Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spare the Rod, and create the EGG BOYS & GIRLS of the future.

Conservative Senator hit with egg

You know it really only seems like a few years ago, it's that fresh in my mind, when in 1982, I told my Grandfather, a former Regimental Sargeant Major in the British 8th Army, a genuine "RAT OF TOBRUK", that the Cane had been removed form our school and they were even talking of getting rid of after school detention.

My grandfather crossed his arms and lowered his wise head and close his eyes, then prophetically proclaimed, "Son, because of that one act of this Government, your generation and those that follow, will suffer greatly!!!"

How true that was. If the likes of the egg boy now "hero of the DERANGED  LEFT" had grown up to respect their elders and to know that there are serious consequences to acts of violence, instead  of peaceful protest, then EGG BOY would probably be studying in Uni, or working a good job. Instead he has chosen to be a puppet of the Social Engineers and seek instant fame.

What a precedent this sets now, although many Politicians have been egged over the years, this type of attack has more to offer. The egg was slammed onto the Senator's head. Had there been anything else or his hand had been empty, that is a physical assault, and must be punished and not treated as some form of "free speech". I have never slammed any of my cartoons into the face of any of my targets of criticism, and that's because it is against the law and I have a more intelligent way to express my opinion.

 I do look forward to seeing how our Justice System deals with this ASSAULT on another persons body. I'm sure that the Defence Lawyers are coming up with all sorts of crap to try and get this stupid kid off the punishment he deserves.

They'll probably come up with the defence that a parent left him when he was boy, and or he didn't get enough hugs or a new bike when he turned 10.

I do hope that they are more original than that, those excuses have been rolled out for decades, and although they have worked, this time they'll need to come up with something better, or perhaps this person could become a young man and repent for his  stupidity and cop the punishment. I guess that depends on the Magistrate that hears this case. How ever that is he had better realise that the eyes of the World are on him also, and that includes the silent Conservative majority.

UPDATE:  It appears that the teenager will not be charged

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