Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The travelling con show is coming to a halt

Time to scrap Rudd climate plan - academics

Isn't it refreshing to see that after the great con job sell in 2007, that it has taken only 3 years for the general Australian public to finally wake up to the the relentless spin and bulldust sale that is Kevin Rudd and his Labor Government.

The entire anthropogenic climate change scare is now completely exposed and still this socialist-driven agenda politician and his minions continue to think that the majority of Australians are that dumbed down, that they will still accept the greatest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen.

The problem is that we have allowed this assassin of our constitution to sign away yours, mine and our children's inheritance, in the form of the Kyoto agreement and at the risk of a sovereign nation being fiscally punished by the great overlords of the "UNITED NATIONS">

The opposition leader and hopefully next PM, Tony Abbott, has had to come up with a way of reduce carbon emissions without destroying the economy and our very way of life. He has of course been able to do that and still the Labour faithful and Green sycophants continue to berate the only chance for this country to be saved from decades of economic ruin.

The Australian way of life for our children and theirs, depends on Tony Abbott's success in the up and coming federal election but this will only be realised when the majority of Aussie voters put down the beer can, switch off the "Biggest Loser and Survivor Samoa" and wake up to the fact that the ALP of the past is gone and this new league of Socialist/Marxist/Communist criminals are about to take all of your freedom and your rights to be apathetic and lazy, away!

This is the time for the "COOEE" call that helped us to unite as a nation against previous tyrants. Let's hope that the call will not be ignored or inaudible by the deafening drums of Penny Wong and Peter Garrett and the leftist media cheer squad, who held the Rudd banner so high, for too long.


The Weasel said...

I'll answer that coee. Time for Rudd and co to go.

glenisd said...

Every day there is some other massive beaucratic bungle committed by Labor. The MSM should be highlighting this. If it was the other side of politics they would be absolutely vilifying them. As it is, they gleefully take up things like "household ironing" no virginity" I feel like I am living in a "madhouse"
Bring on the elections and get rid of them for once and for all. The Labor Party has been hijacked by Marxists,Communists, socialists and trade unionists.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me when this was drawn?? =v= I really need it for my assignment.

Btw: Totally agree to this though so late.

Anonymous said...

can you tell me when/by whome it was drawn? I kinda need it for my assignment >///<