Thursday, September 27, 2018

Aunty's Secret Medicine

Why is the Media not exploring this ABC Rubbish from another angle that just seems so obvious to me. This has to be one of the most diabolical scheme that I have yet to see in our ever spiralling down Political landscape.

For The ABC to now take such a high moral ground and base it on their reputation as an " Independent Non Bias reporting and Production House" is the HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY. The NERVE !!!

In my opinion, this is all engineered at the exact time the Preferred PM Polls emerge after the Government gets rid of a traitorous Leftist "friend" of the Public Broadcaster and replaces him with a PM from the Christian Right, who is unfortunately for the Left, rapidly lifting up the prospects of another LNP Term of Government.

This has to have been a time-bomb perfectly timed for this very event. The Vaucluse Clan and the Marxist Overlords of the MSM, are never to be underestimated in their desire to see THE ALP/GREENS rule this Nation.

God help us all if we are stupid enough to let this distraction turn us away from a Conservative Governance that will be like no other since Menzies, I predict.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The PC Sword IS MIGHTIER than the Pen !!!

This cartoon is in support of the brilliant Cartoonist, Mark Knight. Take a bow mate, it was a beautiful toon!

How many more of my colleges, be they of the left lean or Conservative or sitting somewhere in the safe centre, need to fall foul of the nonsensical outrage by the Marxist Political Correctness BEAST that the liberal mindset has taken on as their Sword against the rest of the sane World ?

The battle cry from the keyboard Justice Warriors is ,"TRIGGER TRIGGER, TRIGGER, let's pull the Trigger, regardless of the weight of our argument , lets fire and see what we hit!"

The Left are now blaming President Trump for the current HURRICANE disaster hitting the US East Coast as I type. Somehow this Magical President of the United States of America, has the POWER to conjure up the very winds to punish the States that didn't vote for him. I hate to think of what WRATH he has install for California and New York and Washington DC.

Glad these TRIGGER HAPPY LIBTARDS weren't in the Armed Forces during WW2, or we'd all be wearing Jackboots and saluting a GIANT EAGLE in the corner of the room of our Government assigned homes.

Brilliantly though, without firing a shot, the EVIL MADNESS has almost consumed the Western World via the silent infiltration of the Institutions that they once hated. As it is written it will be done, so I am not surprised.

See Mark Knight's toon here

Saturday, September 8, 2018

OUR THELMA AND ............

What the hell is she doing now?

Let's just throw in a little more public disapproval before the soon to be election. It's bad enough that Turnbull's offspring are agreeing with her and his Son is running in Wentworth for Labor in the upcoming by election!..... he couldn't wait until May the backstabber!!!

This must be a long game tactic of Julie Bishop's. She must think that the ALP has it sewn up and in a short time after the defeat, that Scott Morrison's loss (he's now the Party Scapegoat) to one of the country's most unpopular Labor Opposition Leaders since Latham, that she will be the seen by the fence sitters and the Left as he only way out of another Shorten Reign.

Take a bow Tony Abbott. Nice guys always come last and your loyalty has not only cost you your Prime Ministership but now the after a near full term of the Turnbull leftist lunacy, we have another Liberal Party that will make the RUDD/GILLARD/RUDD Dynasty look lie a stable alternative memory.