Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well! The year is over and we can all sit back and reflect for moment on 2009. Sorry if the cartoon is a little dark and cynical but that's the way I see it all and I guess the truth hurts some folk.

Sure, there were good things that happened in 2009, I mean we managed to be one of the only first world economies to remain away from recession and I guess you have worked out that it wasn't all due to Rudd's vote buying, I mean, stimulus payments. Of course not!.... it was the very driven and thoughtful efforts of the Costello treasury and the restraint of the conservative Howard government that was the true reason behind our fiscal salvation.

I guess there were one or two success stories in the world of politics and certainly one of my top ten events was the overthrowing of the soft left, small L Liberal Party leadership of Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey. Certainly a real coup for true conservative voters in this country, because now we have a team that will fight hard in opposition.

Ever been to a footy game and both sides as so evenly matched that no one scores or really tries to beat the other side? Pretty boring and senseless really, but now we have a game, a real game of opposing teams and this year is the GRAND FINAL because this year we have a Federal Election and that is why I say "Bring it on" because I have a great feeling about 2010.

I think a lot of that feeling is based on a belief that Rudd reign of spin, waste, big government and spending will be ended by the voice of conservative Australia, Tony Abbott.

Have a happy and safe celebration and I wish all of us, a safe, successful and prosperous 2010, no matter what on side of the political or ideological fence you sit..... except for Communists, you have a bad year, OK!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Are ONE!?!

32 days ago a frustrated and desperate New South Wales Monaro district grazier, Peter Spencer, took the most drastic of all steps and threatened to end his life, as protest, in a slow and painful way by starving to death. He obviously took this path as all other avenues for his plea and that of his fellow farmers, had fallen on deaf ears in the offices of the bureaucrats who created a law, THE NATIVE VEGETATION ACT, that single handedly steals land from a land owner so that some wild native growth can flourish and reclaim the hard worked, productive land of the farmer , regardless of ownership or right.

The same bureaucrats that will not listen to common sense or logical reason and still listening too and pandering too the crazies in the Socialist/Leftist Green Party who are determined also top prove that human beings are a subordinate species on this planet and that animals and vegetables are equally at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

The last time I checked, this free and democratic country was is need of the labours of our rural community. I am sure that food is not manufactured in a lab in a suburb in a local city, thus bringing me to the logical conclusion that farmers and the rural communities of Australia are now considered as no longer needed because the return to the dark ages has started and it will only finish in us all eating selected food from other countries, or what we are permitted to grow in our backyards and taking cold showers as we walk another 30 kilometres to work in the candle factory.

That sound a little far fetched? well if you had told me 10 years ago, that any farmer, the backbone of the nation, was to be ever treated like this because the Government believes that vegetation is now more important than his livelihood or the nation's food source, then I might have agreed with you that it is all a mad conspiracy theory.... but what a difference a socialist movement makes in such a short time!

Is NSW ALP Premier number four, Kristina Keneally, doing anything about this? NO, instead she is playing Santa Claus and PR games as a co-host radio announcer on the Sydney airwaves, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

If this brave man is forced to die for this worthy of all causes then it will be the Rudd and state Labor Governments that will have the blood of Peter Spencer on their hands and no matter of spin will wash it off, EVER!

I would suggest that you put down your beer and pick a pen or log onto the net and write a letter to your local member of parliament to advise them that you too will not stand by and watch an Australian farmer die because he didn't believe that any Government had the right to steal his land. That you demand that your voice is heard via the member's representations and that if it is not done today, then that member will never expect your vote again.

Australians, we are one....well let's prove it again shall we!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who's been Naughty or Nice?

I thought I'd better get a Christmas toon done before old Saint Nick comes a knockin.

Speaking of fiction and fictional characters, the man posing as our Prime Minister, has snuck back into the country, avoiding all the obvious questions about the failure of his junket in Copenhagen and just why a bowl of soup cost the Australian tax payers $50.00 a bowl.

Apart from the obvious fraud and political grandstanding that the entire event was based on and is, the so called "GLOBAL COMMUNITY" found no agreement and the only winners economically speaking, were the hospitality and service industries of Copenhagen.

Ofcourse " Heretics" and "Flat Earthers" like me will agree that there was no point to the entire conference because the entire premise that the agreement that they wanted, is based on entirely unscientific fiction but even the "Zealots" of the Anthropological Climate Change Religion, were also ripped off, as clearly their voices were not obeyed either.

In the final extended hours of this fraud, the so called leaders of the first world "THE GUILTY ONES" pushed through a Cap and Trade agreement that is supposed to reduce global temperature by 2 degrees in a few years. I'll believe that plan when my stools turn a rainbow colour and smell like peppermint sherbet.

Really, these fools couldn't even organise a decent cheap meal for the thousands that attended the gabfest, so just how are the "LORDS OF THE CLIMATE" the "CIRCLE OF COMMITMENT" going to effect the world's temperature? What a bl**dy insult to every ones intelligence and again another waste of our money!!!

As long as they get their little plan of a global tax started, as small as it is now, then the Spivs, the politicians on the UN payroll and the Bankers will see 2010 in with a grin rather than the massive groan that the rest of us will be sharing.

This is just the tip of the melting iceberg folks and guess what? so many of you wanted this and now you have it.

With all my cynical breath and ink stained fingers aside, I wish you and your family a Safe, Merry and Holy Christmas and a hope of a prosperous New Year. I wish to thank John Ray for his brilliant administration of my web blog and his constant support, I just wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for him.

Also a huge thank you to the management and staff at Sydney Talk/News Radio Station 2GB, for posting my work on their website and helping to get my stuff seen by the general public. Also a big thanks to Tom Switzer, editor of THE SPECTATOR AUSTRALIA magazine, for believing in me and giving me a shot at making my dreams of becoming a published political cartoonist that much more of a reality. I would also like to thank the many of you out there who have replied to me with your support and even your criticism. All has been appreciated greatly, some even taken on board seriously, I hope you have enjoyed my cartoons and comments this year and I look forward to bringing you more of my observations of life in 2010.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Read it, Believe it, because WE PRINTED IT!‏

What I am bringing to your attention now would have absolutely no precedent in the history of modern media. Sure, when John Lennon was murdered on this day in 1980, most Western newspapers ran the story as a lead issue and the editorials were of course independent of that paper's particular staff. The same when Kennedy was assassinated, Iraq invaded, Princess Diana dies, the end of the Second World War etc, etc. All major events and all just as important to a wider audience.

My point is that they all had their own independent comment. So how is it that this global scam and massive move to socially engineer the world according to the chosen few who have held close to the Marxist doctrine, are now not only getting front page promotion of their great gab fest in Copenhagen but are also given the identical editorial content from one source? Where is the independent reporting?

This is not reporting the news, it is pure propaganda, and all a part of the Global Governance policy launch. The original author from that notoriously leftist rag, The Guardian, is being repeated, word for word in about 57 Western Newspapers

Now do you believe me when I say that there is a conspiracy and that the so-called “free press” has no real connection to freedom, rather to a master that plays the tune that they must now dance to? Like I said, unprecedented INDENTICAL coverage is a glaring admission of the solidarity of the Socialist left who have removed objectivity from the media and replaced it with a form of censorship and masked control. Yes, that is why they call it the “Power of the Media” and why Karl Marx called them “USEFUL IDIOTS”

The true shame of it for the Australian people is that it is their elected Prime Minister who is charging ahead with the plan and spruiking the E.T.S and the lie that the Western industrial world is responsible for naturally-occurring climate change. We need a hero, not only to save Australia but also to save all the Western Democracies, and we need that hero now!

Monday, December 7, 2009


New conservative leader starts out well; will give Rudd a run for his money; opposes Rudd's Warmist laws

As our very own “little corporal” wings his way to the Copenhagen junket, we are reminded of his latest poll result, as the preferred PM. Following the defeat of his Emissions Trading Scheme (TAX) and the overthrow of his “MAN BEHIND ENEMY LINES”, Malcolm Turnbull.

And no this is not a honeymoon period rating, as the ever-obedient Ruddites in the media would have you believe. This is a simply the response of Rudd’s working families who can now see the PM as a man of symbolism and rhetoric rather than a man of substance and national pride.

Mr. not-so-popular, Kevin Rudd, will now try his best -- and I’m sure in his best Mandarin Chinese -- to gain his seat on the United Nations Security Council by pandering to the likes of other populous panderers such as the UK PM Gordon Brown. Brown, just like his Australian counterpart, is suffering in the polls, and he too has a laundry list of domestic and economic troubles that he sees as taking second place to this great performance piece which the Useful Idiots” are now calling “HOPENHAGEN”. Well I call it “DOPENHAGEN”, because any world-leader that attends this farce and expects to come up with a global agreement on just how to stop natural climate change (anthropological climate change is a myth!) is as much a dope as he is powerful.

Imposing any sanctions or cap and trade schemes on the industries of first world economies, in the name of sharing the wealth and taking the blame for invention and initiative, will result in such outrage by the people of these nations, who will find that their hard earned way of life is now measured and equalised with the third world, that not one of them should expect to be in Government for very much longer.

I am convinced now that Rudd isn’t concerned with a second term in the Lodge, as his eye is clearly on a prominent seat in the UN -- which has evolved from a paper tiger into the headquarters of the socialist worldwide new world order. I still can’t find anyone who admits that voting for Kevin O7 was a great move for Australia. Thank God for Tony Abbott, so much depends on his bravery in opposition.

“Enjoy the Global Warming in Denmark Kevin and Penny, it’s bloody cold up there at this time of the year!” ……just as it has been every year previously and will be into the far future.

Friday, December 4, 2009

ET TU BRUTE...The Red Hot Go, IS GONE!‏

It just gets better and better in the world of Australia's interesting, backstabbing, puppet-master politics and if the Federal explosion wasn't enough for you last week, then let's bring on the NEW SOUTH WALES Labor Government. Never ones to be up staged, they have rushed to the decks of the Titanic and this time they are not reshuffling the deck chairs, they are fighting over them for the best seat to watch the ship go down in 2011.

With the factional left's "RED HOT GO MAN" -- former Premier Nathan Rees -- feeling the knives of the always dominant right faction of this state's ALP, talk about "ET TU BRUTE"! We are now blessed with the extremely articulate, and extremely well-educated and former American citizen, PREMIER KRISTINA KENEALLY.

The "I'm nobodies puppet" and certainly "Nobody's girl" is in fact not only the fourth Premier in as many years (are we in Italy?) but is our first female Premier here in New South Wales. See here

Well, I wish her luck and hope that she can return some reminiscence of governance to this state, although it is a shame that this beautiful and ambitious woman has been given her shot at the top job after such a long and disastrous trail of failure by her male predecessors -- and also a shame that she choose the Labour Party to launch her political career.

I will not write her off as just a stooge for the ALP power-brokers of the right faction; I just don't know that to be true and she may just be able to get this state back in order. This of course will not happen overnight nor will it be done by the time of the March 2011 election, but just maybe she can return a sense of accomplishment to the Labour Party as well as the State and make opposition leader, Barry O'Farrell's job that much easier, when he does win that next election. This I am sure of!

Note from JR: "Et tu Brute" is Shakespeare's version of Caesar's last words. Educated Romans spoke Greek. Reports close to the time say that Caesar's actual words were "Kai su, teknon?" (You too, child?)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


From George Santayana, 1905: 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' -- Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense.

Thus the reason why Malcolm Turnbull and Mr. "I'll please everyone" (Joe Hockey) lost the battle for control of the Liberal party and the chance to give Chairman Rudd his big bragging rights at Copenhagen.

The man who didn't forget the lessons of the past, Tony Abbott, was a man who remembered just what happened to one of his previous bosses, former Liberal Party leader, Dr. John Hewson, when he tried to introduce an unexplained tax on the people and as a result the country got P.J.Keating as the PM.

I do really get the feeling that the common man and woman is starting to not only see through the ALP spin and rhetoric in general but that they are waking up to the fact that Anthropogenic Global Warming is just as fantastic a fraud as any other global con pushed on mankind in recent times. From the great and dangerous hole in the Earth's ozone layer to the Zionist conspiracy to take over the world and who could forget when the world that was going to end at the stroke of midnight, December 31 1999 due to the Millennium Bug!

What Tony Abbott, and Senator Nick Minchin have done, guided by the lead of Senator Barnaby Joyce of the Nationals and Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, ranks as one of the bravest moments in Australian political history, and really, when was the last time you heard of an Australian politician actually thinking of the welfare of the nation before their own political careers?

The growing rise of the Conservative movement will mark the beginning of the end for the Socialists and the fight has just began. Abbott has promised that -- so sit back folks and witness democracy in action.