Thursday, April 24, 2014


How excellent is it to hear that there is actually a medium to long term, fully financed plan to bring our Air Defence Systems up to scratch. I am pleased that the ALP is onboard but really what choice do they have?

It is also very refreshing and comforting to listen to Joe Hockey's words of wisdom tonight at the Spectator Australia Magazine dinner, regarding the "end of entitlement". I won't bore you with the details, they are many and easy to find but I will remind you that we as a nation definitely do have the government that we voted for and we certainly do have adults running the country now.

The cuts and the reforms to be announced soon (assuming the Upper House will do the right thing) will be remembered in generations to come as the time this country finally grew up!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For appearance's sake only‏

I always knew he'd do this. This is nothing more than window dressing in my opinion. The ALP membership will not rise because of this, they have learnt nothing. It will be interesting to see what the hardcore Union Socialists will have to say about what appears to be a betrayal but up until now I have heard nothing but tongue in cheek praise from Union officials. That's another indication in my mind that this is not reform but political strategy.

Bill Shorten's sweeping Labor reform plan to reduce union influence

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The web we weave‏

The resignation of NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell

Well, no one can say that I'm not a little objective. I voted for this Premier and not only has his deceit shocked me (and yes I am calling it that because there is no way in the world in my opinion, that a man who is clearly not an idiot and as far as we know is not suffering for severe memory loss, would ever forget receiving that bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange nor would he forget writing a personal letter of thanks to the lobbyist) but he has contributed to the damaging the entire political brand. No wonder the public is so cynical about ALL Politicians.

I'm biased, I am a Conservative so it hurts that much more when it happens to one of mine.

Obviously Bazza is continuing to play the "I don't recall card" because if he admits to fibbing then he will be committing perjury.

I hope I'm wrong but this whole thing seems just a little contrived. I mean he must have known that he would get caught on this out by just knowing that the letter of thanks existed and was likely to be produced, and that the courier company has a receipt of delivery with a signature!

Makes you wonder if our version of Water"HOLDINGS"Gate has Baz  more worried about things to come out later? Speculation of course but it just doesn't seem logical that this good man could find himself in this situation so easily!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The common threat to us all

The result in the WA Senate re-run election was not so much a surprise but a lesson. The message is certainly to Bill Shorten's ALP and that lesson is that the once great ALP is going the way of the Dodo fast if it continues to continue to align itself with corrupt unions and far left loonies like the Greens.

 A protest vote in a by-election can always be expected for the Government of the day, even one that has only been in power for 7 months. The loss of 6 percent is typical BUT what is not typical is that the protest votes did not go to the opposition. In this case the Federal ALP had another flogging at the ballot box and the votes went to the minor parties instead.

I guess protesting Labor voters weren't able to vote Liberal, so they stupidly went Green and the WA conservatives who felt a protest vote was the way to go and couldn't vote ALP, went to the Palmer United Party. The Nats weren't even in the race!

Okay, so it appears now that after the new Upper House sits on July 1, that the Palmer United bloc of four will hold a commanding balance. This brings me to my biggest observation and point.

Since the WA election was called, I have been listening to commentators from both the left & the right, shaking and quivering in fear that the PM now has to do deals with that loose cannon, Clive Palmer to get any mandated policy through!!! What a loud of rubbish!

If they had paid some attention to Palmers policies then they would know that he is almost on a  unity ticket with the Coalition and he most certainly campaigned to get rid of the Carbon & Mining Taxes.

 Say what you like about Palmer's populist political style, yes it is a break from the politician mould that we are use to seeing, and heavy spending campaigning aside (nothing wrong with that either, if the message was heard and the people voted, that's not undemocratic) and some of his progressive social leanings, he is basically centre right.

Palmer is more of a TEA Partier, ie less taxation, less spending and smaller government but guess what, so is Tony Abbott and most conservatives I have ever known.

 I am glad that our PM is Tony Abbott, he is a great man and a great leader with much potential but I am also glad that the balance of power in the Federal Senate will be centre right........... and I reckon the Prime Minister isn't too worried about that either.

I'm not scared of Clive Palmer, and I guess that's because I'm not a crazy far lefty.

Still I am scratching my head about the size of the vote that the Greens got in WA, protest or not. I am not sure if it has anything to do with Liberal Premier, Colin Barnett because from what I know he is still very popular. I may be wrong as I am not a West Australian but in saying that, I still cannot see what my brothers & sisters in the West think that they are doing by voting for one of the most destructive Marxist movements ever? I really thought that the virus of the Greens would have died on the Nullabor Plain and the fact that it hasn't does concern me greatly!