Friday, March 28, 2014

The roots run deep‏

It's a good start but in no way is it the end. Thomson & Williamson must truly be considered as the tip of this corrupt iceberg. I foresee many movements and resignations coming up by some of the Union movements movers & shakers.

Background:  Former Federal MP Craig Thomson was recently sentenced to three months in jail for misusing money that belonged to the members of the Health Services Union.  It’s been clear for several years that something rotten has gone on inside the health union. A federal official, Michael Williamson, a former national ALP president, last year pleaded guilty to defrauding members and is now in custody.


Maybe you think that our pollies should be paid more? there is certainly a strong argument based on the principle that "if you pay peanuts, then you will get monkeys" and yet it seems that generally speaking, no matter how much these men and women of the public service receive in renumeration, we still get chimps throwing faeces at each other all day....Did you catch Question Time today, a bloody circus?

I think it is generally agreed that Federal Politicians do work harder than their State Government counterparts (always exceptions to the rule of course) thus I do not believe that a State Premier should be getting more of an annual wage than the Federal Treasurer, The Speaker of the House, The Federal Opposition Leader & all of the Federal Cabinet Ministers, as is the case with the Qld Premier, Campbell Newman who is set to now get a 22% pay rise, bumping up his annual salary by $67,972.00 to $379,562.00. That is over $40,000 a year more than the Ministry Executive. It is staggeringly unfair in my opinion.

The entire game of selecting a panel to "independently" adjudicate on a pay rise seems fair enough but that all depends on who does the selection of that panel and who is selected. The Premier's department made this choice after the public outrage back in August last year when the Government tried to slip through a 42% pay rise....... busted!

The whole thing just looks like a script from my favourite piece of political satire ever, YES MINISTER and if you are a fan then you would be familiar with the excellent work on that show by one of my favourite political cartoonists ever, Gerald Scarfe.

This gave me a great chance to pay homage to Gerald via this cartoon in making my point.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When hypocrisy is all you have, you have lost the debate!‏

How about we finish of the month with this bad boy? I know that the T-shirt slogan is offensive to most but it did happen and it happened here.

 Fairfax columnist, Clementine Ford produced and sold this bit of Free Speech and the usual suspects from the not so objective, ABC & The Guardian Australia, had not a word of condemnation. Their silence is obvious support, Well fine!

 As Voltaire may have said , "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Of course I hate it, just as I would hate an "F YOU GILLARD OR GREENS OR RUDD" T-shirt, There is nothing more telling of a person's IQ when they resort to foul language. It's just a juvenile way to make a point but in a way isn't that the point of this entire debate?

Abbott didn't curl up and die and I know that he has received worse abuse for years. The lesson to take, is again from an old adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

If such things upset you then you are truly a sensitive flower so just look away and ignore it for what it is, angry and generally uneducated people venting. The same goes with racist taunts, pity the fools and ignore the words, because that's all they are, thoughts turned into words. Remember the bullies at school, cowards that could only fight you with words. Again treat all such schoolyard behaviour with the contempt it deserves.

But we aren't in a schoolyard are we?  We are suppose to be adults, setting an example of leadership to the young -- and yet the leftists can happily wear, sell and even promote such low brow public speech and then in turn have the hypocrisy to scold Abbott for wanting to enforce the very laws that will protect that very free speech, bad taste or not.

 They don't get it! It's not what you say, it's being accountable for your words and actions and knowing that society will mark you up or down on what it is you say and or do. If you disagree with me then fine, debate me, change my mind if you can. That's healthy and civilised society, that's freedom. Political Correctness is what is under attack here, so well done PM, Political Correctness is the tool of the Marxist Devil and the enemy of Freedom.

 Government should never be allowed to censor free opinion & speech in whatever form it takes and society should always be the final judge as to what is considered to be fair and decent as oppose to what is vile and dangerous......PERIOD!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Leaving the nest‏

So the bloke that gave us PM Julia Gillard, Paul Howes, a Trotskyite come Media Tart is now leaving his 7 year long job as head of the AWU. He states that his reasons are that he has spent his entire life in the Union Movement and he simply wants a break.

He's 32 and he is seeking either further education and a real job in the real world. Good on him but I don't believe it for a second.

He is peed orf because he lost his chance for a Senate seat when Bob Carr left back in 2013 and he has held a grudge ever since. The looming Royal Commission into Union Corruption is fast approaching, so you could not seriously rule that out as a pretty big motivator to this sudden career change for Paul.

Like I said, he gave us Gillard and I for one will never forget that!



My visual comment on this crazy South Australian election result.

 To say that this particular State's electoral system is a run down old bomb, would be an understatement in my opinion.   Any system that constantly allows a minority primary vote to take power, has to be undemocratic.

 With that said, it is also my opinion that the Libs just weren't in the game!

Liberal Leader, Steven Marshall should have been wining, dining and serenading these Independent MP's that held the balance of power. Whilst the SA Libs were having a weekend off, it is clear that ALP Premier elect, Jay Weatherill was knocking on Geoff Brock's door with a deal package that he couldn't refuse.

 Mr Brock may have gone with the ALP anyway, even though his constituents are majority conservative. We still don't know how the other Independent MP, Dr Bob Such will vote, again probably Labor but that doesn't matter now, the ALP Government has been returned, minority or not, they are still in Government for another 4 years!.

This will not reflect well on the Federal Government as no doubt all of the usual suspects from Bill Shorten to the Leftist Media, will be jumping up and down with claims that this result is some kind of a "vote of no confidence in the Abbott Coalition". Of course that is rubbish but it will be printed and broadcast everywhere & that is always dangerous!

 Remember what Hitler's propaganda minister , Joseph Goebbels said:

 ... "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."


Friday, March 21, 2014

Senate votes against abolition of carbon tax (A stay of execution)‏

Senate votes against abolition of carbon tax ....... well, to quote USMC Private Gomer Pyle, "SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE."

As if the GREENS haven't been anything but consistent on this BUT what the hell is going on in the minds of the ALP???

Wasn't the massive loss of the Sept '13 election and the bollocking that they received last weekend in Tasmania enough to make them wake up to the fact that they have tied their colours to the mast of a fast sinking GREEN ship?

Please, there must someone in the Labor Party with a resemblance of common sense left to steer the Labor ship back towards their light on the hill? ....................... I don't know why I have so many nautical references in this rant!

And now Palmer is changing his pre election tune also.

Using welfare deals to blackmail the Senate repeal of the MINING TAX!?  Errr Clive, you're a Miner mate!

Hasn't this bloke turned out to be a disappointment and clearly an opportunist and emotive populist pollie? Sure, all politicians are playing some kind of mind game but what Clive promised us all was that he wasn't going to be like the rest and that his style of politics was one of "No bullshit games, just honest & transparent policy decisions based on the real desires and needs of the majority."

War veterans children used as a political pawn, Clive?  Sorry mate, but you are just as bad as the rest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


These organised Socialist/Hard Left protests were once again based on nothing than a hatred of Conservative Australia and family values -- thus proof of why we see the Greens in free fall to the bottom of the political barrel and they are taking the ALP with them. I can only hope that the ALP has learnt a value lesson from the last few years of bedding this Green Witch -- and that lesson couldn't be more clear, "You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas."

Of course I have no issue with protest, it is a staple of any decent democracy but those who protest can be marked up or down on the way that they use this valuable freedom. If I had to mark the usual suspects in the "March in March" gatherings of the weekend, then I give them all a resounding F.


Here we have a gathering of the so called people of the loving, empathetic and caring left and yet was there any display of humanity or caring to be seen? I am sure they all felt empowered and just but what the rest of the logical thinking country saw were banners full of horrible and disgusting lies about our PM, relating him to monsters such as Hitler and calling for his death!!!

To hearing the pumped up Unionist sycophants who were recording stating that certain people of the right should have bullets put into the back of their heads!!! This is a public demonstration of the lunacy and dangerous nature that permeates the mindset of the Far Leftist Activist. These are not loving and caring human beings.

From Trotskyites & Marxists to the devolving Greenies, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is sickening to Australian vales, in my humble opinion.

Did your children or grandchildren witness and learn from this display of democracy in action, lefty style?..... I hope not!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Trial by Aunty‏

No doubt you aware of the continued attacks on the views of News Limited journalist/commentator, Andrew Bolt. Seeing this thoroughly decent and very considered man being dragged through some kind of Star Chamber trial by the leftist media, political opposites and activists alike, is a disgrace to all our very freedoms & values as Australians, in my humble opinion.

Sure, don't agree with Andrew's Conservative view of the world, that is your free right but it is not your right to use your freedom of speech to label a non bigoted Australian as a racist, without evidence and only based on your personal hatred and mental hang ups.

 This is the problem with the embedded hatred of the political right that infects our National Broadcaster and it is time that CEO, Mark Scott did something to balance out the views and correct the ideologically based lies masquerading as opinion.

When we clearly see wall to wall conservative governments in this country, is that not a clear enough indication that the ABC in general, does not have it's finger on the pulse of this nation?................ Yes, of course it is!

I love the diversity of views in our media, left or right publications, bring them on, it's healthy & democratic BUT the ABC is a taxpayer funded organisation and it's charter of operation is clear.

 There is nothing fair and balanced about many of the ABC News and Opinion programs on TV or Radio and this has been the case for decades. Time has definitely come for a change and that change will come when the movers & shakers on the ABC start to employ presenters and guest and do stories without such a leftist bias view.

 If the ABC were a commercial venture, then fine, I wouldn't say a damn thing about them but they are not and it is likely that they would never be able to survive in the commercial world because of their very bias. This is still no excuse to use tax payer money as a way to push political ideology and I for one will never be satisfied with the status quo of the ABC until I see more Conservative opinion being fairly represented and not used as a tokenistic tool to appear balanced. No one wants a sterile ABC, and I believe as much diversity and balance will be the only way to improve and stop the critiques of our old Aunty!

This link will take you to a piece that showcases my view on this craziness and the well written account of recent events by Quadrant Editor, Roger Franklin.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Emperor's new robes.‏

My jaw dropped 5 feet yesterday when I heard about the stupid political advertising regulation inTasmania that would possibly lead to a member of the Palmer United Party, maybe even Clive himself, being prosecuted and maybe even gaoled. Of course as stupid as the law is ( you have to get permission of the person you are commenting about in your political campaign before publishing ) and just as unlikely and crazy as anyone being incarcerated for such a trivia matter, nothing was more shocking too me to hear Clive Palmer put himself in the same bracket as Mahatma Gandhi. To say that he will be "Tasmania's Gandhi" is not only insulting to the memory of the great man but I think is a window into a bit of delusional thought processing.

Has anyone else noticed how the leftist media in particular have turned this bloke (Clive) into a poster boy in the last few months? During the recent Federal Election, there was nobody in the mainstream media, left or right that had a good thing to say about Clive Palmer or his Party. The bloke was a political opportunist, a baffoon, a Cashup Redneck and a man who's ego was all that matter too him, to win this game was more a matter of personal pride repaired, than that of genuine desire to serve as a public servant. A lot of that commentary may now be seen as actually close to the mark but it is only the conservative side of the commentariat that is echoing that opinion.

 The Left however, have fallen in love with Professor Palmer and that is probably because he is deliberately pandering to them in a show of public defiance of the Abbott Government. After all, Palmer is no lefty. He certainly sucked me in during the campaign and had my support because I as many others I know also thought, well he's a conservative, he's a rags to riches story, he's a miner thus not a Greenie and some of his economic ideas sounded okay plus he didn't speak pollie talk, a man of the people, a breath of fresh air. Wasn't I wrong!

 He is certainly a smart man but he is certainly a manipulater of minds and in my opinion that makes him dangerous in public office. He will not naturally lend support to Abbott & will put pressure on the PM to get what HE WANTS. Is that what the PUP voters want though? Clearly he is in control of his Senators choices and he is taking some new minor party members under his wise and all knowing wing as well. Hmmmm, should have seen it coming but I'm awake now and the canary in the coal mine (punt intended) was the violent turn around of attitude by the leftist media to this man.
 Now that he does and certainly after this Saturday's Polls, will have a huge amount of deciding power, then naturally the Greens and the ALP are sidling up to him and the ever accompanying media are in tow.

I'll bet there are a few right wing commentators out there now that thought just 6 or 7 months ago that this bloke was going to be a political blip on the radar and now like me, are thinking, oooops, better not over or under estimate anyone with that much self made money , charisma and drive again.

Lot's of great leaders in the world had enormous charisma, it's true! but it is also true that many of them were some of the most evil bastards who ever lived. I am not saying that Clive is evil, I just do not think that about him but I do believe that this is a game to him and at a time when the majority want to see an end to this bloody criminal Carbon Tax and other important legislation reform & removal, he'd better accept that mandate of this government and the majority view. If he plays his cards right and supports the Abbott government in this term then people will remember this and it will be the Liberals/Nationals that will preference him next time around. If he want's to form a coalition with the leftist ALP/GREENS then he's political history for over a decade and if even worse, he just wants to blackmail whom ever has the balance of power, then it's political suicide. I sure hope he plays the right historical card and turns out to be a hero rather than a obstructionist ZERO.

Fair and balanced and humbly speaking, I stuffed up. Please forgive me PM.


Monday, March 10, 2014




The latest news

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Ever wondered just why so much land is now locked up for "environmental reasons"? Me too, considering a lot of it is now a human free zone. That's right, you will be breaking the law if you venture into many of these neglected so called 'wild life sanctuaries'.

Let alone the massive fines if you decide to pitch a tent, shoot a rabbit or fox, let alone the evil crime of hazard reduction burning or digging a hole. Cut down just one tree or step on an ants' nest and you, my friend, are a criminal.

Thank God the grown ups are in power now, I really want to see some undoing of this national madness.

Friday, March 7, 2014


I am sooooooo happy, I got to draw Kevin Rudd again! He is the gift that keeps on giving.

Should I be surprised that this megalomaniac thinks he is the Aussie Dennis Rodman?.... well, NO! But you would have thought he would have given himself a bit of a break before trying to save the world, Ruddy style.

Even if he get's to talk to Putin's advisors, these Commies will Google K RUDD and learn just what kind of a bloody sauce bottle sucking clown has dared to get involved in their return to the Cold War tactics of the past.

You know, it just occurred to me, .......... he could just be going there for a job interview?

Background:  "Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has dispatched himself on a one-man peace mission to Moscow"

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I wonder if Putin's annexing of the Ukraine could be Obama's and probably later, Hillary's, 911 moment?

Hard to be sure this early in the game but a game it certainly is. I believe Putin and his Commies are not only trying to relive and maybe even regain their Soviet tyranny of the recent past but also test the US Government's resolve. I doubt NATO or the UN paper tigers really concern Vladimir too much but his old sparring partner, The mighty?

US Military may still give him cause to continue to walk steady and carry a big stick. One thing is for sure, the US Army is not equipped to take on the Russian Military on their own ground. If the battle was in the air or at sea, then I'd say that the US probably have the advantage alas if any conflict were to occur, it wouldn't be the US sending in the troops. We have seen already what happens when any despot dares to step over President Obama's "thin red line"........... bugger all!

So in a way it will be a US Republican Government that will have to deal with this horrible circumstance if Obama's diplomacy and the threat of sanctions fail,.... in my humble opinion.

I also believe that China's ruling Communist Party is closely monitoring the resolve of all players in this event, especially the USA so if anyone thought that Red's under the bed where well, better look again.

Feels a bit like the 80's!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another image you won't see on the ABC

Unfortunately I missed Andrew Bolt's 2GB hour with Steve Price yesterday but I managed to catch up online today.

Andrew's comments re the "usual suspects" protesting in Sydney that night, directly inspired the cartoon. I couldn't agree more with Andrew when he said that, 'the leftists form of angry, hatred ridden, disruptive and almost always violent and provocative protest, is clearly a display of the true totalitarian nature that permeates this kind of mindset.'

Their hypocrisy has no bounds.

Manus Island background.  Also here and here.