Monday, April 27, 2015

Tweet and be DAMNED!‏

Publish and be damned or in this case, Tweet and be damned, and damned he was. SBS Football presenter and journalist Scott McIntyre, has just been fired by the Managing Director of SBS for his poorly considered Twitter comments on what was the most historical of all ANZAC Days ever in Australia and New Zealand.

Granted that what he said were thoughts based on his obvious leftist bias  and historically distorted views of Australian patriotism and the sacrifices made that have built and protected the very Freedom that we all cherish, I am sure that if he could do it again that he would have done it from either a fake twitter account or at least one that did not link him with the taxpayer funded broadcaster.

He was rightfully been dismissed for breaking the SBS Charter and I would hope that in the future the many others that do step over the line and sail so close to the wind on this question of objective commentary at the ABC & SBS, will look at this example to see that the wind of change has come and that Australians are sick of being forced to pay for views that favour any side of the political and ideological spectrum.

If Scott had worked for News Corp, Foxtel, Fairfax or any of the many independent publications and broadcasters at the time these unfortunate comments were publicly posted, and was fired, then I would be the first to say that his freedom of speech has been denied, even though I strongly disagree with that speech!

The fact remains that he didn't and now he will have to find work in the private sector of the media industry and I would imagine that will be even harder for this bloke to do as commercial interests will also come into play.

Unless he can convince a prospective Editor or Program Director that he is perfect for the job then he would most likely be published under a pseudonym -- and if he wants to get in front of a camera then maybe a beard and a new hair colour would work.

I would say let him have his say and be condemned or lauded for his thoughts at this time as long as he is not doing it on the public purse. I hated his comments and the mindset behind these thoughts but he should be allowed to speak his mind in the private sector.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Well, that was one hell of a few days in the great state of NSW. I hope you and yours got through that cyclonic drenching fairly well. My power up here on the Central Coast is still out (49 hours and counting), thank God for natural gas and for the power outlet courtesy of the good folk at my local Macca's store.

Water, water everywhere and yes there is plenty to drink. The dams are full, especially Sydney's Warragamba  which is current at 87 percent BUT please don't tell the Australian of Year 2007 , the eminent Professor Tim Flannery because this will embarrass him to no end as this fact will not fit with his 100 percent certain prediction that the drought (caused by Anthropological Climate Change) will never break and that if we don't start living like our stone age ancestors and stop emitting that evil CO2 gas now,  the dams will dry up FOREVER and the only hope for mankind will be to build massively expensive desalination plants in all of the coastal regions.

Flannery's credibility on Global Climate Change and its causes make the likes of Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong look like misunderstood and still very trustworthy fellows indeed. If they can't strip him of the Australian of the Year gong then they should just stop giving them out because like Flannery's reputation, IT IS SEVERELY TARNISHED NOW.

Monday, April 20, 2015

"No taxation without Representation"‏

Is it just me or do you think that the WA Premier, Colin Barnett would be much happier if his State secedes from the Commonwealth of Australia. You could could really get that sense of agenda behind his recent attitude at COAG. Paul Revere's ride came to mind. Hmmmm?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Real Catastrophic Climate Change‏

This one doesn't need much comment other than it's good to see a Federal Government finally talking about and hopefully doing something positive to slow down (doubt you could ever stop it) the increasing use of ICE in our country.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Bogan Power‏

There are quite a few things that I cannot forgive Clive Palmer and his expediently failing Palmer United Party for, regarding his contribution to the Australian political landscape BUT NOTHING is higher on my list of Palmer's major mistakes than when he helped to get this now cashed up BOGAN, Senator Jacqui Lambie, into the Upper House of the Federal Government.

To think that my taxpayer dollars contribute to her lifestyle is as comparable to the rage that I feel when I recently watched an episode of "Housos" and realised that these actors are portraying reality and we have to pay for their irresponsible lifestyle also.

To think that our elected Government has to negotiate for at least another four years with this deluded Senatorial blocker and frankly uneducated wannabe is madness. I pray that the good people of Tasmania come to their senses by making sure that the plug is well and truly pulled on the "Jaqui Lambie Nework"!!