Thursday, February 26, 2009


More jobs lost to China as the "stimulus" fails

Have you been waiting for the proof that the farm was sold to the enemies of freedom and democracy? Well here it is Australia. Media report here.

Now that this great land of invention and opportunity is virtually no longer ours and that means our children and children's children too, then is it not time for Australians to stand up and say NO MORE to the Socialist take over of the West?

Maybe more are now waking up from the great drunken BBQ BEACH party to see that they were robbed overnight but I am not so sure many still really care. The air is still the same, the beach is still there and the car is still running so what has changed ?.......


No, our famed apathetic "she'll be right mate" good nature has not served us well this time round. Both political parties have sold us all out long ago and with the continuing global take over of the NEW OVERLORDS in the third world we will soon see just what it is like to slip from first place to equal last.

Tariffs remain nil, competition has turned into a game of monopoly and the FREE MARKET has started to destroy our very way of life all in the name of Globalism and the New World Order.

The customers now own our shop so where does that leave us? With our backs against the wall and everyone scratching their heads and thinking "How can this be?" You have to hand it to the Chinese Communists, they have just about won their revolution and without a shot fired! Instead they have used Capitalism and its greed along with the useful idiots of the left with their sickening ideology to take your well-paid job and your kids futures.

I wonder just how many proud Aussies actually did try to buy the local products when we still had them? Bugger-all I'd say. From Whitlam to Rudd, from Carter to Obama, and, oh, a special mention for the great Bill Clinton for his massive success in destroying much of the US economy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Too painful to watch

With Rudd and Swan spending the budget like a pair of drunken sailors (I swear Kevin 07 is Whitlam incarnate and Gough is even dead yet) and the Libs doing what they do so well -- and that's to bash each other rather than the opposition -- is it any wonder that I found myself actually watching the OSCARS.

I mean I can't stand these liberal idiots in Hollywood and yet I am so tired and bored with the current state of play in Canberra that it was either the OSCARS or ELLEN! .....ELLEN? No I could never be that bored.

I am sure you can relate to this cartoon, especially if you have been watching Question Time lately. Now there's a case of standards dropping to new lows of childish behaviour. Rudd said he would raise the standards but he must have forgotten to tell Julia Gillard.

Media report here

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who ordered the $10,000 post-it note holder?

No doubt you have all heard about the disgraceful waste of public money that was to be spent on a NSW Minister's office renovations. Five Hundred Thousand bucks to renovate an office???? It took no less than 3 days after this news was leaked for the Minister concerned to publicly state that he no longer wanted such lavish renovations of his Governor Macquarie Tower Office!

Media Report here.

And as gutless and indecisive as that length of time was to come out of hiding it can only be said that the Premier, who was available for comment on day one, was actually defending this upgrade and clearly wasn't prepared to put the stamp of cancellation on this waste of tax payers money until he had worked out a compromise deal with his new Minister.

If the voters of NSW didn't quite believe that their state leaders were living in a parallel universe then as far as I am concerned this exposure of total disregard for the public purse should now make it clear to all that this type of rort goes on all the time and the only reason that this one didn't make it was because they were literally caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

You hear time and time again from disgruntled NSW Voters "Where has all the money gone?" you know!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

An unstimulating stimulus

I can still hear those words that our PM Rudd said over and over again prior to the '07 Election you remember?.....

"I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "..."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "...."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "..."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "...."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE ".

Well excuse me PM but you are NOT! you are nothing more than a FISCAL SOCIALIST ! just like every other socialist leader before you. At a time in our history when economic conservatism has never been more needed here we have the PM handing out OUR money to people who don't need it and really doing nothing less than a short term pre-election bail out of a succession of failed state governments and pandering to the welfare dependent (your true blue ALP voter, Whitlam set that mindset up) whilst ignoring the fact that what this country needs now is self investment in Australian business and short and long term visionary infrastructure projects.

Where are the great projects such as a pipeline to deliver much needed water from the flood prone areas of our land to the farmlands in the centre and south? Where is the tax reform that will encourage employers to employ without the added costs of payroll tax and the tax rip off of those who want to work more than one job to pay for their children's health and eduction? How about reducing or, dare I say it, removal of state land tax.

No, instead it's time to really sell off all our assets to China and borrow billions and billions of Arab dollars (whilst we still have an international credit rating) so that the current ageing generation and the next few generations can be taxed to the hilt to pay back hundreds of billions of dollars to those who really have no regard or interest in Australia and its culture and people.

All this is a part of Mr Rudd's new world order/one world government plan. He is as thick as thieves with his Commie mates around the world who are doing everything they can to slowly remove our way of life and turn the first world western nations into second world economies with 3rd world dictatorship.

Turnbull was right, we need stimulus but what the ALP is doing now will never stimulate the economy, rather it will send it backwards, encouraging deflation, unemployment and foreign ownership of what is left as being Australian owned and operated.

Sir Robert Menzies and the Diggers from all conflicts are spinning in their graves and I am sure they will be remembered as the last AUSTRALIANS if we do not rid ourselves of this One World Socialist Agenda and Prime Minister.

This is one man's opinion, this I believe !

Monday, February 16, 2009

Who is the Real Predator? Sharks or arsonists?

Media report: "In the same week men were attacked by sharks in Woolloomooloo and Bondi Beach, the state Government banned NSW fishermen from catching them. Despite overwhelming evidence numbers are at record levels, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the state's 25 shark hunters last week received a letter from the NSW Department of Primary Industries declaring the ban. The letter stated the restriction was being imposed because the State's annual shark quota had already been reached. Despite a frightening summer of shark attacks and sightings up and down the NSW coast, fishermen will now be prohibited from taking sharks until July 1."

Here we go again, all the usual suspects coming out of the smoking remains of the woodwork to point the finger at the irresponsible humans who dare to venture into the oceans and thus deserve the wrath of the shark.

Forgive me if I am wrong about this but haven't we been fighting, eating and being eaten by predators both on land and the sea since day one? I'm not unsympathetic about a person that is attacked by a shark, it's a terrible accident no matter who it is but it is just that, an accident, bad luck, wrong place at the wrong time or if you believe in a planned destiny as I do then it was meant to be.

I have heard numerous claims that the Greens are responsible for this by limiting the amount of drift net fishing thus causing the fish numbers to rise and the result is more sharks. Even heard that we in New South Wales are only permitted to fish 60 tonne of these creatures whilst in places like Queensland the amount is 300 tonne.

Also heard a Green Zealot say that the numbers of sharks in our harbour has increased due to the change in ocean currents as a direct result of you guessed it ...GLOBAL WARMING.

All may be true to some extent but why do we need to play the blame game on this issue which is as old as Adam? I do know that sharks have and will always be present around our shores and that actual human attacks are not common.

Who cares if there is a risk? You either take it out or avoid it. I for one will enjoy my meal on the shoreline whilst JAWS can go hungry for my flesh.

If they really want to make the sharks go away, chuck a few ARSONISTS in the Harbour at dawn.....that should scare them off or at least make them sick.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The heretic

Media report: "OUTSPOKEN academic Germaine Greer has branded Australian authorities arsonists for failing to carry out regular burn-offs, which she says could have prevented the deadly Victorian bush fires."

"What a week!" would be an understatement and I must admit that even old cynical me was surprised and pleased at the public, corporate and government response to this tragedy.

But what has also astonished me is the fact that for the first time in my life I actual agree with Germaine Greer.... who'd have thunk it! She is spot on with her remarks about the pandering of ALL political parties to the Greens who with the assistance of the Usual Suspects, the Useful Idiots in the media, are now the most powerful and dangerous political movement in the world.

There isn't a government in power that doesn't owe its place to the Green vote. I can only hope that folk who thought that these environmentalists were "well intentioned" can now see them for just what they are, an organisation that wants to send us all back to living in caves and praising sacred micro organisms whilst they sit high in moral judgement over us all.

Make no mistake, these Greens believe that the Earth is a living breathing and worst of all thinking being, that is tolerating the existence of human beings on its surface. It will not be long before plants have more right to exist than you do .......hang on hasn't that already happened ?

Monday, February 9, 2009

True Aussie heroes

What will this tragedy be called?..... The Lost Weekend? The Blackest Days? Who knows!

I suppose the media will come up with something appropriate. I once heard a bushie say "If it's hot enough and dry enough, then even the bloody rocks will burn" therefore it's hard to blame anyone for what is essentially a part of living in Australia.

I have heard that the Mad Greens had lobbied to prevent a lot of areas being cleared and back-burnt. Is this true Senator Bob Brown?

You would expect the Greens to value some "endangered" yellow throat spotted tree frog before any human life but again it was the local and state governments that listened and obliged such madness and are now the ones playing the fiddle. So who can be blamed really ?

If there are arsonists involved in this tragedy then I am sure you would agree with me that they should be hunted down as the dogs that they are. I am sure that the Victorian government will throw the book at them and give them the MAXIMUM sentence that applies to mass murder.

Still even with the back-burning and arsonist issues aside I am sure little would have prevented such a disaster from occurring as it has. All that we can do is do what Aussies do best, get in there and fight and then get in there and help those who cannot help themselves.

Thank God for the men and woman of the CFS and the RFS and the Red Cross and other agencies who WILL be there in force. These are and will always be Australia's TRUE HEROES !

Let see if this PM will have the nerve to pick up the phone and call his counterparts in Palestine and Indonesia. Seems we Australians have been only too generous to these folk in their time of need: Let's see if the feeling is mutual.

What a shame it takes a disaster like this to bring out the best of us and unite us as one.

God Bless them all

(Media report here)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A public hospital disaster -- They cannot even pay their bills

I guess the true test of any government's real worth is seen in the way they handle/manage and maintain the basic services needed for a large Western society. Law and Order, Education and Infrastructure such as utilities and transport are all at the top of the list but none is more important than the life and death requirements that is the Public Hospital and Medical Services.

"Here he goes again" I hear you say, yet another bash around the ears for this current ALP Government. Well ladies and gents this time above all others it is a well deserved bashing. Like I said before, state health services are a LIFE AND DEATH issue and to think that this once proud and efficient government portfolio has sunk to even new lows of not being able to pay its suppliers (some as long as six months!) speaks volumes about the inept way in which NSW (the highest taxing state in the country) is being run.

I know it's another 2 years until the next election and anything can happen but I doubt very much that the past decade and more of bureaucratic bungling and mismanagement will ever be repaired in time to make the voters forget.

I feel for the next government and the task ahead and hope that who ever it is has woken up to the fact that the people of NSW are not fools and will never stop believing in the fundamental principle that government is by the people and for the people....... that's why it's called the public service!

Best wishes to you and I hope you don't get sick.

News report here