Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of cats and the Bible

This toon deals with a few funny and also strange issues of the week. You no doubt know of the cat fighting between Julia Gillard and Julie Bishop, well I couldn't let that go without a dig.

Rudd telling us all a few weeks ago how we must all tighten our belts whilst the ministry give themselves another pay rise....

And of course the Hon. ALP Minister James Bidgood is at the fanatical side of things again by talking about his belief in Bible prophecy and in particular how we are now all at the "END OF DAYS" (maybe Rudd believes it too, that's why he hands out 10 billion dollars which will do nothing more than make a third of the population feel good over Christmas and absolutely nothing to stimulate this economy) whilst he takes candid photos of a troubled man attempting suicide and then tries to sell them to newspapers.

Very Strange week indeed? ...naaaah. Just typical of the looney bin that is our Parliament House.

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