Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Prof. Tim Flannery, is the gift that just keeps on a giving. Now this bloke wants to do the joke job for nothing and believe me in short time he will be doing it for nothing because only the richest ideological fools will fund this bloke's fantasy and even they may wake up soon enough.

The information of this so called "Climate Council" will be providing is nothing more than information that the B.O.M and C.S.I.R.O, along with hundreds of other global climate monitoring institutions, including NASA, collect now. Anyone can access this info via their laptop and for free.

It's a win/win when Flannery loses 180k of tax payer dollars every year, to want to be the second-hand disseminator of information that the Govt. already pays to get -- all on donations. Yep, he'll soon get sick of this also...... and if he is clever enough I am sure he can find a real job one day, I believe there's a circus or two always looking for another clown!



Here's another one you won't see in the mainstream media.... WHY?, well, because it agrees with the new government policy on information dissemination with regards to boat arrivals and other facts concerning this issue. Tell em nothing I say!

In warfare, it is never the policy of any government to assist the enemy with statistical information regarding successes or otherwise by the other side, rather disinformation is far more useful in confusing the opponent.

This is not a conventional war, but the rules of being smarter than those we wish to defeat (put of business) should not vary greatly. After all this is called Operation Border Security, run by the ADF and it is a matter of not only security but of lives.

Remember the old saying " Loose lips sink ships"..... it applies here.

Monday, September 23, 2013


The demise of Tim Flannery

Of all the many things that I wanted to see reformed and or corrected by the Government, THIS IS THE ONE THAT WAS AT THE TOP OF MY WISH LIST...... Thanks Tony!

How this fraudulent parasite even received such kudos as "Australian of the Year" and also continued to keep a highly taxpayer funded job based on "CRAP SCIENCE" (which the IPCC is being forced to debunk about 90% of in a report coming out this Friday) is but more proof that the ALP/Greens reign of terror should be historically recalled as the WORST/MOST DANGEROUS Government Australia has ever faced.

Seems like there are ADULTS running the country now!

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The demise of Tim Flannery