Friday, February 20, 2015

Unclouded Priorities‏

"Unclouded Priorities" that the young school girl takes, whilst the other two argue politics

Chris Bowen struggles to name tax-free threshold during Alan Jones interview

ALP Shadow Treasurer, Chris Bowen is a boofhead!!! Stuffed up in every portfolio he has ever had and never held down a real job in the real world. He simply has no understanding of the basic fundamentals of our tax system, and we are expected to trust him to run our economy?

 If ALP Leader, Bill Shorten has any grey matter between his ears (tic), then he'll flick this fool from the Treasurers portfolio ASAP !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Well if you liked 1960/70's TV Sci-Fi or that huge cinematic success "Honey I Shrunk the Kids!", then you'll probably get a kick out of this cartoon.

Seriously speaking now, it is just bad for our democracy that the current Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten actually thinks he is doing his job and a service to this country by sitting back & letting the Leftist Media throw all the slings and arrows at the Coalition Government and offering nothing more than "Shop Steward" style rhetoric whilst parroting media commentators.

If he is that void of any new ideas then surely it's the ALP that will be calling the next spill motion?...................

Come to think of it, they won't do it even if some of them are smart enough to see what most of us already now about the unelectable status of this alternative Prime Minister. They won't do it simply because of the damage the ALP Brand is still getting over the last bevy of leadership debacles.

CATCH 22!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

CAVE HOSTEM INTRORSUM (Beware the enemy within)‏

Kicking off February with a reminder of just how powerful the Leftist Media is in this country. No matter what a Conservative leader does, he or she will always be painted as "doing the wrong thing" and the voice of this Media is loud enough to make a difference.

The problem that needs to be tapped into is that so many voters are allowing themselves to be just stupidly subjected to the will of the leftist media, cycle after cycle & so on.

These usual suspects and useful idiots continue to create a storm in a tea cup over every policy/decision of every conservative government in the country and until the silent majority (the conservative Australians) start to protest this bias by not watching or buying what this media is are selling, then they will always manipulate the minds of those who have well and truly been brain washed by the decades of the "long march through the institutions" by the Marxist social engineers.

Media in a small population such as ours is potent and powerful and their influence cannot be understated or ignored. This is honestly the only reason that I can logically determine as the root cause of such strange events as this weekend Queensland election and the continued downslide of the PM's popularity. Good Governments and Leaders shouldn't go down this way for no good reason.