Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013


Just couldn't resist marking this monumental moment of political retirement with a goodbye cartoon for Bob Carr. As critical as I have been throughout the years of his reign, particularly as Premier of NSW, I will concede that he did contribute to the country and  now that he has left the Parliament, I acknowledge  that the IQ of the entire Federal Labor Party has just halved.

Regarding his time as NSW Premier, Wikipedia gets it pretty right as follows:

"His centrist, cautious government was characterised by conservative financial management, the encouragement of market forces, and a "tough on crime" policy. It was also seen as having a strong pro-environment character and being committed to curriculum rigour (especially history), testing and literacy initiatives in schools.... In terms of economic management, Carr's government, assisted by State Treasurers Michael Egan and Andrew Refshauge, delivered ten consecutive budget surpluses."

And his ALP successors in NSW stuffed it up right royally.

Carr resigned from Federal parliament last week.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Well our Aunty (the ABC) is again flying her transparent bloomers high on the mast of Anthropological Climate Change theory.

What is to most thinking people, nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme, thats main agenda is to redistribute the wealth of the world and level out first world standards with that of third world ones & is pure Marxism 101, is to the vast majority of ABC Journo's, Presenters & Producers alike, a new religion that in their minds makes Christianity look like a fad !!!

Like the Lemmings they are, this non objective public broadcaster were very clever to strategically line up AL GORE, (the greatest empty suit political loser and US mouth piece for this scam, a man who's own home electricity bill is 14 times higher than that of the average American consumer) on a day when a life has been lost and over 200 livelihoods and homes lost in what is typical bushfire in a country historically known for bush fires at this time of the year.

Andrew Bolt once again to the rescue , he is an island of logic in a sea of liberal progressive slime

The day they gave a Nobel Prize to this fraud for his work in this AGW scheme was the day that all Nobel Prizes that day and after mean nothing more to me than the 2007 Australian of the Year gong they gave to our homegrown version of Al Gore, Prof. Tim Flannery. A Logie or an Emmy has more scientific cred than the Nobel Prize since Gore scored one.

Here is the link of shame to the ABC.

FOR RICHER OR POORER, in sickness & in health.‏

This one has 4 issues in one toon, see if you can spot them all?

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Well, my advice to the "Green" MP Adam Brandt is simply to keep his rhetoric about AGW being the cause of these bush fires (which incidentally are burning only a few kilometres from my house, we are on alert to evacuate) to himself and go and hug a tree as it goes up in flames.

Seriously they make me sick, people have died and over 200 homes/businesses already wiped out.

Why do we continue to allow this Green tape to rule our minds and allow our nature to threaten our lives? We may be the lucky country but we sure as hell are not the clever country.

This will not change until we all totally reject the Greens lies and see them for what they are, power hungry Marxist engineers, who use environmentalism as a means to their own ends.

Background here and here and here

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Flames of Denial‏

This entire cartoon was inspired by just one word. That was when I heard PM Abbott say "I am hoping the Bill Shorten will REPENT and agree with the Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation".


Sunday, October 13, 2013

A bittersweet moment of reality for Labor's Bill Shorten

Background.  Chris Bowen was the interim leader

The first act of the "NEW LEADER" will be to recommit the ALP to the Carbon Tax. Seems as though the election loss that wiped the floor with these clowns must be some kind of a distant memory already.

This cartoon serves to remind the "VICTOR" that reality  and memory has not left us in any doubt that we certainly voted for the right people.