Thursday, March 25, 2010

China sends a message, and we tremble and obey

Greg Sheridan, columnist with "The Australian" newspaper has written a perfectly accurate account of the disgraceful treatment of an Australian citizen, Stern Hu, by the Chinese Communist Government in the OZ today.

His points about the cowardly way that our present Federal Government has abandoned the civil rights of Stern Hu, an Australian and now convicted criminal in the Communist Chinese prison system, are spot on in my opinion.

Forced to confess to a crime that he may or MAY NOT have committed, Mr Stern now has little or no chance of being released any time soon. All this happening whilst our Sinophile PM has just struck up a 60 billion dollar deal to provide our new overlords with all the liquefied natural gas (LNG) that they need to further their Communist ambitions.

Without Australia and it cache of natural resources, the sleeping bear in the north has little more than an impressive army to threaten us. I am sure that there would be no attack on our mainland if Rudd decided to hold off on feeding the great red-eyed panda just because it wants to push the "customer is always right" line.

After all, does the United States of America not have a vested interest in our country also? Along with a long and traditional brotherhood and common belief system and culture, not to mention the strategic value of our geography, you'd better bet that they do!!!!

Some would call me naive to think that the USA would come to our help if we were attacked. Well, to them I say that they are naive to think that China would attack Australia with the knowledge that the United States is and has always been or greatest ally and would under any Presidency be hard pushed to allow a communist country to invade or democratic sovereignty without response. It would simply be political suicide for an administration. The American people would be find a way to convince the President that a war in Iraq or Afghanistan is now no longer as important as a war on Australia.

So with that said, what is with our PM? Why is he so scared of the Chinese Government? I believe he is not; I believe he is in fact a very sympathetic and good friend of this communist regime and is very interested in their final agenda and to hell with one Australian that they have in their prisons, and to hell with Australia's resources. I believe the price that the LNG was sold at, was way to low and as a result he is doing his Maoist mates a favour, so to hell with Australia also.

Sorry Stern, guilty or not mate, you're stuffed and you can thank one man for it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Contempt, thy name is Kevin

Kevvy favours his home State of Qld. and slights NSW

The object of my attention this week is how the Feds -- ie Rudd -- is treating the states with contempt; and in particular PM Kevin Rudd's contempt for NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, as was blindingly obvious last week. Did you see the footage? It was dreadful.

For video footage, check out this web site

Go to The Sunday Papers panel on the right, then hit the 3mins mark. Or if you would like to read about it, then the Daily Telegraph has a great article on the same subject.

So, the PM tours the country, spouting his usual rhetoric of just how he alone will save all of the nation's health care systems from "officially" remaining in third world status and how his Federal Government will be able to use a Centralist Controlling System (that's code for Communism) to do what a score of ALP State departments cannot do.

Just look at the body language displayed by the man towards two ALP Premiers, Anna Bligh and Kristina Keneally, and then tell me that he is not treating our Premier and our state and frankly all of us with absolute CONTEMPT!

Does this man really deserve our trust anymore, in this an election year!