Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday our PM gave his address, on behalf of us all, to the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Transcript here.

If you want my opinion, it was nothing less than a rehearsal, a screen test so to speak. Clearly our Prime Minister is no longer interested in the top job, he is auditioning for a role at the head of the NEW UN table and that will be after he and his socialist mates, like Obama, Clinton and Al Gore, actually manage to convince and or blackmail the world in to excepting their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Thirty years ago, if you mentioned the phrase New World Order, you were simply dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Today all of the G20 leaders are bandying the word around as if it were nothing new and quite matter of fact.

This is why the whole Global Warming Con was invented in the first place. It is all a part of the foundation of this master plan. Granted the United Nations has been NOTHING short of a toothless paper tiger since it's inception and I would be happy to see it dissolved but.... for what else? A selected group of leaders, that you did not select, who will call the shots for us all in the near future? I mean for example please consider this act, Al Gore is definitely on the team that Rudd plays for. Did you know that this man, Al Gore, is a confessed believer in Eugenics!!!

I wasn't surprised to see that K Rudd was still using the same old WEASEL WORDS and spin that he use to fool this country into making him the boss,I mean if a formula works, then why change it! What a shame the dumbed down voters in the 2007 Federal election didn't share that sentiment also.

He, Rudd, actually said in his address........

"What we must do is stop playing the BLAME GAME", when referring to countries that were sensibly holding out on carbon emissions trading. I mean to say, how many times have we heard that, "I will stop the blame game" and yet the usual political beat goes on, nothing changed. Therefore his words mean nothing, it's just more symbolic rhetoric to impress his friends in the G20 (soon to be the G selected) and to secure his place at the table of power.

Not even Gough Whitlam and his communist supporters were this obvious and confident.

God help us all, if this isn't the beginning of the end of our Australian sovereignty! Our way of life will soon just be pages in a classified history reference. People will still call it a conspiracy theory though, that is until they are selected for re education and or extermination. Remember what Al Gore said ... "There are just too many people in this world" ..... so I wonder who of us will get to stay and who will go and just who will be making the decision about that? No doubt I will be on the GO LIST -- but not without a fight!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Red dust storm hits Sydney and much of Eastern Australia

G'day, So how did you go today, that is if you are fortunate enough to live on the Eastern coast of Australia?

No doubt you were smart enough not to send the kids to school or go for that morning jog or maybe even just making sure that the windows and doors were closed and the pets were inside? Well you would certainly have needed to have had some common sense when dealing with this rare costal event because there was NO POINT RELYING on the Rees Labour Government for any help or warning.

The boffins at the weather bureau (the same government sponsored clowns that are trying to tell you to give up all of yours and your children's wealth in a super global taxation scheme because that can foretell the end of the world is nigh due to your smoking or your car or the farting cows) had full knowledge of this event. The people in Canberra and places in between here and there, were experiencing it.

100 kilometre an hour winds were pushing this dust cloud towards us at a steady rate and all the great technology and emergency services and plans sat silent and watched it all happen. It wasn't until around 7am that some producers at a few of the TV and radio networks thought that it might be good idea to do the Government's job by getting a medical expert on air to give us the advice that we should have been given at least 12 hours prior.

Oh yeah, I saw red today but I was looking at Macquarie Street, not the sky. Puts another slant on that old chestnut "Trust me, I'm with the Government"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giving Rock Spiders a Bad Name

Unless you have been living under a rock (pardon the pun, that will become obvious) you can be forgiven for not knowing the story of horror that surrounds one of this countries worst paedophiles. Dennis Ferguson has been literally run out of Queensland since his premature release from prison and is now trying to set up his nest here in beautiful Sydney town. Details here

Typically the Queensland public have shown us just what you do with this type of serial, remorseful, unable to be rehabilitated, blight on the human race. However it appears once again that their Government is as weak and as pathetic as ours, for allowing this sack of human excrement back into a public life in the first place. maybe they should have put him in a public house in the same street as the faceless clowns on the parole board that let him go.

Unfortunately we don't have Capital Punishment anymore, (that will change in near future, mark my words) which would have dealt with this issue 20 odd years ago. We also don't have a tough enough justice system and laws in place to sentence this type of pond scum to serve hard labour in a maximum prison for the rest of his natural life. The latter, as I see it, is the only solution for this continuing problem. Ferguson's case is high profile and thus it is a media circus at present but what about the many hundreds of other Rock Spiders that are now living amongst us today?

It has been proved time and time again, that paedophiles are just waiting for their chance to submit to the sickness of their twisted minds and attack,destroy and defile another innocent life, maybe even as a result of their crime, create another future paedophile, I believe that it is well documented that many inmates and especially the child molesters where molested themselves as children.

So the circle of injustice and pain continues to rotate as the law makers sit on their hands and pander to civil libertarian lobbyist's and soft headed liberals who constantly use the law as a justified reason in their cause. Continuing to scream out platitudes like "It's Un-Australian to not give him a fair go!" or the old chestnut, "He's done the time for his crime". Well I say NO!. Enough is Enough!!!

These unfixable twisted mistakes of nature and circumstance must be removed from the gene pool and only permanent incarceration or putting them out of their misery at the end of a rope, bullet or lethal injection, is the solution. Then, in the meantime, maybe modern science and psychological methods can find a way of treating this foulest of disorders before it manifest into another attack on a child and the prison system can actually become a place where people are not only punished but also rehabilitated and properly equipped to being reintroduced in to society.

Generally speaking the above point is the case for most criminals (not murders or sex offenders though), thus the reason for the priority of public housing for the ones who have nowhere to go. I support that because sending your standard criminal back on to the streets, homeless and expecting them not to break the law, just to find a comfortable bed and 3 meals a day back in prison. As far as unmerciful monsters like Ferguson are concerned, the answer really isn't that complicated.......THROW AWAY THE BLOODY KEY!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flogging a Dead Horse‏

Why the whip? Calls to ban racehorse whipping. Is this right? Is it really a "NATIONAL DISGRACE"?

To be honest, I just don't know. I am not a punter and have had little to do with horses (although I do like them). What I do know is that you would expect this type of protest from animal liberation activists and you would also expect the counter-argument from the horse racing industry. I do know that the whips have been modified to not be as painful as the ones previously used for generations and there is a restriction on the height that the whip is to bare from the jockey's whipping arm. Therefore you can't say that the experts haven't made compromises with regards to the horses welfare.

I tend to side in this debate with the riders and that is only because the animal rights lobbyists really may just be doing what they normally do and that is trying to bring down another industry that involves animals, and that the whole whipping debate is just a means to an end.

There is ofcourse one dead horse that will never move again, no matter how hard the PM whips it. I heard a journalist ask Kevin 07 last week, what his thoughts were on the current dysfunctional state of the New South Wales ALP Government and in true Kruddism, he spun back with his teeth clenched and his tongue firmly in his cheek "Look, every state has its small issues to deal with and as for New South Wales, well, I believe that Premier Rees is doing a fine job and will overcome these current issues" ...... GIVE ME A BREAK!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The "fun girl" with the "fat old politician" debacle

This SCANDAL, yes! another one, for me goes beyond political preferences. It wouldn't matter if the minister was Liberal, Labor, Greens or Independent, State or Federal, male or female, what is glaringly clear to me is that this elected public servant is a person that can not be trusted.

I don't care if John Della Bosca is the best politician in the world or not, I don't care if he was suffering from the hardship of public life or if he simply was going through some stupid mid-life crisis. He is married, with children and what he did was unforgivable in my book. I have no time for the mistress either who is claiming to be a victim, as she knew what his status was -- thus is as guilty of the sin of adultery as he is.

The true victims here are his family and especially his wife and children. I am no fan of his wife, Belinda Neal, I don't like her politics or her style but I will always put that aside when it comes to defending her right as a wife and as the mother of his children, to be treated with the respect and honour that comes with the marriage vow. If he didn't love her anymore -- how could he! -- then why did he not get a divorce and do the right thing by his family.

It doesn't affect you or me directly as we are not members of this family but indirectly it does and it certainly affects the government, which so many have decided to vote for again. This is just another nail in the coffin for the New South Wales State Government.

If the state opposition is taking glee in this matter then that also is shameful. It is purely for political gain but I think it would be seen as being more respectful to call this as what it is, a human tragedy were no one wins.

Belinda Neal once said that she puts the names of people that she dislikes in the fridge, well I reckon there wouldn't be much room for anything in there tonight but the name John.

More background here