can find a dentist that is).

After all that spending is done then we can expect to wake up to a new dawn of fiscal recovery ?........COME ON !

Over Fifty billion dollars wasted on political posturing in the name of saving the Australian economy, whilst jobs continue to go offshore and the politicians continue to call each other names and blame each other for the policies that have gotten us in to the mess that we are now ALL in.

Peter Costello is making all the right media moves to raise his profile and I can understand why Turnbull would be a little concern. Whether or not Peter has the numbers for a successful challenge to the leadership is another point of confusion among the commentariat -- but what is agreed upon is the poor public face of disunity that the Federal Liberal Party should be more concerned with and the fact that none of them are doing anything to oppose this continuing slide of our country into the abyss of SOCIALISM and the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lots of sharks to cope with

Three shark attacks in as many weeks in the "safe and clean" waters off Sydney! Media Report here

Think about that and then think about the Greenies (who do control Government) who take no responsibility for their policies that attract sharks to our shores with statements of "natural feeding cycles and coincidence". The same Greens and useful idiots who state the opposite view when it comes to the scam of man made climate change. Talk about "You say night and I say day".

Here's a news flash, not only is it DAY but it's the Dawn of the End of our way of life! Granted a pretty heavy comment but is it not time to stop worrying about the false worlds of sporting legends to entertainment gurus and start doing something about our PROTECTING our children's future?

Borders, Language and Culture, our very way of life that we and all before us have striven to perfect are now literally being bargained away by our elected (and non-elected) leaders of all political parties and government tiers. They clearly do not care about any of us.

I believe a revolution is coming to the West and those who put us in this position will not escape the Gallows of History's wrath.

Go for a swim if you dare. Personally I think it would be safer than investing in Australia's economic/socialist locked future. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is a Fiscal Socialist and NOT an Economic Conservative ..... Can we at least agree on that?

Media Report on that here