Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Leftist Lunatic of the Week

The gong goes to Mr Man Tan himself, Stan Grant, for starting the Spray Paint movement to deface HISTORICAL AUSTRALIAN STATUES

(I bet he'd like one of himself in Cook's place)

And to rewrite Australian History Wars

Way to MOVE FORWARD STANLEY, way to get that Reconciliation stuff to be talked about and agreed upon.

Divisive egomaniac, suffering from the classic Lack of Relevance Syndrome!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The "Safe School" social engineering is full on now in Hellbourne.

These criminals think that Swapping the 3 R's and the ABC's (they dropped that years ago) with LGBTQQIP2SSA
(shorthand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, 2-spirited, asexual, and allies. This is the proper acronym for the queer community)

is going to stop school yard bullies and the stuff that kids have always and will always get up to in the classrooms and the playgrounds, then they are truly not only committing crimes against God and Humanity but they are truly deluded if that is a real motivation.

Of course I don't believe them, they don't want to help children, they just want to add to the Long March Through the Institutions, as The Cultural Marxism Agenda continues to erode the foundation stones of Western Civilisation, A Strong Belief in the God of Abraham, the Creator of the Earth and the Heavens and the Family Unit, Man, Woman & Child as the NORM.

As one of my favourite thinkers once said, "Those that can make you believe in Absurdities, can make you commit Atrocities", - H L Mencken

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Lefty Lunatic of Week

The Lefty Lunatic of Week Gong goes to the hilarious Sam Dastyari, who thinks that his book will put an end to Islamic Terrorism in Australia.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Current dramas

Have you ever seen the movie TAXI, or the TV Series of the same name? I was feeling quite retro when I drew the above.

The point is that although bigotry and a persons genuine & justified feelings about current issues, are all valid in one's perception of the world, the understanding and allowance of that freedom, without fear of persecution must always be paramount, along with the free market that keeps us all in Bread and Honey.

Old Karl [Marx] here, knows that lesson only too well. Cabbies must keep up to date, whilst the Business Show must go on.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


This is Political Correctness and Cowardliness at is BEST.

For the Bondi Council to uphold a stupid ruling to ban the construction of a Synagogue in of all places, BONDI (an iconic suburb of Sydney, populated heavily by those of the Jewish Faith for generations), is clearly not an act of protection of the people, but an act of submission to these throw backs and their Death Cult. A VICTORY for Islamo-Fascism.

Doesn't anybody understand what the TACTIC of TERRORISM is design to do? Well, this is it! to stop us from living our normal peaceful lives according to our free and secular society.

I believe that those who are involved in this banned construction, need to be named and shamed and removed from local government. Ironically, there are several people of the Jewish faith on this Council, who may be among those that signed off on this disgrace.

See Andrew Bolt's comment on this MADNESS.


AUSTRALIA is shamed. A NSW court last week banned construction of a synagogue at Bondi, to save locals from getting accidentally hurt if the Jews are shot or bombed.

After this decision by the Land and Environment Court, what’s next? Send Jews back to the ghettos to keep us safe?

What a victory for the jihadists trying to kill them.

This disgrace started when the Friends of Refugees from Eastern Europe decided to build a synagogue on tennis courts at Wellington St, Bondi.

Sure, people may worry that the synagogue or Jewish school down their street could be blown up, sending stray shrapnel into their house.

But where does such thinking lead us? Doesn’t it mean no synagogue, Jewish school, Jewish charity or even prominent Jew can live in your street without building defences for all their neighbours and passers-by?

No one could afford that. And why punish the target rather than the source of the threat?

No mosque has been shut down for being the meeting place of jihadists. Why do we ban the synagogues that are the targets but not the mosques that are the threats?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Traitors Walk - DEMOCRACY WINS!!!

What a day so far, eh! The LGBTI lobby and the LEFTIST Mainstream Media is literally FREAKING OUT, because THEIR GUY in the LODGE, has had to remember that he represents more than Wentworth and that his Party's Electoral Victory was based on several mandates and one of them was certainly to give the ENTIRE NATION a Vote on the issue of changing the definition of Marriage in Australia.

The Liberal Party room showed him today, what Democracy means.
They can give and they can take away. I'd love to see Abbott right now, he'd be grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

Finally something that the majority agreed with, is being done!

Regardless of your stance on this issue, the fact is that Democracy must ALWAYS be the winner and today The People WON!

With PADDINGTON in Sydney being the Homosexual Centre of Australia, being in The PM's Federal Division of Wentworth, can you imagine if he went for a walk down Oxford Street today or any day for that matter. The Personal Protection will likely be doubled when he is travelling in his Seat.

Standby, more to come.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Rival Presidents?

Debate over Australia changing from a monarchy to a Republic

We have a "BATTLE ROYALE" (pun intended) as the TWINS of opposition Government, now look set to fight over another ridiculous non-issue, of becoming an Australian Republic, thus destroying a great Constitution that has served and still serves this Nation well

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The last thing we need Muslims for

THE head of the Halal Certification Authority says Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them to “keep them surrounded by Muslim babies”, declaring that the “white race will be extinct” in 40 years

See above, the "average Mum & Dad, with their x Box Generation kid", being mocked by the Leftist Media , following the foul comment from this "Halal Certification" official that we (the Taxpayers) have to employ.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Screening out Jesus

Considering the tighter Terrorist Security measures kicking in at our Airports (FINALLY!), I was inspired in part by that (I use to be a Airport Passenger Screener, just after 911 for 3 years, at Sydney International and Domestic Terminals), when I was thinking of a way to approach the disgusting measures to remove Jesus from the playgrounds in Qld Public Schools.

Media report here

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lefty Lunatic of the week

This week's Lefty Lunatic is our favourite Australian "Human Rights" Commissioner, Gillian Triggs.

I have her at the podium, in her University Campus SEXUAL ASSAULT RIOT POLICE gear, showing all of the young ladies on Campus, just how they should react whenever a male student looks sideways at them.

Don't be surprised that she isn't at the Next UNI OPEN DAY, handing out cans of MACE to all of the prospective new female students!