Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well! The year is over and we can all sit back and reflect for moment on 2009. Sorry if the cartoon is a little dark and cynical but that's the way I see it all and I guess the truth hurts some folk.

Sure, there were good things that happened in 2009, I mean we managed to be one of the only first world economies to remain away from recession and I guess you have worked out that it wasn't all due to Rudd's vote buying, I mean, stimulus payments. Of course not!.... it was the very driven and thoughtful efforts of the Costello treasury and the restraint of the conservative Howard government that was the true reason behind our fiscal salvation.

I guess there were one or two success stories in the world of politics and certainly one of my top ten events was the overthrowing of the soft left, small L Liberal Party leadership of Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey. Certainly a real coup for true conservative voters in this country, because now we have a team that will fight hard in opposition.

Ever been to a footy game and both sides as so evenly matched that no one scores or really tries to beat the other side? Pretty boring and senseless really, but now we have a game, a real game of opposing teams and this year is the GRAND FINAL because this year we have a Federal Election and that is why I say "Bring it on" because I have a great feeling about 2010.

I think a lot of that feeling is based on a belief that Rudd reign of spin, waste, big government and spending will be ended by the voice of conservative Australia, Tony Abbott.

Have a happy and safe celebration and I wish all of us, a safe, successful and prosperous 2010, no matter what on side of the political or ideological fence you sit..... except for Communists, you have a bad year, OK!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Are ONE!?!

32 days ago a frustrated and desperate New South Wales Monaro district grazier, Peter Spencer, took the most drastic of all steps and threatened to end his life, as protest, in a slow and painful way by starving to death. He obviously took this path as all other avenues for his plea and that of his fellow farmers, had fallen on deaf ears in the offices of the bureaucrats who created a law, THE NATIVE VEGETATION ACT, that single handedly steals land from a land owner so that some wild native growth can flourish and reclaim the hard worked, productive land of the farmer , regardless of ownership or right.

The same bureaucrats that will not listen to common sense or logical reason and still listening too and pandering too the crazies in the Socialist/Leftist Green Party who are determined also top prove that human beings are a subordinate species on this planet and that animals and vegetables are equally at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

The last time I checked, this free and democratic country was is need of the labours of our rural community. I am sure that food is not manufactured in a lab in a suburb in a local city, thus bringing me to the logical conclusion that farmers and the rural communities of Australia are now considered as no longer needed because the return to the dark ages has started and it will only finish in us all eating selected food from other countries, or what we are permitted to grow in our backyards and taking cold showers as we walk another 30 kilometres to work in the candle factory.

That sound a little far fetched? well if you had told me 10 years ago, that any farmer, the backbone of the nation, was to be ever treated like this because the Government believes that vegetation is now more important than his livelihood or the nation's food source, then I might have agreed with you that it is all a mad conspiracy theory.... but what a difference a socialist movement makes in such a short time!

Is NSW ALP Premier number four, Kristina Keneally, doing anything about this? NO, instead she is playing Santa Claus and PR games as a co-host radio announcer on the Sydney airwaves, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

If this brave man is forced to die for this worthy of all causes then it will be the Rudd and state Labor Governments that will have the blood of Peter Spencer on their hands and no matter of spin will wash it off, EVER!

I would suggest that you put down your beer and pick a pen or log onto the net and write a letter to your local member of parliament to advise them that you too will not stand by and watch an Australian farmer die because he didn't believe that any Government had the right to steal his land. That you demand that your voice is heard via the member's representations and that if it is not done today, then that member will never expect your vote again.

Australians, we are one....well let's prove it again shall we!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who's been Naughty or Nice?

I thought I'd better get a Christmas toon done before old Saint Nick comes a knockin.

Speaking of fiction and fictional characters, the man posing as our Prime Minister, has snuck back into the country, avoiding all the obvious questions about the failure of his junket in Copenhagen and just why a bowl of soup cost the Australian tax payers $50.00 a bowl.

Apart from the obvious fraud and political grandstanding that the entire event was based on and is, the so called "GLOBAL COMMUNITY" found no agreement and the only winners economically speaking, were the hospitality and service industries of Copenhagen.

Ofcourse " Heretics" and "Flat Earthers" like me will agree that there was no point to the entire conference because the entire premise that the agreement that they wanted, is based on entirely unscientific fiction but even the "Zealots" of the Anthropological Climate Change Religion, were also ripped off, as clearly their voices were not obeyed either.

In the final extended hours of this fraud, the so called leaders of the first world "THE GUILTY ONES" pushed through a Cap and Trade agreement that is supposed to reduce global temperature by 2 degrees in a few years. I'll believe that plan when my stools turn a rainbow colour and smell like peppermint sherbet.

Really, these fools couldn't even organise a decent cheap meal for the thousands that attended the gabfest, so just how are the "LORDS OF THE CLIMATE" the "CIRCLE OF COMMITMENT" going to effect the world's temperature? What a bl**dy insult to every ones intelligence and again another waste of our money!!!

As long as they get their little plan of a global tax started, as small as it is now, then the Spivs, the politicians on the UN payroll and the Bankers will see 2010 in with a grin rather than the massive groan that the rest of us will be sharing.

This is just the tip of the melting iceberg folks and guess what? so many of you wanted this and now you have it.

With all my cynical breath and ink stained fingers aside, I wish you and your family a Safe, Merry and Holy Christmas and a hope of a prosperous New Year. I wish to thank John Ray for his brilliant administration of my web blog and his constant support, I just wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for him.

Also a huge thank you to the management and staff at Sydney Talk/News Radio Station 2GB, for posting my work on their website and helping to get my stuff seen by the general public. Also a big thanks to Tom Switzer, editor of THE SPECTATOR AUSTRALIA magazine, for believing in me and giving me a shot at making my dreams of becoming a published political cartoonist that much more of a reality. I would also like to thank the many of you out there who have replied to me with your support and even your criticism. All has been appreciated greatly, some even taken on board seriously, I hope you have enjoyed my cartoons and comments this year and I look forward to bringing you more of my observations of life in 2010.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Read it, Believe it, because WE PRINTED IT!‏

What I am bringing to your attention now would have absolutely no precedent in the history of modern media. Sure, when John Lennon was murdered on this day in 1980, most Western newspapers ran the story as a lead issue and the editorials were of course independent of that paper's particular staff. The same when Kennedy was assassinated, Iraq invaded, Princess Diana dies, the end of the Second World War etc, etc. All major events and all just as important to a wider audience.

My point is that they all had their own independent comment. So how is it that this global scam and massive move to socially engineer the world according to the chosen few who have held close to the Marxist doctrine, are now not only getting front page promotion of their great gab fest in Copenhagen but are also given the identical editorial content from one source? Where is the independent reporting?

This is not reporting the news, it is pure propaganda, and all a part of the Global Governance policy launch. The original author from that notoriously leftist rag, The Guardian, is being repeated, word for word in about 57 Western Newspapers

Now do you believe me when I say that there is a conspiracy and that the so-called “free press” has no real connection to freedom, rather to a master that plays the tune that they must now dance to? Like I said, unprecedented INDENTICAL coverage is a glaring admission of the solidarity of the Socialist left who have removed objectivity from the media and replaced it with a form of censorship and masked control. Yes, that is why they call it the “Power of the Media” and why Karl Marx called them “USEFUL IDIOTS”

The true shame of it for the Australian people is that it is their elected Prime Minister who is charging ahead with the plan and spruiking the E.T.S and the lie that the Western industrial world is responsible for naturally-occurring climate change. We need a hero, not only to save Australia but also to save all the Western Democracies, and we need that hero now!

Monday, December 7, 2009


New conservative leader starts out well; will give Rudd a run for his money; opposes Rudd's Warmist laws

As our very own “little corporal” wings his way to the Copenhagen junket, we are reminded of his latest poll result, as the preferred PM. Following the defeat of his Emissions Trading Scheme (TAX) and the overthrow of his “MAN BEHIND ENEMY LINES”, Malcolm Turnbull.

And no this is not a honeymoon period rating, as the ever-obedient Ruddites in the media would have you believe. This is a simply the response of Rudd’s working families who can now see the PM as a man of symbolism and rhetoric rather than a man of substance and national pride.

Mr. not-so-popular, Kevin Rudd, will now try his best -- and I’m sure in his best Mandarin Chinese -- to gain his seat on the United Nations Security Council by pandering to the likes of other populous panderers such as the UK PM Gordon Brown. Brown, just like his Australian counterpart, is suffering in the polls, and he too has a laundry list of domestic and economic troubles that he sees as taking second place to this great performance piece which the Useful Idiots” are now calling “HOPENHAGEN”. Well I call it “DOPENHAGEN”, because any world-leader that attends this farce and expects to come up with a global agreement on just how to stop natural climate change (anthropological climate change is a myth!) is as much a dope as he is powerful.

Imposing any sanctions or cap and trade schemes on the industries of first world economies, in the name of sharing the wealth and taking the blame for invention and initiative, will result in such outrage by the people of these nations, who will find that their hard earned way of life is now measured and equalised with the third world, that not one of them should expect to be in Government for very much longer.

I am convinced now that Rudd isn’t concerned with a second term in the Lodge, as his eye is clearly on a prominent seat in the UN -- which has evolved from a paper tiger into the headquarters of the socialist worldwide new world order. I still can’t find anyone who admits that voting for Kevin O7 was a great move for Australia. Thank God for Tony Abbott, so much depends on his bravery in opposition.

“Enjoy the Global Warming in Denmark Kevin and Penny, it’s bloody cold up there at this time of the year!” ……just as it has been every year previously and will be into the far future.

Friday, December 4, 2009

ET TU BRUTE...The Red Hot Go, IS GONE!‏

It just gets better and better in the world of Australia's interesting, backstabbing, puppet-master politics and if the Federal explosion wasn't enough for you last week, then let's bring on the NEW SOUTH WALES Labor Government. Never ones to be up staged, they have rushed to the decks of the Titanic and this time they are not reshuffling the deck chairs, they are fighting over them for the best seat to watch the ship go down in 2011.

With the factional left's "RED HOT GO MAN" -- former Premier Nathan Rees -- feeling the knives of the always dominant right faction of this state's ALP, talk about "ET TU BRUTE"! We are now blessed with the extremely articulate, and extremely well-educated and former American citizen, PREMIER KRISTINA KENEALLY.

The "I'm nobodies puppet" and certainly "Nobody's girl" is in fact not only the fourth Premier in as many years (are we in Italy?) but is our first female Premier here in New South Wales. See here

Well, I wish her luck and hope that she can return some reminiscence of governance to this state, although it is a shame that this beautiful and ambitious woman has been given her shot at the top job after such a long and disastrous trail of failure by her male predecessors -- and also a shame that she choose the Labour Party to launch her political career.

I will not write her off as just a stooge for the ALP power-brokers of the right faction; I just don't know that to be true and she may just be able to get this state back in order. This of course will not happen overnight nor will it be done by the time of the March 2011 election, but just maybe she can return a sense of accomplishment to the Labour Party as well as the State and make opposition leader, Barry O'Farrell's job that much easier, when he does win that next election. This I am sure of!

Note from JR: "Et tu Brute" is Shakespeare's version of Caesar's last words. Educated Romans spoke Greek. Reports close to the time say that Caesar's actual words were "Kai su, teknon?" (You too, child?)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


From George Santayana, 1905: 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' -- Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense.

Thus the reason why Malcolm Turnbull and Mr. "I'll please everyone" (Joe Hockey) lost the battle for control of the Liberal party and the chance to give Chairman Rudd his big bragging rights at Copenhagen.

The man who didn't forget the lessons of the past, Tony Abbott, was a man who remembered just what happened to one of his previous bosses, former Liberal Party leader, Dr. John Hewson, when he tried to introduce an unexplained tax on the people and as a result the country got P.J.Keating as the PM.

I do really get the feeling that the common man and woman is starting to not only see through the ALP spin and rhetoric in general but that they are waking up to the fact that Anthropogenic Global Warming is just as fantastic a fraud as any other global con pushed on mankind in recent times. From the great and dangerous hole in the Earth's ozone layer to the Zionist conspiracy to take over the world and who could forget when the world that was going to end at the stroke of midnight, December 31 1999 due to the Millennium Bug!

What Tony Abbott, and Senator Nick Minchin have done, guided by the lead of Senator Barnaby Joyce of the Nationals and Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, ranks as one of the bravest moments in Australian political history, and really, when was the last time you heard of an Australian politician actually thinking of the welfare of the nation before their own political careers?

The growing rise of the Conservative movement will mark the beginning of the end for the Socialists and the fight has just began. Abbott has promised that -- so sit back folks and witness democracy in action.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Mad Monk is now our Saviour!‏

To say that the Australian political scene has been one of great interest within the last 72 hours would be as much an understatement as saying that the Emissions Trading Scheme will do nothing less than destroy our nation and the Australian way of life.

I must admit that I was quite down on Liberal "REBEL WITH A CAUSE" Tony Abbot, aka "THE MAD MONK", a very unfair label, I have always thought, following his earlier claim that although he thought that the ETS was bad for the country that he would still toe the party line. I would imagine that following his appearance, with that statement, on Jason Morrison's afternoon show on Sydney's number one talk radio station, 2GB, that he would have been bombarded with emails and calls from the conservative side of the party and its core base voters to tell him that he had just sold the country out for his own political gain.

Whatever it was that motivated Tony Abbott to stand up to his leftist leader, Malcolm Turnbull, he has certainly risen in the ranks of this writer's opinion and along with the other four MPs who resigned their positions in solidarity with Tony and his stance and to save the country and rescue the Liberal party from the evil left. Finally it can be said that people power has risen from its sleep and that this will be remembered as the greatest attempt by so few, urged by so many to save this country from a fate worse than death.

There is no shortage of links to local news coverage about this and I would always recommend all News Limited coverage and in particular the writings of journalists, Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtsen and Piers Akerman. What I have linked to above is a take on this issue from the famed London Telegraph and its notable writer, James Delingpole. They too are starting to wake up to the truth behind the greatest con in human history and this greatest attempt by conjoined socialists to rule the world.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The day of the LONG KNIVES‏

If you are a red card carrying ALP voter then you DO NOT have my sympathy, you called down the thunder and now you will reap the whirlwind.

If, and it's now likely, this E.T.S actually becomes a reality in Australia, then it will probably be the unionists who will be the first to call for a revolution of a different type, not before seen in this country. No work, no members, NO UNION! What part of that maths do they not get!?!

Seems that the Socialist apologists amongst us just enjoying having their heads kicked in by their elected leaders BUT how about the rest of you? The Conservative voters of Australia. For you I have nothing but sympathy, empathy and I share your rage and shock at the TREACHERY performed by your political party as the resulting damage that will occur to your nation and your children's nation for generations to come.

This Liberal Party's support of Rudd's E.T.S legislation and the failed and weak attempt by those in the party who realised all too late that they will lose their seats because of this, will be marked in our political and social history as the darkest day of betrayal in our countries short free and democratic life.

This Rudd/Turnbull ego driven TAX will result in massive unemployment and hardship for all of us and the resulting social unrest and lawlessness will be used as an excuse to introduce a Police State. Throughout modern times, every National Socialist Party in has initially engineered and promoted a sense of anarchy and destabilisation of a society's working structure so that it can become the only options to restore law and order. Yes. the ONE WORLD ORDER, in this case. "The price of liberty is constant vigilance"and if this E.T.S is eventually passed then all those that have died to secure our democracy, freedom and way of life will have be in vain and the Communists will have won the war.

I do not make that point lightly and I will say it loud and clear now because I can see in the near future a time when I would be arrested for saying anything like that... in fact most of us independent voices are probably already on a clean up list now. That all sounds like a bit of a movie fantasy, another "CONSPIRACY"? sure.... then tell that to the people who survived Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong (mentally) Il !!! and please remember that isn't all of them and that they all existed within living memory.

If this was not the time for the National Party of Australia to break away from the sellout Liberals, re name themselves and start putting up candidates all over the country, with immediate removal of the E.T.S as their main policy platform, then there never will be. That third Party option, is in my opinion, the only way that Australia will be saved.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Andrew Bolt said last week: "How bizarre to see so many experienced journalists confront Kevin Rudd’s lies - and yet fail to call them by their name. From yesterday’s Insiders, here’s the panel agreeing that Kevin Rudd is, um, well, just wrong to claim he did not offer a special deal to the Tamils on the Oceanic Viking."

And of course Andrew's point is accurate as usual. Clearly the words LIE and SPIN are now defined as having the EXACT same meaning, thanks to this recent exposure of the Rudd government and in particular the PM's complete lack of diplomacy in the face of adversity. Yes Kevin 07, the Oceanic Viking Disaster is your Tampa! The difference is, that the ALP lapdogs in the mainstream media did not salivate for months over this debacle nor did they point out that although no children were thrown over board, they didn't bother to mention just how Rudd lied to the country by claiming that a deal had been done with the Indonesian government, which they of course denied!

How did he ever hold a job as a diplomat in the first place is beyond me but then again he became Prime Minister of this country so I guess anything really is possible in this great land of opportunity. Now of course a land marked as just that by every people smuggler on the planet.

To say that we have a credible "opposition" party is also a load of spin. Considering Malcolm Turnbull's close alliance with the Rudd government on the Cap and Trade scheme that they both so want Australia to sign up for in Copenhagen, is it any wonder that we could very well be living in a third world country with such standards of living that anywhere in the third world will closely resemble life in Australia, along with levels of foreign debt that would take more than several generations to pay off.

Our very way of living is in its greatest peril and yet the one bastion of balance in our Westminster system of government, is the fact that there is an alternative government to keep in check the despot wannabes, and the one worlders/communists, in order. Well, there was until Malcolm Turnbull came along. Our only hope is that men such as Liberal leader of the Senator, Nick Minchin, and Cory Bernardi along with Liberal Minister Tony Abbot and National Senator Barnaby Joyce will be able to overturn the madness that is planned and this will take nothing less than a change of coalition leadership at the Federal level of the Australian Liberal Party.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Senator Cory Bernardi - A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!‏

Well, to say that South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, is a diamond in the rough, would be as much an understatement as saying that Al Gore isn't evil, he's just wrong. Here we have a man who is going against a party-line, backed by his leader, that supports Rudd's push to join the socialist one worlders in Copenhagen in a few weeks. I would recommend, that any who hasn't had a listen to the brilliant speech given by England's Lord Monckton to do so now and also download a copy of the draft COP15 treaty that Rudd intends to sign thus giving away our sovereignty so that he can take his place at the UN table of power.

Senator Barnaby Joyce of the National Party has also been labelled as a heretic to the new Climate Change religion and now from within the ranks of Turnbull's complicit Liberal Party, comes a man, a man who is destined to lead us all out of this dark place that we are going to. It will be Corey Bernardi's name that Australians will remember when, they have to take another cold shower and walk another 5 kilometres to work, assuming they have a job, due to the third world that we have now inherited -- as our wealth is redistributed to the third world.

Better to have a global second world economy whilst the OVERLORDS in the United Nations, pat each other on the back whilst sipping champagne in their Lear Jets on their way to another execution of a journalist who dared to express his or her views under the now outlawed freedom of speech right.

The so called "Fairness Doctrine" was just the beginning in preparation for the world to come -- with thanks to the agenda of one Kevin Rudd and the support of one Malcolm Turnbull...both millionaires!

The Cap and Trade regime that will be so entrenched in our economy will be the madness to their method. ETS is a tax that we will all have to explain to the next generation as "it seemed like a good idea at the time, I mean he was so nice, he was even on Rove"......... Well, not this black duck folks! My kids will not be hearing that from me.

This is Cory Bernardi's first and I am sure not last video posting. It is called News, Views and Ideas. A good name but I see see it more appropriately title "WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, THIS IS THE ELEVENTH HOUR". Watch, listen and learn, there is still some hope.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Vandalism of our Intelligence‏

I nearly fell over laughing when I read this pile of crap the other day: "CHILDREN carrying spray-paint cans without a legitimate reason could face six months in jail under a revolutionary graffiti crackdown by the State Government."

Who does this bloke, Nathan Rees, think he is kidding. The last time a magistrate had the testicular fortitude to put a graffiti vandal away, the outrage from the bleeding heart liberals, who incidentally ARE responsible for this disgusting social phenomenon, was deafening and the Rees government supported the back-down of the sentence to little more than a smack on the hand. Whilst Rees is basking in the light of his new best friend, Kevin Rudd, who on Saturday gave the Premier the greatest stamp of approval and endorsed him as a man doing a good job, Rees has taken this line from the Federal leader and has gotten all hairy chested by announcing this new policy in law, in an attempt to impress and appear tough on crime.

I for one would love to see these scum bags, who contribute to the many forms of vandalism by our misspent youth, in Long Bay Gaol and doing it tough. I am sure that, after a few very public convictions, most of these stupid kids and adults would really think twice before attempting to express themselves at the taxpayer's expense. Personally, I have had to remove "TAGS" from the front of my property more than once and that has only hardened my wish to see an end to this rubbish that some academic fools and social workers actually call art.

I wonder if the knife and the drugs that the kid is also carrying will add anything to the sentence?....Watch this space folks but I wouldn't hold your breath! When we can't lock the little dears up for stealing cars and running from police, then how will this be any different?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL".... Has Prime Minister Rudd never heard this old and wise quote? Clearly not, because I am sure that all that's holding him back from regaining more voter support (which is currently at an all time low for him) is his pride, The same stubborn pride that is preventing him from admitting, that his policy to remove the successful " Pacific Solution" policy, introduced by the previous Liberal Government, has sent out a strong signal to the people smugglers, that Australia is now a safe and soft target for this illegal trade.

Lives have already been lost.... the latest report is six men and two children, TRAGEDY! And no, I am not saying that Rudd caused the ship to sink or the people to drown or even that he wanted anything like this to occur, he is a decent man after all, but what I am saying is that if the border security had not been lowered by Kevin Rudd, then it is most likely that these people wouldn't have bothered to take such a risk.

The real issue here is that Rudd is now trying to appear "HARD LINE" on illegal immigrants and, is at the same time, trying to satisfy the soft-headed do-gooders, the same people who voted for him because he stood on the platform of introducing a more humane way to deal with alleged alien arrivals.

This is what we have now, a PM that thinks that he can please everyone, all the time! Anyone with any common sense knows that this is a recipe for failure and speaks volumes of the man's weak character. There are no "PUSH" factors that Rudd keeps quoting are the cause of the current influx. The fact is that any person in a second or third world country, would gladly spend their last penny to get to Australia, which now has the reputation, and truthfully so, as being a huge welfare society. These folk are simple economic refugees, looking for a better deal. You can't blame them for that, but there are correct ways to do it and what they are doing is illegal under Australian law.

This policy failure and the current international embarrassment that it is causing Kevin Rudd, will no doubt have to end somehow soon because as we all know , Kevin 07 wants to perform on the international stage and is heading to Copenhagen in a few weeks to audition for the role. How it ends is yet to be seen but I am sure it will not be in the interests of Australian taxpayers and our border security.

Monday, November 2, 2009


if you are a media junkie, like me, and in particular spend hours a day listening to talk radio and the everyday Australians expressing their views on life, politics and the world in general, then you have no doubt notice a definite swing in the thinking of people with regards to the great global warming scam and one of it's greatest proponents, our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

I believe that the cause of this shift in perceptions is quite simple. People are starting to look into the pseudo science of it all, with the help of a few rebel mainstream-media commentators and can see that there is something logically missing, thus coming to a sensible conclusion, that this is a socialist engineered attempt to make us all financial and emotionally dependent on the one government that has imposed the EMISSIONS TRADING TAX.

ONE GOVERNMENT? .....indeed, this phrase is being repeated all over the world and so often now, that it has become standard fill for the political/party speech writers. It is also the tune that non conservative governments are singing the loudest. As U.S. President Obama, P.M. Rudd and a hand full of socialist leaders rush to home of fairy tales, Copenhagen, we are all sitting back, scratching our heads and thinking things like, "did we vote for this?", "do we want to lose our national sovereignty?" and the ever increasing cry, "I wanted to save the planet, not pay a new tax to enlarge a centralised government and make a handful of investors wealthy!"

Yes, the gloves are now off and the the eleventh hour is upon us all. I can only hope that we as a proud individualist, secular, Western democracy will be able to stand up and say NO! and be able to stop this madness and destruction before it can get another foothold.

I draw your attention to the excellent writing on "global warming" and other topics by "Herald Sun" columnist and commentator, Andrew Bolt

Friday, October 30, 2009


Paedophile "rights" could be of some use after all

Now that Dennis Ferguson, with the assistance of his liberal minded mate and advocate, Brett Collins, and the world wide web, is the most famous paedophile of current times, then why not use this sick and staged image of Ferguson and Collins enjoying a Sydney beach full of children, as a real deterrent to the families who are risking all to get to Australia?


After all, I am sure that the economic basket-cases countries that these families flee are not as palatable as Australia financially, but, as far as the policy on just how we seem to value the lives and the "rights" of the most sick and criminally depraved minds in our midst, then maybe they might think again about just where their children may have a better chance.

I doubt there are too many countries in the world that even allow their child rapists to exist, let alone leave prison and then be allowed public funded welfare, housing and front page pleas for forgiveness and understanding.

I will say it again for those who have forgotten....the road the HELL is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS and never forget that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Make a Deal‏

Kevvy is trying to pass the buck on illegal immigrants

Say what you want about any previous ALP Prime Ministers but at least they had some substance, some backbone. This train-wreck of a leader that we have now has displayed once again just how distant he really is from the true Australian ethos.

Not only is he not demanding that the Indonesians should sign the UN Refugee Convention of 1951 -- thus actually dealing with these country shoppers before they sail (or fly) off to the great southern land of liberal softies and no border security -- but now he is doing a deal by asking the Indonesians to do the right thing in controlling the disgusting trade of people-smuggling before it becomes our issue. He is even asking if we catch them first, can we can send them back to Indonesia and the Australian taxpayer will foot the bill for the costs incurred by the Indonesian Government?!? How can this be true?

Media comment here

Who voted for this criminal? Really! put your hands up now, you are under arrest for treason!

Assuming that the Indonesians keep end of the bargain and don't fall prey to the corruption that we know exists in Kalathumpia, then just how are we going to pay for it?

We are facing no less than 300 billion dollars of debt thanks to Rudd's allegedly "Fiscal Conservative" economics and with the great global warming swindle about to play out off in Copenhagen, that will ensure that we have a negative credit rating for a hundred years. Would it be stupid of me to hope that Rudd might take a leaf out of the book of his Indonesian counterpart and actually start looking after the people who pay his wages? ........ yeah, pretty stupid!


I guess it runs in the family because the parochial offspring who have been running our states (into the ground for decades), in particular New South Wales, have once again shown their true lack of vision by not ensuring that there is a place for us to bury our dead. Instead you can bury them, if you have thousands of dollars to spend, on some private plot or you can just pop your loved one in the backyard. See here.

Come to think of it, I would rather be cremated and scattered, what's the point of a burial and tombstone that will be remembered for at least one generation and then slowly turn into a massively expensive home for weeds and mould? The point is, that the Leftist politicians are ALL thinking just three or fours years ahead and when they reach the magic number of "serving years", then it's the gravy train all the way to the their graves. Where's a man like Bradfield when we really need one?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vale Don Lane (1993-2009)‏

Well it's not such a good day is it really, but at least this great man of entertainment is finally at rest. A very unfitting demise for a man who came to this country and became an Australian in more ways than most and certainly has left us with a legacy of laughs and memories of great entertainment. I believe that the appeal that Don Lane had with his audience went beyond that of an entertainer. Yes, he was known affectionately as the "Lanky Yank" but it was his genuine love for the Australian public and its unique culture that made him as Aussie as you and I.

I am not a name-dropper but I am proud to tell you that I had the pleasure and the honour of meeting this man three times in my life. As a young student in the early 80's studying Television and Film production, Don lane would come to one of my classes and VOLUNTEERED his time to assist the class in studio work by allowing us to interview him.

In 1986 I was the concierge at the TV Logie Awards held at the State Theatre in Sydney. I managed to have another chat with Don there and he actually remembered me from the TV school.

In 2005, when Grahame Kennedy left us, I was so moved by Don's public eulogy, that it inspired a caricature which I did of him and sent to him. Not only did he reply but he personally phoned me and thanked me. He again remembered me and said that it was a good job that I didn't get into TV production as it would have been a waste of my talent. He told me that the caricature had pride of place in his home. I only wish that I had a copy of it.

As a kid in the 70's I was very unlike many of my peers because I would never miss the Don Lane Show. I enjoyed the variety and comedy as much as my grandparents, who would also have enjoyed the great talent of this man with me. Great memories indeed.

God bless Don lane, Rest in Peace and thank you so very much. I am sure there will be one hell of a show to see in heaven tonight.

Tribute from Bert Newton here. Highlights of Don Lane's life and career here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Cop, No good Cop

Both the Left and the Right of Australian politics are prepared to pass Warmist laws -- the ETS -- but most of the media coverage is focusing on what the conservative parties are going to do. Liberal Party leader, Malcolm Turnbull, is particularly in the spotlight

If you think that just maybe you have woken up in some alternative universe and that all those episodes of the Twilight Zone were actually based on fact!, then I wouldn't blame you.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of our way of life in the Western democratic world, with this madness that is the Emissions Trading Scheme (Really a TAX scheme). It is being used as the earthmoving shovel that will distribute wealth from the successful countries of the world to those that do not deserve it -- and the social changes will be heavily regulated under one world governance (oh, if you think I am raving, and going off on a conspiracy theory again, all I can say is, I hope I am truly wrong, otherwise, you ain't seen nothing yet). So try to comprehend just why an opposition party, that really does little opposing, is currently under scrutiny by the mainstream media and by the incumbent government as if they were actually implementing policy? Policy that will be the greatest change to the economic landscape since the introduction of the G.S.T. and the free trade market.

Unlike the G.S.T, which has gone a long way to keeping this country out of the red, this E.T.S will do the exact opposite. Get ready for the cold showers, endless blackouts, unaffordable living expenses etc etc and a return to the horse and buggy under a the new Communist style regime. As angry as I am towards the lack of conservative opposition being displayed by Malcolm Turnbull, that is nothing compared to the rage that I have towards the mainstream media -- which is doing its usual best to subjectively interrogate the right-wing establishment, even though they are not going to be the ones that will be signing the death warrant for Australia. Rudd and Wong's hand will be used for that purpose at the Climate Crap talks in Copenhagen in just a few weeks time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How much longer are we going to continue to close the gate after the horse has bolted?‏

Illegal immigrants are now flooding in

The Rudd Train of Hubris and Hypocrisy just seems to be able to go anywhere, regardless of tracks being laid or not. How can a man who once used opposition to the successful anti-people smuggling policies of the Howard government, as a way of siding with the soft headed lefties who were calling John Howard and the policies "inhumane" and "barbaric", to mention a just a few ridiculous claims, as well using the uproar of the "children overboard" crap and the Pacific Solution "outrage", have the grapes to stand before the world and proclaim from his high horse, that as PM he must now take a hardline against illegal immigrants (Oh and now it's fine to call them just what we weren't allowed to call them before).

See here for the latest policy brainwave

These economically-driven country shoppers, and that's all they are! are using every page in the book to play a game that was not even possible to play during the last administration. Rudd's abolition of Howard's Pacific Solution and obvious softening of the laws, that were sending a loud and clear message to these pirates trading in human flesh, may have seemed like the perfect pay off to the sick liberals who voted for it but obviously it has backfired in his face now.

An Op Ed about future directions here

Now he calls his policy the "Indonesian Solution" and in a way that is all he is doing. Rudd is dropping the hot potato, that he has cooked, into the lap of our nearest neighbour....WOW, WHAT A DIPLOMAT! No points for seeing how that will play out in the near future as far as our already tenuous relations are with that country.

I do wish that the left wing mafia of the Australian media would relax a little from the constant bashing the ashamedly disjointed Liberal Coalition and start to focus a little more on the BIGGER and more IMPORTANT issues/disasters that this current Labor Government are creating and or, are not dealing with. What is happening now was clearly predicted, when Rudd started changing policy, by the few level headed commentators about the press and the air waves but were only again shouted down as right wing sour grapes......Hmmmmmm!!!

More opinion here

Friday, October 9, 2009


Harry Connick Jr. objects to the use of blackface makeup on Australian TV

(Vegemite is a black sandwich spread much-loved in Australia. Children often get it in their lunches)

Will someone please put this wannabe Frank Sinatra back on a plane to his wonderful Dixie Land/New Orleans. Here is a guy who tells us that he loves Australia and it people....BULLSHIT! He is this out of time crooner, like all overseas acts talking about Australia as if we were nothing until he graced us with his presence and that he loves and respects the people (except maybe be for Hank from the Shadows and Leo Sayer) all the guy is here to do is to make money! If he truly loved the Aussie people then he should show that by understanding our unique sense of humour, yes Harry we like to take the piss. What he did the other night on Hey hey it's Saturday was nothing less than a little publicity stunt for himself, that he knew would help to push his personal agenda and promotion of his new album into the international media.

Media report here. Grab of the show below:

The skit itself was pure comic crap as a piece of good humour ticked no boxes, in fact that is the only real crime here. Now the claim is that a mix of ethnic subcontinental, European and Middle Eastern Australian Medical professionals were trying to express a racist view is one of the longest stretches I have ever seen. The only humour that I saw in this piss-take was the ironic fact that the Indian/Australian who played the part of the late Michael Jackson is in fact a plastic surgeon!

Get a life Harry Connick Junior and start taking some omega three fish oil because your memory is fading, mate. It was only a decade ago that you dressed up as a black minister and performed a parody based on a stereotypical understanding of the character for your buddies at MAD TV.......... busted badly you liberal fool.

Go home Harry, your music is crap and as far as I am concerned, I am surprised that you are still able to afford to tour.

Here is a link on the Connick double standard.

Note for the benighted: In Australian and Cockney slang, septic = septic tank = Yank

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fancy football footwork

Credit for this cartoon is certainly due to the great work and in particular, inspiring point, that was made just last night on Radio 2GB, by one of this countries most independent and impartial broadcasters, Brian Wilshire and his Producer/Broadcaster, Michael Mclaren. You see, whilst many were transfixed by the entertainment of the NRL Grand Final between the Melbourne Storm and the Parramatta Eels, on Sunday evening, few would have noticed yet another sign of the ever-creeping manipulation of the masses, that was so cleverly staged in the opening ceremony of the game by the propaganda machine of the Rudd Labour Government and helped along by the Main Stream LEFTIST Media.

What a wonder of a spectacle it was to introduce one of the Australian Army's Black Hawk helicopters as a part of the opening entertainment. Surely no one would have been looking at the Prime Minister whilst this beautiful machine was entering and departing the stadium. However, what no one (except for Brian and Michael) seemed to realise was that this was really just another way to exaggerate the already HYPED public opinion, that our Prime Minister is still the most loved man in the country.

What Michael and Brian pointed out was, that never before had a Prime Minister been able to appear at such a large sporting event without appearing on the big screen, thus avoiding the tradition boos and hisses that they normally would expect to get regardless of their so called popularity. Therefore in order for this not to occur, Team Rudd needed to create a diversion, thus the Black Hawk stunt was perfect. After all, no one would boo a Black Hawk Helicopter crew.

Earlier this week, the Chinese Government put on one of the biggest shows of military might and precision, in the now infamous Tienanmen Square, as a part of their celebration of 60 years of Communist rule. During such Stalinist events, the parading tanks would raise their canons as they past the leaders podium as a sign of respect and recognition. How ironic that our Chinaphile Prime Minister thought it fitting to have one of the latest symbols of our military might bow (salute) in mid flight towards his direction. Not only was it an act of pure hubris but as planned, a way for Rudd to get the recognition that he was there, without having his face appear on the big screen thus not suffering any negative publicity, as is usually the case at these large public events.

I am unable to provide a link source for this information because, put quite simply, there is nothing about it in any of the press or electronic media. Like their US counterparts with regards to the ever failing Messiah, President Obama, our media (generally speaking) is in love with this current Prime Minister and is also playing his fiddle with regards to his public relations game.

I really didn't care who won the game in the end (my team came in as wooden spooners this year) but I certainly do not think that the Australian people are on any winning side, when such symbolic and gutless attempts are made to protect, distort and hide the way that many democratically thinking people in this country really do feel about our leader. I mean really, a poll is as trustworthy as the local car salesman. I have never been politically polled and I don't know anyone who has been. I am sure there is some polling done but just how representative they are is ambiguous at best. However to be fair to any current polling I wouldn't be surprised if Rudd was in front by a fair margin, as the present conservative alternative government is imploding every time you pick up a newspaper or watch the TV news. I guess there is no surprise in the amount of coverage that this gets!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gotta have a Plan‏

Even if it is pure expediency

What can I say but that we have finally crossed the line from the sublime to the ridiculous. PM Rudd is pandering and snuggling up to his new mates in the United Nations, whilst beating his chest on just how HIS Government will lead the way in the crusade to save Mother Earth from the sceptics and the carbon emitting scum of the world.

And in unison, the "never will I back down" leader of the opposition, the CONSERVATIVE opposition, has decided to chat with his English counterpart on ways to beat the Labour Party, globally, at their own game. See here.

Talk about being a girl fought over by all the boys, I mean that is how Bob Brown and his Greens must feel these days. All of a sudden everyone wants to be Green.......WHY?

The answer is simple. There is money and power in it! The climate change debate that mankind's evil ways are causing a shift in global temperature (or is it global warming this week, I always forget?) that never was, has now overnight been signed, sealed and agreed upon as the gospel truth. Not only by all of the idiots who rushed to sign Kyoto (well what would you expect them to say) but also by those who haven't!

You see the one thing that they can all see, that all of the punters refuse to acknowledge, is that this is a global taxation system set up to get more money out of the workers in the first world countries to pay for whatever the "New World" order wants it for. The dumbed down public have swallowed this pseudo-science of this Ponzi scheme because they fell for the oldest trick in the book of governance ........FEAR and GUILT!

Meanwhile, now back in Australia, as Malcolm Turnbull steps off the plane, he is confronted once again with a rather large number of his Coalition back benchers, Senators and a few front bench comrades and told once more that they will not agree to another unfair tax based on a lie. Seems that some politicians do actually have a conscience, who would have thunk it!?! All the while Turnbull plays the " No. no team, our system is better than theirs and ours is all in the name of protecting Aussie jobs". Sure it is Malcolm, fancy explaining just how you will do that?

Even if he can save more jobs than Rudd and his band of crooks, the fact is that life for all of us is about to get very expensive indeed and for no real gain to any human, plant, animal or river system. The only bebeneficiaries will be those collecting the tax.

Malcolm Turnbull is quoted as saying "I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am." However he is also quoted as saying that he will not quit?????

Fine, then join the Labour Party Mr Turnbull and when KRudd is sitting in the U.N you can have a crack at running that mob whilst single handedly turning your beloved Wentworth into a Red or Green seat. God knows there are enough lefty voters in Wentworth now to make that a possibility. This is the only real motivation that I see for Turnbull to not heed the warning of his conservative brethren and continue to pander to the ever so sensitive masses in his federal seat. I dare say that he has seen the writing on the wall and as leader his name was not there. Got to have a fallback position, that is a standard business practice after all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday our PM gave his address, on behalf of us all, to the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Transcript here.

If you want my opinion, it was nothing less than a rehearsal, a screen test so to speak. Clearly our Prime Minister is no longer interested in the top job, he is auditioning for a role at the head of the NEW UN table and that will be after he and his socialist mates, like Obama, Clinton and Al Gore, actually manage to convince and or blackmail the world in to excepting their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Thirty years ago, if you mentioned the phrase New World Order, you were simply dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Today all of the G20 leaders are bandying the word around as if it were nothing new and quite matter of fact.

This is why the whole Global Warming Con was invented in the first place. It is all a part of the foundation of this master plan. Granted the United Nations has been NOTHING short of a toothless paper tiger since it's inception and I would be happy to see it dissolved but.... for what else? A selected group of leaders, that you did not select, who will call the shots for us all in the near future? I mean for example please consider this act, Al Gore is definitely on the team that Rudd plays for. Did you know that this man, Al Gore, is a confessed believer in Eugenics!!!

I wasn't surprised to see that K Rudd was still using the same old WEASEL WORDS and spin that he use to fool this country into making him the boss,I mean if a formula works, then why change it! What a shame the dumbed down voters in the 2007 Federal election didn't share that sentiment also.

He, Rudd, actually said in his address........

"What we must do is stop playing the BLAME GAME", when referring to countries that were sensibly holding out on carbon emissions trading. I mean to say, how many times have we heard that, "I will stop the blame game" and yet the usual political beat goes on, nothing changed. Therefore his words mean nothing, it's just more symbolic rhetoric to impress his friends in the G20 (soon to be the G selected) and to secure his place at the table of power.

Not even Gough Whitlam and his communist supporters were this obvious and confident.

God help us all, if this isn't the beginning of the end of our Australian sovereignty! Our way of life will soon just be pages in a classified history reference. People will still call it a conspiracy theory though, that is until they are selected for re education and or extermination. Remember what Al Gore said ... "There are just too many people in this world" ..... so I wonder who of us will get to stay and who will go and just who will be making the decision about that? No doubt I will be on the GO LIST -- but not without a fight!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Red dust storm hits Sydney and much of Eastern Australia

G'day, So how did you go today, that is if you are fortunate enough to live on the Eastern coast of Australia?

No doubt you were smart enough not to send the kids to school or go for that morning jog or maybe even just making sure that the windows and doors were closed and the pets were inside? Well you would certainly have needed to have had some common sense when dealing with this rare costal event because there was NO POINT RELYING on the Rees Labour Government for any help or warning.

The boffins at the weather bureau (the same government sponsored clowns that are trying to tell you to give up all of yours and your children's wealth in a super global taxation scheme because that can foretell the end of the world is nigh due to your smoking or your car or the farting cows) had full knowledge of this event. The people in Canberra and places in between here and there, were experiencing it.

100 kilometre an hour winds were pushing this dust cloud towards us at a steady rate and all the great technology and emergency services and plans sat silent and watched it all happen. It wasn't until around 7am that some producers at a few of the TV and radio networks thought that it might be good idea to do the Government's job by getting a medical expert on air to give us the advice that we should have been given at least 12 hours prior.

Oh yeah, I saw red today but I was looking at Macquarie Street, not the sky. Puts another slant on that old chestnut "Trust me, I'm with the Government"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giving Rock Spiders a Bad Name

Unless you have been living under a rock (pardon the pun, that will become obvious) you can be forgiven for not knowing the story of horror that surrounds one of this countries worst paedophiles. Dennis Ferguson has been literally run out of Queensland since his premature release from prison and is now trying to set up his nest here in beautiful Sydney town. Details here

Typically the Queensland public have shown us just what you do with this type of serial, remorseful, unable to be rehabilitated, blight on the human race. However it appears once again that their Government is as weak and as pathetic as ours, for allowing this sack of human excrement back into a public life in the first place. maybe they should have put him in a public house in the same street as the faceless clowns on the parole board that let him go.

Unfortunately we don't have Capital Punishment anymore, (that will change in near future, mark my words) which would have dealt with this issue 20 odd years ago. We also don't have a tough enough justice system and laws in place to sentence this type of pond scum to serve hard labour in a maximum prison for the rest of his natural life. The latter, as I see it, is the only solution for this continuing problem. Ferguson's case is high profile and thus it is a media circus at present but what about the many hundreds of other Rock Spiders that are now living amongst us today?

It has been proved time and time again, that paedophiles are just waiting for their chance to submit to the sickness of their twisted minds and attack,destroy and defile another innocent life, maybe even as a result of their crime, create another future paedophile, I believe that it is well documented that many inmates and especially the child molesters where molested themselves as children.

So the circle of injustice and pain continues to rotate as the law makers sit on their hands and pander to civil libertarian lobbyist's and soft headed liberals who constantly use the law as a justified reason in their cause. Continuing to scream out platitudes like "It's Un-Australian to not give him a fair go!" or the old chestnut, "He's done the time for his crime". Well I say NO!. Enough is Enough!!!

These unfixable twisted mistakes of nature and circumstance must be removed from the gene pool and only permanent incarceration or putting them out of their misery at the end of a rope, bullet or lethal injection, is the solution. Then, in the meantime, maybe modern science and psychological methods can find a way of treating this foulest of disorders before it manifest into another attack on a child and the prison system can actually become a place where people are not only punished but also rehabilitated and properly equipped to being reintroduced in to society.

Generally speaking the above point is the case for most criminals (not murders or sex offenders though), thus the reason for the priority of public housing for the ones who have nowhere to go. I support that because sending your standard criminal back on to the streets, homeless and expecting them not to break the law, just to find a comfortable bed and 3 meals a day back in prison. As far as unmerciful monsters like Ferguson are concerned, the answer really isn't that complicated.......THROW AWAY THE BLOODY KEY!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flogging a Dead Horse‏

Why the whip? Calls to ban racehorse whipping. Is this right? Is it really a "NATIONAL DISGRACE"?

To be honest, I just don't know. I am not a punter and have had little to do with horses (although I do like them). What I do know is that you would expect this type of protest from animal liberation activists and you would also expect the counter-argument from the horse racing industry. I do know that the whips have been modified to not be as painful as the ones previously used for generations and there is a restriction on the height that the whip is to bare from the jockey's whipping arm. Therefore you can't say that the experts haven't made compromises with regards to the horses welfare.

I tend to side in this debate with the riders and that is only because the animal rights lobbyists really may just be doing what they normally do and that is trying to bring down another industry that involves animals, and that the whole whipping debate is just a means to an end.

There is ofcourse one dead horse that will never move again, no matter how hard the PM whips it. I heard a journalist ask Kevin 07 last week, what his thoughts were on the current dysfunctional state of the New South Wales ALP Government and in true Kruddism, he spun back with his teeth clenched and his tongue firmly in his cheek "Look, every state has its small issues to deal with and as for New South Wales, well, I believe that Premier Rees is doing a fine job and will overcome these current issues" ...... GIVE ME A BREAK!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The "fun girl" with the "fat old politician" debacle

This SCANDAL, yes! another one, for me goes beyond political preferences. It wouldn't matter if the minister was Liberal, Labor, Greens or Independent, State or Federal, male or female, what is glaringly clear to me is that this elected public servant is a person that can not be trusted.

I don't care if John Della Bosca is the best politician in the world or not, I don't care if he was suffering from the hardship of public life or if he simply was going through some stupid mid-life crisis. He is married, with children and what he did was unforgivable in my book. I have no time for the mistress either who is claiming to be a victim, as she knew what his status was -- thus is as guilty of the sin of adultery as he is.

The true victims here are his family and especially his wife and children. I am no fan of his wife, Belinda Neal, I don't like her politics or her style but I will always put that aside when it comes to defending her right as a wife and as the mother of his children, to be treated with the respect and honour that comes with the marriage vow. If he didn't love her anymore -- how could he! -- then why did he not get a divorce and do the right thing by his family.

It doesn't affect you or me directly as we are not members of this family but indirectly it does and it certainly affects the government, which so many have decided to vote for again. This is just another nail in the coffin for the New South Wales State Government.

If the state opposition is taking glee in this matter then that also is shameful. It is purely for political gain but I think it would be seen as being more respectful to call this as what it is, a human tragedy were no one wins.

Belinda Neal once said that she puts the names of people that she dislikes in the fridge, well I reckon there wouldn't be much room for anything in there tonight but the name John.

More background here

Monday, August 31, 2009

Victims of State "care"


In 2004 there was a senate report in to the "Forgotten Generation", which called for a national fund to be set up for victims of abuse in state care. Bravo, finally!, but that was in 2004, five years ago. So what's happened since then?

How many of people who suffered at the hands of government appointed "carers", have actually received any monetary compensation?(as if that would suffice!) and how many perpetrators of the mental, physical and sexual abuses, have actually been convicted and sentenced for their crimes? ...........

I don't know and it appears no one does. Whilst there has been a lot said and reported about the so called "Stolen Generation" , I ask again, where is the media and public uproar over this and just what has this and previous governments really done the right the wrongs?

Many questions remain and I can only hope that in the near future, whilst there are still victims of this dark period in our history, still with us and able to tell their story, that there will be more than the pitiful $300,000.00 being so graciously donated (TIC) by the current Federal Government to two organisations over the next two years.

That's right and also the Federal Government refuses to really take any responsibility as Family Minister Jenny Macklin says "that compensation was a matter for the states." I guess she must have missed Kevin Rudd's election promise memo about stopping the buck passing !?!

This is, in my opinion, a far more genuine cause than last years symbolic farce and is certainly a reason for the Police, Federal and State to act now, whilst these victims are still alive. It is my opinion that Rudd has set up a new precedent for getting government out of the responsibility of it's errors by simply saying " We're Sorry" a few decades after the event. I wonder what it will be like in twenty years from now when the Prime Minister of Australia stands on a public stage and says SORRY for signing Kyoto or turning this great wealthy nation of ours into a third world sweat shop ? I guess rhetoric will never go out of style as long as we allow the current generation of politicians to rule our lives.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like shooting fish in a barrel

You know it's almost becoming boring to have a shot at this current debacle of a New South Wales State Government. I guess it's a little refreshing to actually hear their own leader state, just six days ago... "To be honest, I've been disappointed with my performance on a number of fronts," Mr Rees said.

But is that really honesty or just a plain stupid and desperate way to avoid any more questions about the continuing incompetency of this Labour State Government?

I'd say it is the latter, and after making such a self deprecating public statement, is it a surprise to anybody that this Premier's job is now coveted by many in his flock. With colleagues like Senator Mark Arbib circling like a vulture over a rotting carcass and the constant speculation of another leadership spill, (almost a monthly event since he started in the job) I am surprised that the Premier hasn't taken a few months off, rather than the week long holiday that he is on now !

Last week Nathan Rees has apparently made comments in a letter to the Australian National Flag Association ahead of anniversary celebrations next month, stating that is is time to dump our beautiful Australian flag for a new design.

Some of the commentariat have said that this was just a another poor subversive tactic to divert attention from the Rees governments current woes.... Maybe?

However I am more inclined to see it as a gaffe from a man who is out of touch with the Australian ethos and clearly is allowing some inner hatred for England or the Monarchy or maybe it's his socialist bent getting the better of him? Is that what Nathan Rees wants to be historically remembered for, the man who changed the Aussie Flag?

Who really knows why he would bring up this old chestnut, that has been
bandied around for years and never gets approval, even from Republicans who have removed the idea of an independent government (which we are anyway) from the notion that we should throw away our national symbol and historic roots.

It is of course my opinion that one of our better Liberal politicians, Dr Brendan Nelson, who has just announced his retirement from political life, is one of the true Conservative men in the Federal Liberal Party.

Who could blame Dr Nelson for wanting to leave a sinking ship anyway, a ship that is listing so far to the left it might as well become apart of the Federal ALP fleet today. True Conservatives are actually looking outside of the current Federal Liberal party, for men and woman who represent their values and beliefs, and with Nelson out of the picture I believe that the pickings are very thin indeed.

In summary we have a Federal opposition with very left leaning ideas, a Federal Government who is pretending to be Conservative but is as Socialist as ever and a failed NSW State Government with severe confidence issues at the level of the Premier's office.

For an editorial cartoonist it's like shooting fish in a barrel..... but where's the fun in that?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was trying to think of a time when Australia and China have ever called themselves great friends and to this day I can't recall or trace that period, even before the rise of Communism. Sure every Labour Prime Minister has a go at getting closer and a few Libs too (Malcolm Fraser comes to mind) . Whether that be for diplomatic reasons relating to trade and commerce or simply that the two ideologies of Socialism (ALP) and Communism (CHINA) are not that far removed, it still cannot be said that our two countries and cultures have ever really mixed in harmony and brotherhood.

How can a country such as Australia, that believes in freedom and democracy and runs it's economy with a capitalist system ever aligned with the what is basically the extreme opposite to all that we are ?

It is purely for security reasons that we maintain the current diplomatic ties. Face it, if the Chinese want to conquer this country, I doubt that ever our kinship with the United States would stop them. The US has it's own interests in Australia but a nuclear exchange or even a conventional war with China wouldn't be worth risking and let's not forget the very important part that the US plays in the economic rise of China also: Put simply, they are China's' biggest customer. The Chinese will eventually take this country and I am sure, that through immigration and the inactions of future PM's, this will be done without a drop of blood being spilt. I don't want to see it and I doubt I will be around when it happens but maybe my great grandchildren will experience such a demographic and social change.

There is nothing you and I can do about it, as it is simply a matter of numbers and military/economic wealth, the two fundamental ingredients for world domination that China has and we do not. The Bamboo curtain has been slightly raised for the last decade or so and that was purely to obtain more trade relations for this Maoist nation with affluent the West> They needed more wealth and by goodness they have it. The country also has a monetary system that can remain independent of the US Dollar, internally speaking, as the Chinese Renminbi is non-exchangeable for any other currency. How's that for smart Commies!

Whilst Rudd panders and pretends to be some great personal friend of the Chinese rulers, all that he continues to do is show himself for the fraud that he is. Unless there is a people's revolution to overturn the communist government of China -- and I wouldn't expect that to happen ever -- then we shall spend our last days selling them our manufacturing industries/jobs and buying back our raw materials in the guise of cheap white goods, electronics and clothing.

The real point of this cartoon and the comments above is to understand that you should never underestimate your government's resolve to sugarcoat the truth. The totalitarian regime of the Socialist Republic of China is and has always been at odds with our view of humanity and its governance. Tourism and trade will never change any of that, and that is all we are prepared to do about it. This country is helping our natural Nemesis to become richer and hence stronger than us and our allies. There goes your inheritance kids !

Friday, August 21, 2009


We read: "Squalid operating theatres and decaying equipment are plaguing doctors and nurses at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital. "

...........OK and that's just one of hundreds of public hospitals in News South Wales that have been allowed to run down, to what is nothing less than another page in the book of disgrace and mismanagement of the Carr/Iemma/Rees period. If there is just one thing that the government of any country has to get right and maintain to the highest standard possible, it's public health!

This is yet another glowing example, as if we need any more, of just why this state ALP government is unelectable in 2011. Although I did hear quite a few people say that back in 2007 so I guess they are still in with a chance?

I also remember not too long ago , our illustrious leader, K. Rudd, waxing lyrical about how the Federal Government was going to take over the responsibility of public health. Funny I can't see or hear him on this now. Too late PM, it will take more than two terms in office to fix the last 13 years of rape and ruin that this state's hospitals are in. Don't get me wrong, it's not the nurses or the doctors to blame here, they are still the best in the world.

I do not envy the task ahead for Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell. I'd bet London to a brick that the health Minister, John Della Bosca and his lovely Belinda wouldn't step into a public hospital anywhere if they needed help. It would be straight to the private hospital and who would blame them. It's enough to make you sick !

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I really don't have a lot to say with regards to this one ......yes you can get off the floor now. The cartoon speaks clearly enough but I will ask you to read the inspiring letter that was recently published in the Australian Financial Review. The response was sent by the good people at AUSBUY. A wonderful organisation that I suggest we should all start to pay serious attention too........ before it's too late! Below is their Media Release:
The decisions, jobs and profits must stay here

(Response to Peter Ruehl’s article “Unions have got their knickers in a
twist, AFR, Thursday 23 July, 2009)

AUSBUY disagrees with recent discussion by Peter Ruehl, an AFR journalist who had some “boxer twisting” comments about his Davenports and the Unions wanting to protect Australian jobs. Citing the textile industry is a limited view. AUSBUY’s concern is that we are losing skilled jobs to foreign imports in strategic industries especially in engineering and food. If the decisions are not made here, the profits do not stay here and the jobs are not assured. If we do not own our businesses, who will pay off our burgeoning

Predatory foreign companies are now buying strategic industries at fire sale prices, creating long term debt for the country. Australians built these businesses and took the risks. Foreign companies will pay home office dividends before tax and ensure they get a healthy return on investment. We think exports are our salvation, but how many of our exports our owned by foreign owned companies because we have sold them the source and the whole supply chain?

We have stopped talking about productivity and value adding yet this is the way we will get out of this mess. We sell our resources and buy them back thousand fold in finished products. We sign Free Trade Agreements which are often to our disadvantage. We are foolish to think we can lead the world in tariff reduction. Anyone who has endeavoured to export knows that it is not a level playing field in anyone’s imagination than ours.

Mr Obama has said he is the President of the USA not president of the world and government money will be spent on USA businesses. Even USA banks are paying back their debt quickly to their government because of the high interest rates. At least the money is staying in their country. Our cash splash was borrowed from the USA wholesale market from whatever source that was. Our payback time will come. And how many new jobs did we create?

AUSBUY are not talking about protectionism. We are simply saying we want a fair go, and need to secure our strategic industries and keep controlling interest. Our unique attributes need to be protected. Our Clean Green agriculture, our innovations in science and medicine are recognised as significant. We have always performed above our weight. It is about time we recognised this ourselves. Short term thinking is limiting our future prosperity. We do not want to become tenants in our own country.

Mr Ruehl’s final spectre of a back lash from our export markets is a fallacy. Our exports are largely traded on the world markets. We have the commodities others want, and the quality and it would hurt their bottom line to shut their doors to us.

AUSBUY is a not-for-profit organisation which represents only Australian owned companies which make and supply goods and services here and overseas. The AUSBUY Guide Version 26 is in stores nationally in August for all Australians to find out how to support our own.

To find our more about Australian owned visit

Thursday, August 6, 2009


No military guards on Australian military bases!

it sounds like a bloody cliche but here it is in all of its truth ...."The Australian Government will not take an Islamist Terrorist attack in Australia seriously until it actually happens and people are killed ". News story here.

All legal points of entry into this country - and as many are now aware, military establishments, - are currently being guarded by civilian security officers. These officers, who are only trained in the basics understanding of their legal obligations under the LEPRA act 2007, are NOT ARMED nor are they generally skilled in unarmed combat.

Just try to get into a European, American or British military based with nothing less than a medicare card or a drivers licence, backed up with some bullshit story about delivering a pizza and you will find yourself answering some very personal questions, physically searched and more than likely arrested as soon as the Military Police or Soldiers or Special Forces Police, armed with sub machine guns, realise that you may be a threat.

Do it here and you will probably get past without a single phone call being made and just a promise that you drop off a few slices of pizza for the security guard on the way out.

Rudd wants us to not panic and he will not raise the threat level above medium (does anyone really know what that means?) in order to keep the public calm. Sorry PM, but it is just more spin and rhetoric from you, and your team of con men, when you try to convince the Australian people that there is no real immediate danger to their lives from a terrorist attack even though ASIO and ASIS and the Federal and State Police have luckily foiled four (that I know of) genuine home land attacks since 11 September, 2001.

If you want Green Jobs(?) and a strong economy, then my suggestion to you, PM, is to give the people of Australia back their sense of security by removing private security from all government and critical infrastructure and replace them with the hardest and toughest and most heavily armed government officers and soldiers that we have.

The spooks are obviously doing a great job but they can and will miss the oddball who one day decides to walk into a domestic airport and start spraying bullets ............hmmmm, I guess not bullets were fired but that was no consolation to the man that was recently bashed to death in full public view at Sydney Airport. Imagine what a religious fanatic with a 7th century warped world view, with a bomb strapped to his body, would do. More food for thought.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Kyle Sandilands sacked from Australian Idol

Kyle Sandilands has been dumped as a judge on Australian Idol, while the future of his radio job remains uncertain after an on-air stunt went wrong.

Network Ten programming boss David Mott announced on Monday that the station had sacked Sandilands as a judge on the TV talent show, which he has been working on since 2005.

It follows outrage over Sandilands' 2Day FM breakfast program last week when a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector and asked on air about her sexual history.

She then revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

Mr Mott said the network made the decision in light of the radio incident.


Really, if you think about it and know anything about the cheap stunts that this show puts to air regularly for it's less than average audience, then it was just a matter of time before they really did let their self delusion get the better of them.

Not being a big FM guy myself I really haven't given much attention to the Kyle and Jackie O Show but I have heard enough about them and seen enough of KyleSandilands' smart arse work to know that there is zero personal appeal for me. Interestingly though the stunt didn't seem to publicly raise much concern with ACMA (the Australian Communications and Broadcasting Authority) although that is not to say that there hasn't been private communication with Austereo (the stations broadcast group)

Kyle and Jackie have demonstrated an enormous amount of bad judgement and taste for agreeing to put a 14 year old on a "Lie Detector" (at all let alone without at least seven seconds of broadcast delay) and being the public faces of the show, they have faced the greatest amount of public outrage but it should really be said that the show's producers are the real instigators of this shameful segment -- and the number one villain in this sordid affair was and will always be the (step) mother of the poor girl in question. I am sure the Pink concert will now not hold such a prized expectation as she so obviously thought they would but I bet London to a Brick that this child (the mother) will still go to it.

Sandilands has through his management stated that he was "not fit to broadcast at this time" (cowardly ? maybe) and the station has of course canned the show indefinitely along with the announcement today that Kyle's position as a co-host on Australian Idol is no longer his.....hmmmmmm !?!

Call me cynical , and most do, but I believe there could be a little Machiavellian play at hand here and that this sudden fall from grace could actually be a lot more about raising a sympathy vote, which I am sure that the show and its presenters already have from their strong audience of pre-teens and morons who still find the whole thing a bit of a joke.

There is also a deeper lesson that can be learnt with a simple look at history, say the fall of the decadent Roman and French empires, when societies moral compass spun so out of control that eventually a return to a more civil and -- yes I'll say it -- "conservative" set of values and mores would return to readjust the balance of things.

What I think we are witnessing is that very swing back of the standards pendulum to the right and thus a push away from the mental disorder that is unchecked liberalism. Still we do have a lot of mess to fix up since the sixties and the progressives will not give up with out a fight.


(Fred Nile is a prominent Christian critic of homosexual behaviour)

Maybe if you were siting in the audience of the Labor party conference, held last Friday, then you may have wanted to be spared the tedious back slapping and boring party speeches by actually stepping outside and becoming an audience to another ridiculous yet far more interesting show.

The Gay Marriage lobby ("gay marriage" is an oxymoron by the way as the true definition of the word "Marriage" means a union between man and woman) put on a large and very loud protest, calling on the Prime Minister to change laws to allow homosexual men and woman to be married and your Mum and Dad were.

Thankfully Rudd didn't believe the very questionable poll that claims that 60 percent of Australians support gay marriage (they must have taken the poll in Oxford Street, Sydney) and has for the first time in my understanding of the man and his politics actually supported the more truthful public belief that very few would support the watering down of the sanctity of marriage, regardless of one's religious convictions. Report of his stance here

In fact religion has very little to do with the whole issue. What is consistent though is that Rudd has once again disappointed a huge part of his traditional voter base by flatly refusing to adjust these age old laws. And although he is to the centre left of his political party, I believe that even the far left of the ALP would never commit to such a fundamental change in our societiy's basic foundation stones of civilisation.

I have now and never have had an issue with gay partnerships or unions being recognised in law and giving same sex couples all of the the same common law rights of ownership, etc that all married and de facto heterosexual couples experience today and to the PM's credit so does he.

My strong conservative compass will never change on this point and I doubt that any Australian political party member, with the exception of a few Greens, would ever cross the floor on this issue.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tell me anyone out there that would say that our NSW Police don't deserve at least a four to five percent pay rise, without conditions? Well I know some people that think it's a bad idea and they are the very same people that the good folk of NSW voted in again, back in 2007. Media report here

I don't care how tight the budget is and how low the coffers are, I just care that the very men and woman, who without exaggeration, do risk their very lives to keep you and me safe on a daily basis, are encouraged to stay in the career and not have to search for a separate source of income or leave the Force altogether. There is enough to deal with in this job without having the costs of living a constant concern.

Most sensible people understand that a lowly paid Police Force will eventually become corrupt, as the temptation to take backhanders in order to feed the kids or just to keep a roof over the head becomes that much more attractive.

The NSW Police Force are not just another public service, like the Ambulance or Fire Brigade or even Nurses. Their job description alone entitles them to receive a higher remuneration and although the current Minister of Police would disagree with that statement, he is clearly standing alone in his belief that these dedicated professionals are nothing more than just public servants.

I support the Police in their industrial action and it is now costing the Rees ALP Government approximately two million dollars a week in lost revenue, normally collected by these law enforcement officers during the course of their duties. It shouldn't be too long before the NSW Government come to their senses and understand that without a highly paid and less corruptible Police Force, that the money for all the Lurks and Perks that the Politicians and Bureaucrats take for granted, let alone the safe streets and neighbourhoods that we all take for granted, is worth more than the bottom line.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Wow !!!! Now that's an understatement. Such a monumental feat by just a handful of men and woman and yet they have changed the world in which we live forever ...... Oh sorry you might have thought that it was the 40th anniversary of mankind walking on the moon, that I was referring to.

Actually I was referring to the oligarchy and pure greed of the Wall Street Mafia, the movers and shakers that have managed , along with a little help from their friends in the Democrat administrations of Carter and Clinton, to single handedly cost the world more wealth in one year than the entire US space programme spent in 5 years.

Another mission is on it way to the moon as we speak, I was kind of hoping that the perpetrators of the great recession that we are all experiencing, were actually on board and were holding ONE WAY TICKETS !

Why do these people still walk the streets, whilst so many now have to consider living in them ?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Call it IRONIC or just what it is -- "MADNESS" -- but, no matter how you look at this current closing down and selling off of local Police Stations, it is just another nail in the coffin for not only this ALP state government but also the people of News South Wales and in particular the growing crime capital of Australia, SYDNEY !

Clearly no Policing operational gains can come of this and it is my belief that the Rees Government is doing anything that they can to increase revenue so that when the big sell comes in 2011 (the next election), that they will have the money on hand to splash about and fool the punters into thinking that they have the cash and the answers. A kind of "Let's make it worse, hurt the folks, then come in as the Knight in Shining Armour ".

Forget it Nathan, most people are aware of this trick and really you are only hurting the voters in your own electorate of Toongabbie (where a massive increase in crime has recently been reported) among many other Labour seats. That's right, they are mainly taking the stations away from the blue ribbon Labour areas because they know that no matter how bad it gets the Labour faithful will still tick ALP on the voting paper.

The fact that most people polled no longer feel safe to walk the streets of Sydney in the day time, let alone at night, is that not enough to illustrate that when it comes to law and order, this government hasn't got a clue?